The Office ad fail

From Tallyhead Elise:

“I was on vacation in Chicago, and there is this red truck roaming around the streets of downtown Chicago, the back of which contains a life-sized diorama of ‘The Office,’ with mannequins of Pam, Jim, Dwight, and Michael. The truck has the show’s logo on it and the times for the show’s syndication run on a local station. The truck also plays a sound loop with a clip of the theme song, Michael talking, and a voice-over promoting the show.

It would all be really cool, if the mannequins they used weren’t the worst-possible likenesses of the actors (which they are — Pam is blonde!!), and the set looked anything like something from the show (which it doesn’t). It’s weird and disturbing but somehow also awesome.”

The Office

The Office


  1. OMG I live in Chicago and saw this on the street! Bigtime FAIL. Good idea but those mannequins are just awful and look nothing like the Office. Hilarious.

  2. I think the problem is that they couldn’t afford likeness of the main characters and got secondary characters instead. Blue Shirt Guy is obviously supposed to be Justin from Job Fair and Argyle Sweater Girl is Elizabeth the Stripper.

    [from tanster: hahaha!]

  3. LOL! Thanks for the laugh on a Monday morning. That cracked me up! Pam looks demented!

  4. P.S. What is the guy doing with his hand who is standing in front of Pam….that looks somewhat inappropriate. LOL!

  5. WTH? When in Chicago please eat the pizza, watch a Cubs game (well next year anyway) and pay no attention to the crazy WFLD folks. I cry for my hometown.

  6. Pam would NOT wear a shirt like that! ;) Has anyone at Fox-Chicago ever watched the show?

  7. This is creepy — but only because it’s an official advertisement. If it were an OfficeTally contest (“Create a scene from The Office on the back of a pickup truck”), I would totally vote for this one! haha!

  8. The Jim figure looks closer to Daniel Radcliffe, and Pam kind of has a Chloe-from-24 look on her face.

  9. Well, that gave me my laugh for the day, if nothing else! Pam is having the worst hair day ever, and Dwight is in grey (I’m guessing that’s Dwight standing in front of Pam?). But, hey, the idea was cool if not the execution.

    P.S. Ruth, the ad is for the show in syndication (i.e. the reruns airing on different networks/stations). Canadians must love The Office, because up here the reruns are on like 10 different networks.

  10. These guys look like Michael’s dummy’s friends…except Michael did a better job with his :P

  11. Okay, so…

    Pam is wearing Angela’s clothes. And has straight, unwashed dirty blonde hair.

    Jim is not wearing a tie, standing behind Dwight, and staring stalker-ly at Michael.

    And Michael is…grabbing his crotch.

    Looks like the set of a bad Office porn.

  12. Am I the only one that noticed it says FOX Chicago??
    I’m sorry, but isn’t the office on NBC? :P

  13. It’s like squishing a spider under a book: It’s going to be disgusting but I have to look.

  14. I live in Chicago and have seen this twice and each time I start cracking up. It is so, so horribly executed. Pam’s face kills me!

  15. I saw this truck parked on an off-ramp in a construction project on the Dan Ryan a few weeks ago. I had to do a double and triple take to make sure I saw what I saw. The area where it was parked was definitely not in the target demographic.
    Then for a fleeting moment I thought… I wonder if they left the keys. How great would it be to drive that around!
    Then I realized I was late for work and snapped back into reality… dumb traffic.

  16. Sara, I was thinking the same thing about the one mannequin’s inappropriate hand placement!

  17. Ha! Hilarious and horrifying.

    Neat idea, but boy. Couldn’t they just get cardboard cut-outs of the cast?

  18. This is an amazing idea, but could they have at least hired people who watch the show to make this?

  19. okay so now my driving has REALLY suffered cause I am constantly on the look out for this truck.

    also – I love my afternoons now – one episode on TBS, one episode on Fox… then another episode late night on Fox. Thursdays it’s like an all night marathon. It’s awesome. lol

  20. Is it bad that I want to make the 7 hour drive to Chicago to see if I can see this in person??

    It comes on on the CW here in Nashville but I did catch it on Fox yesterday too. I own the DVD’s from every season and yet I cannot make myself turn off the tv when The Office is on.

  21. Fail is right. OK, I live here in Chicago and I’ve NEVER seen that, haha, weird, and I work downtown. Seriously, now I kinda want to see it. Creepy but hilarious.

  22. Oh my! This is so bad, i mean, they could have at least put Dwight in a mustard yellow shirt! LOL

  23. haha I was in Chicago the other day and Office ADs are EVERYWHERE. I was on the subway and the doors opened and bam! giant Office AD. So awesome! If I didn’t hate the traffic, I would spend all my time there looking for this truck.

    And what’s with Pam’s face? haha.

  24. Wow, from what bargain-bin department store did FOX steal those mannequins and furniture? “We need to make a Pam.” “Just put that dummy in a cardigan, that should do it.”

  25. My best friend goes to school in Chicago, saw this while walking to class a few weeks ago… and took a picture for me!!! It’s so randomly hilarious, but so cool!
    She said it was just randomly sitting in a parking lot.

  26. this is bizarre and amazing on so many levels. as a HUGE fan of the terrible fail that is the san francisco wax museum, i actually think this is pretty fantastic.

  27. Emmy, it DOES look like a drug intervention! That’s all I can see in the photo, now.

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