1. “I guess that’s the fear of any sitcom, or any show, that your character will leave. But I think she’s going to come back next year, so that’s good. ”

    If I’m reading this right, it sounds like Erin and Andy are not gonna last =(
    If the Andy – Erin romance were still going on during the season finale, I don’t think Ellie would’ve said that

  2. What a great article. Don’t listen to the negative fan comments, Ellie! I love Erin & Andy together; they’re sweet & awkward & basically adorable :)

  3. I second #2 Christy! I’m not sure where Ellie is reading these comments, but I hope she knows the fans that really matter, *ahem* us Tallyheads, love her, and (most of us) love Andy and Erin too!!!

    I love that Ellie finds the sun in LA eerie and relentless. I’m from Michigan and last year I lived in New Mexico where it is sunny every day, so I thought I’d love it, but often I would wake up and be like, “MORE sun?! WHY?! Leave me alone!” It is strange how that happens…

  4. “If I’m reading this right, it sounds like Erin and Andy are not gonna last”

    Here’s hoping. Not a fan of that storyline at all. I like both of the characters separately. But that relationship is not doing either of them any favors and only serves to make them less likable, in my opinion.

  5. Yeah, i like her interactions with Michael, but that relationship has got to go. Got to. Go.

  6. I’ll add to the Erin love, and I would also say that while I understand that Ellie doesn’t want to be known as the girl from the BJ (and I don’t mean Novak) video, I thought it was a very funny video.

  7. I love Ellie! And I for one don’t understand all the hate towards Andy and Erin as a couple! I think they’re adorkable together and deserve one another! They both deserve happiness, they’re so sweet and clueless. I find it really enjoyable and engaging! I also don’t understand why people think the writers don’t pay enough attention to Jim and Pam anymore and think they should be focused on more. The show is about the office first and foremost! We saw all of their flirty, lovey interactions in the past because they were dating, didn’t live together, etc. But now that they’re married and have a child and virtually spend 24 hours a day together, there’s no reason for them to be as flirty in work anymore. Makes perfect sense to me!

  8. Put me in the not a fan of Andy/Erin camp. They haven’t spent enough time developing her character for me to care about her having a relationship so forcing her to the forefront strikes me as out of place.

  9. I remember reading a comment like that (about the sesame street thing) on the Office imdb board. Maybe she saw that one.

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