1. She looked really pretty in the commercial, but also very unfamiliar with all that makeup on. Isn’t the point of ProActive to not have to wear makeup?

  2. Finally! I’ve been wondering when we’ll see her commercial.

    Once again, Jenna absolutely looks great!

  3. No, the point of Proactiv is to not have acne. People don’t wear make-up just to cover up zits lol. :)

  4. “The cracky zit, or the oozy zit…” ha. nice.

    and boy do i know what she means. those scabby ones are so hard to cover!

    and it’s funny, because the side banner ad on this page right now is for murad, saying “why murad over proactiv?” irony…

  5. In my mind, hearing that Jenna has ever had a pimple in her life is like being told the Mona Lisa was a finger painting. I think I’ll go on believing that she’s absolutely perfect.

  6. Haha I did word that a little differently than I wanted. As Hillary Clinton would say, I misspoke. I just meant that after using ProActive you shouldn’t have to wear as much makeup. It probably wasn’t her idea, I just think that too much makeup on an already pretty face takes away from her natural beauty. Kind of like putting cheesy decals on a Ferrari. Not necessary!

  7. She looks great! “The Office” makes her look too much like a plain Jane…I just saw the commercial tonight and I was like “could that be Pam from The Office?” and sure enough. Thank god i’ve never had any skin issues

  8. Jenna looks awesome as always, nice plug for Proactiv! Makes me want to buy it! You go, girl!

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