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Posted Monday (Jim takes a picture): [no longer available]

Posted Monday (car): [no longer available]

Posted Monday (Niagara joke): [no longer available]

Posted Monday (Jim’s parents): [no longer available]

Posted Monday (painting): [no longer available]

Posted Saturday:

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Posted Saturday:

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Posted Friday:

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Posted Friday:

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Posted Friday, shown during Jenna Fischer’s visit to Leno:

Posted Thursday after ‘The Promotion.’ OMG OMG OMG. [no longer available]

Posted Thursday during ‘Leno’:

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Another version of the ‘Happy Ending’ promo, with different music and ending:

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OMG! Look at that cake!

The original version of the ‘Happy Ending’ promo: [no longer available]

This is blatant lump-in-throat manipulation. :)

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Here’s the first promo for The Office’s Jim and Pam wedding episode, ‘Niagara’:


  1. I am a huge football fan but when I saw this, I totally forgot I was watching my favorite NFL team play football because I got so excited and the “fangirl” inside me started squealing!!! LOL! I can’t wait to see more!!

  2. Love it! Thanks for posting! Not as cheesy as I thought they would play it. I’m glad it didn’t include a phrase like “The moment we’ve all waited 6 years for” or something like that.

  3. Funny how the characters in season 1 looked like people stuck in an office, but in season 6 they look like actors working on a show about an office. I still love the office but the characters don’t seem real. Maybe I just got very used to them.

  4. Aw…NBC, you’re pretty cute sometimes. Keep them coming; my cheese-tolerance is definitely higher than usual for this.

  5. Got chills again. I feel like it’s someone I’ve known for years getting married. Hey NBC, prepare for a record breaking number of viewers October 8th.

  6. I just went to a wedding yesterday–my uncle’s– and I’m quite of embarrassed to say so, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Jim and Pam. I drove my sister insane, whispering, “Two weeeeeeeks” and dropping quotes everywhere. I don’t even want to know how many times I told her to “show us some of those famous Beesly dance moves”.
    Too many. Far, far too many.

  7. This is gonna be an awesome episode!! I’m getting all excited just typing this! Such a cute promo!!

  8. I totally agree, #5. After the show gained great popularity I think the characters became too self-aware. Except for Michael haha. Still…I can’t help squeeing about a Jam wedding!!

  9. Ok, I now know what it takes to reduce me to a pile of goosebump-covered goo…10 seconds of footage I’ve already seen, a little cheesy music in the background and two lines from a deep-voiced narrator.

    I am going to be a mess on October 8. Just a mess! *sigh*

  10. “From the first ring to this ring. Some people just belong together.”

    That was a beautiful voiceover. I’ve always thought NBC had the best voiceovers compared to ABC and CBS.

    October 8th is definitely going to be a night like no other. Can’t wait for it!

  11. I am a real life Pam, down to the called-off wedding to ending up engaged to my work bff and soul mate…I can’t wait to see their wedding! I just may steal some ideas for my nuptuals in April :)

  12. It only seems like yesterday that Pam was breaking Jim’s heart in “Casino Night.” How far they’ve come.

  13. I’ve watched this promo about 50 times and get happy butterflies in my stomach and chills each time. October 8th cannot get here fast enough. =]

  14. (*Sniff*) (Sob!) I hate to admit it but man, I love these sappy promos! And I’m excited enough that I’ve actually been keeping away from the voluminous spoilers for this episode!

  15. ‘I want to be more than that…’

    that line always gets me crying! and Jim’s famous tear drop.

    Can’t wait for the episode!

  16. Second promo is awesome, but did NBC have to give us Casino Night depression? Now I feel sad when I don’t want to be!

  17. ok, obviously each one of these promos tugs my heartstrings…hard…but someone at nbc got a little lazy with that new promo.


    doesn’t make me any less excited. i know in theory it sounds boring, but i could watch jim and pam being cute and happy together and never fighting or having problems until the show get canceled. so excited :)

  18. The last time my eyes got this watery was watching Turtle and Jamie-Lynn Sigler break up on Entourage.

    But that was a sad moment. This is a happy moment! :-D

  19. Tanster, WHY would you do that to me so early in the morning!?! Seriously, that second promo.. Holy Lord. I’m going to need the lifesized box of tissues come the wedding episode haha

  20. Ohhh man. They’re not even showing new footage and I’m tearing up and getting goosebumps…I think I’ll be keeping a tissue box next to me for this episode! Thursday October 8 will be full of weeping girls…

  21. That’s just cruel. Next they’ll drag in that scene from “The Merger” just to kick us while were down.

  22. The first time I watched this I almost teared up, I think I better watch this episode alone. I fear I might just start crying and that might be just a little awkward with my roommate. I’ll never live that one down!

  23. You know how to cut to the core of me, NBC! [/Anchorman]

    What a lovely way to start the day :)

  24. I really am looking forward to seeing what progresses with Jim this season. So much of the character’s motivations in the past have centered on the behavior of Pam. What do you move on to when the object of your desire is finally yours?

    As much as I will enjoy “Niagara” (and not just because it is set in my regional backyard!), it is the episodes that follow after that I think will end up being the most memorable in the long run.

  25. Ok so watching the second promo almost made me cry….and I say almost, probably only because my roommate is here and I’m trying to be tough. Hahah. Is it sad that I am soooo obsessed with their relationship?

    Honestly, I think it just gives me reason to give kudos to the writers. Way to go, guys!

  26. Seeing the Casino night clip reminded me of a JAM question I had…at the end of “The Job” where Pam is doing the interview right before Jim comes in and asks her out on a date, she’s talking about how they didn’t get the timing right, and something like “I shot him down, then he did the same to me…”

    When did Jim shoot her down? Just in being distant to her after getting back to Scranton in S3? It’s not like she told him her true feelings or anything.

    Good promo, will be a great ep. The blowoff of 5 seasons of buildup!

  27. I wish I could cut the second promo out and frame it. Or scrapbook it. Or something. I guess I will just have to watch it over and over. Sigh!

  28. #41 Pierre – He shot her down in “Beach Games”. She spilled everything (told him that she cancelled her wedding for him) after her firewalk and he basically did nothing about it (i.e. kept seeing Karen, pursuing the corporate job).

    Oh, October 8th, get here! I need my dear friends married already! Good job, NBC. You got me. You got me good with these promos.

  29. Unfair! There needs to be a warning for overly emotional pregnant women that this promo WILL induce crying.

  30. When Tanster talks, NBC listens!

    Thank you for asking for the geo-filters to be removed. Even though I’m in the US, I have family in Ireland who would love to see this.

    [from tanster: well, we’ll see. i asked, but it doesn’t mean it’ll work. ;) ]

  31. Thank you for asking to remove the geo-filter…I am in Canada… and for some reason am still not able to view it !! ahh well :) Thanks for trying !!

  32. It’s so surreal to know that they are actually finally getting married. As Michael once said to Jim, never give up. (BTW – I hope that also applies to Michael and Holly!)

  33. I’ve probably watch that Casino Night scene 50 times since that episode aired… and I still almost cry every time!

  34. yaaaaaay I live in canada and can watch the promo now…. sooooo excited…thanks so much tanster !! :) also thanks NBC !! :)

  35. 43. amy- Sorry but that is incorrect. Jim shot her down when he first came back to Scranton. She asked him out for coffee and he declined.

  36. #41 – Pam also asked Jim out for coffee in the Merger, and he refused. Obviously he wasn’t thinking clearly.

  37. I can’t believe I’m about to talk about a scripted show like this but here it goes…

    It’s somewhat easy to forget the pains and struggles both of these Characters went through to get to this point. They’ve been together since season 4 and here we are in season 6 so it seems like they’ve been a couple of a long time. But in seasons 1-3 (way way long ago) it reminds us why this wedding and episode is going to be so special. It was a long love story, but often they are. Congrats to the writers on crafting such a thing.

  38. absolutely cannot wait! it’s difficult to believe that after everything they’ve been through, jim and pam have ended up together, happy, and in love. i guess it just shows us all that love is everlasting with the right person. congratulations, jim and pam, you really deserve this one! *to waiting!*

  39. I’m really looking forward to this episode, but I fear it’s being hyped up too much. No way it’s going to top Casino Night because that story was so unexpected. We pretty much know what’s going to happen here…

  40. WHY did I not know about the possibility of JAM cake toppers when I got married in June!?! My husband is so mad right now haha

  41. While I love the happy ending promos, I wish they would make one that highlights how Pam pined for Jim during Season 3! Maybe w/ some clips from Beach Games??

  42. Pam seems so excited about becoming Mrs. Pam Halpert! I’m so glad she’s taking Jim’s last name.

    Also, wow was Pam loud there. I’ve never heard her like that before. It’s nice, though.

  43. OMG! OMG! OMG! Pam’s first paycheck as Mrs Pamela Halpert! The Spaniard Fly of a company that brought them together makes their marriage official business!

  44. so um… i rewound the last part about 5 times. and played it in slow-motion. and squee’d.


  45. WOW, tonight’s promo. Awesome! Jim’s toast. Awesome! This is going to be the longest week ever!!

  46. Omg…I just started bawling. And now I have to stay away from the internet for awhile since I missed the episode tonight…

  47. Holy crap…I am going to cry like a little baby next week…

    [from tanster: me too. i’m going to have to get a cover for my keyboard!]

  48. Oh my goodness, that promo alone made me cry! My heart soars with the eagle’s nest.

  49. Oh. Man. Is Kevin wearing a hairpiece in that last promo??? I had to pause it to figure out who it was! Can’t wait – this is going to be a great show!

  50. I cried. I thought it wouldn’t happen, I thought I’d be strong—but no, I cried watching the promo. I don’t even want to know how I’ll react to next week!

  51. I almost broke down after watching this. I can’t believe that the wedding is next week! I’m so excited and I know that I’ll feel emotional the whole time. Probably flood my room with tears!

  52. Best. Promo. Ever.
    My heart literally jumped into my throat..warm fuzzy feelings all over. Does anyone know the name of that song? It was PERFECT for that promo…and I really like it.

  53. What is that song playing over the post-The Promotion promo?! It’s driving me bananas.

  54. I can’t stop watching! I can’t, I can’t!!!!! It’s going to be a long, long, LONG week ahead!

  55. wow man. jim’s speech is so heart warming. i can’t wait til next week =)

  56. may i just say: kevin’s hair: MADE MY NIGHT. hahaha oh kevin.
    can’t wait for next thursday!!!

  57. what seriously brought me to tears was how beautiful kevin looks with a full head of hair

    [from tanster: lolol!]

  58. Wow. Just…wow. I don’t even know what to say.

    Oh BTW Tanster, a different promo just aired on NBC – 9:30 central time – with different footage. Shorter one, featuring Michael.

    [from tanster: really?! ooooh, thanks!]

  59. The bride also gives a speech right? I wonder what Pam will say…. I need to wake up early tomorrow but.. I’M TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP!!

  60. I can’t wait to see that second new promo!

    Guys, I’m so excited my hands are shaking.

  61. This one that just aired after “The Promotion” was AMAZING. I seriously cried when I saw that on TV. Way too excited.

  62. Please help me. I cannot stop watching it. Let’s see…. how many times can I watch it in a row until next Thursday night??

  63. #89 – I feel like she is maybe in disbelief of his amazing speech and is also trying not to cry?? I didn’t feel it was negative at all.

  64. #89: I had the same thought! I bet if that look Pam gives is right after he says the words on the promo, it’s as in, “holy crap that was the most perfect thing to say I’m going to cry I hate you.” :)

    And am I the only one who’s annoyed that Jim says, “I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl I worked with?” It was not just a crush! He was in LOVE with her! Four years ago he told her he LOVED her. Maybe six years ago he had a crush, in the first season, or before we saw them, but four years ago it had moved beyond the crush phase. AHH! It’s just bothering me. Sorry.

  65. Wow. Just, wow. It needs to be thursday. Next thursday, not today. Also, I just downloaded the Daniel Powter song. Wow. I thought Pam’s reaction to Jim’s speech was the sweetest part. Like she was in disbelief. This is all just too great!

  66. This is not Lost :) Just take it for what it is, an awesome promo for what is sure to be an awesome episode.

    Pam to me looks like she is just very emotional and is fighting off tears.

    And #106 it started as a crush, he didn’t start out of the gate in love with her :P

  67. “And the sound of a million squees descended upon a nation”

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who teared up just from reading “here comes the happy ending!” I love Pam’s “OH YEAH!” expression after the kiss…adorable, and exactly what my cousin did at her wedding. Kevin’s hair…omg Kevin’s hair…

    The way NBC does the clips is so sweet, but I would love to hear Kelly explain their love story to Erin…can you imagine how hilarious that would be?

    [from tanster: YES! that would be funny. even better than kelly explaining netflix. ;) ]

  68. Good job getting the promo up so fast!!!

    That was an awesome promo!

    and, not going to lie, Kevin looks kind of sexy!

  69. OMG could there be a more perfect promo? That speech finally marks the long-awaited culmination of 4 years of cute “little moments.” ah i love how sure he is about their love, adorable! I wish they were real so they could be my friends LOL.

  70. Ok, but what’s with the look Pam gives Jim in the latest promo?

    “…even then I knew I was waiting for my wife.”

    She looks almost mad… Maybe she’s thinking, “Oh I don’t want to cry…”

    Or maybe it’s a different cut and not directly following Jim’s speech.

  71. Oh my word. I’m right there with you guys – Niagara Falls will have nothing on my tears one week from tonight. I’ve already wept at every sneak peek I’ve seen. It will not be pretty next Thursday!

  72. Let the waterworks begin! I can’t wait for next weeks episode! I’ll have to watch it by myself so that people don’t think I’m weird for bawling during a tv show! That speech (or at least the part they showed) had tears going down my face! I love Kevin’s new hairdo!

  73. OMG! I’ve watched it about 4 times now, and I tear up each time. ONE MORE WEEK!!

  74. For the followers who’ve watched from the very beginning, for those who cheered and cried for these two characters, THIS is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

  75. Honestly what almost has me tearing up more than Jim’s speech is the shot at the end with all the employees cheering for them. (Even Angela cracks a smile!)

  76. Wow… crying already! That was the greatest little montage/speech ever. Reminds me why I’ve been hooked since the beginning!

  77. Ohhhh my goodness!!! That last promo was AMAZING!! Tanster thank you so much for posting all of these on here..I could watch them over and over (which I have) :] I want it to be Thursday now!

  78. so amazingly amazing. i love it. i love them. i can’t wait!!! does anyone know the song that was playing in the background?

  79. fancynewbeesly – It’s “Love You Lately” by Daniel Powter. I had to go find it too!

  80. This looks oh so incredible! The moment we’ve all been waiting for is only a week away and the wedding looks gorgeous! I had a fun time spotting all the peeps from the office in the snippet showing them clapping! Can’t wait!!!!!

  81. I LOVE that the office claps for them at the end! I thought this episode would NEVER happen :)

  82. That last clip has me crying over here… I think I’m going to be a mess next week!

  83. I think I’m more excited about the JAM wedding now than I was in June for my own. Sorry husband.

    That clip was just… wow. WOW. Wowza. No words but wow, I guess haha

  84. That must be the toast he was talking about on Conan where he got all choked up.

  85. Yes, I definitely shed a tear when I saw this last night. Then I rewound it several times to watch again.

  86. Tear-inducing. Well done, NBC. Don’t forget to put these on the DVD.

    This is gonna be one long week…

  87. Tanster, I love the new header! All the wedding excitement we can handle!!!!

    [from tanster: thank you! courtesy of Awesome Allison.]

  88. NBC, I used to pride myself on not being a squeeing fangirl- way to shatter a girl’s self-image.

    [from tanster: me too. i am so ashamed of myself.]

  89. I literally cannot wait to see this episode!! I get all teary eyed just thinking about it. They are the best TV couple EVER! I am so excited!! =)

  90. I think we should have a contest…who can watch that promo only once and not get teary eyed…I mean, I think I’ve watch it 20 times and I’m still getting a burst of love in my heart. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a TV show or movie to come out..ever.

  91. Wow, I thought NBC really gave a lot away with that one! That speech was one of those, “I would have preferred to hear/see in the episode,” and be surprised by… I hope they held enough out of the promo that the emotion is still there when it’s delivered in context!

  92. Yep… I’ll be crying next week. For a fictional wedding. And I am not ashamed.

  93. I’ve watched that first new promo from last night so many times the song is stuck in my head.

    I’ve never been this fangirly over the show. I don’t care. Please let the 8th be here quick!

  94. I teared up when I saw the one after the promotion. And it was only the promo. Soooo excited for next week! :)

  95. I have been getting so excited I have no idea what I’m gonna do with myself for the next week…

  96. oh god every time i see pam’s face as jim toasts her, the joy makes me explode!!!!!

  97. I am going to be truly bawling during the wedding episode. Wow. I love love the OT banner too!

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  98. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! These promos just make me want to smile and cry at the same time. I am SO crying during the wedding! It’s so weird that this thing is ending. They’re getting married. Her last name is going to be Halpert. I mean OH MY GOD!

  99. I hope they add the clip they showed when Jenna was on Jay tonight on the nbc site soon. So funny, oh my gosh…love it. Cannot wait…

  100. I know I’m supposed to do a paper tonight BUT I can’t stop smiling on the new promo… oh my gosh it kinda reminds me of that wedding dance video on youtube!! hehe

    Is it Thursday yet???????????? aaahh!!

  101. I’m not sure what that dance is they were doing down the aisle but each promo is making me squeal more and more.

  102. Oh my gosh are they dancing down the aisle? That would be hilarious! As long as they say “Absolutely I do” I will be perfectly happy! Not to mention Andy checking into the Honeymoon suite the night before Jim and Pam… awkward but hilarious!

  103. Hah! A choreographed dance down the aisle! That’s becoming such a popular thing to do nowadays.

  104. Things that are awesome:
    1) Jim’s speech
    2) Pam’s face
    3) The group march/dance
    4) The kiss
    5) The wedding cake toppers
    6) All these promos

    Things that are not awesome:
    1) The Claritin commerical (Especially when the young boy points down at his “grape flavored”. It seems…wrong.)

  105. I love the wedding dance down the aisle. It looks like the one from the Jill and Kevin wedding that made its rounds all over the internet and youtube this summer.

  106. The dancing down the aisle was hilarious. It’s such an Office-y and Michael thing to do.

    I’m getting more and more excited for Thursday.

  107. OMGOODNESS!!!! it’s finally and actually happening! i can’t believe it! i’m going to watch this episode everyday! i will actually buy it for my ipod so i can watch it every day! and hey, what is with jim’s tie? it’s like cut in half! i’m so so so so so excited! perfect early birthday present! this is going to be the legendary episode for all shows out there! the main couple is actually getting married when we still have 2 seasons to go! i guess friends did this with chandler and monica, but still, they had rachel and ross to get married also. I can’t believe this is actually happening!

  108. Are they imitating the Youtube video where the entire bridal party dances down the aisle? That would explain Dwight and the Ipod on the alter photos.

  109. Ohmygod, they’re dancing down the aisle! My excitement is increasing exponentially. I have to admit,I wasn’t excited about the wedding or the baby–I like the angst–but the commercials are converting me.

  110. Mixing the old school locale of Niagara Falls with the new school fad of aisle dancing. I love it.

  111. okay I just watched every single one of those videos in a row and i am sitting here with tears running down my face… I am going to be a MESS on Thursday

    That “here comes the happy ending one” was just plain mean… i lost it with that hahahaha

    oh i can’t wait…. i literally jump up and down with excitement when i think about it….

  112. Can’t wait for Thurday night, my husband is going to need to keep passing me the tissues though. :) Woo hoo Jim & Pam!

  113. I just want to know the thinking behind, “I’m going to stay in the honeymoon suite the night before the bride and groom.”

  114. OMG. I have got to get my hands on that cake topper. It is amazing. I cannot wait. These clips are awesome.

  115. Little Tuna, I didn’t even THINK of them saying “Absolutely I do” instead of “I do”–that’s a genius idea!!

  116. I realize it’s my own fault for having watched the promos, but I already feel like I’ve seen the episode with everything they’ve shown. Hopefully I won’t feel like that Thursday. Nevertheless, I’ll still need tissues. I’ve been watching Jim and Pam’s relationship longer than I’ve been married. I feel an equal part in this.

  117. Just saw a new one right after SNL. Everyone was literally throwing up in the middle of The Office. Gross.

  118. Promo 8 is just gross! I wonder what’s behind it, and i hope we don’t get to see too much of it. eww!

  119. 1. Okay, what did the workers eat to make them vomit all over the place?

    2. I bet Michael Scott saw that wedding dance video on YouTube and saw an opportunity to do it.

  120. #173 Michelle, I feel exactly the same. I’m not watching them anymore, as I don’t want to have seen most of the episode already in small chunks.

    Reading the comments in this thread doesn’t help either! ;)

  121. That new promo was so gross I don’t want to watch it again. Stick to the other ones, NBC. I wonder what’s going on there. Food poisoning?

    Still love the dancing down the aisle.

  122. I just realized the amazingness of this event. There is no PB+J anymore, because there is P+JH.
    My heart is definitely soaring with the eagle’s nest.

  123. I may be wrong but i wonder if Jim and Pam feel the baby kick for the first time at the wedding because it kind of looks like that from the pictures I have seen.

  124. I just rewatched the Chris Brown wedding dance march and the movements are the same in both that video and here.

  125. 187, I bet Pam’s morning sickness is initiated by everyone throwing up instead of the other way around. I think it’ll be food poisoning or something, and there’s no way the pregnant lady (or anyone) will be able to handle all that throwing up.

  126. I predict that the vomiting is at the end of the wedding episodes. Everyone gets food poisoning at the wedding.

  127. The vomiting can’t be at the end of the episode, though. Pam’s there, and she and Jim are on their honeymoon most likely.

  128. I love it! It’s been, what, how may years since JIm has wanted Pam, and I thought it was amazing how they even started dating, and now they’re getting married!

  129. ok, i’m sure that the puking is the cold open…. so i will be skipping that.

    i’m emetophobic (fear of vomiting)…. that promo actually gave me a small panic attack.

  130. omg. did I see people boogyin’ down the aisle!? october 8th can’t get here any sooner

  131. That new promo was so gross I don’t want to watch it again. Stick to the other ones, NBC. I wonder what’s going on there. Food poisoning?

    Still love the dancing down the aisle.

  132. I must admit, I’m a bit behind on the episodes. Honestly, I haven’t yet finished season 5. *hangs head in shame* BUT I am planning to catch up so I can watch Thursday night! :) Is anyone having a L.A. area viewing party? I think that would be a ton of fun. :)

  133. The videos are not workingggg!

    [from tanster: sorry looks like someone removed them.]

  134. These clips are so funny! You just have to wait a few minutes for them to load. I feel like I have watched the whole episode by watching all of these clips. Is it Thursday yet??

  135. I saw them and they were all hilarious! Michael is going to be the star of the wedding once again.

  136. After finally being able to see them (That wait was only making me want them more!), I love all of them.

    So I guess they spend a little more time in the office than I thought. I figured they’d only be there for the cold open.

    That’s so cute of Michael to paint that picture of them from memory.

    Why do we only have three days left? Thursday needs to be here now.

  137. lol I’m an office-nerd. I totally just started crying watching these promos.. it finally hit me they’re actually tying the knot! I can’t wait to see it!!!! (disclaimer: I don’t cry easily at all!)

  138. Funny clips, I really can’t wait! I didn’t have a problem loading them… I just had to click on the small play sign in the bottom left corner instead of the big one.

  139. Wonder if NBC will start selling Michael’s Jim/Pam painting like they did of Pam’s drawing of Dunder Mifflin. ??? Yeah. I’d buy it.

  140. OMG! Loved the clips!!! They did take a long to load, but so worth it. I can’t wait for Thursday. Both DVRs are set to record as I won’t be home till after the show airs. I am also planning on downloading the episode from Itunes as soon as it is available. I know I am going to want this episode on my Ipod and Iphone!!!

  141. The ‘Car’ promo was the best! Classic Office. Classic JAM. Classic Michael.

  142. Well I guess we now know who painted the picture! haha, but I am not surprised.

    I think that Jim/John looks like his “dad”

  143. Does anyone know where to find local viewing parties? I would love to go to one and have no idea where to look. I’m so excited! :)

  144. I love the clips! My favorite is the car one, when Pam almost says “Aren’t you supposed to do that to…” and then Jim shakes his head!

    215 – I think Jim looks like his dad too!

    Every time I hear Michael say “I also have one of them in the nude… but that one’s for me” I burst out laughing!

  145. I really hope they change their minds about using the pukefest scene. It was funny in the commercial but if they’re hoping to draw in new viewers it could backfire on them. If I was tuning in to a show I had never watched and the first thing I saw was people vomiting all over the place, I may not be inclined to stay and watch the rest of the show, wedding or no wedding. Now, as a fan I’ll watch no matter what, of course, but it does seem like a way to turn new viewers off.

  146. I’m not really squeemish about spoilers…. but FIVE more clips posted yesterday? I don’t know if I want to watch them…. I want SOME surprises.

  147. #195: I’m emetophobic too! I freaked out when I saw that! I am going to have to mute the TV and close my eyes for that part.

  148. I love it in the car clip when Michael asks what Jim and Pam think of his newly decorated car, and Jim says, “It is really special.”

  149. I loved watching those last two promos. I miss seeing Jim & Pam together. Season 5 had a lot of Pam, a lot of Jim fretting, but almost no PB&J… no fun, no mischief. I have to admit, I don’t like where this season is going either. It sounds like their relationship is pretty much over as far as what viewers get to see. Definitely some big moments like last season, but no relationship. I still don’t understand why they could not keep most of their chemistry from the previous seasons.

  150. I bet Kevin’s hairpiece has something to do with an attempt to meet women at the wedding.

  151. The vomitting looks like a joke to me. Does anyone else think so? Because Nobodie’s really freaking out when it happens… I bet it’s a joke on Pam & Jim.

  152. @ Meaghan (226)

    the vomiting can’t POSSIBLY be a joke… angela would NEVER agree to that. most of them wouldn’t.

  153. They’re doing Jill and Kevin’s wedding dance down the aisle! These next 24 hours will be torture!

  154. It’s here you guys!!! Today’s the day!!! Feels like Christmas except we don’t get the day off and somehow have concentrate during the entire day :P

    Happy JAM Day!

  155. I had to look pretty hard but the song for the wedding promos is Love You Lately by Daniel Powter.

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