‘The Office’ coming to Israel

From BBC News:

The Israeli version of The Office has been unveiled and it features an Arab character described as “intelligent and gentle”.

Israeli actor Avi Meshulam takes over the David Brent character, first portrayed by Ricky Gervais.

The show, created by Gervais and Stephen Merchant, will be named Super Office and set in Yahud, near Tel Aviv.

Besides the original British version and our U.S. show, The Office has been produced in France (Le Bureau), French Canada (La Job), and Chile (La Ofis). Germany’s Stromberg was inspired by The Office, and in July 2008, Russia was reported to be making a version as well. Making bad bosses an international truth.

Link: Israel is the latest country to photocopy The Office


  1. I wish I could see all the different versions and compare. Haha! It’s really crazy how global this show became/ is becoming.

  2. Living in Quebec, I’ve seen some of the version “La Job” and it was quite the same as the original The Office from UK. I think that the American version is “warmer” that the others, so that is why it didn’t work out that well for the Canadian version. The boss in “La Job” was plain mean, unlike Michael Scott, who is VERY likable.

  3. WOW Quebec Jim is smokin’! everyone should google him. he is gorgeous. of course no one compares to John K :)

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