1. Looks like it will be hilarious as usual. I like Jim/Dwight scenes and this episode looks like it will be plentiful.

  2. this reminds me of when they won the lottery on roseanne. and it wasn’t a good story line then, either. i am so, so disappointed in my once all-time favorite show…

  3. You know, Dwight may be really aggravated that Andy is manager, but ever since the premier, he actually seems really cheerful. Maybe he has just given up on his no non-sense nature and is more laid back to whatever will happen. It just seems like I have seen Dwight smile more times in the past 2 episodes and the above promo that I have in the last 7 years. I kind of like this “new” Dwight.

  4. Kevin’s pratfall during the Jim/Dwight talking head is my favorite part of the promo. So funny. I have a feeling this episode is going to be great.

  5. Second promo looks great :) Even just from that 2 minutes it looks like it’s paced very well.

  6. This looks hilarious. I love Jim and Dwight together, and the Jim and Pam part looked super cute :)

  7. If Michael’s beloved bailer isn’t featured in this episode, I’ll be rather upset.

  8. @Moseley (#3) – i think he said “bum bum bah”…. as in “dun dun DUNNNNNN!!!!!”

  9. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this mentioned yet- Did anyone else notice that Pam brought up her terrace idea? They haven’t mentioned that since “Boys and Girls” in season 2! I’m so happy for this episode AND this season!!

  10. This has the promise to be one of the best episodes ever. I laughed out loud during the extended clip. Darryl tossing the phone! Meredith and Oscar! Jim as a Barista…or a Stephen King character!

    I haven’t said this in a bit…I can hardly wait for the episode tonight.

  11. @Angela’s Spawn- I agree! It’s a shame Michael won’t be around for this episode. Having the bailer to himself would probably be like a dream come true ha ha. I look forward to seeing tonight’s episode!

  12. there better be some pam/jim moments soon. the last episode had none and it made me sad.

    :[ maybe i’m just crazy

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