The Office renewed for Season 9!

The Office has been officially renewed for Season 9!

Here’s the 2012-2013 NBC Thursday night lineup:

  • 8pm: 30 Rock
  • 8:30pm: Up All Night
  • 9pm: The Office
  • 9:30pm: Parks and Recreation
  • 10pm: Rock Center with Brian Williams

Related news

  • May 13: Here’s the NBC press release.
  • May 13: E! Online: “[Robert] Greenblatt says most of the cast of The Office, including Rainn Wilson and B.J. Novak will return for the comedy’s ninth season. “I expect to see all of that cast back except Mindy [Kaling], who is going on to her own show, which we’re thrilled about. We’re thrilled for her.” He also teases that fans should “expect some new faces to drop in” to The Office next season.”
  • May 13: Deadline: The Office Season 9 will consist of 22 episodes, and there are no plans that Season 9 is the final season. (Tipster: James)
  • May 14: FOX announces that ‘Glee’ will move to Thursdays at 9pm, same as The Office timeslot.
  • May 14: New York Times: “After protracted negotiations, “The Office” will return with most of its cast intact for what may be one last season, and its creator, Greg Daniels, will be back at work, too. Mr. Daniels, the original supervisor for “The Office,” is expected to return in a hands-on capacity, Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, said in an interview. (Paul Lieberstein left that role at the end of last season.)”
  • What’s your Season 9 wish list?

I’ll post more details here as they come up…


  1. The order was for a full season 22 episodes. No word on last season that should come tomorrow at the up fronts. However, networks rarely put 22 episode orders in prime slots with the idea they are not planning to return. The Farm has not been picked up, and the cast does not have that many projects going, none of them have carried a film like Steve, so giving it an end date seems a little premature.

  2. Good news – after the past few episodes I’m really excited for a new season! It would be further good news if BJ Novak was show runner – his writing makes it clear how much he knows, loves and cares about the characters and their stories, and mainly he’s just funny as hell!

    [ from tanster: i agree! ]

  3. As much as I like that The Office gets another run of a full season…it is sputtering.

    Yet NBC gives halfsies to Community and Grimm, two of their best scripted new shows

  4. Just as an update, according to NBC has no plans to end The Office after season 9 and does not have an end date in mind for the series.

  5. My wishlist:

    1. Have the entire writing staff sit down together and watch all of Season 2. Then, discuss.

    That’s it.

  6. I agree with #9 completely.

    Although, to be honest, the last season wasn’t nearly as bad as season 6 for me. It didn’t really have a vision per se, there was nothing at stake, and it definitely meandered… but it was a nice meander. If that makes any sense.

    It was enjoyable. Nowhere near the quality of seasons 1-5, but not terrible. I loved every line uttered by Erin.

  7. So happy to hear the Office has been renewed! I hope BJ Novak is put in charge.

  8. My one and ONLY wish. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, bring Michael back. Just for one freaking episode. I mean it’s so not normal for a man they’ve known for 17 and more years to just move and never hear from him again.

    Just once. That’s all I ask.

  9. This is bittersweet. While I’m glad we’re getting more, there is absolutely no denying that there has been a serious decline in quality and ratings. They really should think about ending it while there is some respect for the show still. Get ready for below a 2.0 and 3 million viewers, NBC.

  10. The Office definitely needs to get back to its old ways. Honestly, Season 8 was not that good at all….yeah sure, I had some minor laughs but nothing like the old seasons. I feel like the genuine comedy that used to be there is gone, and I would like for that to come back!!

    I also agree with #9!!

  11. I don’t care how long The Office goes on for…my one wish is that they know ahead of time what their last season is and we do not get a random cancellation. Season seven showed us with the departure of Steve Carell that when they have time to plan, the writers can make something amazing. A random cancellation would be so dreadful.

  12. At today’s upfronts, NBC president Richard Greenblatt promised “explosive story twists” on The Office next year…

    uh oh

  13. “FOX announces Glee will move to Thursdays at 9pm…”

    Say goodbye to the Office! (and Touch!)

    If any good comes out of this, at least the Big Bang Theory might go away. (the show, not the actual theory)

  14. I sincerely hope they announce that season 9 will be the last season sometime in the near future and if/when that announcement is made, they will send it off right and bring Steve C. back for an episode or 2.

  15. #20: Glee’s ratings aren’t that much better than The Office and I don’t see how Glee showing at 9 pm is going to affect BBT at 8 pm.

  16. Story twist? Oh no, I hope it will not be revealed that Andy is Erin’s brother.

  17. I’ve mixed feelings. As a fan from the beginning I understand it probably would not have lasted if they tried to continue exactly like seasons 1-3. I thought 4-6 and half S7 were mostly worth it. But S8 became even more exaggerated and too far from the original premise, and for the first time I thought the characters were looking tired. Even my favorites Dwight, Jim and Erin weren’t exactly in best form except for a few standout episodes. Jim and Pam felt a little stale. Nellie was the last nail in the coffin.

    OTOH I really enjoyed the best of these episodes, and there were still funny moments here and there. It could be salvaged if they concentrated on toning down the more sitcom aspects and trying for some more consistent characterization and plots. And I liked seeing Erin and Andy finally back together, it made this variable season seem worth it even if the event itself wasn’t written very well.

    I’m not sure it really needed to return, but I’m optimistic that they can get it back on track.

  18. I think I’m one of the few that enjoyed the majority of Season 8. But I hope with James Spader gone, and now Andy firmly established as manager, Season 9 will be an improvement

  19. I love The Office. I watch it here in England, though officially, only up to season 5 is available. The Office suffered a little when Michael left but the character had gone as far as it could go and by S6 and 7 had become a parody of itself. Season 8 had some great Office moments but was poor. Robert and Nellie were dreadful. But the idea of the David Wallace arc is good, I still love JIm and Pam so I’m hopeful for Season 9. In any case given the creative failings of Season 8 I think we should feel lucky we got a season 9 at all. And for the record US Office is way better than UK…

  20. I’m betting the “explosive story twists” have something to do with the Dwight/Angela/Oscar/Senator plot – it was the only thing kind of left hanging at the end of the finale.

  21. Cool to officially hear Greg Daniels is back. Does that mean he’s back as show runner?. Wonder if some of the old writers will return as well? When was the last time Daniels was hands on with the show?

  22. I really wouldn’t have cared if they got canceled after this season. Season 7 was only better because of the emotion surrounding Steve Carell’s exit. It’s a shell of what it used to be and it’s depressing.

    Season 8 was just so frustrating on so many levels. I was hoping for the new circumstances to act as a shot in the arm that would give the show new life, but instead it’s on life support.

    At least Parks and Recreation is still on top of things.

  23. Am I seriously the only one that is excited Greg Daniels is back running the office next season?….He’s written some of the best episodes.

  24. It’s great that Daniels will focus again on this show, it’s the best news I’ve heard about the new season.
    The main issue with the show this season was that the writing was simply going through the motions, due to a complete lack of focus and priorities. The writers could bring could ideas, but lack of supervision never brought them to full potential. As a result, the episodes were filled with various romances, while, before, we had Jim/Pam or Michael/Holly with one or two supporting romances, but nothing more.
    Last season we got, often at the same time:
    – Gabe-Erin-Andy-Jessica
    – Darryl-Val-Val’s fiancé
    – Dwight-Angela-State Senator-Oscar
    – Dwight (or Todd Packer)-Nellie-Robert California-Mrs. California-Andy
    – Ryan-Kelly-the pediatrician
    – Pam-Jim-Cathy the temp

    There were many times I cringed, especially with Erin. Her arc missed huge opportunities, especially about her very flexible level of intelligence. A simple suggestion that she’s quite dumb, unless she’s happy with her soulmate, would have brought more insight and more poignancy to her journey, in my opinion.

    And that’s precisely the kind of consistency that was there in the early seasons, that Parks & Rec still shows, and that Greg Daniels may restore on The Office.

  25. If Daniels is back as showrunner then I will be much more excited about S9. That NY Times article is a little ambiguous about his role though.

    [ from tanster: true! ]

  26. NY Times was actually very clear about it.
    They said he will have a hands-on role and that it was previously held by Paul. So he’s taking over as showrunner.

  27. If Daniels is back as showrunner (not a certainty) it will be interesting to see if the show regenerates and returns to its roots. If it does than the onus is totally on Lieberstein…if not then as an audience we know the show had just totally run its course.

  28. daniel g, the quote from the Times is:

    “Mr. Daniels, the original supervisor for “The Office,” is expected to return in a hands-on capacity, Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, said in an interview. (Paul Lieberstein left that role at the end of last season.)”

    “is expected” and “hands-on capacity” doesn’t necessarily mean he will definitely be the fulltime showrunner. There’s a lot of wiggle room in there.

  29. @#8

    Good, they need to do this right, correct the mistakes of season 8 in season 9 and return for a 10th and final season to finish the show off for good. You build up to the final season with the last few episodes of season 9, and in my opinion, you bring back Michael Scott for the last few episodes ever in Season 10. Maybe they revolve around his wedding with Holly, maybe Michael and Holly return to Scranton for good in the series finale, who knows, but the key is righting the ship with season 9 and bury the hatchet with season 10

  30. (Paul Lieberstein left that role at the end of last season.) <—- this part was the essential part that you left out. Also they have been looking for a showrunner and if he's back hands-on it makes sense that he is.

  31. Greg Daniels being back as showrunner just makes plain sense. It’s possibly the last season so it’s important to him that it ends on a high note-

  32. Greenblatt also said that Dan Harmon would be back in some capacity with Community.

  33. As much as I love this show to death, I wished that would make this the final season and go out with a bang. The quality has dipped severely in the last season.

  34. Nellie must go. Please please please, her character is lame. It was hard to adjust when Michael left. But Andy being the manager is not too bad after a while coz you get used to it. I like all the characters, but Nellie must leave the show. She is just pathetic. Please script writers, if you are reading this, please take Nellie out of the show. I probably wouldn’t wanna watch next season if Nellie is there. My favorite characters by the way are ALL except Nellie and Robert California.

  35. Nellie’s character needs to go
    Todd Packer’s character needs to go
    Ryan Howard’s character? What the heck is he still doing on the show? There’s really no point, especially with Kelly gone now. I’m still mad Andy became manager, but it’s too late. Greg Daniels is the best person to work with the show so HOPEFULLY it will return to how it was in Seasons 2-4, which were the best in my opinion. Season 8 took a 180 degree turn from what the show was about but S9, I’m optimistic!

  36. I feel like I am the only person who likes Nellie. I think she brings cringe humor back to the show and her presence is refreshing, she doesn’t have to be a main character but it’s not like she is killing the show.

  37. At some point in season 9, Michael Scott and Holly really need to appear in the show. Even if it’s just a phone call and you don’t get to see them. Just to see how they are doing in Colorado and how the other characters react when they hear from their old boss, especially Jim, Dwight, and Pam.

  38. I think season 8 was a low point. So you should recover in season 9 and go out with a big bang in season 10. Also one of the main reasons I watch this show is the pranking between Jim and Dwight. So please continue with that.

  39. I think they should go back to how it was in season 5 or 6, with Michael as the manager, all the funny characters and feuding between Dwight and Jim. The only change is Will Ferrell stays on the show

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