‘The Office’ cast plays ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

“The Office” cast members Brian Baumgartner, Phyllis Smith, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nuñez, and Creed Bratton square off against the American Gladiators in Celebrity Family Feud, tonight on NBC.

‘The Office’ cast is playing for the Children’s Advocacy of Northeastern Pennsylvania charity.


  1. right on phyllis!! and everyone else of course! I can’t wait to see the entire episode. if i may refer to the game Rock, paper, scissors….. Paper (aka dunder mifflin =D) Always beats Rock (aka the rock solid muscles of the gladiators) =D

  2. My favorite sitcom versus my favorite guilty pleasure reality show. Awesomeness ensues.

  3. This looks incredible! I’m betting that The Office gang will win it by a landslide.

    Thanks for the reminder post, Tanster!

  4. Tonight, meaning Tuesday, right? Can’t wait! Love “the ‘Feud.”

  5. I love how Oscar has the worst answers… haha. Can’t wait to watch this.

  6. Creed’s answer had me rolling in the floor! Great job guys, I enjoyed getting my “Office fix” even in the middle of the summer! :o)

  7. Thanks so much Phyllis, Creed, Oscar, Kevin, and Kate for your donation to the Children’s Advocacy of Northeastern Pennsylvania. You guys really gang banged it. It makes me smile that guys really care about your second home in NEPA!

  8. I missed the beginning, but I was so glad to see their victory at the end. :)

  9. Kate looked great! Dressed as Meredith I never get to see her figure, she’s hot hot hot! Brian cracks me up. I just find him so funny.

  10. This was funny and they did a great job!

    Isn’t it weird that Oscar’s answer “nagging” in Fast Money got so many points?

  11. great job, guys! oscar was on fireeee!
    and creed is just amazing. xD i love him so.
    those gladiators are so scary! but i just
    laughed so hard at “licorice sticks!”

    cast of my name is earl! you crazy kids, you!
    congrats again (;

  12. What a stupid show!!!!

    It was great seeing the Office cast and I am glad they won the money for charity. However, why so many canned scripted answers from all the teams? (I did like Creeds “my dad gets all the chicks”). It just made it look like the producers wanted the Office to win.

    ps: Jessica Lange is hotter than Sarah Jessica Parker

  13. How could I have missed the full episode?! Please say it’s online, somewhere!

  14. Odd show –all of the families were in character — but the Office -(My Name is Earl were hilarious) – I kind of wish The Office actors would have been in their TV characters

  15. Our theory is that they lumped “nagging” in with “talking.” There’s no way “nagging” was the number one answer by itself. It was probably a charity inclusion to be able to give the charity more money.

  16. That was great! I also thought it was weird that everyone else was in character but The Office. Oh well, it’s great to see everyone, whether in character or not!

  17. I was so sick yesterday and the only thing that cheered me up was watching The Office gang on Family Feud. Although I have to admit, the Gladiators were stiffer competition than I expected (TWSS)! I was really impressed with Phyllis – she was fantastic!

  18. I watched this last night, it was great to see. Also glad they won and chose a Scranton charity. :D

  19. I actually appreciated the fact that the Office cast members were not in character. The teams were playing for charity, and to say silly answers just for the sake of comedic relief almost feels like they didn’t care enough to help out their charities.

  20. Lindsey, I agree! The other shows playing in character wasn’t even that funny…
    The cast members of The Office were funny AND they weren’t overly ridiculous AND they won.

  21. I agree with Lindsey, too. My dad has never seen “My Name is Earl” (neither have I, but I know the basic idea), so he was totally lost as to why they were acting, in his words, “so stupid.” I liked our “Office” folks better.

  22. the most hilarious thing i have seen in awhile!!! i was sooo excited when phyllis gave the winning answer for round three and also when oscar did his little “routine” after giving the sudden death answer. and this is why i love this cast.

  23. Kate did look stunning. Her dress was a little familiar. Did anyone else think it resembled Jenna’s dress in “Casino Night”?

  24. My dad caught some of this on t.v. and was telling me about it. He doesn’t watch The Office much so he doesn’t really know who Creed is. He said that Creed was giving crazy answers and he might have a screw loose. If he only knew :)

  25. I think Tim from Camden County took his schtick a *little* too far…Jessica Tandy??? Did they forget they were playing for charity? It was pretty funny nonetheless.

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