The Office Convention II

This post lists information and/or speculation about the next Office Convention to be held in Scranton, PA.

Latest update, June 4, 2009: “Admission [for The Office Fan Tours] is $35 for adults and $25 for those under 21, with proceeds going toward the next ‘The Office’ Convention, which won’t be until at least 2010.Source

For information about the 2007 convention, check out OfficeTally’s convention archive and the official Office Convention site.

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  1. Finally some kind of news on another Convention! I’ve been waiting for this since I got back from last year’s!

  2. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this headline in my RSS feed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. I wasn’t able to go last year so I really hope this happens. My birthday is in May and going there would be a huge birthday gift to myself. ;)

  4. Very exciting news, but part of me thinks they could never come close to recreating the first convention. I would almost consider skipping part II for fear of being let down. *sigh*

  5. Okay, I’m trying not to get too excited, but I am crossing all my fingers and toes! The first convention was seriously one of the best weekends of my life, so if Part II happens (PLEASE! pretty please?), I am SO there.

  6. Last year’s convention was so much fun — I hope fans get the chance to come together again to celebrate The Office in the coming year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an official announcement. :-)

  7. If you all don’t know how awesome this news is then you need awesome lessons. It’s gotta happen, right? There’s too much love between the cast, crew, and fans. Dude, you gotta believe!

  8. I really hope this becomes official soon. I didn’t find out about the last one until like a month before it, so I am definitely interested in attending this one. And May 2009 would work out perfectly. *crosses fingers and hopes*

  9. Oh my! I had to miss the first one after I had bought a ticket. I was so upset. I will keep everything crossed I can for this to be true.

    This made my day.

  10. If they got EVERYONE there I am pretty sure Scranton would somehow explode. I hope they have another costume contest so I can go 2 for 2 as the winner of the NARD DOG and get to sing next to Ed again!

  11. I’m soooo there forget the two softball teams I’ll be assistant coaching in the spring (they’ll have another coach for a weekend game) if it means going to the convention again!!!!

  12. That would be amazing to go again but I’m a little worried that I’d be too busy with final papers in May. =(

  13. Omg! This would be the best thing ever! The first convention was amazing. I can’t imagine how crazy things would be if John actually showed up.

  14. This is great news! We’ve been in the dark for so long, so it’s nice to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sure they’ll have another convention. I can’t wait to go again!!

  15. Oh please let this happen!! I’m in Ohio now, so that would make for a much easier trip than from Washington state! =]

  16. Carell is supposed to be filming a movie after the show wraps up for the season. While I’d love for the whole cast to be there, it might be a little tough to schedule so the whole cast is there. To be honest I’ll take anyone that is willing to show up. There isn’t a character on the show that I wouldn’t like to meet.

  17. Awww why can’t they have one out here in California? I’d love to go but Scranton is just too far away.

  18. I would love it if EVERYONE was in attendance but seeing anyone of the cast would be amazing. I missed the first convention, but there is no way I’m missing this one.

  19. Man, May? I wanted to go to Fan Fair again. We’ll see, I might go, I’m not gonna hold my breath or anything.


  20. Corporate’s looking forward to getting back to Scranton!

    [from tanster: thank you, David Wallace! you have quite the fan club. :) ]

  21. I was wondering if there would be another! Though May would be tricky. Fingers crossed it will be before then. But hurray for speculation (:

  22. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I can’t believe it! And it’s next year so I’ll have vacation days! (I already scheduled the rest of mine for this year.)

  23. That is so exciting! I don’t think downtown Scranton could handle it if the entire cast shows up, so it would be a smart move to have it at Montage. Can’t wait (even if it is just speculation at this point)!

  24. This is exciting news. I don’t see how they will top the first convention. But I will definitely be there if it becomes a definite!!!

  25. I have been waiting for this news! Last year’s convention was so amazing…my fingers are crossed too!

  26. #33(janetws) – If there is another Convention, I’ll reciprocate by sharing MY coffee with you in the Radisson lobby. :)

  27. #34 (Laura) That would be very cool! Here’s to a 2nd Office Convention and reconnecting with friends made in celebration of our most favorite show! I am wishing and hoping…

  28. Ok, is this DEFINITELY going to happen? Because I need to start the begging process with my parents soon. :)

  29. Dear goodness I hope this happens. I didn’t get to go to the first one, but I will make sure to make it to this one if it happens! If I could meet the cast, esp. John and Jenna, I would be so ridiculously happy!!

  30. I’m TOTALLY psyched for this as I live close enough to go. I just got into the Office last year. I didn’t think offices could be that bad until I worked in one. Boy was I freaking wrong!

  31. Living in Scranton and working the last one, even if all the big stars aren’t there, it’s totally worth it. The event was a blast to say the least.

  32. Any update on this? Went to last year’s convention and had such a great time. Looking forward to the next one (whenever it is).

  33. I’d love to go! I still have a year’s worth of begging to do, but I REALLY wanna go this time. Meet my OfficeTally and DMI friends!

  34. I’m very conflicted in my emotions right now: EXCITED that the chances are looking good for another Convention (bigger and better, supposedly) but DEFLATED that we’ll likely be waiting another whole year.

    I guess that’s more time to save up money, though. :)

    [from tanster: split the expenses with Adam! :) ]

  35. I live in Ohio and I am so going to this. It sounds like a blast, and since I’ve never been to California, this could be my only opportunity to get a glimpse of these people!

  36. Awesome.

    Now if I get accepted to UofScranton and decide to go there… SCORE!

  37. Fall, huh? I was kinda liking the idea of a springtime convention this time, but no matter when it is, if they’re able to pull it off, I’ll be there. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

    [from tanster: meet ya in Atlanta? ;) ]

  38. I’m really glad i have some time to prepare for this. I have to be honest, last year i was really disappointed in how the issue of tickets was handled and who was allowed where depending on the ticket you had. It was a really stressful weekend for me.
    I’m really glad they are taking the time to prepare and really make it bigger and better.
    By the way, did anyone have the same issues I did?

  39. So glad to hear they are still working on this :) I encourage all of the fandom to go out to Scranton…the convention was really fun! If you need more motivation, you might even get to meet Tanster…what more do you need?!

  40. I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting to hear this since I got home from last year’s convention! Last year was was amazing and I can’t wait for a bigger and better one.

  41. does anyone know how much the tickets approx. were for the convention last year?
    and are they holding the next one in pennsylvania again?

  42. There were different levels of tickets….i believe it was 50 for a day pass 100 for a 2 day pass and 250 for corporate pass…which I heard was AMAZING! I got the 50 one and it got me into the halloween party and the cast question and answer.

  43. TheOfficeB’tch,

    I had the same issues you did regarding tickets. I bought the $100 pass, which was supposed to guarantee me into an autograph signing. They did not have any actually scheduled, and me and my friend kept checking the website, thinking they would put up when they would be. They obviously did not, and we kept finding out from people they had went to autograph signings, but just happened to be where it happened. It was all very helter skelter, and we headed to the airport and hadn’t met one person. LUCKILY, Leslie, Phyllis, Creed, Oscar, Melora, and Brian were at the airport 2 gates down, and we met them all, but the convention did not really deliver on what we were promised when we spent an extra $50 on our pass. I know it was the first year, but I don’t think updating on the site where and when signings would take place would be that hard. I had a really good time, regardless, but I’m gonna pass on the Convention this year.

  44. Also, I want to go back to Scranton, but not when the convention is going on. It’s a blast, but I was so exhausted having to be certain places at certain times constantly. I love the city, and would like to go back and stay during a time when I can just go to places at my own pace.

  45. Aimee-

    In addressing you about the autograph signing, NBC told the organizers to have the autograph signing the week before the Convention. They were not planning to have one to begin with. So, what the organizers did was in the packets that you received at Convention, you were given a ticket that said “A” or “B” which would tell you when and where your autograph session would be.

    I’m sorry that you weren’t able to meet any of the cast or writers at the actual Convention. I have to say The Radisson is where I met a majority of them. They were pretty willing to sign autographs and take pictures.

  46. I really hope it’s early September so that I’ll be in town. I had so much fun las time that it almost makes me want to reconsider studying abroad for a year…except not really.

  47. Hey Tanster, Have you heard of what date they are aiming for in September?

  48. Has anyone heard any more about Office Convention II yet? It would be nice to plan a trip to Scranton.

  49. Is the Office Convention 2 going on for sure this fall (’09)?

  50. Ah, the way this is worded makes it sound like there would be an Office Convention in ’09. Sigh, only in my imagination… You’re all invited though!

  51. Why am I even reading this, there’s pretty much a none percent chance I’ll be able to go. ):
    Congrats to everyone who can. Hope you have fun, and remember to take pics.!

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