The Christmas Eve Tally

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  1. Thanks for doing a good job on this site all year, tanster and anyone else who helps you. Your site is informative, tasteful, friendly and efficient.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

  2. I love that Christmas greeting from the Office cast. I never saw that before!
    Happy Christmas tanster and all my fellow Dunderheads! :)

  3. Merry Christmas! I just wanted to let everyone know that I got the calendar for Christmas, and let me just say April and July are by farrr my favorite months!!!

  4. Merry Christmas fellow dunderheads! I am so excited because my stocking was full of office goodies! I got the calendar, talking pen, tumbler, “welcome to schrute farm” shirt and Michael’s grilled foot shirt from cafepress. I am so giddy! Oh and I got Little Miss Sunshine, which I know isn’t from the office but has our dear Steve in it AND its funny, so win-win!

    Merry Christmas from Phoenix!

  5. That MediaPost article is interesting and a little unnerving. Besides The Office being a top DVR show, it also accounts for four of the top 10 and 10 of the top 34 iTunes TV show downloads.

    What I’m wondering is how they know if a show is watched live or on DVR?

    Also, I love this quote…

    “It may be an indication of how that segment of the audience will ultimately watch television,” says Bill Carroll, vice president/director of programming at Katz Television Group. “They’re not the people who are watching “According to Jim.”

  6. Brian, to answer your question regarding DVR viewing, it’s very simple. All DVR’s have a phone line plugged in to it. And while they say it’s used to download info in to the DVR, it also sends info to some server that complies data on what is on the DVR, how many times it’s watched, etc. Scary stuff if you think about it but even the Internet has “cookies” that are tracked by companies. It’s one of the cons of the technology age. “Big brother is watching”.

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