1. It’s hard to prove any copyright or trademark infringement with a name like “The Office”. It’s so vague. There were probably thousands of bars and restaurants around the country named “The Office” before the TV show. I’d argue fair use if NBC came after the owner and tell NBC to get lost and if not sue me.

  2. I don’t know about “the office”, but that thing above it that says “officetally.com” has to be a copyright violation. I would so sue them!

  3. There was “The Office Bar & Grill” in Scottsdale, AZ that all of a sudden changed their name to “The Mountainside Office Bar & Grill”.

  4. It wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t for the fact that it uses the name, font, lower case, colors, and word placement.

  5. @BD – they should’ve called it the ‘Serenity by Jan Bar & Grill’… after all she was always supposedly visiting Scottsdale to visit her sister! :)

  6. The problem of course for any of these places if NBC or whomever did decide to go after them is that NBC has a massive legal department and would bury a small business owner in litigation. Good arguments could probably be made on both sides of the infringement issue but when you’re the little guy, a big well financed giant like NBC could well put you out of business just by bullying you around with litigation costs. I can see why from a small business owner’s perspective if NBC came to me and said change your name from The Office Bar & Grill to the Mountainside Office Bar & Grill, or we’ll bury you in legal expenses, you’d probably just go along with them.

  7. Can they really sue over a font though? I mean, there are bars called The Office all over the country. My dad used to go to one in California. Which was a really clever name for a bar, until my step-mom started asking, “which one?”

  8. There was The Office bar in Scranton before the show actually started. It closed before then too.

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