1. these were really funny
    they’re always cutting out the Cathy/Jim scenes!
    they should keep those in
    as annoying and crazy as Cathy seems, it helps to at least add some depth to her character

    I laughed at Stanley’s “Toucan Symone” a lot too
    I’m liking ‘crazy Stanley’ a lot this season

  2. I love the look on Dwight’s face. Poor Dwight, even though I totally do not want him to get that promotion. Would he move, could he telecommute? It was hard enough when Michael left. With rumors of a possible spin-off for Rainn, I’m not sure I could watch The Office without him. =,(

  3. When the Cathy storyline started, I just wanted her gone as soon as possible, but after watching this, I’m actually hoping they keep her around for a while, and have her be crazy, and have Jim be scared of her, because this was really funny.

  4. With Cathy being crazy and weird, Jim being awkward and annoyed, and Pam being sweet and supportive, I think I’ll might enjoy this storyline!

  5. @Beeslyrules, Cathy says that things are awkward between her and Jim and they “need to have a conversation about what we both want from this.” Then it cuts to Jim talking about how crazy Cathy is. He says she’s the crazy girl from high school who studied crazy at college, and then got her Masters in “bonkers”! It’s very funny!

  6. It’s too bad they took Cathy off the show. I really started to like her character, it made for some hilarious situations between her and Jim! I would’ve liked to see her keep up her attempts at trying to seduce Jim, because even though it’s very clear Jim would never succumb to them, it could’ve caused a funny confrontation between her and Pam. Fingers crossed for bringing her back in a future date.

    Anyways, that scene was hilarious! Man is that girl delusional!

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