1. This is the episode I got to see them film on my set visit!! I’m so excited it’s finally airing!! There’s some really funny stuff in this one, guys!

  2. “You probably shouldn’t keep a baby up that late.”

    HA! Looking forward to this ep :)

  3. Not to be a negative nelly, but does anyone else feel like they always understate the Office in promos?

  4. They understate it simply because it’s the highest rated part of their comedy night, and also the oldest part. At this point, if you don’t like The Office a promo isn’t going to make you watch it. The promo mainly serves to let existing fans know there’s a new episode.

    On the other hand, they’re trying really hard to build an audience for Community and Parks and Rec, so it makes sense to push those shows more.

  5. Love the Office and can’t wait to see this episode, as always, but can’t help thinking “what the what” with Jon Hamm’s hooks on 30 Rock!!! LOL……

  6. #3, I so agree. They devote very little time to The Office during those promos. It annoys me because I could care less about those other 3 shows.

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