The Office: China, 7.10

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  1. Ok, I just laughed at the plot! Michael is trying to stop China? That is just funny. I’m glad Pam is taking more charge around the office, but “Threatening Level Sunrise” is probably a screenplay I’d write for her. Don’t like her at threat level.

  2. Michael Scott vs. China. Oh you know that’ll be good!

    Love take charge Pam. Hope to see some more follow up on her Office Administrator position.

  3. Okay, I just hope they don’t make Michael too stupid like in ‘Mafia.’

    But the Dwight vs Pam thing sounds fantastic and has the potential to be a classic. Also, although they’re almost certainly going to stay in the current building, who thinks a change in location might be a good thing? It’s been seven years with the same layout…

  4. Exactly what I was thinking NC! (About Mafia) My favorite episodes this year have been Andy’s Play and Viewing Party and when I read those summaries I was unimpressed. I just hope the opposite isn’t true. After reading this summary which sounds potentially hilarious, I hope it’s not a let down.

  5. A complete change in location might be a bit much. They won’t want the show to become too unrecognizable. A new layout doesn’t make a show better anyway. It’s all about the characters inside and how they’re written.

  6. Is it just me or does whoever comes up with the episode names really like the letter ‘C’?

  7. They won’t change to another office (or they shouldn’t, at least). Most of the great narrative driven TV shows in history have some sort of iconic setting: the living rooms of Seinfeld (or Monk’s cafe) and Archie Bunker, the bar from Cheers, or even Gilligan’s Island (as silly as that may sound). The Simpsons never moved from their house. It’s the same thing here.

  8. ^ True, true. But I would argue that unlike those locations, the office in ‘The Office’ isn’t exactly iconic. It’s just a regular office. We’re used to it, but does anyone really have a strong emotional attachment to it? Also, ‘The Simpsons’ is dying for a location change. Anything to shake up that 20+ year show.

    @6 If the show is all about “the characters inside and how they’re written”, then it shouldn’t matter if they moved the show.

    Remember when Jim moved to Stamford? We didn’t lose our connection with him there.

  9. Whoopsie, didn’t read that last sentence.

    Anyway, where’s the promo for this week’s ep? The Christmas one isn’t until next week.

  10. I have been searching all over for the preview for this week’s ep. My friend said she saw one this morning when The Today Show was on but I have yet to find it! :(

  11. The episode didn’t seem really relevant, but I loved the last part of the episode when Dwight was explaining how he let Pam win. It was cute.

  12. SO GOOD! It was a weird episode, and I mean that in the best way. All the actors were on top of their game. I think some of the funniest lines I’ve heard all season showed themselves. It was funny and sweet. Well done!

    “Okay, I just hope they don’t make Michael too stupid like in ‘Mafia.’” -NC

    Well, looks like your dream came true…

    Michael was flattered to be the smartest person in the room.

    Best way to describe how awesome this episode was:

    Light Sensor
    Toilet Paper

    Michael is brilliant… Dwight has a heart… Darryl and Andy are hilarious… Angela is small… Jim and Pam are great… Nate is the best assistant this show has seen.

  14. I loved tonight’s episode. It reminded me of The Negotiation. I did think there was a lot packed in, and some of the characters seemed extra zany. I loved the Jim and Pam stuff, it was the first time in a LONG time they didn’t seem corny together. I thought the ending was very well done and I thought there was some great character development for Michael.

    I was afraid this episode was going to be a “Mafia”, but instead it was like Andy’s Play, a nice surprise.

  15. Great episode. The chat in the stairway with Pam saying “I’m not an artist and I’m not a salesman” was nice and the Dwight payoff was great. I LOL’d several times like when Erin told Michael to fire Oscar then said to have mercy. Pigeon Action…ROTF.

  16. I loved Pam’s storyline this episode. I have been wanting to hear her talk about leaving art school since she left it in season 5- Things just felt so unfinished since she never talked about it again. It’s great to finally get insight into how that affected her.

  17. My only dislike of this episode, and other shows are guilty of it as well, is when when they have emotional scenes like they did with Jim and Pam and then immediately cut to Jim in a silly situation with Michael and Oscar :P

    Kinda takes me out of the previous moment :P

    Other than that it had a couple great moments for me. The Pigeon action for some reason really got me :P

  18. This was a very interesting episode. So much going on. There was Pam, and Dwight. Andy, and Darryl. Then Oscar, and Michael. The fact that Dwight cared so much for Pam that he made all these crazy changes, and plan their own destruction just so that Pam can feel like she’s worth something was really amazing coming from him. The whole thing with China was interesting too. It was almost as if Michael Scott was telling the US that everything will be okay. There’s nothing to fear. We’ll get through whatever comes our way. Lots of props to tonight’s episode. Bravo!

  19. This episode turned out to be much better than the summary suggested! There were so many great character moments, and Michael is becoming a much more well-rounded character without losing the essence of his original character. Plus, another nice moment in Dwight and Pam’s friendship, odd as it is (see: “The Injury” and “Back From Vacation”). Way to go, Season 7! Can’t wait for next week!

  20. I loved everthing about this one. It was funny, heartwarming, and smart. Jenna Fischer better be on stage come Emmy time after tonight’s performance.

  21. Okay, maybe I’m a complete sap, but I totally loved tonight’s episode because of Dwight being nice to Pam. Seriously, it was unexpected and actually touched me. And I think it’s very realistic given the history between Pam and Dwight. This is The Office that I love, humor but with some real heart.

  22. I enjoyed this episode, but Michael’s conversation with Oscar in the coffee shop seemed a little convoluted. Still a fun one though!

  23. I’d say this one was funnier than most this season.
    Dwight putting Pam on hold was very reminiscent of the Bill Buttlicker scene.

  24. I actually really liked this episode… The Dwight vs. Pam and then Dwight went to being nice. And I loved when Jim was there for Pam.. And you can tell that Oscar doesn’t handle jokes that well.. I am really looking forward to the Christmas episode next week though!!!:)

  25. Loved Dwight’s compassion towards Pam, but thought the rest of the episode was just okay.

  26. I loved this episode! I thought that the Pam v. Dwight storyline was great! It’s getting back to the old Office that we all love! And I always love seeing a compassionate Dwight every once in a while. It balances out the lovable crazy that Rainn portrays so well. I also enjoyed the Michael v. Oscar storyline. To see everyone rallying behind Michael as he took on Oscar was truly great! It just gets me even more excited for next week’s episode!!!!!!

  27. I loved the classic Jim and Pam moment, and then I loved Dwight even more with the whole “letting Pam win” thing. Brilliant.

  28. Nice to have a bona fide “feel good” episode. Haven’t had one in a while. It was cool to see Michael “win” for a change as well as the continuing bond between Darryl and Andy develop.

    Most of all, Dwight was fantastic tonight. Lots of Dwightastic moments in this episode and I loved each and every one of them.

  29. I hope Rainn Wilson gets an Emmy nom for this season. Dwight is one of the all-time great characters and is the main reason I watch the reruns 2-3 times a week. Kudos to the writers for some great lines for Dwight as well as keeping Pam and Jim fresh. I didn’t really enjoy the whole Oscar vs. Michael thing (I thought it ran a little long) but overall this was a good episode. I love “The Office” so much I have started taping the show while watching it then rewatching again before bedtime.

  30. Loved it! Best episode of the season. Great character-driven episode.

    I’m glad that they addressed Pam’s “failures”. It felt true to her character that she would be bothered by them. Plus it resulted in a heart-melting Jim and Pam moment.

    Dwight letting Pam win totally surprised me. But at the same time felt right. I think Dwight has real affection for Pam. It reminded me of when they bonded when Pam was his Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager.

    I also really enjoyed Andy tonight. It felt like he was back to being S3 annoying (in a good way) co-worker Andy, who I like much better than love sick Andy.

    I also enjoyed the Michael and Oscar plotline. I too was afraid it might be Michael at his OTT worst. I wasn’t expecting it to be about him knowing more than Oscar. That really made it enjoyable and, again, felt right for both characters.

    Well done writers! Very, very well done.

  31. This was the best episode of Season 6 and 7. (In my opinion.)

    I loved that Michael knew more about China and got the best of Oscar at the end.

    The BEST past was finding out that Dwight has a heart! Seriously made me tear up!

    Andy’s text: “Are you watching this”….brilliant!

  32. The second good episode in a row. Finally a reference to Pam’s art career and Dwight showing a sympathetic side was a nice touch and a call back to “Back From Vacation.

  33. What an amazing episode!!!!! I loved everything in it. The Michael/Oscar scenes were awesome. The Pam/Dwight moment was perfect, specially when Pam is kinda badass.

  34. Awesome episode.

    Erin thinking the whole Office is going to kill her for the insurance had me dying laughing, and Michael not knowing what the F that was. Hilarious.

    More Andy texting D Money.


  35. I loved the texting storyline between Darryl and Andy. I laughed when Darryl described what a good text was and explained what BTB meant.

  36. It was great that what Pam perceives as failures are finally brought up. That was something Jim and Pam should have talked about a long time ago. The only problem was they cut the scene before anything was really discussed. Where is Pam’s character going now? Plus if it had been extended we could have had a really great Jim/Pam couple scene, one where they really connected, which this season has severely lacked. Otherwise this was a funny and enjoyable episode.

  37. I really liked this! I loved that it just stayed in the office. The new coffee house area was fabulous. I loved the Michael/Oscar conversations. I also love that Dwight let Pam win. So adorable. I really enjoyed this episode! 9/10 :)

  38. I agree with Ann Marie about Andy. I’ve been waiting for old Andy to come back because post-Angela Andy was so boring! This episode was fantastic, and definitely tops (almost) everything from last season. (I still have a soft spot for Niagara, though)

  39. HANDS DOWN best episode so far, i know it won’t last, but for now, yup. It had absolutely everything i love about this show. I almost never stopped laughing. Nearly every line was quotable. Every character shined. It. Was. Fantastic!

    Michael was at his very best. All the Pam/Dwight interaction was amazing and very sweet. I’ve always loved the Pam/Dwight friendship and never before has it been better displayed. I actually got choked up. The Jim/Pam moment was wonderful and i’m so happy to see her past addressed like that. I only wish it had gone on longer. There was more to be said.

    Still can’t get over how great this one was, and i’ll never get tired of re-watching it.

  40. A big standing ovation to everybody involved in this one. Outstanding in every aspect. And so full of surprises,(Dwight letting Pam win, Michael upstaging Oscar) but every one of them felt totally genuine. I had a tear in my eye during the Jim/Pam stairwell conversation, and that only intensified when we saw what Dwight did for her. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a real heart to heart with Jim/Pam. It was really needed and i hope we get more of that.

    I’m going to miss Michael’s “motivational speeches” so, so much.

    RE-PLY IT!

  41. Much better than the summary let on! Love that they call Oscar “Actually” behind his back–very fitting. The episode was very true to the characters and the situation felt very real, not contrived or over-the-top.

  42. Absolutely the best! I loved the arms flailing for the motion sensor to get the lights back on; “Actually” being Oscar’s secret nickname; the random Pam by the vacant lot; Erin’s fear of a life insurance plot; Pam in the stairwell confessing that she’s scared of failing; “I’ve been playing Zombie Soccer for two hours?” and Andy and Darrell high fiving about pigeons sharing an ice cream cone. This was such a terrific, funny, warm episode with so many great story lines. Can’t wait to watch it again! A+

  43. Best cold open of the season since the premiere! I was glad to see a more “traditional” Office episode on the air. Relatable situations, touching interactions between the characters, and incredible dialogue. Wait, that wasn’t a sentence!

  44. “China” had something. What, exactly, I don’t know.
    And the funny thing is, I didn’t even pay attention to half the episode as I was busy.
    Yet I did see the first 10 minutes…and half of the 2nd half, and that was enough to give it my first grade of “A” in Season 7 (Season 6 had only 3 or 4 grade “A’s”).

    “China” wasn’t The Office Season 2 good…but a new & improved The Office.
    Something fresh is afoot in the staff interactions. The Dwight landlord thing has made The Office into a SITCOM! The comedy seems fresher, zanier, while staff seem funnier.

    “China” is the new face of The Office after Michael leaves. Dwight, Andy, Darryl, Pam, Jim, and new people are stepping up and making this a brand new sitcom.

    If “China” sets the comedic tone for the future of The Office, and Seasons 5, 6, and early Season 7 are gone for good, I might even watch an entire 22 minute episode!

  45. Creed understands pirate code & Chinese! Is there a Rosetta Stone for pirate code?

    How about Oscar vs. Dwight in who’s rocking the more badass sideburns?

    Good episode, but I’m really looking forward to next week’s Christmas episode & Holly’s return!

  46. This episode reminded me of “the fight”. It was even more funny…and there were pigeons! How dangerous.

    PS – Dwight has a little prodigy in Pam.

  47. This felt like a return to form for the show. The characters were all very true to what we have come to know and love over the last couple of years, which has not always been the case this season. Michael’s victory was sweet, and Dwight and Pam’s story was funny and lovely at the same time. Bravo!

  48. I was not expecting much, in fact I think I was anticipating this would be really bad. The description, and promo, made me think it would be all crotch injuries and Michael going way too broad on a quixotic crusade against China.

    However it surprised me. They dealt with some things about where Pam has gone in life, or failed to go, that I’ve been thinking on while watching older episodes on TBS. Also rather than being another Michael crusade the China part ended up being more about how Oscar’s kind of a know-it-all. So not bad.

  49. That was my favourite of the season. Funny, brilliant and warm. Everything just flowed so naturally. The characters were spot on. The timing was perfect. This is how ‘The Office’ should be.

    Best moments – Erin’s “I learn nothing” speech. And Pam speech in Dwight’s office about what will happen if they all move out. Also, Kelly and Jim’s taunting of Oscar.

  50. Another great episode. John Krasinski was great in the stairwell talk, he is such a good actor. Darryl and Andy texting was very funny and Oscar’s nickname was great. Wasn’t looking forward to this episode, glad to see I had nothing to worry about. OH and Dwight and Pam were so good.

  51. I really enjoyed China! Upon rewatching it, I find something new each time…a little comment I missed before, a funny look, etc. So many great quotes too. “Pigeon action.”

  52. Based on the summary of this episode I was not expecting it to be that awesome and I was thinking it was just a filler before the Christmas episode. But I was wrong. I LOVED it! Especially the ending.

  53. Terrific, terrific episode! Humor and pathos in equally generous doses. Loved Michael one-up Oscar, and the twist at the end with Dwight letting Pam “win” really tugged at the heartstrings.

  54. After ‘The Christening’ I was honestly ready to give up on The Office. But The Office has recovered nicely with two strong episodes. ‘China’ had a lot of the elements that made the earlier seasons of The Office great. Can’t wait to see how they handle Holly’s return.

  55. I had low expectations for this one, based on the episode summary and the fact that next week is a special one-hour ep and often the episode preceeding one of those is sub-par.

    How great to be proven wrong. Loved the Pam/Dwight interaction, little bit of a call back to their little moments in The Job, Back from Vacation, and The Injury.

    Oscar’s humiliation was palpable. Great job there. And Jim’s comment about Oscar being known as “Actually” cracked me up!

    Best ep of the year so far for me!

  56. I expected this to be a very bad episode from the description, but it was great! Loved it!

  57. Loved the episode. I actually prefer it when Michael is more grounded than crazy.

    But why does it seem like Jim usually kisses Pam on the cheek rather than the lips?

  58. I’ll echo what many have said. It was a good episode. I would have liked Pam to outsmart Dwight, but this was an interesting ending as well. Thankfully they haven’t overdone it, but any time she cries I just lose it (Boys and Girls, Back from Vacation, Niagara, etc). Good for Jim for being there for her. You don’t have to be a professional to be an artist. And good for Dwight in letting her have this one. I was glad they didn’t go too crazy too long on trying to take down China. Bring on Holly!

  59. Great episode and season!! I almost die when Erin said that she thinks that everyone in the office is plotting to kill her. LOL. And how awesome would it be to see Mose and Nate together?

  60. can we have the rest of the season like that?

    wonderful stuff. this is how the show should’ve developed after season 4..

  61. Why am I the only one who was vastly, vastly disappointed by most of this episode? The B story was the only thing that I enjoyed, and the cold front didn’t make me laugh, it made me cringe. A lot.

  62. Well, like others have said, based on the description, I didn’t have high hopes for this episode, and thought just maybe I’d skip it, assuming Michael was going to be over the top insane which I can’t take watching. Boy, was I wrong, and so glad I decided to tune in! I really liked Michael finally having the upper hand against Oscar, the Daryl and Andy interaction was very funny. But for me the best part was Jim and Pam finally discussing her failures. I just wish they would have delved into it a bit more. I thought the end was touching as well, with Dwight doing something so nice for her. All around a great episode that restored my faith in this show.

  63. So nice having a Jim/Dwight cold open!
    Overall a really great episode, and I can only hope there’s a lot more of this Andy/Darryl friendship the rest of the season.

  64. I liked this episode. Every work office has at least one know-it-all, I just didn’t catch on that the one on The Office was Oscar, until last night! Nice. I really enjoy how caring Dwight can really be. He and Pam do have a special connection. Think back to when she was crying over the Jim/Karen living near each other dilemma. Dwight tried to comfort her and had no idea what was going on.

  65. I loved this episode. In my top three for the season so far. Might make its way to number 1! I thought Michael’s whole “stop China!” thing was so funny! great episode. The end was nice. Dwight’s sensitive side.

  66. Great episode! Best opening of this season by far (although the Stanley one gets a close second). Pam still acted like a needy teenage girl, but the Oscar/Michael interaction was new and very enjoyable to watch. Overall, a quality episode.

  67. The only thing that bugged me about the episode was the toilet paper thing. I know it was meant for comedy, but when does a building supply toilet paper to an individual company? I would think dm would be resposible for that.

    O and the one that mentioned about Jim kissing Pam on the cheek, they are in an office. Gotta keep it pg!

  68. The Office always come through when it has heart. The ending with Dwight letting Pam get the upper hand was one of the most moving ever! I almost cried. I like it when Pam allows Jim to see her vulnerable side. It reminds me why I love those two together. And I love the whole Michael vs. Oscar debate on China. I especially love that Erin has become his biggest supporter. It really is something special when Michael beats the opposition like with Dwight, Wallace, Charles Miner and now Oscar.

  69. Anyone else think that the magazine Michael originally wanted to read (but the kid was already reading it) was Highlights?

    And how much do you think that the coffee Oscar bought at the end from Dwight’s coffee bar cost him? $20? $30?

  70. Hmmm… this episode didn’t quite grab me. It wasn’t a bad episode, by any stretch… just not very good. The only part that I laughed at was the Andy-Darryl texting thing, which I thought was perfectly in character and very believable. I never really clicked with the Dwight-Pam storyline, and didn’t understand the ending at all. Meanwhile, Michael and Oscar’s story was just… weird. I guess since I mostly relate with Oscar, the ending was frustrating because Michael didn’t win, he just delusionally started heralding America and left. So it got a 7 from me. A few good parts, but overall just mediocre. I trust the Office, though, to rebound back next week. I’ve been pretty impressed with this season so far; moreso than last year, at least.

  71. I liked this episode a lot more than I thought I was going to. I was leery going into it based on the description but it proved me wrong. It was really nice to have a Michael I could root for. I always knew that Michael was persuasive (just look at how he got Danny to work for DM early the season) but how awesome was it see him show off his skills against Oscar. Michael’s a pretty great debater when he has information to back up his claims. I also really loved hearing Oscar’s nickname was “Actually” I laughed a lot at this. I was ready to beat Dwight up in this episode but seriously, how sweet was that ending? Awwww… Oh and I’m glad they finally talked about how Pam has gone from receptionist to art student back to receptionist then to salesman and now office administrator. I am glad they talked about it because I was wondering if they ever would.

  72. I’ll echo what people are saying that this was a good episode despite the description being a bit weird. Actually, I’d argue that this episode WAS good, BECAUSE it was a little weird. I mean, how random was it when Michael grilled his foot? So random, but completely awesome!

    I think this show is at its best when the characters are:

    1) In the office
    2) a little out-there
    3) having a heart (Dwight and Pam were great)

    Michael somehow triumphing is usually great, too! Hopefully they can keep up great episodes like this!

  73. Surprisingly great episode. I thought this was Jim’s best episode of the season, and Nate is quietly becoming a very good character. I was very impressed by the directing and camerawork in this episode. I don’t know if Charles McDougall has directed Office episodes before or not, but he should definitely do more!

  74. Man, Rainn Wilson is on FIRE this season! Every week – brilliant.

    But the rest of the episode was great, too. Relying on really strong dialogue rather than broad jokes or “fancy” locations. Fun, fun, fun.

  75. Absolutely the best episode of the season! It was fantastic! The comedy was spot on, the storylines were all great, and the acting was shown at its best. My new FAVORITE episode for the last 3 seasons, easily.

  76. Very season two in tone, which was a wonderful surprise. We learned something new about the characters—great extension of Oscar—and they kept things from each other. Everybody’s been so chummy since the start of season four, and I’m glad they backed away from it a little here.

    One of my favorite episodes since season three.

  77. Seriously, seriously amazing episode. I loved the rapid-fire conversations; I wanted every scene to last longer! It seemed a little different in tone and editing style than usual, but I don’t view that as a bad thing – it worked in context.

    Also, the montage of Dwight helping Pam set to his voiceover brought tears to my eyes faster than anything ever has. To me personally, it’s one of the most touching moments of the whole series.

  78. Not much to add to the overwhelmingly positive reviews. I did not know they still had an episode like this in them. There have been some good episodes this season, but they knocked it out of the park with this one. I guess you can’t judge an episode from its summary.

  79. This episode was not very funny at all. The only kind of funny part was Ed Helms texting Darryl. Dwight was good at the end. I love when his character breaks and he shows just a small bit of compassion.

  80. Dwight’s face when he overheard Pam in the stairwell was so touching. I’ve always really loved the Dwight/Pam friendship dynamic, and I think they really nailed it in this episode.

    Very pleasantly surprised with “China”; 8/10

  81. This episode wasn’t anything great but it was good. A whole lot better than “Christening.” All I can say is I can’t wait for the next episode.

  82. Wasn’t able to catch the episode until today since I work at nights now, and to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to it too much. I’m so glad I was wrong.

    This was the best episode of the season. It had some pretty funny character moments, and while I don’t really like it when the Office gets overly sappy JAM-wise, this episode almost made me teary. Pam confessing her feelings to Jim and Dwight shooting himself in the foot for her was amazing. That, plus the fact everyone was so supportive and protective of Michael (Ryan too, pleasant surprise)was really sweet.

    Jim was great in the cold open and failed to be annoying, Creed and parlay, Andy and Darryl…there wasn’t one part I didn’t love.

    Bravo writers. This was a solid 10, for sure.

  83. husband’s exact words, “I LOVE it when THE OFFICE is about nothing.” Thank you Office writers for a fabulous episode. It did our bodies good!

  84. Pam: Hey, guys. Can I show you some pictures?
    Andy: Omygod. She’s so cute. She looks like both of y-
    Pam: They’re not of CeCe.
    Andy: Oh, cool.

    It sometimes itches when my favorite quote doesn’t make the cut.

    Great episode! Great season!!!

  85. Agreed with all the previous posts about it being one of the best (if not the best) of season 7. The Dwight/Pam storyline reminded of the time Dwight had a concussion and acted so sweetly to Pam (who was being very motherly anyway).

    While I liked the cold open, it kinda felt too much like the recent cold opening when everyone was sneezing on Dwight’s food. It would’ve also been a great chance to have a cold opening with a character that didn’t get much action in the episode (or who hasn’t really had his/her own cold opening), like Gabe.

  86. Great episode. But on a slightly related note, after I watched this I found Zombie Soccer online, and wasted half an hour on it.
    Especially liked Dwight yelling at the other Pam, that scene deserves more recognition.

  87. I’m surprised so many people liked this episode. I thought it was really bland. While I LOVE that Oscar got more screen time (he’s one of my fav characters), this was just a really dull episode. Not sure what everyone means by it felt like season 2…I’m watching season 2 now actually and this episode is NOTHING like the brilliance of season 2! Overall, major disappointment. 2/10.

  88. Just watched this onDemand, and thought it was wonderful. Seemed like a slice of life of the small moments of TO, with every character written to perfection. Nothing much to add except kudos to the Jim and Pam stairwell scene (touching but not sappy) and to Dwight all throughout. And the toilet paper re-plying scene.

  89. Perfect episode! Absolutely classic Office! Thank you to the writers for getting it so right :)

  90. Loved this episode! Dwight proves he has a heart just when we least expect it. Also, Michael being the smartest guy in the office was priceless. My son thought the pigeon scene with Darryl and Andy was the funniest thing ever.

  91. Tanster, are you loving this one as much as everybody else?

    [from tanster: yes, i did enjoy it!]

  92. Best part easily was when Dwight and Nate were in the car saying “Pam Pam Pam” and that random lady came up. “Ive been known to bend the truth..” Too funny

  93. Dare I say that this is one of the best episodes of The Office EVER?

    I loved every single second of China. The way the characters interacted with each other – specially the Pam and Dwight (and Nate) plot – was intriguing and it kind of felt like the older days of The Office. The episode was amazing from cold open to the pigeon scene with Andy and Darryl at the end.

    I really want to see more from the guys that wrote this episode.

  94. Without a single doubt my favorite episode of S7. It was just so incredibly well-scripted. PLEASE HAVE CHARLES MCDOUGALL DIRECT MORE EPISODES!!!

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