The ‘Choose Sides’ Giveaway

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With all the chatter going on regarding this week’s episode, Phyllis’ Wedding, might the Pam vs. Karen clash of the cuties be coming to a head soon?

The folks over at Choose Sides seem to think so. In fact, they want to give away two “Team Pam” and two “Team Karen” shirts to the OfficeTally readers who can best express their allegiance.

To enter:

Post a comment here indicating who you support (Pam or Karen), and why.

A total of 50 words or less. Grammar, spelling, and word count matter. (Just ask Wendy and Tori.) As always, include a valid email address.

Entries only in the comments area, please, all others will be deleted. And please follow the comment policy.


Post your entry by Monday, Feb. 12th, 11pm PT.


Two “Team Pam” and two “Team Karen” shirts will be awarded, four winners total. The OfficeTally Mod Squad (Sean, Tori, Wendy, and Mosby) and I will choose the winners.

So show your loyalty! ‘Cause we’re giving shirts away to whoever values loyalty the most.


  1. I am on Team Pam because has Karen Filipelli ever given a fashion show at lunch? Does she know the threats that spontaneous dental hydroplosion, pretendinitis, and government-created killer nano robert infection present? Has Karen EVER scrunched her hair? And finally, has Karen ever even won a Dundie? I think not.


  2. Team Karen for me. She’s gorgeous and seems like a fun loving gal. Karen is not wishy washy like Pam is and is unwavering about her feelings toward Jim. Plus, according to Packer, she had the powers to turn Jim straight.

  3. Team PAM! Even though Pam is too afraid to admit her feelings for Jim, those two would be perfect for each other. The JAM clan keep the office entertained during those dreaded quarterly reports. Karen refused to help Jim break Andy’s brain, but Pam quickly joined in on the hilarious antic. I strongly believe everyone at the office loves Pam. She’s the sweet girl everyone adores! Karen always seems on edge about something. Even before Karen found out about Jim and Pam’s past. If I were choosing a team, I would be Team PAM!

  4. “Team Pam” for life! Jim and Pam are two people that absolutely belong together. He never left her at a hockey game and she never killed him in a game of “Call of Duty” – star crossed! Though there many are hurdles, there’s no question who will prevail.

  5. Team Karen! She knows what she wants and she goes after it. And so what if she didn’t want to break Andy’s brain when she was overloaded with clients? She’s a career woman. She was game to mess with him during The Convict, wasn’t she? Karen brings out a more mature, grown-up side of Jim, while also managing to keep his playful side intact. Squeaky chair or Herr’s chips, anyone?

  6. Pam vs Karen: epic battle for the loyalties of Jim Halpert. Pam offers something Karen doesn’t – dedication. She disregards her ever-important receptioning duties to attend to validity committee events. Karen prefers sitting and decrypting her password-protected files. Although Karen is winning the battle, Pam will win the next… battle.

  7. Every fiber of my being is consumed with love for Team Pam! Leave it to the nay sayers and lovers of evil to believe in such things as Karen Filipelli! Jim will so realize that he is a man who should love one syllable named ladies and not this two syllable stuff named Karen. You will always go wrong with women with two syllable names…always.

    I came, I watched, and I live for Team Pam!

  8. Jackson (2) if I was voting I’d vote for you! I love Pam, but you are absolutely right! The sad thing is, if Pam gave Jim the time of day he’d leave Karen in a heartbeat. Maybe Karen and Pam should be the couple! We could have “playing for the other team” written on the back of the shirt.

  9. I pledge allegiance to the team of Pam,
    the secretary of Dunder Mifflin,
    and to the relationship for which she stands:
    one man, who works under Michael, not Darryl,
    with love, for Jim and not Roy.

    Plus, Pam knows how to leave Jim satisfied and smiling…

    That’s what she said!

  10. I support team Pam because she’s the one who understands Jim inside and out. She is, after all, very good at reading the back of Jim’s neck. Karen can’t even tell that he’s annoyed with her clingyness. Back on point though, even the head games Jim and Pam play on each other are so in tune that they work every time.

  11. Jim and Pam are soul mates that have been kept apart by unfortunate and frustrating circumstances. Karen, in Jim’s own words is “[A] rebound… a really fun distraction, but, when it’s over, you’re left thinking about the girl you really like, the one that broke your heart.” Team Pam!

  12. Pam. I’ve never seen two people more destined to be together. Pam and Jim are undoubtedly soulmates. Jim looks incredibly uncomfortable with Karen often. It’s painfully obvious that he’s not in love with her. Jim & Pam get each other. Karen doesn’t have a clue about what makes Jim happy.

  13. Team Pam! Not only do Jim and Pam bring out the twinkle in each other’s eye, but they also just have fun together and make each other laugh (before Karen that is!). Jam forever!!

  14. Here is my resubmission:

    I’m on Team Pam because has Karen Filipelli ever given a fashion show at lunch? Does she know the threats that spontaneous dental hydroplosion, pretendinitis, and government-created killer nano robot infection present? Has Karen EVER scrunched her hair? And finally, has Karen ever even won a Dundie? I think not.

  15. 1)Pam is hotter than Karen. 2)Jam have a history that Karen can’t even come close to. 3)Pam is sweet. Look at how she handles Michael, Toby, Dwight, Angela, Kelly. 4)Jam are destined to be together. Look back, and you’ll see it. Its fate. They’re meant for each other. TEAM PAM!

  16. Chances are like sliding doors;
    I had mine, you had yours.
    Twice now you have turned him down,
    I followed him to a new town.
    You can cry, stare, and pout,
    In the end, chances run out:
    Clear as day—your chance has passed,
    TEAM KAREN will kick you ass.

  17. Team Pam! It’s clear at Phyllis’ Wedding that he’s only “really” happy he’s with Karen when he thinks Pam is out of reach. If he believed it possible, he would choose Karen over Pam, no questions asked. That’s where his loyalties lie, as well as mine, Karen or no Karen.

  18. In the words of Kevin, “I suck.” Let me rephrase that:

    Team Pam! It’s clear at Phyllis’ Wedding that he’s only “really” happy he’s with Karen when he thinks Pam is out of reach. If he believed it possible, he would choose PAM over KAREN, no questions asked. That’s where his loyalties lie, as well as mine, Karen or no Karen.

  19. (Dwight’s newest rendition of “We Didn’t Start the Fire)

    I am Dwight I’m here to say
    Team Pam Beesly all the way
    Pam is cute, and from a Shrute
    That is saying so much.
    Karen on the other hand
    isn’t nice, I’m not a fan
    As a volunteer sheriff – I think that you should know:

    Kare-en is a major psycho!
    Jim even said it, though now he won’t admit it
    Kare-en is a major psycho…

  20. Go Pam all the way! I choose Pam because Jim and Pam have something that Jim and Karen will never have, LOVE. It’s been torture watching every episode since “The Merger” or even since “Casino Night”. Pam knows in her heart that she loves Jim. Go Pam!!!

  21. Team Pam – for the only appropriate answer to the question “Why?” — “Why Not?”

    (Also because of their history, the fact that it’s obvious they love each other, and because Karen is lame.)

  22. P.S. I like Jackson’s reasoning for Karen, but if she could turn Oscar straight maybe I’d vote for her. Since she hasn’t I’m still on Team Pam.

  23. “Look, I’m all about loyalty. In fact, I feel like part of what I’m getting paid for here is my loyalty. But…I’m going wherever they value loyalty the most.”

    Even though I dont get paid in cold hard cash, I get paid in JAM moments. Loyalty is key. :)


  24. Simply put, Jim and Pam truly love each other. Their sincere, selfless affection for another allows them to want happiness for the other regardless of how painful it is for them. Their respect and adoration make Jim and Pam better individuals together than they could ever be apart. (Team Pam)

  25. Team Pam. Why? because Pam seems like a real person to me. She’s not perfect, she worries, and yet, she still has Jim wrapped around her little finger (even though she doesn’t even know it).


  26. – Sonnet –
    Let me not to the marriage of true office soulmates’ minds
    admit impediments…Love is not love
    Which alters when it Stamford’s alteration finds,
    Or bends with the warehouse guys to remove…
    O no, it is an ever-fixed Jim
    That looks on the receptionist & is never shaken;
    It is the star to every wandering paper salesman
    Whose worth’s unknown but whose commissions be taken
    Love’s not Season 3’s fool, though silky dark hair and crisp, gray businesswoman gear
    Within Jim’s personal-computer’s compass come wanton…
    Love alters not with supersized episodes, nor with seasons 5 nor 4
    But bears it out even to the edge of Scranton
    If this be error, and upon me spamm’d
    I never emailed, nor no JIM ever loved PAM

  27. I am a JAM fan all the way. So when Karen came in, I automatically hated her. But now, she doesn’t seem so bad. I’m all for Team Pam, but Karen is a nice person. A change for Jim. A needed change, I mean Pam broke his heart. Twice. But if we all remember what Jim said in ‘A Benihana Christmas’, “Yeah. [a rebound] Which, don’t get me wrong, can be a really fun distraction, but, when it’s over, you’re left thinking about the girl you really like, the one that broke your heart.”

    Pam broke his heart and so he thinks Karen can help, but that’s all she is is a rebound.
    The question Jim has to ask himself [through the writers, of course] is there’s someone he’s meant for [soulmate aka Pam] and someone he’s settling for [rebound aka Karen]. The question is, Is he settling?

    sadly, he is. :[

    I’m Team Pam.

  28. Team Pam.

    Pam is his inspiration and motivation. That can’t be ignored or denied and will never change.

  29. In case anyone has forgotten, Pam has known Jim the longest, been best friends with him, built memories with him, and shared a romantic late night kiss with him. But, let us not forget the numerous kick ass team pranks played on Dwight.

  30. Karen. I like people who go for what they want and don’t let life pass them by. Pam can’t communicate her feelings. That’s why her relationship with Roy dissolved. She doesn’t tell anyone how she feels, whether she’s unhappy with Roy or in love with Jim. Jim deserves better.

  31. Nobody can fault Karen for falling for Jim. But when it comes down to it, Jim loves Pam. We’ve seen him try his best to fall for Karen, but have we ever seen him laugh with her the way he laughs with Pam? I just want Jim to be happy.


  32. Team Pam Please!

    Karen is high maintenance, cold, controlling, boring and full of drama.

    Pam is soft, warm, a natural beauty, has strength, and emotion. She knows what she wants (Jim) and although may not communicate the best way, it’s how she does it and there’s never been a communication gap between she and Jim before. He can read her the best, unlike Karen. Karen is just his rebound, he knows it. I think now, after the look he saw on Pam’s face, that he will risk getting his heart broken again. She just might give in too…

    We can all hope.

    Go Pam!

  33. Life -and doesn’t The Office try to represent this- is about being happy. Remember when Jim talked about late night talks with Karen? He was trying his best to be reasonable about it but it really drained him. How is his relationship with Karen fun or making him at all happy? Jim needs someone who will help him assert himself (support his pranks on the people who are annoying jerks to him: Andy, Dwight) since he doesn’t really stick up for himself, and who won’t have too-high expectaions about his maturity. Jim is mature about the things that matter: not hurting nice people’s (Michael’s) feelings, doing what it takes (twice) for the girl he and she know he’s meant for, and moving on when he thinks it’s time. But what people love about Jim is that he is fun. And Pam is fun. So really, if Jim wants (and I really believe he does) to live and love and be happy, he should be with Pam.

  34. Pam.

    Because everyone longs for that true connection, and damnit they should get it. And let’s face it, most of us feel like Pam–underconfident and unappreciated–not Karen.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m in love with Pam. She lets me down all the time, and sometimes she really pisses me off, but I keep coming back for more. Why? Because she makes me feel ALIVE!

    Go JAM.

  35. It shouldn’t be believed that Karen is a bad choice of companion, she has a lot of great qualities, but Karen is disrupting multi-pixel world of televison destiny. Pam is like Jim’s Final Destination and Karen…well, she’s basically a really fancy speed bump on his way.

  36. We watched last season as our favorite paper salesman took a chance to get the girl only to be turned down. But things have changed: it’s Pam’s turn to spread those Fancy New Beesley wings and get the guy she loves. TEAM PAM will be the wind beneath those wings.

  37. I’m a Jammer! Team Pam all the way. No body glows like Jim does whenever he’s around Pam. i have never been so invested in a TV couple before like I am with Jim and Pam. This is because they are real and flawed, but in the end, after all is said and done you want them to end up together because you know that they won’t ever be complete without each other

  38. I have to choose Karen. Pam clearly isn’t going to be honest with herself, so why should Jim have to take that risk again? Karen honestly makes him happy, and all relationships have rough patches. Pam will be happy with someone else, but she shouldn’t ruin the happiness of Jaren.

  39. Jim and Pam are the real team; while Karen is genuinely funny and smart, she doesn’t work as Jim’s co-conspirator and confidante the way Pam does. The fact that their relationship is constantly foiled by each trying to respect the others’ wishes speaks volumes about true dedication. Go JAM!

  40. Jim and Pam are meant for each other. They are selfless, fun, and good together. Karen’s so scared/selfish she won’t let Jim be with Pam, though she senses they like each other. If Karen was Pam, she would let Jim be happy. Pam > Karen just as Jim > Roy.

  41. I support Pam unequivocally. Jim and Pam represent the all-American love story in each of us. Jim loves Pam just the way she is. He supports her unconditionally and values her every quality. In return, Pam compliments him beautifully with her humor, intelligence, and subtle femininity. I cheer for Jam.

  42. I’m a dude. Can I still win a T-shirt? ;)

    Team Pam

    Jim knows Karen’s a rebound. Jim is only happy with Karen hypothetically speaking. Jim knows that even when he is with Karen, it is Pam who is always on his mind. Jim knows Karen is just temporary while Pam is his Heaven. Karen’s just a doorway to the room that is Pam. And Jim’s stuck just fiddling with the door knob, because he’s still unsure if he’s prepared to step inside the room. But one can only fiddle around a door knob for so long before it gets loose and breaks off, and/or you just get tired of it and need to go inside the room where the real party’s at!

    This entire 3rd season, nothing has been more apparent than me rooting for Ms. Beesly. And I really believe that she’s done a pretty good job trying to win Jim back despite everything that happened on the wedding. From the moment they first spoke, she text messaged him, invited him for coffee when he returned, giving him a prank on Dwight for Christmas, giving him advice on Karen, even trying to akwardly start conversations with him. Pam this whole season has always been the one who has been approaching Jim, even during the wedding, it was Pam who approached Jim. The girl’s been pretty busy trying to stay in touch in Jim’s new life. How can you not root for the girl?

    All Karen’s ever done was giving Jim a jealousy talk for 5 nights, a wierd hug, and a stick of gum.

    As Angela would say, “You need to grow a pair”, and this season, we’re all witnesses as see Pam definitely, yet slowly growing some. I’m just afraid… that with Jim being around Karen too much, that he might loose his!

    So Team Pam all the way. It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when!

  43. I’m a Team Pam girl, always have been. I always loved Jim and Pam together since I started watching. I can’t say I hate Karen though. You have to like Pam, there is no way to not like her. Jim really needs to ask himself about his life. Pam is good for him.

    Team Pam!

  44. “Falling in love with someone isn’t going to be easy. Anger…tears…laughter. It’s when you want to be together despite it all. That’s when you truly love another…” Despite the anger, tears, and laughter of the Jim and Pam relationship, they still love each other. That’s a perfect match. Go Pam!

  45. Go TEAM PAM!!

    We’ve known Pam since the beginning and she is the best on the show in my opinion. Karen is just the new girl and Jim will obviously get over her. Pam loves jim and jim loves pam so they should definatly be together and karen and roy can hook up.=P

    Pam and Jim have been through a lot together and they still remain friends in spite of it. Their relationship is definatly alot stronger than Jim and Karen’s will ever be. I’ve been routing for Pam since forever and I still am and i know how she feels which is how I can relate to her and like her more than Karen. So go Team Pam!=D

  46. Loyalty, contrary to popular opinion, isn’t found within religious fervor, political affiliation, or the bond of a close-knit family. Loyalty can only be found in two places: the chaotic tides of evil, Karen, or the soothing yet comfortably stoic nature of the shore, Pam. Sign me up for “Team Pam”.

  47. While there are some truly moving comments here in support of Pam, and although I hate choosing sides, I choose Karen, because she is funny and forthright. I adore Pam, and I agree that she glows with sparkly radiance. She also has moved me to tears on several occasions, especially when she described her dream house that had a terrace flower garden. But Karen deserves our support. Karen is not “creepy” as someone described, but she is confused, I think, by the duplicity in the office. She is the only one, besides Dwight perhaps, who is honest.

  48. Here’s a repost. The first did not turn out right..

    “Falling in love with someone isn’t going to be easy. Anger…tears…laughter. It’s when you want to be together despite it all. That’s when you truly love another…” Despite all the anger, tears, and laughter of the Jim/Pam relationship, they still love each other. That’s a perfect match. Go Pam!

  49. Question! I heavily edited my post so I would not go over 50 words and had to leave out some of my arguments. I noticed most posts seem longer. Is the word limit still a requirement, or can I write a longer post? Thanks!

  50. I am on Team Pam! Pam and Jim are the epitome of a perfect relationship. They are best friends who fell in love. Despite the flaws, they still love each other. Looking past the blemishes to see the beauty is rare and special. The type of love we all want.

  51. as frustrating as JAM is and how hard it is becoming to be on team PAM I was, and forever will be on team PAM. Although Pam is extremely frustrating to me and the cute mousy receptionist I once liked is now becoming sortive played out, I still love Pam over Karen. The momments Jim and Pam share show much more love then any other couple, hell they complete each other :P

  52. Team Pam.

    I mean sure Karen is a nice person, but is she the one for Jim? No. She would always be second best. And here’s why:

    -only Pam can make Jim’s face light up ( and Vice Versa)
    -only Pam cam make Jim feel better when he’s lost an account.
    -the teapot
    -Jim believes in Pam and her art, and thinks she should take a chance on it.
    – the silence (need i say more on that)
    – Jim would save the receptionst.
    – Pam felt the need to leave Jim all those messages, cause she missed him.
    – Jim felt she was worth taking a chance on. twice.
    -the phone call
    -she let him decide what Dwight’s secret mission would be.
    -she was the only one that wanted to pull a prank on Andy.
    – a rebound can be great, but in the end you’re left thinking about the one who broke your heart.
    – when all is said and done he still has feeling for her.

  53. For example Jim is Out-going and confidant while Pam is shy and full of self doubt, they fill each others flaw and make each other whole :)

  54. Team Pam

    We all know that she broke Jim’s hart when she rejected him (twice), but she deserves a second chance. Pam and Jim belong together, and we all know it. That’s just my opinion, but it’s also the truth. :)

  55. i’m rooting for Pam because She isn’t supermodel thin and doesn’t have perfect hair. she is normal, and i think every normal type of girl can relate to her, and would really like to have a fairy tale ending where a shaggy-haired paper salesman falls in love with them.

  56. The best kind of love is the kind that sneaks up on you. It’s not based on physical attraction, but a connection that begins as friendship and becomes something more. Both people know its there without realizing it. This is the kind of love that Jim and Pam have.

  57. this is a repost, something went wrong with mine – sorry about that!

    “Team Pam” for life! Jim and Pam are two people that absolutely belong together. He never left her at a hockey game and she never killed him in a game of “Call of Duty” – star crossed! Though there are many hurdles, there’s no question who will prevail.

  58. We all know that Karen will not last, and is simply one of a long line of hurdles to get over before the show ends with Jim and Pam together. Cheering for her is therefore pointless. However, we don’t want the show to end. So go Pam, and bye Karen, but as well, welcome new obstacle to Jim and Pam getting together (and thus prolonging this glorious show), which looks like it is going to be Roy again.

  59. Why on earth would the show end when they get together? Did Friends end when Ross and Rachel got together, did Grey’s end when Meredith and Derek got together? I realize the office is a different tv show but it’s still just a tv show at the end of the day.

    There’s plenty of room for the show to grow after Jim and Pam get together.

  60. Sometimes the road we think we should follow isn’t the road we find ourselves on; sometimes what we think would be perfection isn’t what’s best for us after all. Jim needs to be with someone who won’t play games and break his heart. Someone like pretty, potato chip-loving Karen.

  61. Who am I loyal to as a fan? has many definitions for loyal. The one that struck me the most was, “faithful to any leader, party, or cause, or to any person or thing conceived as deserving fidelity: a loyal friend.” Pam is the ultimate loyal friend to Jim.

  62. Despite Pam’s emotionally devastating rejection on Casino Night, Jim still loves her. We extol Karen’s many virtues–she’s beautiful, brilliant, endearing, and romantically available—-but ultimately we have to choose the team to which Jim continues to lend his support after all these years. Shout TEAM PAM from the rooftops!

  63. Why would anyone like Karen? She is needy…remember the Herr’s Chips? And don’t forget she KILLED Jim in “Call of Duty.” She is also fake. In “ Diawli” she lied to Andy and Jim and “pretended” to drink. What losers don’t like to drink at work!?


  64. Say!
    I like green eggs and Pam!

    I do not like green eggs and Karen. I wouldnt like her here or there. I wouldn’t like her anywhere.

  65. Life and love hardly qualify as fair.
    However, sometimes love does miraculously work out.
    Where would we be without such couples as Elizabeth and Darcy, Westley and Buttercup, & Lloyd and Diane?
    Jim and Pam are this generation’s true love story, which is why I am resolutely “Team Pam”!

  66. Duh! Team Pam! She may be timid, but she’s also working on changing. She’s figuring out what she wants. Once she finally gets that she wants Jim, then the rest of the problems will resolve itself. Karen = not as dynamic, therefore not as interesting, to us and Jim.

  67. TEAM PAM. Why, you say?

    Maybe because Jim has loved her for more than three years. Or maybe because Karen is new, and only really likes Jim, whereas Pam clearly loves him. Maybe it’s because when two people finally find each other in a world of more than six billion people, they should be able to live happily ever after, in a world where happily ever after is usually happily never after.

  68. Before The Office was around, my favorite show was Felicity (I even named my first son Benjamin). I have a shirt from the show that says “Ben or Noel?” on the front. This isn’t quite the same situation. But I am so Team Pam! With Ross and Rachel they got together pretty quick… broke up after a while.. but in the end (as we always knew it…it was together. As so it should be with Jim and Pam. This thing with Karen is fine and dandy… he needed something to help him cope with the rejection. But we all know that it is not meant to be with Jim and Karen. How many idiots do we all have to date before we are finally with the love of our lives…even when they could be right underneath our noses? I am glad that Jim and Pam aren’t together yet.. I love the supense every week. But no matter how many times you have to go around the game long as you make it to the goal… that’s all that matters. Jim will be with Pam… when the time is right.

  69. Pam, for the only reason that matters: He loves her.

    Look, Karen’s got her bright spots. She’s fun, she’s smart, she’s cute. But would Jim stay silent for her for an entire day? And you know, the jinx Coke is the yardstick by which all true love should be measured.

  70. Team Pam!!

    Why? Because The Shins have a song name “Pam Berry” and John likes that band so its ment to be! lol

  71. At the end of the day it comes down to chemistry. Jim and Pam have a romantic connection and Jim and Karen do not. The writers can force it on us, but the truth is Jim lights up when Pam is even within a mile of him. Their daily interactions are equivalent to a perfect Tango. The dancers are always engaged with other each other and nothing else seems to matter. Rashida Jones is phenomenal actress and should commended for bringing such a beautiful energy to the show and is a worthy advesary of Pam. But, her connection with Jim is one of fun and camaraderie, not one of intimate connection. Go Team Pam!

  72. We were invited into their lives
    One with paper, laughter and love
    They were best-friends
    But we knew there was more
    We routed for them
    He took a chance, showed her he cared
    But she turned him away
    Now they are given another chance
    To make things right

    Team Pam

  73. Pam is kind, lost, and smart. She has dreams and aspirations, but she’s too scared to take the risk. I think that is something that everyone feels at some point. Pam is a representation of everyone. She needs Jim, the person who can give her confidence to achieve her goals.

  74. Team Pam all the way. What made me interested in this show was the Jim and Pam romance. In real life I am sort of in the same situation. I love Pam because she isn’t flashy or all dolled up – she is real and herself and that’s what makes her beautiful. Team Pam!

  75. We survived a hot girl, Angela’s “Pam Pong”, Jim denying his “Secret”, twenty-two seconds of silence, the famous “I’m in love with you” followed with a kiss, almost marrying Roy, and a transfer. You think we’re going to let a girl named “Karen” try and bring us down? Team Pam!

  76. Pam is shy and dorky and a loser.

    She can’t sing, she can’t skate, she can’t dance; she only sways. She doesn’t even like pig Latin. Owhay oesn’tday ikelay Igpay Atinlay?

    But Jim loves her and that’s reason enough for me, no matter how hard it gets.


    Team Pam!

  77. I’m going against the grain here: I’m a proud member of Team Karen. Pam already had and squandered her shot with Jim. I’m sure that Pam and Jim getting together is inevitable, but life doesn’t always work the way most people want it to. Karen all the way!

  78. This loyal Office viewer
    Roots for Jim and Pam
    Their wicked office banter
    Makes me want my toast with Jam
    If Jim and Karen marry, well,
    Then who plays pranks on Dwight?
    The Office without Jim and Pam
    Will be a long, cold night.

    Team Pam!

  79. Pam is so not a loser. She’s unfailingly kind to people who rarely deserve it. (Michael, Angela, even Dwight) She’s warm and clever and artistic and gorgeous in a completely natural way. The only reason she “hides” her feelings is because she loves Jim enough to let him be happy, even if it’s with someone else.

    And hell, Karen rocks too.

    The fact that these two hot, smart, awesome gals are being pit against each other for a dude who’s acting sort of deplorable in this whole thing (stringing Karen along like a puppy on a leash) is the epitome of lame.

    Karen and Pam should ditch the Ball-less Wonder and go grab themselves some hotties. They very easily could.

    Jim can make out with Creed. TEAM JEED.

  80. Pam Vs. Karen. Fact: Pam has no backbone & Jim isn’t going after her because he doesn’t want his feelings hurt again. Fact: Jim was there for her when Roy wasn’t and the past two seasons of sexual tension cannot amount to nothing. Keep watching…we’ll see who’s meant to be.

  81. Pam…..because “BFD. Engaged ain’t married” and neither is dating. Jim will “Never, ever, EVER, give up.”

    Team Pam!

  82. I’m totally pro-Karen. Let’s face it, Pam had her shot. Despite her engagement, she still could’ve gone for Jim: a better person than Roy. Also, now that she gave up Roy, she wants Jim. Well guess what, Jim moved on to a hotter, better girl that “completes him”. GO FILIPPELLI!

  83. Remember when Jim wanted his old desk back and Ryan wouldn’t give it up? That’s where Karen and Jim stand now; as the desk should be Jim’s, so should Pam. Nice people are seldom happy though.

  84. Pam rocks. Karen sucks.

    Jim loves Pam. Pam loves Jim, and the only reason they aren’t already married or something is because she felt an obligation to Roy and she’s not cruel enough to dump him after such a long relationship. She’s sweet and caring and funny and Jim loves her. They’re in love and they’re so scared that doing anything will ruin their relationship seeing as it already has before.

    Karen’s not good enough for Jim; she’s not as funny, they don’t have chemistry, she’s too clingy, she’s insecure, and she was Jim’s second choice, his rebound girl. And her last name is hard to pronounce. And she’s annoying. And she’s not Pam. Although I’m sure she’d be a nice girl and I’d like her a lot if she weren’t with Jim. The only reason Jim’s still with her is because he feels bad that he sort of led her to Scranton and kind of asked her to move; at least that’s the way she took it.

  85. I adore Karen for the fact that she is what Jim wishes Pam were more like. She confessed her desire for Jim and was assertive towards that desire, something Pam cannot bring herself to do. She’s been honest and open about her feelings, and that is what Jim deserves.

  86. Well obviously, Karen has superior qualities to Pam. She’s hot, she can sing and dance. She knows how to take down Jim. She has a better job. More money is better. Pam will be like a money leech. Plus she’s a cheat. She kisses another guy just when she’s going to get married! Why would Jim want any of that? Seriously, Karen is the better choice!

  87. The truth? Neither Pam nor Karen deserve Jim like I do. However, if I had to choose between Pam and Karen, I would choose Karen. Pam watched Jim proclaim his love for her and actually KISSED him (!) and she didn’t budge. Yes, I know she was engaged, but she knew where the Stamford branch was and she could have called Jim and tried to give a relationship a try. Karen has two qualities that are crucial in loving Jim- appreciating his sense of humor (i.e. pranking Andy- “I want in”), and commiserating with him about work (i.e. “I’m giving myself a lobotomy”). And believe me, I would know.

  88. I’m on Team Pam because she’s the one who brings out the real Jim. With Karen, yeah, he’s more successful, but he’s restrained, holding back. With Pam, Jim is free to be himself, his silly, romantic self. Karen=study hall. Pam=recess. I think Jim would pick recess any day.

  89. I’m on the Karen team because she actually shows are feelings to him and Pam just sits there are stares at him. I like Pam, but it’s just taking too long for her to let it out. Pam always leads Jim on. Karen is always there for Jim and even when she found out about him and Pam before she still likes him which shows that she is great!

  90. I would be lying
    If I did say that I was glad
    that Jaren was dying
    So please don’t get mad

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Who’s the fairest receptionist of all?
    Not Pam.
    But that’s not the reason why we love Jam

    Team Pam!

  91. i really dont know where to begin. i am strictly Team Pam. Pam all the way. the reason i say team pam, is because she is the only person who makes Jim happy. who can make him want to cry out of sadness and joy at the same time. who just a simple call of his name can make the darkest days seem brighter. Pam is who can make him happy. i have this girl who is a good friend of mine. there are so many similarities between Jim and Pam and Me and her. so i kinda pulled a “Casino Night” and told her. she didnt feel the same way. we didnt talk for 3 weeks but as soon as Pam and Jim started talking, we did to. Jim and Pam is literally my life. i really want Pam to end up with Jim rather roy because deep down, i still am in love with her. and Jim still loves her. i want Pam to be with Jim with all of my heart and all of my might. I never go a day without hoping that one day, Pam will say yes to Jim. though i may not win this, i just want office fans to know how big of a show this is to me.

  92. PS: The comment about Pam not being the fairest isn’t true. Only a joke. She’s beautiful. Just wanted to clear that up.

  93. Jim and Pam are two people who are very much in love with each other. I am Team Pam because there’s no denying the love and emotion that exist between Jim and Pam. It is far deeper than anything Jim and Karen could ever share.

  94. Team Pam: I relate to Pam. I have big dreams of what I want in the future, but I’m stuck right now. I’m not the first girl everyone notices, but I make a great friend. Plus, if I like a boy, there’s always “Karen” who gets him!

  95. Well this isn’t the main reason I am on team Pam but it must be noted that I am a receptionist at my company. When my friends call I answer the phone “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam”, (don’t tell my boss.) The number one reason I am on Team Pam is I love the chemistry between Jim and Pam.

  96. I’m on Team Pam because she shouldn’t have to date a guy who brings his brother on their first date and to a hockey game and then leaves her when she goes to the bathroom. Jim also has never once done anything to her that she didn’t want. I mean, yeah she didn’t want to be picked up at the dojo when Michael and Dwight fought and she was mad at him another time, but he got her French Onion Sun Chips at the end of the day. They are meant to be in the end and her slip when Karen asked her if she was still into Jim was proof enough for me.

  97. Pam I am, that Pam I am…
    Jim Halpert loves that Pam I am.
    He should have told her on the boat,
    That Roy’s no better than a goat.
    He was brave on Casino Night,
    Too bad things didn’t turn out right.
    Now Jim’s with Karen–what a sham!

    …But Jim STILL loves that Pam I am.

    (apologies to Dr. Suess.)

  98. I am definitely on Team Pam. Although I have never been secretly in love with a co-worker, I know that if I was I definitely would not have the guts to just come out and tell him. So I feel for Pam. It’s hard to just come out and tell someone you made a mistake and you really do love them. Eventually Pam will get up the courage to tell Jim her true feelings and they will ride off into the sunset together leaving Team Pam fans smiling everywhere!

  99. Ever since I stumbbled upon this wonderful show at the end of season one I have been in TEAM PAM. Although now a days it might be a sore subjet between my husband and I as he says that I need to raalize how foolishe Pam is and that Karen is better for Jim.

  100. Team Pam Pledge (similar to Pledge of Allegiance):

    I pledge allegiance,
    to Team Pam,
    in the hope that true love exists.
    So listen up oafish fiances and Italian flirts,
    Jim will save the receptionist.
    Jam, two meant to be, indivisible,
    mixed berry yogurt for all.

  101. Team Karen. She is a role-model, unlike Pam. Pam doesn’t speak her mind, because of her lack of self-confidence. Her ex-fiancé neglected and patronized her, still she took him back. Karen isn’t afraid to go after the man she likes. She’s confident, good-natured, pretty and funny. Jim doesn’t deserve her.

  102. Because it wasn’t 50 word–here goes another try.

    I think no one puts in better terms, to explain why Team Pam will always prevail, than Jim Halpert when he said “She’s so…great”. Pam is the embodiement of every single thing Jim loves, and that is why I am for Team Pam.

  103. Didn’t see the 50 word limit, so here’s a re-edit:

    Pam I am, that Pam I am…
    Jim Halpert loves that Pam I am.
    He should have told her on the boat,
    That Roy’s no better than a goat.
    Now Jim’s with Karen–what a sham!

    …But Jim STILL loves that Pam I am.

  104. Jim supports her passion. She IS his passion. They share looks that make us melt, inside jokes that make us laugh, moments that give us butterflies, and one perfect kiss that took our breath away…

    One-hundred percent team Pam, because honestly, we all want a love like that.

  105. Team Pam! You don’t just get over a love like that. I know Pam denied him, but she was scared. We all know she when she told her mom “Yeah, I think I am”, she was talking about being in love with Jim. They clearly make each other happy.

  106. Here’s a second shot:

    It takes a five night-long conversation for Jim and Karen to get on the same page. It takes all of five seconds and no words for Jim and Pam to fall in sync to pull some of the greatest pranks the world has ever known. TEAM PAM!

  107. Team Pam – Every time I see Karen on screen I make sure to take a jar of JAM and wave it in her face at the TV screen, not even kidding. Did you all see the Hey/Hi scene? How about Pam-Pong. Or those 27 seconds? Love Team Pam!

  108. Every little thing she does is magic.
    Jim was wrapped around her finger drinking tea in the Sahara. Scrantonicity was their favorite band. Jim almost lost to Roy, the king of pain. He built a fortress around his heart. Then he found a message in a bottle saying “TEAM PAM”!

  109. I live life with one saying, WWPD? – What would Pam do? I just want Jim to get over this Karen flu so he can realize Pam loves him. I just keep waiting for the episode were they get married and make JAM babies. Can’t wait much longer! Team Pam!

  110. EDIT: In post #90 I said twenty-two seconds of silence. So sorry office fans, I know it was twenty-seven. Please forgive me members of Team Pam and the OfficeTally Mod Squad (Sean, Tori, Wendy, and Mosby.) Don’t let that mistake cost me a shirt!

  111. In my entry i made an accidental spelling mistake(post 87), so i just wanted to fix it:

    We were invited into their lives
    One with paper, laughter and love
    They were best-friends
    But we knew there was more
    We rooted for them
    He took a chance, showed her he cared
    But she turned him away
    Now they are given another chance
    To make things right

    Team Pam

  112. I am on Team Pam, mostly because I prefer yogurt of the mixed berry variety to salt and vinegar Herr’s potato chips. I mean, really… whose breath is going to smell better at the end of the day?

    That’s what I thought.

  113. Team Karen for beauty and brains. There’s nothing wrong if Jim’s girlfriend is strong enough to know she needed to work because of fifteen new accounts, each password protected with a different mythical creature, but still fun enough to sing on stage in front of people. She was so cute.

  114. i’ve got to go with team karen on this one. it seems to me that pam already had her chance. also, she at least knows what she wants. pam keeps wavering between the two and that’s not what jim needs right now.

  115. Ouch, when I re-read my post (#125), I had an extra “she” in there. I suck! It should say:

    Team Pam! You don’t just get over a love like that. I know Pam denied him, but she was scared. We all know when she told her mom “Yeah, I think I am”, she was talking about being in love with Jim. They clearly make each other happy.

  116. Team Karen !! She unlike Pam has never broke Jim’s heart and loves him to death

    Jim can trust that his love for her will never be taken for granted like Pam did !!

    And they also make you feel happy when you see them together unlike when you feel queezy everytime Jim and Pam are in the same shot

    GO KAREN !!

  117. Pam and Jim have a history. They have both developed a connection where they can almost read each other’s thoughts. While Karen goes well with Jim, she has become controlling of Jim. Pam has always been supportive of Jim, sans the love confession. Plus, Karen is too short for Jim.

  118. Team Pam.

    “Love comes to those who still hope even though they’ve been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they’ve been betrayed, to those who still love even though they’ve been hurt before.”

  119. Team Karen. At least Jim and Karen have something going on outside of the office. Jim and Pam won’t have anything besides their office relationship. Are they going to go home each night and just think of more ways to mess with Dwight? Sometimes it’s all about the chase…

  120. Oh, I’m definitely a Team Pam crony if only because I’ve been signed up since before there was a Karen. That’s right, legacy over passing fancy. And if you need more, in the boys own words: “when it’s over, you’re really thinking about the girl you really like. The one that broke your heart.”

  121. Question:

    Will Jim ever look at Karen the way he amorously gazed at Pam while confessing his love for her?


    Team Pam.

  122. Team Pam.

    Because I was a Jim once, and I married my Pam. Karens may be fun but Pams are there through thick and thin, through fake movie script readings and phones in the ceiling, and who we all know Jim really wants to go home with at night.

  123. Team Karen – no contest! Karen is Jim’s match in intelligence, charisma, and wit. Pam’s completely ordinary, can’t make decisions, and breaks his heart. Whatever magic Pam’s nineties clothes and hairstyle seem to have over Jim, give him the antidote – Karen! Give Pam to Ben Franklin and prom date Roy!

  124. Team Pam:

    Pam, a gentle soul yet worried of her place,
    Turned to face her past,
    Her future clouded, has love passed?

    Jim, with an aching heart,
    Took it all as a sign,
    Yet did he cross the line?

    Neither can admit how they feel,
    With love, what is real?

  125. Jim has to do it for us, all of us, he is the everyman, a hero in not so simple times. I attended school, 7th through 12 grade, with a sweet, perfect, beautiful brunette who played violin like an angel. Alas, I never asked her out….so for crying out loud it has to be Pam, they will go out, they will fall in love for us who never did ask out our “Pam”, they will go out for us, for the Americn dream.

  126. One word: history. Besides her mom, the only positive constant in Pam’s life is Jim. He stayed late to see if she was okay, he encourages her dreams, and he is only with Karen because he doesn’t think Pam feels the same, and Pam thinks she blew it with Jim.

  127. Jam brought me to the Office. After reading a columnist gushing about the infamous kiss, I was compelled to check it out. Jam chemistry created an instant fan. Theirs is not a trifling infatuation but “twue love”, each ready to sacrifice their own happiness for the good of the other.

  128. Playing killer pranks on Dwight,
    Discovering Threat Level Midnight.
    Imagining killer nanorobots,
    Wrapping memories in a teapot.
    Ringing phone above ceiling tiles,
    Exchanging for-each-other-only smiles.
    Making magical coat racks move,
    Swaying to an ipod groove.
    Eating grilled cheese on the roof,
    Jim loves Pam, do you need more proof?

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