1. One of the things that make The Office so enjoyable, in my opinion, is the ENSEMBLE work of the team. There is a danger, again in my opinion, of a show like this being “too much Mindy.” I definitely worry that Rainn Wilson’s spinoff will be “too much Dwight.”

  2. Mindy Kaling is ADORABLE! Looks like a winner to me. Can’t wait to watch her shine.

  3. I haven’t seen the trailer but I hope it’s more intelligent / less “adorkable” than NEW GIRL. That show ruined Zooey Deschanel for me. Make us proud Mindy!

  4. “You don’t show up at a Springsteen show wearing a John Cougar Mellencamp t-shirt unless you want to get punched in the face”



  5. I can’t believe Chris Messina is in this as well! I love him! He plays Jenna’s love interest in The Giant Mechanical Man and he was in Away We Go with John as well. He seems really funny in this, he had all the best lines in the trailer. It seems like his character serves to stop the show from being too “girly”.

  6. I think I’ll watch this show just for the one-liners :)

    I like it, a guilty pleasure kind of show that’s actually going to be funny.

  7. I think Mindy speaks more lines in this trailer than she has in the last 2 years of The Office.

  8. I WILL watch because I love Mindy and because I am Mindy (not Kaling)! It looks cute.

  9. Honestly, I expected more. It has a really good cast and I love the concept – but it just didn’t seem to have *it*. The chemistry seems off and it seems like it’s trying to hard to be funny- it might just be how it’s spliced together, but we shall see. Also, is anyone else a little weirded out by seeing “Kelly” and “Andy” on a date?

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