1. Just a wink and a smile!!! What’s next? 70’s Cop Drama. Come on office tally members….get cracking!!

  2. This is perfection!! I loved Family Matters. And the old laugh tracks were so awful they were funny.

  3. Awesome! I just saw this on Youtube a week ago! But where are Meredith, Darryl, Kelly, Toby and Andy of course?

  4. Ahhh !!! Did anyone else cringe while watching this ? So cheesy !!!! And I was never a fan of family matters. Just shows you that you don’t need a laugh track when something is funny. Love The Office !!!

  5. Ed Helms didn’t get his spot on the opening credits till Season 6.

  6. no not every clip was from season 5. The Dwight clip where he looks at the camera was from season 2, I think

  7. No, that look was a callback to the look from Season 2. You can clearly see Jim doesn’t have his messy season 2 hair. I’m pretty sure it’s from the episode Business Ethics which was the 2nd episode of season 5.

  8. Sheer Genius! You deserve a dundie!! And the laugh track was sick (in the bad way).

  9. It’s funny how just adding a laugh track makes “The Office” seem like a totally different show. This video brought back memories for me of watching “Family Matters” as a kid every Friday night as part of ABC’s TGIF comedy lineup. The only thing I didn’t like about the video was that the Nard Dog was deleted from the opening credits while being replaced by pretty much every other character on the show, besides a few exceptions like Meredith, Kelly, Toby, Darryl, and Erin.

  10. The Office as a sitcom in the 90s would have been the best sitcom in the 90s.

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