1. Did anyone else see Karen 2.0 in her jam-jam’s in Jim-Jim’s room (presumably)? *fiery rage*

  2. I didn’t like what I saw. I hope this isn’t another episode with a lot of ‘over the top’ situations

  3. Of course! Jim is standing in the hall disheveled and with the “deer in the headlights” expression, exactly as I figured would happen. Guessing this happened after Kathy made her move. Also guessing that Jim won’t cheat, but there will be a witness who gets the wrong idea and the story circulates back to Pam… or maybe, given Dwight’s leaping into bed in his skivvies, the situation will snowball into absurd pajama party shenanigans that make Pam resent Jim’s seeming frat boy antics while she’s taking care of their babies. This is the best the writers can do to create JAM tension? If so, this show has now officially become a silly soap opera!

  4. My take here is that Dwight sees Kathy making a move and then tries to intervene. Personally, I want something to happen to put some life back into jam

  5. #6, something happening between Jim and Cathy wouldn’t put life back into JAM, it would destroy them, and destroy Jim as a character. He would be an unbelievable douchebag for cheating on his wife while she’s at home with their toddler and newborn. I think there’s enough inherent tension in being working parents with two young kids, and in how marriage and kids changes a relationship, without having to resort to a soap opera-like cheating storyline.

  6. HowTheTurnTables – that makes complete sense…Since Pam technically “hired” Dwight to watch over things with those two a few episodes back.

  7. 1. Jim doesn’t look like he wants her around
    2. Something probably will happen but because kathy pushed not Jim accepting.
    3. Jim probably got Dwight to help him out and get her away from him.

    Looks like another funny episode.

  8. i really don’t think that kathy is the “unwanted guest” in jim’s room. i think it’s dwight. in his skivvies.

  9. Dwight in his undies…I love it already :) The Oscar/Angela/Pam talking head looks great “unbelievable!!” Have I menioned how happy I am to have Jenna back??

  10. I don’t think they will have Jim cheat on Pam. That would be SO out of character and completely ruin him as a character and Jam as a couple. A man cheating on his wife who is at home with his toddler and newborn? Please. I think it’s obvious from the promo she shows up in her jammies intent on seduction, Jim is fully dressed and you can see that when Dwight jumps in the bed, Jim is also in the room, standing next to Cathy (again fully dressed). I bet she is the unwelcome visitor in his room and Dwight shows up either at Jim’s request or because he’s worried Jim might actually cheat and wants to ‘save Jim from himself’ or something. The beginning of the promo with Jim looking like a deer caught in the headlights is probably after they both leave his room and he’s wondering how the h*** all that happened.

  11. Note: if you slow down the promo you can see Jim standing next to Kathy when Dwight jumps into the bed.

  12. I really think the “unwanted visitor” thing is going to be something completely different. I bet it’ll be a raccoon or something.

  13. Brian Baumgartner tweeted that in this episode that Jim gets in bed with to people neither of them is Pam. So one is Dwight, the other is Kathy.

  14. What if Cathy has concocted some ruse like she’s locked herself out of her room and has nowhere else to sleep, and Jim gets Dwight to sleep in the bed as well to make sure she doesn’t try anything?! I can’t think of any other way to make sense of what’s happening in that last scene.

  15. 13. Jaclyn: I think you got it completely right. They would never have Jim cheat, it would ruin his whole character. I do know it will be funny/awkward to watch and can’t wait. But I’m still anti-Kathy =)

  16. Didn’t mean last scene! Don’t know why I wrote that. I meant the scene where Dwight’s jumping onto the bed. Also, does it look as if Pam’s really annoyed about something in the actual last scene? And everyone’s looking at her. I wonder if they all find out about Cathy being in Jim’s room, and make a big deal of it in the office?

  17. Am I the only one who heard what Dwight said? “A real man swallows his vomit when a lady is present.” Gold.

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