The Office covfefe

When covfefe landed in my newsfeed last week, naturally I thought of our beloved show, The Office.

And this particular scene was the first one I thought of.

the office covfefeCasual Friday

But then I’m like, wait. There’s much, much more.

the office covfefeChristmas Party

the office covfefeFun Run

the office covfefeBranch Closing

the office covfefeThe Injury

What Office scenes do you think have covfefe written all over them?

It’s been awhile, Tallyheads. I’ve missed you! ❤


  1. Tanster! For some reason I check this site every few weeks to see if you’ve posted anything. I think I’m just nostalgic for when The Office was a big deal to me and I was here all the time. Whenever I think of the show, I think of your site and how I relied on it for my Office info fix. Thanks so much for all your efforts, they were always appreciated.

    I’ve missed you as well!

  2. Awwww, thanks so much, Henry. That means a lot to me! I spent the past weekend moving OfficeTally to a new server. So I thought, why not update its design? Then I started going through all the posts to tweak things here and there, and before you know it, I was taking a very nostalgic (and emotional) journey through the site. Teared up a few times! OfficeTally was my life for many years and it’s still my baby. Still love tending to it, and still glad that fans like you still enjoy it. ❤

  3. Hiya tanster! I’m one of the late-comers to The Office (discovered the show on Netflix in 2015). I’ve been lurking around OfficeTally for the past 2 years so I can catch up on what I missed out on while the show was still airing. I love reading about all the set visits, cast interviews, etc. from back then. So glad this site is still around for any other late-comers to the show, like me. :)

  4. Hi Ann! It’s never too late to become an Office fan, right? It’s definitely a binge-worthy show. Thanks for visiting OfficeTally. Hope to be around for a long time. :)

  5. I too still check this site from time-to-time to see if there are updates, and mostly to make sure it hasn’t gone anywhere :) The re-design looks great.

    Random thought: I’ve often thought that the wealth of information from this site would be awesome in an e-book or even a print book format so that it can be preserved forever.

    Final thought: It’s now been over 4 years since the finale aired. With shows like Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks, Will and Grace and the X-Files being rebooted many years after originally ending, I’m always holding out hope for some type of reunion special. Even though the finale was perfect, I’d never turn down more of The Office, and the documentary format lends itself well to doing a one-off extended episode or series of episodes in a “Where are they now” format. I think that could be a lot of fun for both the cast and the fans.

  6. Greg, great to see you again! :) Thanks for the kind words about the redesign. It’s funny you say that, re: an office book. During one of the last set visits I took down to LA, Jenna said that I should definitely put a book together. She said that she would even contribute a never before seen photo! I totally understand your feelings about wanting more Office. I miss the show every day.

  7. Great to see new post, like the christmas one the best.
    I’ll be honest when the Pranks/April Fools from Steve & Mindy on reboots appeared here was m 1st destination as I kind of thought if any of it was legit then it would be on here

  8. Hi Kevin, thanks for checking out OfficeTally again! If there is ever anything in the news about a reboot or movie of The Office, you know I’ll be the first one to check with Greg Daniels and company and report it here. 👍🏼

  9. Here’s a link to the original retrospective that aired before the finale- for a while it was on youtube but it was taken down and then I stumbled onto it on vimeo. The retrospective that was released on the final season blu-rays was a modified version of what had originally aired on NBC, but this is the original version.

    Highly recommended for anyone feeling nostalgic.

    [from tanster: thanks so much for the link, greg! i’ve updated the office retrospective page.]

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