The Office: After Hours, 8.16

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The Office: After Hours Dwight Schrute Nellie Bertram Todd Packer

Writers: Halsted Sullivan and Warren Lieberstein
Director: Brian Baumgartner

Summary (NBC): Andy makes the office stay late — in Tallahassee, Dwight and Packer compete to become Nellie’s VP, and Jim gets an unwelcome visitor in his room. Meanwhile, Andy makes everyone in the office stay late to cover for the people that went to Florida. Guest stars: Catherine Tate, David Koechner.

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In a poll conducted February 23-27, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.18/10

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Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Angela: Newsflash! If you didn’t carry it around in your belly for nine months, it isn’t your kid.
Pam: Exactly.

Oscar: The world just needs more Pam-Jim DNA. Thank you, no.

Oscar: Un. Be. Liev. Able.

Dwight: Dwight, VP. Dwight, VP. Dwight, VP.

Dwight: English people’s main use today is judging American talent. They’re mean. But they’re incisive.

Nellie: I’m not allowed to say it’s mandatory. So let’s just call it compulsory.

Cathy: Maybe we’ll see the real Talla-Nasty we’ve been hearing so much about.

Andy: Ball droppings can be beautiful. For example, when it turns an awkward soprano into a rich full tenor.

Dwight: Genghis Khan could take them both down ’cause he’s not afraid to kill children.

Ryan: I will have a glass of your oakiest Chardonnay, please.

Ryan: You come with me. We’re going to get you that waffle.

Packer: The cowgirl has chosen her saddle.

Dwight: If anyone’s having sex with Nellie for personal gain, it’s me.

Dwight: Anyone can tie a knot. The real skill is in untying it.

Stanley: Careful, Jim. It gets easier and easier.

Ryan: Nobody knows more than you. Especially me.

Ryan: Shut your beautiful, beautiful mouth, please.

Kelly: Three dots means “to be continued,” four dots is a typo, but five dots means “Woah. Do not make me say what I want to say, baby, but if I did, it would blow your mind.” Dot dot dot dot dot.

Darryl: Puts me in an insane asylum just thinking about it. I’m stranded on Shutter Island over here.

Nellie: You look like Ed Harris. If they stretched him a little bit.

Dwight: You want to see a picture of me trapped under a tree?

Gabe: You have to call me by my name. Gabriel Susan Lewis.

Dwight: Our biggest attraction is our 200-year old mattresses.

Dwight: I am going to generate myself into a human trap.

Dwight: Such a chorus girl.

Cathy: Is crazy gone?

Gabe: They don’t make these cords in boot cut anymore.

Dwight: A real man swallows his vomit when a lady is present.

Ryan: Six months? Okay, I’m in love with Kelly.

Dwight: Win at all costs. Don’t respect women.

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  1. wait.. Jim has to go to Tallahassee? But I want him in Scranton. And Dwight should stay there too to get back together with Angela.

  2. interesting to see packer coming back. can’t say i’m excited though as packer’s humour often played off michael

  3. I have a bad feeling about this unwelcome visitor based on the Pool Party episode. If they go there it will really disappoint me.

  4. Looking forward to this ep. Usually episodes where the focus is on one of the core office members like Dwight/Jim are the best. I’m gonna guess the unwelcome visitor is Kathy. I don’t expect Jim to fall for any advances at all if this is the case but it should make for a good episode.

  5. It does say UNWELCOME visitor though.
    So it’s obvious that Jim is gonna probably resist anything.

    This stuff needs to happen to make JAM interesting and more meaningful again.

  6. Perhaps I’m wrong but I think maybe people are jumping to conclusions. I don’t think it’s going to be Kathy in Jim’s room. For a start, why would she be in Tallahassee, she doesn’t even work for Dunder Mifflin, she was a temp filling in for Pam, and now Pam’s back, so Kathy should be gone. I think it’s probably more likely that Jim’s unwelcome visitor is a snake or something. However, I was sad to read that Jim goes to Tallahassee. They’re going to be there for six episodes! Why would he leave his wife on her own with a newborn and a toddler for six weeks? That seems completely out of character. Poor Pam!

  7. I agree with #7. When I first read unwelcome visitor, I thought of an animal. Specifically, I thought it was a raccoon. It’s more than possible when Dwight’s around.

  8. because it wouldn’t be much of a story point for jim, for them to mention it in the decription if it was just an… ‘animal’….

    They’ve been hinting at that girl being trouble from the get go. Now that Pam’s back it makes sense for it to start back up.

  9. To be mentioned as a sub-plot at all, the “unwelcome visitor” must be hard to get rid of. If it was Kathy, she would come to his room, Jim would tell her to leave, end of story. It makes more sense for it to be an animal. Besides, I’ve been thinking about it and it doesn’t seem at all likely that Jim would want to go to Tallahassee. He wouldn’t want to leave Pam and the kids, Dwight is leading the trip, both the Pyramid and the Sabre store are terrible ideas, so maybe the storyline is that he finds the whole trip hellish – finding some sort of creature in his room would certainly add to that feeling. But as I say, maybe I’m wrong, maybe it is Kathy and he can’t get rid of her because it turns out she’s a psycho, or maybe the visit results in some awkward misunderstanding, like word getting back to Pam. I don’t know, but my money’s on it being a snake.

  10. Snake in the room seems like a silly sub plot to me that’s why i think it’s something bigger. Who knows though….

  11. I also don’t think it’s Cathy since she isn’t listed as a guest star after jury duty. Why would she be there if Pam was back?

  12. Packer?? Did I read that right? As for the Jim plotline, I’m guessing Dwight somehow does something to force Jim to Florida, just to mess with Jim. I bet it will be something along the lines of a snake or raccoon. Seriously, though, let’s focus on what’s important here: it’s Dwight vs. Packer!

  13. I think everybody’s overreacting with the whole Cathy/Jim thing.
    I’d definitely go with the animal idea.
    But I don’t even understand why Jim is going to Tallahassee in the first place. Why is he there if Dwight and Todd Packer are the ones trying to get the job?

  14. Very, very, very excited to see Todd Packer, one of the most underrated people in the office

  15. My vote is that the unwelcome visitor is Nellie – and watching Nellie hit on Jim would actually be hilarious.

  16. I agree withy TobyFan. Watching Catherine Tate as Nellie hit on Jim would be hilarious and worth watching!

  17. it’s a teaser folks- it will never be what you most expect (Cathy). Expect it to be either Packer, or Gabe crying about his pitiful loveless life.

    Like the story arc though- Tallahassee has a ton of potential!

  18. Hmm…I keep hoping for an update on the Scranton Strangler. Perhaps the unwelcome visitor is the Scranton (in Tallahassee) Strangler — Robert California? Gabe?

    But I’m betting it’s some sort of animal (or bug).

  19. Ugh – the “unwelcome” visitor is going to be a nightmare. Even if Jim doesn’t do anything (which he won’t, unless the writers want to make him a bigger jerk than Roy was), then someone in the office is going to see Cathy and get the wrong idea… which will get back to Pam and cause all kinds of ridiculous angst.

    I am really starting to wish this show would just end, if these are kinds of hackneyed plots the writers feel they must resort to in order to keep things “interesting.”

  20. Sarah, I agree that it sucks that they might go down that road but honestly they have become so dull as characters. They never showed a real rough patch in them. Show us the rough patch and them overcoming it, that will generate interest in their characters again.
    It should happen. I just hope Jim didn’t actually DO something prior to this trip that they didn’t reveal yet……

  21. @SarahM I totally agree that they should just end it before the characters are totally unrecognizable. Jim would never cheat, (unless of course they change the very nature of his character)this is probably just a way for them to make JAM interesting again. I’m guessing this will somehow end with a good jam moment.

  22. Remember a few episodes ago Jim said he was bored because Pam wasn’t there to entertain and make laugh? If he liked Kathy he would try to make her laugh, not Stanley.

    Pam and his kids are the center of his world. Kathy is just some girl in the office.

  23. @Nicole – ditto. Even if Jim displays a hint of wanting to cheat on Pam, it will pretty much tarnish the whole arc/build up of them getting together in the first place.

    And what kind of woman goes after a man with two young children at home, even if she thinks his marriage is on the rocks? What a vile character Cathy is turning out to be! So much for her being Pam’s “competent and likeable pal” as the spoilers once stated.

  24. YESS!! Finally some office tension… Cathy is hott!!! Realistically being tempted by a YOUNGER HOTTER girl happens all the time in an office. Hope JIM at least thinks about hooking up to be a little realistic

  25. Am I right to infer that Packer is based in Florida and is no longer a traveling sales rep? Because in “Todd Packer” (S7 E18), Jim and Dwight trick him into going south in pursuit of a fake job offer. So if he is working at Sabre, he must have done a pretty good sales job to get them to give him a real job.

  26. Brian Baumgartner tweeted yesterday that the episode he directed airs “in 2 weeks”. That makes this his debut! BB I am 100% sure this episode will be fantastic!

  27. I totally agree with Nicole, if there is any kind of “affair” between Jim and Cathy, I will no longer watch the office.

  28. I’m pretty sure the visitor will be kathy…the fact that it says UNWELCOME gives me hope that jim will turn her down

  29. i have a feeling kathy will make a pass at jim. he will turn her down, yet somehow cathy will play it off that jim came onto her and things will go to hell and sh** will hit the fan.

  30. Daniel G, you were right, I was totally wrong! Kathy is Jim’s visitor. The only thing I’m worried about is Pam finding out that she was in Jim’s room. I know Jim will reject Kathy but I’m sure his wife will hear some garbled version of events!

  31. Pam and Jim…they are so sweet together. I hope Kathy gets hers for even thinking about trying to hook up with a guy with two kids and a newborn. Funny how that is what upsets me when Dwight’s monster baby is hilarious.

  32. Cathy is the most attractive person on the show. I wanted her to have a bigger role in the show. I do not want her to mess with Jim I want her to stay on the show.

  33. As a viewer who’s seen every single episode(as I’m sure many of you are), I really will not watch anymore if Jim even thinks of cheating on Pam. Those looking for this to happen don’t care about these 2 characters at all. Kathy needs to be rejected BIG time, then leave. She sucks all around. somehow, I think the writers will make this happen.

  34. No one wants Jim to cheat, we want their relationship to be real. Everyone goes through issues in relationships but when you get past those issues you grow stronger. They need that..

  35. Looking again at the synopsis, I can’t help but wonder (and hope) if we’ll get a phone call between Jim and Pam after Cathy makes her moves on him. Since Pam has to stay late at the office, I definitely think it’s possible.

  36. I know it’s much more likely that Kathy will be the “unwelcome visitor.” Given the list of guest stars though, I think it would be much funnier if Todd Packer was the “unwelcome visitor” leading to a massive prank-off between him and Jim. Or perhaps Packer reveals the REAL reason he tends to make a bunch of “queer” jokes? (nudge, nudge, wink wink) :-)

  37. Um is anyone super concerned that the office is at 4.4 million viewers now?

    It’s still higher than other comedy series on NBC, but does anyone think this will make NBC cancel them?

  38. The unwelcome visitor in Jim’s room could be a HUGE cockroach…they have some big old bugs down there in Florida! Can’t wait to find out…

  39. I hope this unwelcome visitor is not Packer, because he’s supposed to be competing with Dwight.

  40. I don’t think Jim would cheat on Pam. And when Kathy was introduced, I knew she was after him, so I hope he shoots her down.

    And also…I really really miss Robert California.

  41. In the synopsis on, it says, “Jim fends off an intruder”. In the one on this site, it says “unwelcome visitor”, and in the promo he looks totally freaked out, so if it is Cathy, I don’t think anyone needs to be worried about him cheating!

  42. Pam and Jim are one the greatest TV couples ever. Seriously, they’re as great as Niles and Daphne (God, I love “Frasier”).

    Kathy’s gonna become The Office’s “Sideshow Bob” to JAM, just wait.

  43. I wonder if cathy is going to be waiting on the bed for jim like angela was waiting for dwight at the convention in season 3.

  44. I don’t think the intruder will be Kathy by the looks of the promo. However, I still think she will make a move on him, Jim will turn her down obviously, there may be some JAM tension but it won’t last and hopefully we’ll get a good JAM moment from it, for once this season -.-

    Everyone needs to stop worrying about Jim cheating. The writers aren’t that stupid. However, they do need to add something to the Jam relationship because it’s been boring lately. I don’t mean I want Jim to cheat, but I just want them to have a cute scene together. If that has to happen BECAUSE of the Kathy situation, then so be it.
    Plus, the writers said early on that Jam wouldn’t be in any “major trouble”, insinuating that Jim will obviously not cheat on Pam.

  45. Going by Brian’s tweet about the episode, it sounds as if Jim gets into bed and finds Cathy already in it. However, he mentions Jim getting into bed with two people – I’m betting the second one is Dwight! Can’t wait to see how that happens!

  46. I’m hoping that tomorrow after this episode airs we all feel really silly for worrying about anything threatening JAM..I’ve never been so anxious to watch an episode!

  47. I would sell a kidney for an Erin-Ryan hook-up. those two always have me in stitches when they are together.

  48. My husband and I almost fell out of the bed with Jim’s impression of the smug bedbug walking away!!! HAHAHA!!!!

  49. And that’s why Jim is Jim. How could anyone even have a single doubt that he’d do the right thing and have fun while doing it.

  50. Dwight was just INSANE tonight. I knew he wouldn’t sleep with Nellie. That really messed up his job chances, though.

  51. I’m so glad Jim didn’t cheat. I was actually worried a kiss or something else would happen.

  52. LOVED IT! The Jim and Dwight team-up to avoid the girls was amazing, I always love when that happens. Laughed so hard at Jim re-enacting the “smug” bedbug for some reason. Darryl and Val actually had me interested for once.

  53. I don’t think there has been an episode this uncomfortable since “Gay Witch Hunt” but not quite as funny of a pay-off. But the coda with Jim and Dwight together was absolutely priceless.

  54. So everything unfolded exactly as ridiculously as predicted. Jim didn’t cheat but Stanley and Dwight saw and got the wrong idea about what was going on. Honestly, Jim should have grown some balls and told Kathy in no uncertain terms to get out his room a lot sooner. But Jim’s major flaw has always been that he’s passive aggressive and never asserts himself when he should – which is how he ended up in Florida in the first place. Pathetic. Now all that’s left is to wait for the hurricane when Pam finds out Kathy was hanging out in Jim’s room, scantily clad.

  55. “6 MONTHS! Forget it, I’m in love with Kelly Kapoor.”

    Ryan cracks me up…haha. Kathy’s awfully good-looking. Too bad she’s a homewrecker.

  56. I am SO relieved, and I now officially love Jim again all over. AHH I’m so glad he kicked Cathy out and explained to her how he’s married :) But I seriously skipped every other part of this episode. I HATED every part but the Jim/Cathy storyline…there was a line crossed with the whole Dwight/Todd/Nellie thing. If that happened in real life, they’d all be fired! Oh! But I thought the cold open was hilarious :)

  57. @SarahM I don’t think Pam will be mad, Jim is the kind of guy who would tell her about this right away to avoid what you said. Remember “Branch Wars”? Jim called Pam just because he was going to be in the same building as Karen. Plus I’m sure he will want to tell her how Dwight dealt with the situation.

  58. I loved the Office tonight! It was nothing short of extraordinary! I loved how everything came together with the whole Cathy thing…she deserved what happened to her! I loved Jim’s BedBug impression too! GREAT EPISODE!

  59. I just wanted to say that I don’t think that the Cathy issue is officially over. I have a feeling that word will still get back to Pam and most likely snowball into some huge drama. And I also found it ironic how she was telling Darryl to go after someone who was already romantically involved, just because that’s what Jim did.

  60. @Shay While I do think it will get back to Pam, do you really think she’ll believe her over Jim? Nobody in the office will believe her over Jim. I think they’ll get back to Scranton, Kathy will try to start drama, and everyone will run her out of the office.

  61. Man! Been a long time since there’s been a string of good Office episodes like this!!

    Brian (Kevin) directed this!!

  62. If the story pops up in Scranton then it’s entirely contrived for the sake of a story. There’s no way Jim doesn’t call Pam. I’m assuming he calls her every night anyway. But of all nights he’d call her this night. And it didn’t seem like Dwight was holding onto the info as a grudge thing. Also Jim covered for Stanley’s real affair in Gossip by revealing CeCe’s existence. So I really doubt Stanley’s going out of his way to leak the story. That leaves just Cathy to start a fire.

  63. @Joel – I think Pam still has grounds for being miffed. Because even if Jim had no intention of cheating, it’s clear that he needs to learn how to stand up for himself and set better boundaries. He handled Kathy’s sly but clear advances extremely poorly – this was one of the worst “bumbling Jim” moments since he was squirming in Karen’s office in Utica.

  64. Remember Michael’s threat call to Dwight during their client battle in the episode “Heavy Competition”? Well I rewrote it from me to Kathy.

    “Hello home-wrecker.”
    “I think you have the wrong number…”
    “I want you to listen to me–friend. And I want you to listen to me good. I am going to COME AT YOU. And I am going to come at you hard. I am going to show you that Jim and Pam can never be broken and that you’re a pathetic embarrassing person. And then I will gladly kill you in front of not only Jim and Pam but everyone who’s been there for them since season 2. And hear me Kathy, when I say I brought you into this world… and I can take you out–Bill Cosby.” :)

  65. Some people are saying this was an awkward episode, not even! Anyone remember scott’s tots? I could barely even watch that one, so painfully awkward. This episode was just awkward in a funny way that doesn’t make you feel awkward.

  66. I’m feeling so proud of Jim right now, but I do agree that this storyline isn’t over. I think Pam will find out, but while I think that ultimately she’ll believe Jim (and probably after he says something wonderful to her) I think that initially her insecurities will kick in and she’ll freak out. Remember, her first reaction to Kathy was worry that Jim would be attracted to her, so this will feel like her worst nightmare coming true. It looks like there might be an episode with Jim trying to convince Pam he didn’t cheat.

  67. @SarahM I do agree that he handled it extremely poorly, but it’s not like he didn’t call Pam that night to tell her what happened. When Pam found out about “bumbling Jim” Utica she felt bad for him and tried to make him feel better. Also it seems like Dwight would have Jim’s back on this one, they both helped each other avoid a girl.

  68. I can honestly say, I’m relieved..while I had no doubt in the writers totally tarnishing Jim’s character and relationship with Pam I still had knots in my stomach going into this episode. all reality why on earth is Kathy (Cathy? Sp? haha) still there? I also agree with previous posts, this storyline isn’t totally over yet. Oh yea!! Being from Cleveland I found myself boo-ing at any LeBron/Miami Heat reference..hehe :)

  69. Wow! When did Season 8 become Season 3! Didn’t see that coming but it is amazing nonetheless. They have not kept me this into a story arc since season 3!

  70. One change to the show that I’m seeing more often is when Jim and Dwight are on the same page. I still enjoy the pranks, but the new dynamic is just as funny.

  71. I enjoyed this episode a lot — bravo to Brian B for his excellent directing! Jim and Dwight were a great team — always fun to see them work together on a project. And bravo to Jim for finally having Dwight spray slutty Kathy with bug spray to get rid of her. I’m proud of you, Jim! And I hope she’s gone from TO!

  72. I give big props to this episode! Multiple storylines to follow and it makes you want to tune back in next week. This episode certainly broke new ground with me…I liked it!

  73. Anyone who thinks Jim called and told Pam about his evening hasn’t been watching the show for the past three seasons. There is more incompetent, bumbling Jim to come.

  74. I couldn’t get enough of Dwight the exterminator– really good episode.

    And for those of you wondering whether Jim might have a hard time convincing Pam that nothing happened… remember that Jim has a documentary crew filming him at all times. Apparently there was one cameraman on the roof across the street and at least one other camera in the room, so there is videographic proof that Jim was in a different time zone from Cathy at all times. The documentary team has no problem showing footage to the people involved– remember early season four when an off-screen documentary person showed Jim and Pam footage of them getting in the same car? They would happily show Pam footage of Dwight spraying Cathy.

  75. Wow. As someone who’s been really critical of this season, the last few episodes got the show back on track, and this episode quite literally blew my mind. Top five episode since the end of season 4.

  76. Finally! An episode of The Office that doesn’t mention the word ‘penis’. Thank you, Halsted Sullivan and Warren Lieberstein!

  77. If Jim needed to get the documentary crew to show Pam footage of what happened, then it would mean that he was having hard time trying to convince her! And I don’t think it’s likely that he called Pam that night. We’ve seen Jim keep things from Pam before in order to avoid upsetting her – like in ‘The Lover’ when he tells Michael not to tell Pam that he’s seeing her mother. I think he’ll decide that with her being at home with two little ones while he’s so far away, that Cathy coming to his room is something Pam does not need to know. He only called to tell her about Karen in ‘Branch Wars’ out of fear she’d find out.

  78. @ Roy’s Mugshot – I completely agree; I think it’s much more likely that Jim wants the Kathy thing to go away quietly. So he is probably not going to tell Pam what happened until circumstances force him to do so. While Pam’s character has become much more assertive, Jim is still the same old schmuck who drifts through uncomfortable situations and lets himself get pushed around; he avoids confrontation to ridiculous extremes (like in Mrs. California when he literally ran and hid) and he needs to learn to hold his ground and not wait until his dignity is completely compromised, as he always does.

  79. Gabe was brilliant. That’s what I want to see more of.

    One of my favourite episodes in a long time…!

  80. What is the last thing that dwight says before he leaves the room? I can’t understand what he says about cathy. “You can’t stay here. It’s a biohazard” and what does he say after that?

  81. As far as the whole “Did Jim call Pam?” thing goes, I doubt Kathy ever gets brought up again. That whole bit was played for laughs, not angst.

  82. Good episode, again. At this point I don’t want the crew to ever go back to Scranton. The Florida portion of the recent shows has been much more entertaining than what is happening at DM. Maybe they should just start a new show about corporate and forget the little paper company. (Just teasing, but I like the Florida group…still not sure about Nellie, but the rest is gold.)

  83. Jan (post #93) wrote: “And bravo to Jim for finally having Dwight spray slutty Kathy with bug spray to get rid of her.” That comment reminded me of the scene in “Happy Hour” (S6 E21) where, after Angela confronts Dwight and Isabel in the parking lot, Isabel hits Angela on the head and goes “Whack!”

  84. GKCfan (#97) wrote: “remember that Jim has a documentary crew filming him at all times . . . so there is videographic proof that Jim was in a different time zone from Cathy at all times. The documentary team has no problem showing footage to the people involved– remember early season four when an off-screen documentary person showed Jim and Pam footage of them getting in the same car? They would happily show Pam footage of Dwight spraying Cathy.”

    Are there guidelines for when and if the documentary crew should get involved above and beyond simply filming and interviewing? A case could be made that Michael ran over Meredith (“Fun Run,” S4 E1) because he was distracted by the presence of the crew – one second before the accident, Michael was looking at the camera and not the road.

  85. i liked everything but that kathy nonsense, it seemed forced, she’s annoying and it was just lame. the rest of the episode was fantastic though. i did like that jim & dwight ended up in bed with dessert though.

  86. I wish the show were a bit more consistent regarding the documentary crew. It made sense to start the scene off with the documentary crew filming from outside Jim’s window. But to then expect that the Kathy/Jim thing would develop with camera crew right inside the hotel room seemed a bit over the top…either that or Kathy is just that dumb.

  87. 104 JG-he tells Jim to bunk with kathy because he can’t stay in his own room(unaware of the situation of course)

  88. I agree with comment #98 (Paul). I think the last few episodes have really made me excited about the show again; especially last night’s episode. I laughed out loud several times. I love the Florida story line and the spice/drama thrown in Jim & Pam’s direction. I think it will all blow over in the end, but I’m enjoying the antics in the meantime.

  89. Excellent episode!!!!! You can tell Dwight and Packer are great casanovas. And of course, Jim wouldn’t be cheating on Pam at all. As for her and Andy, it’s good to see them both as a team; and I loved their ways to console Darryl.

  90. How painfully obvious is it that Jim and Dwight should have a spinoff show together? Those two have the most comic chemistry on The Office hands down.

  91. I WAS SO PROUD OF JIM!! Men- take note. THAT is what women want. A man of integrity. Character is who you are when no one can see the choice you make. Fictional though Jim may be, it’s still great to see! :)
    Great directing job, I must say! :)

  92. @Jessie Sure Jim held that back from Pam in “the Lover” but don’t you think he learned his lesson when it backfired big time on him? Maybe if Stanley hadn’t come to his room then he would let it go but much like in “the secret”, I think that Jim would rather be the one to tell Pam instead of her hearing some convoluted story that has circulated around the office.

  93. Hey Jim, get out of the bed with Dwight call Pam and tell her about your evening before Kathy tells her version. I can’t believe you didn’t call her. You are leaving yourself wide open for trouble. This is not over for Kathy. Love JAM. Show was great!

  94. @Joel, I take your point. If Jim decides to do the wise thing and tell Pam, then I think the fallout will be Pam confronting Cathy. Or she might find out before he gets a chance to tell her himself. Either way, I still have a feeling that there will be some kind of aftermath from this incident, even if it was played for laughs. After all, it’s a storyline that affects Pam, but we haven’t seen her reaction to it yet.

  95. #109 (Emily) – I agree with you. I thought it was funnier than you did, but it would have been much better if they had bothered to develop Kathy’s character into more than the one-dimensional teenager she’s been acting like recently. She’s so OTT that there was really no choice for Jim to make. Not much tension.

    #115 (Alex) – This show technically is “The Jim & Dwight Show” now…

  96. I have really enjoyed the past 3 episodes of the show. I loved the part where Oscar, Pam, and Angela are talking about their kids and dog. I love how Kelly explains what ….. means. Keep up the great writing I’m starting to enjoy the show again.

  97. Why can’t Jim get out of the room? He could’ve just left when he feels uncomfortable with Cathy.

  98. Not to keep bringing this up, but the thought crossed my mind that maybe CATHY is the one that gets the word out to Scranton about her and Jim. (Of course, she would tell people that something did happen). She could be bitter about Jim turning her down and somehow makes sure that Pam hears anything but the truth. I could definitely be wrong, but I just have this feeling that Pam is somehow going to be brought into this storyline directly.
    On another note, I love that as soon as episode ends I’m already excited to find out what happens next!

  99. “What is the last thing that dwight says before he leaves the room? I can’t understand what he says about cathy. “You can’t stay here. It’s a biohazard” and what does he say after that?”

    I think he suggests that Jim bunks with Cathy.

  100. Another very funny episode. And I can’t say it’s mandatory, so let’s just say it’s compulsory, for all to agree that Jim imitating the “smug” bedbug is one of the best things ever!!!!

  101. What does the skank Kathy say after she orders the desserts, scoots down to the end of the bed and is rubbing her leg while she says it?

  102. It’s great how Jim would rather be in bed with Dwight eating desserts than with Cathy.

    Was Jim in the same bedroom he was in the previous episode? It was hard to tell- it looked different. Maybe he had to move after the maids couldn’t get the “It was Dwight” off the door.

    One thing– from Nellie’s presence outside the door and the fact that the bed wasn’t in disarray, Jim and Dwight were in Dwight’s room at the end. But Cathy ordered the desserts to Jim’s room– I suppose room service came and they took the Bananas Foster and Death By Chocolate to Dwight’s room.

    Notice how Angela has given up any pretense that her baby Philip was premature with her “didn’t carry it around in your belly for nine months” comment?

  103. @Gary Dunaier. I think you make an excellent point. I forgot that they have used the “documentary” footage in past. I think there will be a conflict in Scranton when Pam finds out (if Jim hasn’t already told her) and when Cathy inevitably starts telling her side of the story. Unfortunately, people like Stanley who came in to get Rum when Cathy was in the bed might say things to contradict Jim’s story. This makes me wonder if maybe they will revert to the documentary footage and Cathy will get fired. . .because she should, why is she still there?!

  104. @Kathy. She says something like “I know, I’m a pig right? This is why I’m an exercise fiend. Seriously, feel” motioning for Jim to feel her toned calves. Ick.

  105. The writers have been ON FIRE with Jim/Dwight (and really Dwight stuff in general) ever since they dropped the Andy-centric stuff, which was good, but not nearly as great as the last 6 or 7 episodes have been. 9/10 (or, one Carell short of 10/10).
    Regarding the aftermath speculation, I think either Kathy will stay in Florida and never be mentioned again, or she will gossip all about how Jim came on to her, which leads to an angry Pam, and then the camera crew steps in if necessary, since I would expect them to be just as against JAM trouble as we are.
    Anyways, this episode had just the right amount of most of the characters, except Robert, who, after a stretch of being overused, is now not present at all. Will he at least show up for the Sabre Store Grand Opening next week? I would hope so.

  106. I was very pleased with this episode- specifically how the writers (and the director) handled the Jim/Cathy plot. I think it was a tribute to loyal Office fans that Jim cheating on Pam with that despicable Cathy was not even a remote possibility. Jim rebuffed her advances with the integrity his character has always had- reminding us why we love/care about JAM to begin with. Also, involving Dwight (i.e sharing ice cream with Jim in bed) was both comforting and nostalgic-a nice touch! Had this been written or directed any other way, the Cathy storyline would have ruined the show and defamed the characters. I look forward to seeing this immoral, moronic, shallow and reprehensible Cathy pawn get taken down and humiliated (this episode did a good job making her look pathetic and stupid by comparing her to a bed bug). Nevertheless, Pam definitely needs to put her in her place. Once this happens I say get her off the show ASAP- she is useless. Lindsey Broad is NOT a good actress- she isn’t funny, or interesting and brings NOTHING to the table.

  107. It’s far beyond late-period Office, but it would have been nice to see some self-realization on Pam’s part when she pointed out that if Jim hadn’t put himself out there, “nothing would have happened.” Might underscore that the best thing in her life had to throw itself at her before she bothered to engage it, rather than fall ass-backwards into mediocrity like she’s done in every other aspect of her life.

    It’s also why the Cathy plot is a non-starter. Jim won’t cheat because he’s a good guy, not because he’s married to a good woman…..

  108. Am I the only one who likes Kathy? I am hoping they keep her around. The office could use a new character.

  109. So so much love for last night’s episode. I have really enjoyed this season (bar one episode) but the last four or five have been exceptional and have really made me fall in love with this show all over again.

  110. I LOVED last night’s episode! Incredible writing and some truly classic lines. After watching it again, I actually think Gabe had two of my favorite lines from the episode – when he said his middle name was Susan, I could not stop laughing! And then the boot-cut cords and inhaler trick were both just crazy funny. And I agree with all of the comments about Jim’s bedbug impression – that will be one of my all time favorite Office moments.

  111. The Jim plot and Cathy getting kicked out I liked. I knew Jim wouldn’t actually cheat, it’s just not in his character, but will anyone think he did? Dwight seemed oblivious, Stanley probably won’t talk. But Cathy might like some payback after that embarrassment – and it wouldn’t be hard to stir up Pam. Cathy really is a boring nonentity though.

    It seemed somewhat out of character for Erin to make even weak approaches with her BFF’s boyfriend. She knows he likes her and he’s made moves before, but she respects Kelly (crazy as that is) and I always liked their idiotic friendship. I hope that’s all for that. Piling on too many different hookup plots just gets tiresome and lazy, and after a while it gets kind of hard to care much about what happens with the characters.

    And some of the rest was plain silly. A 6 or 7 for me. For a much better example of this type of episode: “The Convention”.

  112. The season is finally getting back on track and I’m optimistic that the first few episodes were just the writers trying to figure the situation out. Not that the season’s overall been bad — not to me, though I know a bunch of people will argue differently — but the quality’s just been off. Until the Tallahassee arc!


    Writers, this isn’t Glee. Please, please, please stop the hook-up plots. That’s the fastest way for a show — especially a comedy — to stop mattering.

  113. Do you know how I know Cathy is a bad character?

    Because a comment section filled with hardcore fans of The Office can’t even figure out what letter her name starts with!

  114. I loved this episode!!! Deep down I knew Jim wouldn’t do it, but I was just freaking out due to the writers having me on edge lately making me wonder where the show is going. I am happier than before for sure!!!!! Loved how Cathy was kicked out Jim’s room, that stupid bedbug!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see next week!

  115. Ooooh looks like we got some Pam haters up in here @132

    Because not being assertive, being kind of insecure and unsure about your self-worth, and choosing personal happiness over professional development totes makes you a bad, mediocre person.

    ps. by your measure, Jim is also a paragon of mediocrity.

  116. Cold open was pure awesomeness! Well done Gabe, Dwight, & Jim – my heroes. Talk about “A Boy Named Gabriel Susan Lewis”. That alone offers up volumes of insight into Gabe and now I can’t quite hate so much the things that he chooses to be.

  117. @132, don’t forget that how Jim and Pam eventually got together was because she put herself out there in ‘Beach Games’. I think she learned a valuable lesson from Jim – and after they got together, she took herself off to art school, she quit her job to follow Michael when she didn’t want to be a receptionist anymore, and she just went ahead and created a new job for herself when she didn’t want to work in sales anymore. She’s a person who takes risks now – she tries things out and if they don’t work out for her, she tries something else. I think her husband could learn a thing or two from her now.

  118. Wowzers, that was freaking amazing! S8 has officially picked up steam and is now finally hitting its stride again. I love when they have multiple relationship story arcs intersect, it’s always to such great effect. “Andy’s Play” comes to mind which made me cry at the end (“I play it off, but I’m dreaming of you”). Come to think of it maybe “Andy’s Play” was a double entendre as in to make a play for the girl, which he did. Again, so fantastic to see all the story lines.

    I suppose someday Jim may reveal to Pam his true feelings for one of his co-workers that night in Tallahassee, but to be fair though, Dwight was grabbing his crotch pretty aggressively earlier this season. =]

  119. @Jessie 145 – I definitely agree. Pam has blossomed wonderfully, but Jim’s character arc has remained disappointingly static throughout the seasons. It would have been really nice to see him mature more over the years – like during his confrontations with Karen and his ex-friend from elementary school, he had the opportunity to apologize for hurting them, but instead he clammed up and awkwardly sidled away. His antics are getting more sad than funny to watch now.

  120. I must say I have noticed that the better an episode is the higher the number of comments it typically receives and this one definitely hits the mark on both counts. It’s funny how Gabe was the victim of his own karma and how he kind of took one for the team.

    I could tell by the look on Dwight’s face as Nellie walked away that he couldn’t go through with it. It so reminded me of how conflicted he was in “Drug Testing” when he gave Michael his urine. Ever resourceful, I wouldn’t have thought to scratch out the room card’s magnetic stripe. Way to go Dwight!

    This episode had me hooting and hollering by the end of it. Dwight to the rescue – Kathy’s only lucky she didn’t get maced! In my heart of hearts, I truly believe Dwight knew he was acting as Jim’s foil when he came bursting into his room. They know each other too well. So heart warming to see anytime they bond. I remember them in the stairwell sharing their heartbreak and to see them once more bonding over women (who’d have thunk) was priceless.

    Oh The Office, once again a thing of beauty.

  121. I feel like the dating advice bit was already done in Golden Ticket when Andy, Jim, and Pam give Kevin different advice on how to act with Lynne…

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