The Incentive deleted scenes

Here’s are deleted scenes from this week’s episode of The Office, The Incentive:

Andy reveals the secret to his low key management style.
[Video no longer available]

His back against the wall, Andy finds a true friend in Erin.
[Video no longer available]


  1. Deleted scene 1:

    I have a feeling Andy and Erin will do just fine. That was really an excellent scene which should have been left in (seriously, cancel Whitney and give us super sized ep’s with these scenes. I am guessing they took this out because they already had Jim having a talk with Andy in the end of the episode and were worried about having too much “baw” in the episode. This scene was very touching, and also very hilarious (“lets get 15-20 foster kids and have them live in the warehouse, it’ll be like Hogwarts”).

    I wonder if this scene was taken out because Andy talks about the ceo hijacking a plane and blowing up a city, I am pretty sure they have taken out scenes before (season 6 dvd? Halloween, Mike hanging himself?) because a bad event happened and the scene was deemed inappropriate.

  2. I’m wondering if this was a fantasy Erin had as a foster kid. “Someday I’m going to live in a warehouse or office.” At least she often acts like this life is her dream come true.

  3. “It would be like Hogwarts!” Oh how I love their Harry Potter references. I’ve lost track but that was probably like the 7th or 8th one, at least, over the years!

  4. #6 you beat me to it.

    If we see Andy wearing a fez, we’ll know what the writers are watching.

  5. The Andy and Erin scene was super cute and shouldn’t have been cut. Erin’s “Harry Potter” reference cracked me up!

  6. I think the reason the 2nd scene was cut out was because the first scene was cut. There would be no reason to mention Robert California hijacking the “plane” if the scene describing the office as a “plane” wasn’t there. BUT, I do like the name ‘Tuna Dog’ and I also like the Andy/Erin scene(Especially the 15-20 foster kids chat. At the end of it when Andy says it’s probably not legal. Erin’s face looks like she didn’t know that. Like that’s probably what, to her, was a normal thing. Being she was a foster kid)

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