The Office Wrap Party: Friday VIP event

My JMJ’s report of The Office Wrap Party Friday VIP event, May 4, 2013.

I bought a new dress and shoes for the occasion, but it wasn’t meant to be — not only did half The Office cast miss this event because their connecting flight left Philly without them, but I was stranded at Chicago O’Hare because my connecting flight was delayed and then canceled, after 6 hours of waiting!

Following is Tallyhead JMJ’s report of the event, with photos by JMJ and Christina. Thanks, ladies!

For the full listing of The Office Wrap Party content, go here.

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Scranton “The Office Finale Sendoff” video, May 5

The Office Finale Sendoff Video Scranton

APRIL 11 UPDATE FROM ORGANIZERS: “In light of the events now happening on May 4, we have decided to cancel our tribute video originally scheduled for May 5.”

In honor of The Office, TV station WBRE is organizing a lip dub extravaganza to be filmed on the streets of Scranton on Sunday, May 5.

Not only do they need Office superfans to perform in front of the camera, they would also like to feature an original send-off song! (I’m talking to you, creators of Pam Pong, The Office Tribute Song, and Ryan Started The Fire.)

Organizers tell OfficeTally “The video will be posted to YouTube during the final episode, and will likely air on both the NBC and CBS affiliates here in town at about 7:55p on the finale night. It will also be covered locally on Eyewitness News.”

Sign up/more info: The Office Finale Sendoff

‘Cuz there ain’t no party like a Scranton party ‘cuz a Scranton party don’t stop!

The Office Fan Tours, Scranton

The Office Fan ToursThe Office Fan Tours take place in Scranton, PA, and showcase landmarks made famous in ‘The Office,’ such as The Mall at Steamtown, Cooper’s, Poor Richard’s, and Lake Scranton! (It’s a blast; here’s my trip report.)

Includes: four-hour tour, lunch at Cooper’s, and drinks at Poor Richard’s.

Price: $55 adults, $45 under 21 | 2012 tour information and schedule | Buy tickets

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Brian Baumgartner visits Scranton May 28-29

The Office’s Brian Baumgartner will attend two special events in Scranton this Memorial Day weekend:

  1. Friday, May 28th: Library fundraiser block party

    Brian attends the Swingin’ On Vine block party benefiting Scranton’s Albright Memorial Library.

    Link: Swingin’ On Vine block party

  2. Saturday, May 29th: The Office Fan Tour

    Brian attends a four-hour tour of Scranton landmarks made famous by the show!

    Link: The Office Fan Tours