1. Aw, Cece is crying in the picture. Did Ryan really just say that? I’m not quite sure if i find that funny or not.

  2. So which Office superfan is able to identify or possibly identify all of the family in the group photo?

  3. Second deleted scene makes me like Gabe more and also increases my urge to have someone slap Ryan in the face.

    Catherine Duke of Newsradio where are you when we need you?

  4. I wish they had included the second scene. Gabe’s TH would have made a nice contrast to the other characters’ selfish jerk behavior. Gabe and Erin are making more sense to me now as a couple – they’re probably the nicest two people on the show.

  5. Well, Michael could have been in the photo with Jim & Pam and their families, because he’s part of their lives, he really deserved it, and he still thinks he’s related to them.

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