1. Thank you sooo much for posting it! I missed it due to finals and was so relieved to see it! Is John Krasinski the best storyteller or what? Wow.

  2. I’ll have to wait an extra week before “Away We Go” opens in San Diego.

  3. Okay…so now he’s John Krasinski…with a puppy.

    This is good, because, seriously, he needed to do SOMETHING to make himself a bit more appealing. You know, create more of a heartwarming, “good guy” kind of image with his viewing audience.


  4. It was a really great interview! Too short, of course, but he seemed much more relaxed than the first time he was on Letterman.

  5. sexyhostile, I totally agree. Now I need to find a horse for my new puppy to meet so I can see his reaction.

  6. That grey suit was a great choice! Loved the puppy story, I’ve never heard of a ‘red’ labrador, but if they are anything like black labs, it is a great dog!

  7. Charming, handsome, has a new puppy. Ladies, what’s not to like??

    Must be a new suit, haven’t seen that one before. He looked incredible, as usual. I’m toast.

  8. I love how he named just about EVERY actor in the movie with him EXCEPT for Maya Rudolph. She plays his wife, I mean, how did they mention five other people without mentioning her??

  9. I was there! It took everything in my power not to rush the stage haha. He is even more gorgeous in person.

  10. What movie is he filming with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin? I missed the name.

  11. jim’stravelingpants, the movie doesn’t have a title yet. They refer to it as “Untitled Nancy Meyers Project.” John joked in one of the interviews that it has a “nice ring to it. ” :)

  12. This interview was great, he is such a great guy, love the story about his new dog!

    I can’t wait for his interview on Regis and Kelly next week, I’M GOING TO BE IN THE AUDIENCE!!!! I just found out an hour ago I got tickets!! I’m going to be in the same room as John Krasinski! I’m going to faint.

  13. What is up with putting him on after the animal act? Great, funny interview with new stories but there’s something about Letterman…what does it take to get him interested?

  14. I loved this interview!! But was I the only one waiting for him to say the name of the new puppy?

  15. At 23: No! I was on the edge of my seat because I wanted to know the name of his puppy so badly! You are definitely not alone!

  16. Aww this interview was so great! The story with his dog was so cute! I got to meet him before he went into the studio for Letterman and he was very handsome and nice to everyone!

  17. My ovaries just exploded!

    For inquiring minds, the puppy’s name is Finn :)

  18. I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch this. And it was worth every moment the next day when I had to hurl myself out of bed to go to work.

    He’s just… GUH. Perfection in every. single. way. The dog story was hilarious, he’s ridiculously humble, charming as can be… Stick a fork in me, because I AM DONE. He’s glorious. Makes me being from Boston 112% cooler.

  19. Ahh that horse story was great. John is simply amazing. If I were Letterman I would have been laughing a lot at his story…I don’t know why he didn’t

  20. I love john and I love meryl. I can’t wait for the movie.
    He’s so great at interviewing too!

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