The Office: Christening, 7.07

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The Office Christening

Writer: Peter Ocko, Director: Alex Hardcastle

Summary (NBC): Pam and Jim’s baby, Cece, gets christened and Michael invites the entire office to celebrate.

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In a poll conducted November 4-8, 2010, Tallyheads rated this episode: 5.58/10

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The Office Christening quotes

Kelly: I heard your mama has more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat.

Dwight: Do you have any idea how expensive wool is in Transylvania? ‘Cause of the euro.

Dwight: If Sabre really cared about our well-being, they would set up hand de-sanitizing stations. A simple bowl at every juncture, filled with dirt, vomit, fecal matter.

Dwight: I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this. Maybe they have something against living forever.

Ryan: I hope you brought your pipes. We’re about to smoke the opium of the masses.

Michael: It’s not a day for just Jim or Pam or the baby or me. It is about us all. And I thought we should all celebrate my joy, and our, and all of our joys.

Andy: Does the Nard Dog want nard pups? Yeah, I want a big ol’ litter of nard pups, all jumping around sucking on the teat. Put ’em in a box, give ’em to my neighbors. Yeah, I want kids.

Michael: I got an offer that you can’t refuse. Scooch over.

Michael: Scooch. Before I shoot you in the head.

Michael: You have great seats. Enjoy the show.

Michael: Cece is turning out to be a little b-i-t-c-h.

Ryan: I’ve heard of that place. If you go to Cabo San Lucas, all the prostitutes are from Cabo Corrientes.

Toby: Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

Jim: Cece, no! No no no, not on the dress! Cece stop!

Ryan: For all their generosity of spirit, they password-protect their wireless?

Michael: I am feeling this. Call it the holy spirit or the passion of the Christ, I am lovin’ these people!

Pam: We’re going to need a loaves and fishes kind of miracle to feed them all!
Angela: Jesus is not your caterer.

Michael: No I insist. After me.

Stanley: This is not the meal I was promised.

Kevin: Sometimes, Michael. Sometimes.

Ryan: Teach for America girls are way hotter. But they’re nuts!

Stanley: I would run to Mexico if that’s where the sandwiches are.

Dwight: You want to know my 11th commandment? I will not be undersold. I am ready to love thy neighbor with these kind of discounts.

Andy: What if the moon was your car and Jupiter was your hair brush?

Jim: I think that was Sconesy Cider. Noted baptism reception critic.

Michael: Let’s go help Africa. Let’s go build an airport. We’ll start small. We’ll have a carwash. We’ll send some cheerleaders to regionals.

Darryl: We are hanging out. Right now. You want some more of this?

Michael: These are church-going people. And they know how to party.

Michael: You’re mean. You’re mean girls. Like the movie “Mean Girls.”

Michael: If you don’t stop worrying so much about what you’re going to put in your gullet, you’re going to die in about a month!

Michael: Tell them that I died and I turned into an angel.

Erin: I wish I had a job that I could just leave.

Andy: Save me an aisle seat, Michael! I’m coming!

Michael: Everybody thinks that I am crazy, and that tells me that I am the sanest person I know.

Toby: Why you always got to be so mean to me?

Andy: Do you smell like a weird, warm cheese?

Jim: Stop that tiny blonde woman! She stole my baby!

Jim: Travel safe, Angela.

Kevin: What kind of a person steals scones from a baby?

Michael: You guys are young, that’s great. You want to give back to society, I’ve done that. I need to take.

Michael: Go save the world. We’ll keep an eye on America for you.

Michael: It is so nice to be back in a country that has movies.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks this goes a little too far? What does this have to do with the office..

  2. Even as a devout Catholic, I am not offended at all with Dwight using this prime opportunity for self promotion…It’s who he is.

    I actually laughed out loud here in the office after watching it.

    Props to Dwight!

  3. So funny! People need to stop being so uptight! I’m not sure if some people have ever watched The Office but a lot of episodes don’t have to do with “the office”. Can’t wait til Thursday!

  4. Jasper, I think you just may be alone in that thought. It’s not about the “office” building; it’s about the characters we love. :) That was “so Dwight.” I can’t wait for this episode!

  5. I don’t know why I am saying this but I hope there is more Ryan in this one. I recently saw “Manager and Salesman” from season 6 and he is a damn funny guy. I always feel like he never has enough lines.

  6. LOVED the Arcade Fire shoutout! Unfortunately, that’s about it. Michael and Andy getting on the bus to Mexico was in the realm of Michael kidnapping the pizza kid and Angela licking her cat as far as over the top and lazy writing is concerned.

  7. The baby they have playing Cece is adorable. Other than a couple of good one liners this was not too enjoyable for me. It’s a shame because I was so excited this week for this one.

  8. Terrible, terrible episode tonight. The only funny part was the cold opening. I wasn’t offended for any religious reason, the episode just felt slapped together with no real plot, at all, and Michael and Jim were way too over the top.

  9. Wow. Years of Ryan being an obnoxious jerkface and I’ve always loved him, but it finally happened. He finally got on my nerves tonight.

    Why Peter Ocko? Why?

  10. Funny episode! While watching tonight I got a pang of sadness in watching Michael. I’m gonna miss him when he really does leave. Regardless, that was a great performance by Steve tonight! I really hope he gets the Emmy this year!!!

  11. I really enjoyed seeing Ryan get more screen time. Overall, weakest episode for me so far. Vaguely reminded me of “Phyllis’ Wedding” but I’m glad Michael didn’t go THAT far.

  12. Other than the cast trying to figure out the wireless password, I thought this episode was two thumbs down.
    Not a lot of bright spots. Hopefully this is just a small speed bump in what has been a great season 7.

  13. Worst episode of the season. Not really all that funny, and Michael getting on the bus got kinda pointless….oh well, the rest of the season’s been good.

  14. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best episode ever, but it was far from the worst.

    It kept me entertained and that’s all I can ask for :)

  15. This season gets worse every episode. After all these seasons this episode was my last. The writing is lame. The acting is non-existent. There is no plot. It’s not funny. . . and I’m sick of Andy’s stupid vocals.

  16. Worst episode of the season, hands down. No plot whatsoever-just random moments which themselves could have been a plot, but together were just bizarre.

    The godparents are people Jim and Pam have known for maybe a year, tops? Not Jim’s brothers, Pam’s sister, her best friend Isabel?

    Way too many sitcom-y moments. The old person loses the baby. Too many guests show up and there’s not enough food. Cece has to wear another outfit for her christening. Has the Office devolved to that?

    How did Michael get on the bus with no problems? I have never heard of a single service trip where the participants did not have to pay and prepare way ahead of time.

    In general, nothing made sense, nothing was developed, and what was I guess supposed to be funny (Toby? Did not get the point of his vignette) fell very flat. I did not have huge expectations for this one-as opposed to my other non-favorite of this season, Sex Ed-but I hate to see the Office sink this low.

  17. As someone who routinely eats out of trash cans and dumpsters, Dwight’s rant in the cold open was too startlingly similar to my own ranting… I am always unnerved when I discover I share something in common with Dwight.

    Commercial’s over, back to watching the episode!

  18. I enjoyed Ryan having more screen time and acting weird. This episode was…odd. I thought the funniest moment was Jim accusing Angela of stealing Cece. This episode overall wasn’t great.

  19. I enjoyed the stuff with Andy and Michael on the bus, but that was about it.

    I didn’t expect much from this episode anyway, so I wasn’t disappointed. I really couldn’t care less about Jim and Pam’s baby.

  20. One great moment I almost forgot about was Stanley angrily having to sit back down after he thought the ceremony was over.

  21. I really enjoyed this episode. Sure, it wasn’t the greatest episode in Office history, but I thought it was pretty solid, the bus scene ran on a little too long (oh well). I thought it was priceless that Cece was wearing an Arcade Fire T-shirt, perfect.

  22. For a second there I thought that was going to be how Michael Scott exited the show, but when Andy got on the bus too I was relieved. The Angela part was too funny! I can’t believe Jim would actually think she’d walk out with his baby.

  23. OH MY GOSH, my heart leapt into my throat when Michael got on that bus.

    This episode had a lot of really good small character moments, but just a few bits felt a bit flat / got too ‘broad’. Specifically, I think the end with them trying to stop the bus was cringe-worthy, which I normally love in my Office, but it didn’t feel satisfying (though the kid hopping off too was funny). Dwight interrupting the service to make a sales pitch was also awkward, but it didn’t make me laugh.

    Toby’s struggle with going in the church had me in stitches (especially the ‘punchline’). Over all though, I really enjoyed it, especially “that blonde woman is stealing my baby!”

  24. Weakest episode of the season so far. And, where was Pam? That was clearly Jenna Fischer in tonight’s episode. The more they let Pam look as good as Jenna, the less believable it is.

  25. Didn’t think it could get worse than “Scott’s Tots”, but it did.

    It just felt forced. Andy getting on the bus to impress Erin just didn’t make sense. Thinking Angela would steal Cece was weird.

    I guess you can’t get it right every time…

  26. I guess I’m in the minority here :( I liked the episode! This whole season so far has left me satisfied and smiling

  27. ARCADE. FIRE. I knew Jim still had good taste–like when he played Travis at his barbecue. The Eminem reference when CeCe was born threw me, but I’ll just excuse it as a writing mistake.

    Kevin should definitely be the new boss. Or Creed.
    Possibly Madge.

  28. People get WAYY to invested into plots sometimes. i always enjoy the office this episode included.

  29. Worst episode of The Office ever. I was able to enjoy parts of Jan’s baby shower. I felt kind of reminiscent watching The Banker. I am a sucker for JAM. But seriously, this episode was horrible. Not even just horrible for The Office, which I’d still say is streets ahead of any other show (yup, love me some Community) but horrible as in any TV show. Please, please please just be the dark spot of this season.

  30. Terrible. The worst since Scott’s Tots. Before Jim started accusing others of kidnapping his baby maybe speaking to his wife might have been a good idea.

  31. Least funny episode of this season. Adorable baby CeeCee wearing her Arcade Fire T-shirt was the highlight. Whoever wrote this needed to pay more attention to the show’s backstory. Jim has a brother(s), Pam a sister and best friend and they weren’t godparents. Sloppy writing. Toby’s scene was pointless and out of left field. Going to Mexico in this day and age without a passport? We know how lonely Michael and Andy are but the bus scene wasn’t even entertaining. Andy’s lovesickness for Erin,with whom he has zero chemistry, is played out.

  32. Not sure what everyone is on about… this episode was fantastic. A great way, if they continued it… for Michael to find more to life than he already has–and a funny way to leave Dunder Mifflin and exit the show. Fantastic episode.

  33. I loved how Angela stole the scones. :) And, there was a very good Jim face at one point. I love the Jim face…sigh…

  34. I liked this episode. The whole Michael/Andy thing was more interesting than the baby thing, except for the christening.

  35. Until the bus this was a rare moment where I was mostly agreeing with Michael. They were sort-of being jerks, especially Ryan. I mean if you’re that hostile to Christianity why are you going to a baptism? It’s not like he’s really Jim or Pam’s friend, he plotted against Jim just last season.

    Other than kind of disliking most of them this episode it was okay. I feel like Toby’s deal maybe needed more explanation though. He left the seminary, in essence, to have sex so is that part of his issue with a church or not?

  36. Oops, writers… That was really bad. Not a single funny moment for me, and as it’s already been said, it had no plot at all. I could care less about Cece… or any other character anymore, for that matter! It’s become too sitcomy, and I’m sadly not enjoying The Office anymore. Season 8 is going to be… painful.

  37. It was so good till Michael got on the bus! Then it was awful.

    That being said, all scenes with Jim, Pam, and Cece are amazing.

  38. I don’t like this pattern of THE OFFICE where we get one great episode that is then followed by a less than mediocre one. COSTUME CONTEST was excellent. CHRISTENING? Not so much. TPTB need to keep the momentum and consistency going.

  39. This was far from a terrible episode. It had me laughing many times throughout, the best being Jim freaking out on Angela, that was hilarious! The bus incident may have been random, but totally in character for Michael, and Andy. And i always enjoy episodes that take place out of the office. This season has yet to disappoint.

  40. I’ve gotta say, I was worried after reading some people’s comments for tonight’s episode. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as people made it out to be. Was it the best episode of season 7? No, but it wasn’t anywhere near as horrendous as some people on here said it was. There were a few odd moments, but overall I thought it was a relatively solid episode. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, but it wasn’t bad either. I personally enjoyed it.

  41. I laughed really hard at Jim and Pam’s “I think I’m just hungry” exchange. That’s real life, people. :-D

  42. I happened to love this episode. Very Season 3 to me. To me, the Office has become too overly plotted out. They would try to shove a cheesy joke in every moment. That isn’t real life, and it was getting out of hand. For me, the best Office moments are the ones where typical, everyday office things happen and Michael or somebody else screws them up royally. The whole bit with everyone sneezing on Dwight was realistic and hilarious.

    Babies do ruin their christening clothes. Michael is overzealous and easily influenced. And I’ve thrown many a party where we’ve run out of food because too many people came. (And also had grandmother’s trade-off baby duty without informing the proper parents.)

    Also, Toby’s struggle with the church was very real, and so were the attitudes of the youth. I’ve been to church all my life and I loved how The Office wasn’t offensive and remained shockingly honest.

    Great episode.

  43. Wow, so many negative opinions on this one. I enjoyed it, and for maybe the 5th time ever, the show made me laugh out loud – at Dwight eating the toast Andy had sneezed on.

    I enjoyed seeing these characters out of the context of the snow globe world that is their office. Hearing them make fun of these kids who wanted to make a difference in the world highlighted just how selfish and out of touch some of them can be in the real world, Ryan especially. At least Michael recognized the worth of trying to improve the world, and made some effort (albeit ill-advised and too hasty) to do something, anything.

    Also, did anyone think the kid who got off the bus with Michael and Andy really, REALLY looked like Steve Carell? Am I reaching to think that might mean something later?

  44. Strange episode.

    The individual moments passed by without any resolution and didn’t really seem to cohere into anything really resembling a plot.

    I thought Michael getting religious was an interesting idea, as he really seems at home in that environment, but instead he jumps on a bus with a group of teenagers for a three month trip to Mexico, which is among the most outlandish things he has ever done, and I would like to think his character has at least gotten a little wiser over time. This goes nowhere, as Michael eventually changes his mind and gets off the bus, and that’s the end of that.

    Also, Jim literally thought Angela was going to kidnap his child? What the hell?

  45. Unfortunately, Cece’s diaper wasn’t the only thing that stunk tonight. Very disappointing episode, especially since all of the other ones this season have been so good! The whole “everyone in the Office intrudes on a special event for Jim and Pam” gag is old and nothing fresh was brought to it tonight. I’ve had no problem with the times The Office has poked fun at religion in the past, but the cynicism and sarcastic treatment of the church service and the Mexico trip by the office employees fell flat and simply wasn’t very funny. (Although Stanley getting up to leave but then realizing that the service wasn’t over yet was a hilarious and perfect character moment!) And it did give us a great Michael line, “You guys are Mean Girls. The movie Mean Girls.”

    Thankfully since nothing really of consequence happened in this episode I’ll have no problem skipping over it when I watch the season again on its eventual DVD release. Oh well, one clunker isn’t the end of the world…here’s hoping next week’s episode is back to the quality of the previous ones!

  46. I tried really hard to see Michael’s actions in this episode in the context of his unhappiness and the general malaise in his life. He wants more. That’s very human and touching in the Michael way. However the other characters were so out in left field I just couldn’t stomach it. Losing Cece? Please. Jim yelling Angela stole the baby? Absurd. Angela taking all the scones? What? So, so many ridiculous and distended plot lines that this was just a trainwreck of an episode. Easily IMO the worst episode of the series, and right after we got the fantastic Halloween episode. I rated it a 2/10. Hopefully it’s just a blip in an otherwise fine season.

  47. I really enjoyed this episode and laughed a lot! All in all just very funny and warm.

    Michael getting caught up in the enthusiasm of the group of kids going to Mexico, only to freak out a mere 45 minutes into the trip was hilarious, along with Andy’s, “Does it smell like warm cheese?” grimace. And I loved the bad-attitude camaraderie of the staff sitting around the reception table griping and making smart remarks–the weird family dynamic they have whether at work or at an event is always great to watch.

    I also loved the side bit of Jim trying to find a new outfit for Cece and settling on what looked like a huge ugly t-shirt in place of the beautiful christening gown. It was great prop work how the trunk of the car was absolutely overflowing with stuff. My brother and sister in law were so chic and minimalist–until they had a baby! Now they look like they’re geared up for a 10,000 mile trek with all the diaper bags, strollers, portable playpen, toys, etc. So nice, realistic touch.

    And Toby totally stole the show! I love his odd bits where you get little peeks into his life!

  48. i really liked this episode. there were a lot of moments that made me laugh out loud: jim sneezing in dwight’s face, everyone else trying to transfer their germs to him, michael calling cece a “b-i-t-c-h”, toby not wanting to go into the church, jim telling cece not to pee (or poop) on her dress, angela stealing scones, kevin being appalled at her stealing the scones… seriously, if i had to choose a person to be the most likely to steal food from a reception, it would be kevin. creed would be a close second.

    i also loved cece’s babbling and laughing as angela was cooing over her!

    not the best episode of the season, but still more entertaining than the train wreck that was most of season 6.

  49. Great episode! The Mexico subplot was a little too silly and unrealistic for my taste, but there were some really great, funny moments here! Probably my favorite episode of the season. It reminded me a lot of Phyllis’ Wedding… and that’s a good thing.

    Everybody getting invited to the Halberts’ intimate reception was so cringeworthy yet so hilarious.

  50. What on earth was that? I felt like I was watching some sort of Bizarro Office where nothing made sense. Easily the worst episode of the season so far, this episode highlighted the worst aspects of Michael’s character and made everyone else look like idiots. Considering that this episode followed the hilarious Halloween episode, this was a disappointment indeed.

  51. I think michael deserves to be a godfather since:
    He was the only one to congratulate Pam when she was in the art show in season 3

    He taught Jim a few lessons about sales and the Office several times.

    He got Pam a part time job at corporate when she was in N.Y.

    He offered Pam to be a sales person when she asked for it.

    And I guess that the episode has little or no plot related to all office stories that go on over the seasons. It was not the best episode but it was not a very common episode as well.

    Halloween is still my favorite so far.

    God why you gotta be so mean to me? xD

  52. “Christening” was soulless, cranky, and humorless. Incoherent plot, tired routines, and an out of character mishmash with NO comedic payoff.
    Angela as a kidnapper and, even worse, a scone thief? Is Jim that stupid?
    And Pam letting Jim take her baby backstage for a diaper change? No new mom at her baby’s Christening would EVER do this!

    Sending the Office crew out on field trips no longer works. Keep them in the Office, because outside, this is one sad sack lot of maladaptive, unfunny people!

    Michael’s predictable faux change of hearts followed inevitably by hasty bail outs that invariably disappoint men, women, and children, tell us one thing: The writers are spinning their comedic wheels going nowhere.

    Not a Christian, but presumably a “Christening” ceremony is the holiest moment of a Christian’s life. So where in this entire episode was there one moment of SPIRITUAL recognition from Jim & Pam, the reverend, the Office crew, or congregants?

    Only plus: Ryan. Until Season 6, I never found Ryan entertaining. In Season 7, I find Ryan THE most entertaining character. Novak has infused this borderline sociopath with subtle, in-the-moment insolence and crazy positivity worthy of a spin-off- or Michael’s job!

  53. Some of you need to quit kidding yourselves this was a bad episode. Lot of characters seemed out of place but I’ll stick with Michael. The episode was a terrible execution of a fantastic idea. Michael at church is a primetime concept. We should have seen another classic Michael Scott, teeth grinding awkward moment here. Instead we’re treated to a lame and stupid half a** bus ride.

    And apart from the open, Dwight seemed more of your standard workaholic than the Dwight Schrute we know and love.

  54. This was the worst episode of the season, obviously, and I think of the entire series. I love this show and this episode made me feel like all the critics are right: this show just isn’t good anymore.

    What’s especially sad is this season has been going strong so far. Great episodes featuring everyone in the cast in new and unusual ways. And then, this one. How much more can we see Michael acting like a selfish child for no reason. Do the writers think this is funny? What was funny about this? Also, there was no story in the episode, just scene after scene of contrivances leading up to foolishness. And none of it, except the first scene with the sneezing, was funny.

    There are those who say, “why critique so much, this is fan site.” But I was once a fan of the show, and now I think I’m going to have to start watching Nurse Jackie or Modern Family.

    To reiterate a poster: Why Peter Ocko, why?

    I won’t watch the show anymore, but I’ll peruse this site in the future, in hope of reading that show is not the embarrassment that it is now. I can say that because I loved it when it was great.

  55. Not a great episode but still laughed at times. Loved Darryl and Creed sleeping on each other during the service. Jim was cute with Cece. Toby “Why do you always have to be so mean to me?” loved it.

  56. I thought the episode was just okay. They Andy/Erin thing is getting on my nerves and overall I think they need to stay away from baby storylines. Being in mid-life crisis mode myself I found Michael jumping on that bus very believable in a “what am I doing with my life” sort of way.

  57. There were a few moments in this episode that worked. Sadly, the majority of it did not.

  58. I love The Office and have been a faithful watcher since Season 2. I’ve sat through some less-than-stellar episodes in the past but last night was the first time I’ve ever gotten so bored and uninterested in the middle of an episode that I got up and looked for something else to do.

    I love The Office because of what happens with all of the characters in the Office and not because of Jim and Pam’s life story. This seemed like last night was written for all of the JAM-mers out there.

  59. I originally started watching and fell in love with The Office during 2nd season. At that time, I thought it was a great innovative comedy that avoided all the sitcom cliches. The documentary-approach seemed to ground the show with realistic work-place situations and somewhat believable characters. For a little while, it looked like this season would return somewhat to its roots.

    Well, this episode tossed all of that out of the window. Aside from the cold-open, this episode did not take place at all in the office. Just why would everyone from the office (along with the documentary crew) be at CeCe’s christening?? A minor misunderstanding turns into epic-scale chaos?? All of the characters were annoying caricatures and not at all believable. Even Jim, the down-to-earth lovable character you rooted for at the beginning of the series has turned into a bumbling incompetent father. The only thing this episode was missing was a laugh track.

    Aside from a few exceptions, this episode has made me wish I stopped watching The Office after the 3rd season.

  60. Feels like this episode hit a wall, so to speak. With the exception of the cold open, there were no real “laugh out loud” moments.

    I guess every season has had a “dud” episode or two. This has been The Office’s comeback season thus far, let’s hope it can rebound from this one. 5/10

  61. Can we admit, we who love the tanster and The Office, that this episode was totally awful, and that the last few episodes have been severely lousy? It hurts me to say this. But the quality of this season’s episodes is sorely beneath those of all previous seasons. I’m judging not only critically, but using a basic gauge of laughter. I haven’t been laughing AT ALL! Just because we’re fans doesn’t mean we have to pretend all episodes are funny. Please Tanster, fix the Office. Call the writers, the producers, anybody!

  62. I didn’t love this episode, but I have to admit when Toby asked God why he was always so mean to him, I laughed for a good five minutes (my husband was actually looking at me like I was crazy because I’d stop laughing and then 10 seconds later I’d start up again). Oh, and the Lake Wobegon thing at the end was great. I think this is one of those episodes you can’t really judge on its own – you have to wait and see how it sets up things later (without New Boss, you can’t have Broke, if you know what I mean).

  63. I agree with those of you who weren’t too crazy about the episode. A lot of the one-liners fell surprisingly flat for me, I didn’t quite buy that everyone at the office would WANT to go to a Christening, and I was just frustrated with how much stuff kept going wrong for Jim and Pam and how they kept taking it. (Would you really say nothing if the whole congregation came to the reception? Would you really go buy more food?) Michael getting all sucked into the church was funny and believable, and I loved Toby’s parts, but overall I feel like this one had a lot of potential but turned out kinda strange.

  64. There have been episodes of the office that I have not liked, and I’ve still gone back and watched them. This episode was easily the worst episode of any season, none of the characters acted in character, the Toby subplot was a complete waste of time just to hear him ask god why he’s so mean to him. Michael suddenly being hit with religion was ridiculous. Also, I give a bit of slack to the camera angles, but already having one on a bus set to go to Mexico? That was a bit much. Sadly I won’t be revisiting this episode ever.

  65. I had low expectations for this episode seeing the promos, but I was pleasantly surprised! Best, funniest episode all season!

  66. No doubt, worst episode of this season. I’m really disappointed, because last week’s episode was awesome. Can’t win them all, I guess.

    I prefer The Office when they keep the characters closer to reality. Sometimes we get episodes where they make them way “out there”, like when Angela licked her cat. This episode reminded me of that, unfortunately.

    The one bright note was Ryan, he has been very funny this season!

  67. I agree with the majority on this episode. One of the worst of all-time. The cold open did make me laugh, but other than that I thought it was pretty bad.

  68. This episode was funny but strange. Michael finally found a place where everyone loves him. Going to Mexico was a little intense though and Andy coming along was annoying…he needs to get over Erin.

  69. I would have to agree with a lot of the previous posters about this episode. It was not one of my favorites at all. There were a few funny parts, like when Michael called Cece a be-yatch and the office staff making fun of the church people, but the whole bus part and Toby’s drawn out church dilemma was definitely not up to previous office episodes. I did really like Angela’s remarks to Pam & Jim then going all goo-goo over Cece. Also, I agree with other posters than Ryan is looking good (love the glasses) and looking less uptight.

  70. Worst. Episode. Ever.
    I’ve been a fan since Season 1 Episode 1, but last night’s “Christening” was just horrible. Nothing about it seemed right. It was painful to sit thru, and like someone stated before, I won’t be going back to watch this one again. It hurts me to say this, but I think the show has run its course. It may be time for the writers to go ahead and write that series finale show.
    But, please…don’t Schrute it.

  71. Is it me or do you think Toby maybe the Scranton Strangler. The issues he had with entering the church. Was he having an internal struggle with God because of his bad luck or because he knows the evil he has committed. Michael was always right!

  72. I have to disagree with joe cool. While this episode wasn’t one of my favourites, I think the season as a whole has been excellent – far above the past two seasons. And I’ve laughed a lot.

  73. Okay, I guess. But what was the point of it all? Get on a bus – get off a bus… oh well.

  74. Wow. Just wow. That was really, really, ridiculously bad. I’ve never been so underwhelmed by an Office episode. There have been episodes with implausible, meandering plots like this one, but they’ve always had at least a few redeeming laughs. This one had none (except for maybe Andy’s line about the moon and Jupiter). I am not kidding at all when I say that I can’t believe Paul Lieberstein allowed this to air. Just show a rerun, man.

  75. I guess I’m in the minority b/c I laughed a LOT in this episode! There were a ton of great lines from Angela, Andy, Jim, Pam everyone…. the Michael/Dwight on the bus thing was really dumb, but I thought the rest of it was great! I love when Jim gets made to look like an idiot LOL

  76. This episode was one of the funniest of the season (and last season) The back and forth between the happy churchgoers and the sad sacks at Dunder Mifflin was particularly funny. Why is everyone so upset about Andy and Erin? Most Office fans must only be in this for Jim and Pam if they can’t enjoy that. Andy and Erin are awesome.

    Everyone who thought everyone acted out of character please point out who acted out of character.
    If you’re talking about Jim snapping at Pam…it happens, even in the best relationships.

  77. I have to agree with the poster way back who pointed out how unrealistic it is that EVERYONE in the office would go to the Christening, especially when asked by Michael and not Jim or Pam.

    There were definitely too many “sitcom” moments in this and not enough Office moments. I’m ok with Michael getting on the bus, although I almost have to believe it was more the writers’ way of faking the end of Michael than them writing it solely to be a “Michael Scott” moment.

    The Jim reaction to Angela felt way out of character. I know it’s their first child, but you have to expect that at an event like that some family member somewhere has the baby.

    I wouldn’t say this was the worst Office episode, but it was definitely a letdown. Let Jim and Pam have something normal happen to them for once. There were enough subplots that could have taken the lead for this one; instead the whole show was a grab bag of subplots that all just got muddled together.

  78. Horrible and unfunny episode mostly. I love all previous episodes and seasons almost as if they were my children, but this episode was like the child that starts fires and tortures small animals.

  79. Decent enough episode…I was thinking for just a second that that is how Michael would leave but I knew better. The funniest part was when MeeMaw said “SURE I’ll watch this purse AND your baby”

  80. I’m shocked! I laughed more at this one than any episode this season! Admitted, there were some sitcom moments, but I didn’t mind that. My main peeve was that there was apparently already a camera on the bus when Michael got on it…

  81. The episode wasn’t horrible and there were still funny moments, but with each season the show has gotten further away from the formula that made it perfect in the beginning (I feel the second season is the best single season of any series I’ve ever seen). In the beginning they had more subtle humor, realistic situations where you could easily see yourself, relatable characters and just the right amount of awkwardness. The comedy now seems to be a little forced, slapstick at times, and filled with the usual sitcom cliches we’ve all seen before. I enjoy slapstick as well but with this show the smallest most subtle moments are the ones I usually find myself laughing at the most. I think a lot of it has to do with the writing, but the show is still miles better than most comedies. Maybe I’m over-analyzing. I still love the show and have never hated an episode and I will watch until the very end

  82. It was a bad episode. Clear and simple. To the show’s defense…this was the first episode directed by a new guy and the first one written by a new guy.

  83. Another episode where a private event for Jim and Pam gets ruined by their co-workers. How original! And, though I’m probably in the minority, but I wish that Jim and Pam never had a baby, because she has been in almost every episode this season, it’s contrived and boring, and I’m sick of seeing her. I want Jim and Pam, not Jim, Pam, and Cece.

  84. On 84, I’m pretty sure he can’t be the Strangler because he’s going to be on the jury when they catch him. Also this is “The Office” not “The Practice” or something.

    Still Toby is a former seminarian who has: Gotten divorced, presumably done pot (it’s been implied pretty strongly), and lusted after Pam even after she was engaged. So I was thinking guilt was a factor.

  85. I’ve never hated an episode of the Office and i don’t think i could ever use that word in relation to this show. So far this season has been excellent, and the Office’s few low points are always more than made up for. I absolutely love seeing Jim, Pam and Cece interact, i only wish we had gotten some sweeter, subtle moments. There were some good laughs here, but neither storyline was balanced out as well as it could have been.

  86. 97, I am SO with you. The Jim and Pam story imploded when Pam got pregnant. I think the show wrote themselves into a corner. There really is no threat for any kind of friction between them, which of course was a main driving force in the early years. The baby mixed with the fact that they have both become extremely boring versions of their former selves just leaves them with nothing interesting to do.

  87. @Don’tCallMeSammy I can totally see where you’re coming from. I adored The Delivery, but i would consider giving that one up if it meant some good quality, strictly Jim/Pam moments on a regular basis. But, i don’t think that’s possible. Their story has to progress. Since they won’t break them up, they can only keep them together and happy(perhaps some minor arguments thrown in here and there) yet standing still for so long.

  88. Another great episode of The Office. It was nice to see more of Cece and the cast outside of the office. But I believe this episode could have been better if the writers took another direction at the end instead of the whole bus to Mexico thing.

  89. Another great, solid episode! If Season 7 maintains this kind of strength all the way through, it’ll be right on par with Season 2!

    Favorite bit was Toby hesitating about going into the church! Anybody else think of that deleted scene back in Season 2 of Michael saying: “Toby is the Devil.” Haha. I couldn’t stop laughing. Nice little, probably unintentional, callback!

  90. If Jim and Pam were taken out of the mix I wouldn’t even watch the show. I think they have done a nice job incorporating Cece without making it feel unrealistic.

  91. I thought this was a great episode and laughed out loud many times. 2nd best cold open of the season (after last week’s). Michael calling CeeCee a bitch, Toby’s showdown with God, “stop that tiny blonde woman!” and the scones all had me in stitches. Glad that the supporting characters got their licks in too.

    Negatives: Lost interest in Michael and Andy as soon as they got on the bus. We’ve seen this from Michael too many times and it’s gotten stale. + The Andy/Erin thing is still moving at a snail’s pace and going nowhere.

    To all the people saying ‘worst ever’ I think if this ep came at the start of the season, people would like it a lot more. Seriously, this was better than the dreary ‘Nepotism’ and the stale ‘Andy’s Play.’ However, this was the strongest proof yet that the show’s tone has definitely changed, and that’s jarring for people.

    Michael’s favourite words: Horrible, gullet.

  92. I loved Michael calling Cece a b-i-t-c-h and Angela being so enamored with the baby but overall this really fell flat for me. It wasn’t bad, it just felt like an episode that didn’t work as a standalone yet also didn’t move the story along whatsoever.

  93. Honestly, without Jim and Pam i don’t think i’d watch either. That or i wouldn’t care if i missed episodes. Things are/have changed, but i’m alright with that and willing to adapt. This was a decent episode, huge laughs. Nice way to involve Cece. Biggest downside was Michael and Andy on the bus. The cold open was great!

  94. I’ll stand up for any Office episode, but this goes down with “The Banker” as an episode that I will not touch again for a while. Every other episode seems to have a bit of heart, but Jim/Pam was cliche filled with stupid, time filling drama and the Andy/Michael/bus segment took so long, yet went nowhere.

  95. Does anyone else think CeCe looks way older than she is supposed to be? Technically she is about 8 months old, but she looks at least 1 year old

  96. I liked the episode. It wasn’t the absolute best, but it was one more look into Michael’s search for meaning in his life. Since Whistleblower, the story lines have been more pro-active about him being unhappy with where he’s at in life and wanting more. I’m enjoying this season and can’t wait to see how they wrap all of this up at the end.

    In Fun Run, when Michael is trying to figure out why there’s a curse on the office, he asks everyone what their religion is. Pam and Daryl high-5 because they’re both Presbyterian. Do they christen their babies?

    Oh, and I loved Toby’s line, “Why do you always got to be mean to me?” He left being a priest for his wife that left him which led to his career in HR. Hilarious Toby stuff…

    And, the Arcade Fire tee was amazing…

  97. Personally, I really liked this episode.

    When they did the first table reading for the cold open, does anybody else think that the conversation went something like this:

    PETER OCKO. Rainn, in this cold open John and Ellie sneeze in your face, and Ed sneezes on your food.


    RAINN WILSON. Well, it beats the cold open in “Murder” where I had to punch myself repeatedly in the groin.

  98. @diahern, I am a Presbyterian, and that baptism was pretty authentic.
    I was a fan of this episode, but I’ll like anything that’s focused on Jim and Pam (in the general sense). But I also loved Toby; for once we got to see him going through a problem that is not caused by Michael. I thought that Angela was hilarious. And personally, I love that Erin listens to Lake Woebegone.

  99. Kristen H – the babies playing her just turned one so they were probably 10-11 months old when they taped this episode.

  100. I agree with many of the comments that this was “sitcom” funny rather than “Office” funny. It strikes me that either The Office does not do “sitcom” funny well or we viewers do not accept it from the show. Compare the plot lines with this week’s episode of Modern Family, another ensemble, “realistic” show told in a documentary style. It actually makes me appreciate The Office more and realize how underrated it is because its usual style of humor is so different from most everything else out there.

  101. Not the best, not the worst. But can I please address Jim’s dad’s beard? Ooooooh-weeee, What’s up with that?!

  102. I mostly liked this episode.

    I find it hilarious that I just found out two of the guys from Arcade Fire live in my area.

  103. I didn’t care for this episode that much, but hey, they can’t all be winners.
    I did love the cold open, though, and I laughed so hard when Erin said she would love to have a job that she could just up-and-leave for three months.

  104. I remember watching “License to Wed” a few years ago, and during a scene where John Krasinski got peed on by a fake baby during a diaper-changing class I recall thinking, “Wow. Krasinski is really slumming… At least he’s got a well-written role like Jim Halpert which more than makes up for this formulaic and degrading nonsense!”

    Sadly, during “Christening”, Jim Halpert hit that “License to Wed” low… getting peed on by Cece, losing Cece, accusing Angela of stealing Cece… this is not the textured and well-written character from the glory days of the show.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still laughed a few times during this episode, but man… The Office today is a far cry from The Office in 2006 or 2007.

  105. Not the best episode ever, but there were a couple of things that made me happy (as a Presbyterian minister who is a woman):
    1. Church people were not universally judgmental and dour. Groups of enthusiastic young adults headed to do good work is a common part of American church life, but it’s almost nonexistent as a religious image in the American popular imagination. Good for The Office.
    2. Score 2: A woman minister (a great rarity on TV but not in real life!) who actually said real liturgical words and not sentimental crap. Nice work.
    One reality check: Presbyterians (which Pam is, yes?) do not do christenings. They do baptisms, and usually the minister holds the baby upright or horizontal, not the parent holding the baby’s head toward the font. The rite they showed looked Episcopal to me. Not that the audience much cares, but there you go.

  106. That was almost “Mafia” bad.

    The only thing which saved it was Toby finally waling into the church and asking God, “Why do you have to be so mean to me?” Funny and oddly touching. Kudos to Paul for that moment. Now, the other 22:15 or so…just bad.

    And you were on a roll this season! I hope it’s better next week.

  107. Jim’s character wasn’t off. He was Jim, but frustrated. If anything, this episode adds to his status as the “straight character” or regular guy.

    He accuses Angela which nicely strikes a balance with the beginning of the episode where she insults them but is infatuated with Cece… he has a daddy-like learning experience and then gets into a fluster which happens to many people during important events that you don’t get do-overs for, and he leaves CeCe with the most readily available person who proves incompetent…and you can tell feels like a total dope.

    I might also add the character portrayals of Stanley getting up to leave a second early, the children’s smarminess about their cause, and many of the lines “kool-aid”… make me feel exactly like I’ve felt on my odd Sunday at service. It was well-written.

    The character shows the end results of a frustrating day.

    Man, people really are overly critical of this episode. The Sting is…and just IS…the worst episode of the season thus far.

  108. This was the worst episode of the season, obviously, and I think of the entire series. I love this show and this episode made me feel like all the critics are right: this show just isn’t good anymore.

    What’s especially sad is this season has been going strong so far. Great episodes featuring everyone in the cast in new and unusual ways. And then, this one. How much more can we see Michael acting like a selfish child for no reason. Do the writers think this is funny? What was funny about this? Also, there was no story in the episode, just scene after scene of contrivances leading up to foolishness. And none of it, except the first scene with the sneezing, was funny.

    There are those who say, “why critique so much, this is fan site.” But I was once a fan of the show, and now I think I’m going to have to start watching Nurse Jackie or Modern Family.

    To reiterate a poster: Why Peter Ocko, why?

    To think this series won an emmy too……..

  109. Just thought of something: what’s up with Toby’s religious hangup? He had no issues whatsoever with entering a Presbyterian church for Pam and Jim’s wedding no less. This plot point in CHRISTENING has to be a retcon, right?

  110. I just have to say: seriously, baby CeCe was the cutest baby ever! And she totally had a Jim face going on sometimes:) Perfect baby casting!

  111. @James
    Toby dropped out of a seminary to marry his now ex-wife. But you have a point about Niagara. Maybe the problem wasn’t so much the building itself but that there was an actual service going on inside?

  112. This is the only episode in the history of this series that I didn’t like. On the bright side, that’s a very good track record.

    I’m still waiting to find out who gave Michael the herps.

  113. @127:

    So you aren’t going to watch the show anymore, even though you just said “this season has been going strong so far.”

  114. Not the best episode. I wasn’t feeling that connection between Pam and Jim at all, she seemed annoyed with him most of the time and Jim wasn’t at his best. I too love anything Jim and Pam related, however this wasn’t it.

  115. Michael exits the reception. A sign on the door he’s just walked out of reads Halbert Family Christening.

    While this isn’t the best Office episode it still had a lot going for it. Andy’s and Ryan’s comments concerning “What if the Moon…” and “Welcome to the party…” and not to mention Jim recognizing the noted Bsptism Reception critic.

    Season 7 had disappointing episodes that missed opportunities for great humor and warmth (more cringe-worthy awkward than anything) but Christening could have been far worse.

    I like it more than I don’t. =)

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