1. Wow! That was amazing. Michael drove his car into a lake. He drove his rental car into a lake.

  2. Might I be the first to say… hated it?

    Except for Garbage. Garbage made the show.

  3. “Hand Over The Turtles!”

    probably one of the greatest office quotes of all time!

    also, loved the “thats what she said” in the 1st 5 minutes. classic office. :)

    Ryan’s haricut: $200.
    Gift Baskets for Old Clients: $1000
    Michael driving into a lake: Priceless. :)

  4. There’s that Office I know and love. This week’s episode was a big improvement over the premiere, and I actually liked the premiere. I almost fell off the couch at Kelly’s little head-shake to the camera after she tells Ryan she’s pregnant. And Bitter Jan was awesome. Oh… and poor Ryan got turned down. Guess he can’t get /any/ girl.

  5. I loved this one!

    Jim: He can’t get ANY girl he wants.


  6. A twenty minute episode trapped in a forty minute one. I love the beard. Heaven help me I love the little tool.

    Little boy big man.

  7. Brilliant! The Dunder Mifflin Infinity episode is Brilliant! Thanks for the laughs.

  8. Huh…….Great first 30 minutes. But WHAT were they thinking in the last 20 minutes? The scene where Michael and Dwight go retrieve the gift basket probably should be burned and left off the dvd. Yikes. A big misstep. That’s the danger of 4 straight hourlongs.

  9. This episode almost ruins the entire show. C’mon, the driving in to the lake and demanding the gift baskets back? :(

  10. I loved the episode! The cutest thing was when Jim said with a smile (in his TH),”well, I guess he can’t get any girl he wants…” Priceless!

  11. I was very disappointed by this episode. Where is the quirky coolness that the show had during the first two season? Don’t get me wrong – the drama and storylines are good – but the feel, the aura of the show has changed so drastically that I find my interest waning. Tonight’s episode was not funny to me. It was often quite uncomfortable and weird. This upsets me because the show for the past season has been going in the WRONG direction. Jim and Pam should be together, but not always played upon and obvious. They should pull pranks on Dwight, and they should have a cool cold-open like the show used to. If these past two episodes are telling, then this season will be a bust, and I’ll be the first to cry about it.

  12. It was great! I loved how the Dwangela thing played out. And Toby outing Jim and Pam (I feel sorry for him, but still, what a jealous jerk, right?) and not wanting to sign a “love contract.” And the lake thing and Michael bringing in Dunder and the gift baskets… hehehe and Ryan. Oh, Ryan. He’s so money (but he can’t get ANY girl he wants).

    I don’t know how I’ll function once we get back to 30-minute episodes!

  13. Ryan is such a jerk!

    I’m glad Pam shut him down at the end! Jim is so awesome…Ryan has made an attempt toward Jim’s ex and current girlfriend and lost out both times!!!!

    He’s cute, but such an ass.

  14. That was intense. It reminded me of Cocktails, except it was a lot better episode.

    So do we think Michael drove into the lake on purpose or is he really that big of an idiot?

    I am hoping Jan steps up for old-school Dunder Mifflin.

  15. I loved this episode. I loved seeing everyone mostly in the office!

    Dwight broke my heart. I was laughing at him, but also sad.

    This one felt so much more like an hour-long episode, rather than two smushed together this week.

  16. WOW, Michael driving into the lake?! That was funny in a really embarrassing way… and the gift baskets, well… we do those at my work LOL

  17. I absolutely lost it when Creed showed up with the dyed hair…..brilliant!

  18. Michael driving into the lake will go down as one of the most classic moments ever on this show! As we tend to say over and over as we watch, “Oh. My. God.”

    P.S. Jenna Fischer is so gorgeous!

  19. I do not understand why the they voiced ‘dundler infinity .com’, i went to the site and it was…nothing. I loved the show. They really gave every character the spotlight!

  20. Eh. Got to say I was a little disappointed. However, I have a feeling I’ll like it more after a second and third viewing.

    There seemed to be a lot of commercials tonight!

    Not liking Toby and Ryan.

  21. Yeah…too long. I thought I’d love an hour Office, but a lot just seemed like filler today.

    On the other hand, Creed dying hair = brilliant

  22. It was so funny to see Ryan get turned down by Pam.. That’s the second time he’s been rejected by a girlfriend of Jim’s.. Anyone notice how Ryan told Kelly that it was Karen who sent the email and not him??

    Too bad Kelly didn’t make him sweat longer.. I think it would have been amusing to see the slimeball squirm..

  23. I’m sorry to disagree, but I loved that episode. I was literarly in tears when Dwight/Angela broke up…but Dwight went through this huge character arch. He just let his feelings out there and came back stronger than ever…GOOD FOR YOU!
    Furthermore, in my opinion, that should’ve been the season opener. And I did not like Toby being such an a-wipe about Jam.

  24. Ick.
    I tried so hard to love this, and I really liked the first thirty minutes, but as a whole, this is probably my least favorite ep of the series. Pam seemed tired in the second half, even Creed was too absurd, and I don’t even think Michael’s dumb enough to drive right into a lake. This would’ve been a better episode if they’d just done Ryan’s return and the funny bit on ageism. This is the first episode that’s ever worried me about the show, but I’m still a fan and I know now that I’ll be a lot happier when hour-longs are a distant memory.

  25. I loved it. I really enjoyed meeting Garbage and hearing about Michael’s “brother.”

  26. Sorry Tanster, I clicked tab a couple times too many, so there’s a blank comment by mistake.

    Anyways, yes, Garbage was hilarious.

    I’m in love with The Office, of course, but I’m kind of happy The Office isn’t usually a 1 hour show.

    Supersized just works better, just 30 minutes instead of 22.

  27. I loved Garbage! And I liked the premiere better too.

    In two hours all the JAMmers will be overanalyzing the “magic” convo. I can’t wait for all the hundreds of comments and the posters named “Garbage” and “Hand over the Turtles.” Godspeed Tanster, for both of us. Mostly you.

    Don’t drive your car in the lake while you’re updating this site on your blackberry.

  28. I thought it was a cute episode with Jim’s “I guess he can’t have every girl he wants” and Dwight’s “She’s wonderful”

    But on the other hand…driving into a lake? Really. Even Michael would not be that stupid. It would have been more believable if the GPS led them through some random back roads or something…but a lake?

  29. Ryan asked out Pam! I thought it was surprising because he always ignored her in the past. But i loved how he was all embarassed when Pam shot him down. Serves him right.

  30. I really loved the episode (Jim and Pam are so friggen cute!) However, I thought it was a little weird that they kept on bringing up old episodes in a really awkward way. Like when Pam mentions Jim’s BBQ. We fans knew that Pam knew about Dwight/Angela during that episode. She didn’t need to spell it out for us. (How would Jim remember that one barbeque that happened 2 years ago anyway?) Other than that, another great episode. These hour-longs are really spoiling me!

  31. I’m confused. The promo for this episode that the ending would be “Big”. What was so big about it? Michael driving into the lake???

  32. 6/10. Though I liked the first half and parts of the second half. But Michael driving his car into the lake was too far-fetched for me. One of those moments where the show loses that element of reality…

  33. Great episode…way better than last weeks, in my opinion. The on-screen chemistry between John and Jenna is great, too.

  34. Personally, I really liked this episode! Much better than the premiere. Definitely will be watching it again tomorrow on NBC.COM.

  35. The reason I like this show is because it is usually at least moderately realistic. The whole part with the car, lake and gift baskets was terrible. None of that is even close to reality.

    Who really intentionally drives a car into a lake? Not even the Michael Scott’s of the world.

    Who goes back into a business they gave a gift basket to and acts like that? Not even Dwight or Michael.

    Everything just felt forced, out of character, and not funny.

    I did like the Ryan and Pam thing, and most of the beginning. The Creed part was good too.

  36. Sprinkles: You are right about Toby.. I felt bad for him at first but he really was being a jerk about the whole thing. Plus, when Pam asked him if the memo was Toby’s cute little way of congratulating them.. he caved rather than standing by the memo. I wonder Toby’s jealousy will be a recurring thing..

  37. That could have possibly been the worst office out of all of the seasons. The writing was completely out of character.

  38. I just think it would have been a great episode if it had been 30 minutes. I was a HUGE advocate for hour-longs during contract negotiations last year, but this is the best proof yet of why the show needs to stick to a half hour format. It would’ve been great if it had just been a cold open outing Jam, bringing back Ryan, Jan’s reappearance and intro to idea of ageism, the ageism seminar with Dunder, and a conclusion with Kelly saying she’s pregnant but the last line being her euphoric, “We have a date!”

  39. I should also remark about what I liked. The nod to the audience by Jim and Pam about losing their “magic” was very clever. Seemed like they were saying they’re a couple and the storylines are shifting. Kelly, Toby, and Creed also delivered great lines. I just thought this was a 35 minute episode.

  40. And Dwight’s attempt with the cat! I mean, I was so ticked at him last episode, but I feel he was really really trying. It was cute.

  41. I don’t even know where to begin. This episode was monumentally disappointing.

    Right off the bat, Toby calling Jim and Pam out for PDA? The S1-3 Toby we all know and love would NEVER have pulled something like that. Strike One.

    Next, Phyllis’ off-the-wall comment to Pam about giving sales to whoever she’s “sleeping with this week”?? Pam and Roy were in about a 10-year relationship. Where does Phyllis (who we all know to be a JAM supporter from ‘Traveling Salesmen’) get off hinting that Pam sleeps around? Strike Two.

    Jim and Pam’s conversation about “going public” ruining the magic between them? That exchange would have fit a lot more nicely if the two of them had actually realized that Dwight and Angela were breaking up. Because they don’t know about Dwangela’s troubles, this whole interaction was forced and horrible to sit through. Strike Three.

    That’s all I can even say. This episode was enough for me to consider finding something new to occupy myself with from 9-10 PM on Thursday nights. All I can say is that I hope these responses are being noted by the writers and that corrections will be made.

  42. Yikes…never really thought I’d be one of these types, but…this episode kind of sucked.

    I thought Jim and Pam’s conversation about the magic being gone was very tacky. I don’t like it when shows are self-referential.

    I’m not a total stickler about the documentary angle usually…but I found it really hard to believe that Angela and Dwight would have agreed to keep their microphones on during their private dinner. I don’t recall them ever being completely open about their relationship to the camera crew in that way.

    Michael driving into the lake too over the top for my taste, especially so shortly on the heels of hitting Meredith.

    Lest I be percieved as a grouch…I did love the whole scene when Ryan first came in, and Jim’s comment about Ryan not being able to have any girl was a great “awww” moment.


  43. “He can’t get ANY girl he wants”


    also loved when kevin called jim “tuna tuna tuna” just to copy andy =)

  44. Although this episode had some great moments, I felt like it fell flat. It seemed as if it was directed or written by somebody else because the characters seemed wooden and the dialogue didn’t cut it. I know I’ll watch it again and again anyway but it just didn’t live up to the standards of previous episodes.

  45. I don’t understand the comments about not liking the awkwardness/weirdness of the feel of the show. That’s the premise, isn’t it? And was driving into the lake any more believable when Michael grilled his foot? Think about it.

    Anyway, I thought this episode was very funny.

  46. I really enjoyed this episode, it was funny and a little dramatic.
    Just gotta say that I know why Michael hates Toby. I like Toby but come on, I really was irked by him tonight.
    Loved all the PB&J stuff. But yeah I think they need another big prank or just another Casino Night kiss, scratch that they need both.
    Poor Dwight, I feel so bad for him. A broken hearted Dwight is awesome and sad. Rainn was excellent.

    Best moment of the show: Definitely Michael driving the car into the lake.

  47. A lot of out-of-character moments from Michael and Dwight.

    But Phyllis’ comment to Pam was REALLY uncalled for and very out of character for someone who used to be Jim/Pam’s biggest flan.

  48. Cash baskets! Also Dwight and Andy’s talking heads in the cold open were great. Only in Dwight’s strange logic could he think that they BOTH can do better.

  49. Can someone please explain the Jim comment at the end about Ryan not being able to get any girl? what is he referring to besides Pam?

  50. I thought this was the slowest paced episode I’ve ever seen. It also felt like a drama more often than it did a comedy. It wasn’t bad, in my opinion…it just wasn’t all that great.

  51. But the burning of the foot was funny. Driving into the lake felt random and unnecessary. And just plain idiotic.

  52. I liked this episode better than last week’s. However, this season has a different “feel.” It seems more aware of itself, less subtle, and the documentary style is really different. Still funny, just different.

  53. Probably like many fans out there, you just didn’t get that feeling from this episode…you know what I mean.

  54. Poor Toby

    Loved Jim’s talking head about Ryan not getting EVERY woman he wants, ha ha ha.

    Oh, and Michael drove into a lake, little far fetched.

    Pretty Good Episode Though

  55. Is it just me or are there fewer talking heads/asides to the camera so far this season??

  56. I love The Office. But this makes me have high standards for The Office, and sorry, but this one kinda sucked. I laughed, yes, but nothing made my jaw drop or my eyes tear. And that’s what I’ve come to expect. Step it up, guys.

  57. I’ve been a big fan of the idea of hour long Office episodes…now I’m not so sure.

    I’m wondering though, if perhaps having to cram all the hour-longs into the beginning of the season was sprung on the writers very late notice, so they are scrambling a bit for material? Does anyone know if that is somewhat the case?

  58. I also thought Phyllis’s comment to Pam was uncalled for BUT I don’t remember her being Jam’s biggest fan. In Traveling Salesmen, didn’t she tell Karen how happy she was that Karen was dating Jim?

  59. I always read these comments, but this is my first post! I had to post and say that this was probably my least favorite episode of the entire series.

    Driving into a lake? Come on! Way too over the top.

  60. Really, I thought this was the funniest episode I’ve seen in a long, long time. Ryan is such a self-serving dork in this episode, Jim and Pam are fantastic, and I LOVE that Ryan asks Pam out and just can’t believe she’d go for Jim instead. Great writing. I can’t wait for next week!

  61. #82 Mike

    I agree completely.

    And what was with the spoiler before the episode with Kelly telling Ryan she was pregnant? That ruined that part of the episode for me.

  62. That Dunder-Mifflin history from Mr. Dunder was great! And Michael just shoving him out the door…I love this show.

  63. “he can’t get ANY girl he wants…”

    ugh, best scene of the night

    overall, not the greatest ep (storyline wise at least), but still really good.

  64. Best part by far was when Ryan tries to ask Pam out.
    “Well, I guess he can’t have EVERY girl he wants.”
    LOVE it. Also, the pb&j high-five-in-the-air when Pam gets asked to make the logo for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. I have to admit that Michael was a little bit TOO outrageous again, even for his character, but I’m hoping that’ll get better.

    As for Toby calling out Pam and Jim for PDA, I don’t really think that was totally out of character. The show’s touched upon Toby’s crush on Pam before, and if Toby wasn’t jealous of Jim and Pam’s relationship at all…well, it just wouldn’t be realistic.

    Overall, still a pretty funny episode.

  65. Jean, I think the only reference Jim was making about Ryan not getting all girls was Pam.

  66. The first half was pretty good. The second half, not so much. And really awkwardly straddling the line between good stuff and cliched sitcom. Yikes. These hour long eps have to end.

  67. I’m so confused. It seems I have the opposite opinions of everyone. I loved Fun Run, it was the perfect premiere, in my opinion. But today, not so much.

    I loved Kelly, which is surprising. She’s going to get Ryan back I can feel it. But other than her, I feel like this was lack luster.

    Phyllis, who is my absolute favorite, was totally out of character. Kevin copying Andy didn’t seem right. Michael seemed a little too bizarre, even for him. And don’t get me wrong, I love all the characters! The Office is the highlight of my week.

    I guess I was hyping it up a little too much, but it is the start of the season and I think we all should be really excited!

    My Prediction: Love Triangle between Dwight, Angela, and Andy. Just you wait for Dwangelandy!

  68. I just so happened to have missed Michael driving into the lake. Now I’m reading all these comments about people hating that part. I really liked the episode, so perhaps that part should have just been cut.

  69. not my fave, but I really think it is due to the hour long format. I will give it another go round when the episode is on NBC.

    poor Dwight :(

  70. Oh come on! While not the best episode of The Office ever this was still funny. Creed’s dye job rocked! Kelly’s squeak when Ryan tells her they aren’t getting back together, Kevin’s mimicking of Andy! Classic! The show is supposed to be a bit awkward. I laughed..a lot.

  71. I thought this was a fantastic episode until Michael drove his car into the lake…then it sort of fell apart into absurdity.

    The ageism conference scene was fantastic, Ryan interacting with pretty much everyone was great, Creed was funny, Kevin and Andy has some good bits.

    As a few people have pointed out, strong start, poor finish.

  72. Yeah, Jan and Kelly were easily my favorite parts of the episode tonight. I have never, ever liked Ryan and it was “his night to shine.” The hour long format is good for very special episodes. This was not one of those episodes. I thought the car/lake was way over the top for The Office, and the gift basket thing was just plain dumb.

  73. I’m sorta on the fence about loving or hating the episode. But I’m optimistic. The cast definitely knows about this website, and SOMEbody in the staff must be reading these comments, so there’s no doubt that they’ll take the criticism to heart and change.

  74. Creed using the ink from the printer to dye his hair, didn’t catch that one the first time, loved this episode.LOVED IT, from beginning to end.

  75. One reason why I think the storyline of this ep was a little weak was because there were so many loose ends to tie up from season 3. Jim and Pam still hadn’t “gone public”, Ryan and Kelly hadn’t been addressed yet; I think a lot of this episode was just trying to straighten things out a bit. Not saying that redeems itself for the weak storyline, just something to think about.

  76. It wasn’t that awful (there were worse episodes last season) but there were too many moments where the show lost its believability. The audience is supposed to “believe” that this is a documentary…S3 and S4 so far have both had too many moments that were unbelievable…Michael driving the car into the lake takes the cake as the most un-Office moment ever. Also, if Michael is such a great salesman then why would he make the awful move of taking the gift baskets back? What a way to lose business. That was definitely out-of-character.

  77. I was laughing out loud too many times to count. I loved the “is the magic gone” exchange…seemed like classic Jim and Pam. I’m so glad they are still doing the same type of joking with each other, etc. Also loved “the printer has no ink” and then the flash to Creed’s hair–brilliant. Phyllis saying “I couldn’t see your hands”…too funny…
    Tonight’s show was no more outrageous than many episodes past.

  78. I’ve got to be honest, I loved this episode! Michael was just the right amount of over the top and Ryan was such a jerk. This was classic “Office” to me.

  79. Yeah, not the best episode.

    I agree with everyone who thought that Phyllis’ comment was WAY out of character, as was Toby’s conduct. I don’t think Jim and Pam’s relationship should have been outed so soon, honestly. The lake was dumb and I would have liked ONE of the gift baskets to work: Michael is a GOOD salesman, not a crazed lunatic.

    Things that were cool:
    -Andy and Kevin as pals
    -Creed’s hair dye and requests for Red Bulls
    -Ryan trying to outsource Kelly’s job to India
    -Jan’s confrontation with Ryan, and she and Michael having lunch
    -Having the Big poster up again (Though I thought he was going to say that “turning into an adult overnight” was a case of ageism)

  80. I really enjoyed this episode, it wouldn’t crack my top-10 of the series or anything, but that was a solid hour of entertainment.

    Creed absolutely STOLE this episode (no pun intended). No one has commented on it yet.. but when he walked into the break room and said to Ryan – “Yo Ra” and asked about Red Bulls I lost it.

    Also I like the Jim/Ryan dynamic. Little tension between them right? Especially when Ryan says “You’ve got to be kidding me”.

  81. I loved it! I enjoyed Fun Run, but laughed out loud a lot more tonight. And while driving into a lake is a bit preposterous, this is Michael Scott we’re talking about! He grilled his foot b/c he wanted to wake up to the smell of bacon…he rented a kiddie inflatable jumping house so he could pretend to commit suicide! It was a stretch, but I don’t think it was out of the realm of believability. The little moments were what made the show so funny for me tonight.

  82. I think they’re loosing the audience a bit. This one hour format was not the way to go for tonight. It was a funny episode, but definitely not like we’re used to.

    I think as soon as the show is 30 minutes again, it will pick up speed again.

  83. 54 | Stefanie – I liked that moment when they referred to the BBQ. It felt very real. I would talk about things like that with my friends/co-workers. And I have a feeling that Jim would definitely remember the first time Pam came to his house and was in his room.

    I loved this episode. I’m going to have to watch it again to pull out my favorite moments.

  84. I for one loved the psychology of Michael desperately clinging on to his outdated business methods. It was a new way of presenting the same Michael. Yes, the lake was ridiculous. But I really enjoyed the episode.

    Ryan’s new character is even more perfect than I had imagined. And oh yes, more Conference Room love.

  85. #113: Agree completely! What has happened is that the writers or producers or SOMEbody is making the HUGE mistake of making this a sitcom. The Office isn’t a sitcom. It’s a parody of real-life office situations, and just-so-happens to have some quirky characters. In the “documentary” setting there is an additional air of realism, such as if filming on video rather than film. If the show turns into a sitcom then the magic will be gone, and once you lose an audience it is very hard to win them back. Hopefully they are paying attention to us fans. Guys, go back to the season 1 and 2 formulas!

  86. I loved it. I liked last week’s, but this one was so much better.

    “Who is this old fart?”

  87. I think the driving into a lake is like Michael. He wants to get back at technology and this way he can.

  88. Hilarious, and way better than Fun Run.

    Michael’s done dumber things than drive into a lake. Besides, it was made obvious in this episode that he’s totally unacquainted with technology – he was just trusting that the machine knew what it was doing in the end.

  89. Wow. What a mixed group of reactions!! I think all the different conclusions people draw from one event/episode is fascinating.

  90. “If you don’t know why that was awesome…you need awesome lessons.”

  91. How exactly is Phyllis acting out of character? She ripped off Pam’s whole wedding! She’s had one night stands. She’s not some sweet old granny… she’s a swinging lady with a hidden attitude. Or something.

  92. 112: I totally agree with you. There was a lot of stuff that needed to be dealt with from last season, and I think these first two episodes have done a good job of wrapping it up. I have loved both episodes, though! I want Andy and Kevin to be friends forever! I think Creed is brilliant. He never fails to impress me.

  93. I thought this episode was hilarious! Favorite part:
    Kelly: I’m pregnant
    2 seconds later to the camera: shaking head ‘no’

    I also loved that they brought back the pictures from season 2

  94. The only thing I didn’t like about the lake was that there was no realistic way for Michael to not know he was driving straight into the lake.

  95. First, I must say I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the premiere. The first half of today’s episode was right on target, in my opinion. The last half…not as much. I didn’t have much of a problem with them going to get the gift baskets back as others have mentioned, but the driving into the lake was a low point for the series. I don’t care how dumb someone supposedly is, you just don’t assume that your car is going to be able to drive over a lake just because your GPS tells you to.

    Part of the problem with the hour long eps, in my opinion, is that they are basically two episodes strung togther with semi-related plots rather than developing one whole plot for an hour. They should either do an hour long episode with a single focus, or just stick with the half-hour episodes, where they won’t feel like they have to follow a common theme.

  96. This episode was really great for me, mostly because Ryan came back and that caused a lot of tension in the office- and Ryan asking out Pam is hilarious, because he’s such a jerk most of the time. In fact, I can’t really think of a time when he’s done something truly nice. I don’t know, someone else can enlighten me.
    And the Phyllis comment about Pam transferring clients or whatever based on “who she’s sleeping with this week” was really kind of odd. I feel like she should be more nice. But maybe that is being ageist.
    I’m excited for the next ep! (And to see what happens with Dwangela…)

  97. 119

    I’d argue that Safety Training was one of the worst episodes, after this one of course, because of that exact scene with the inflatable jumping house.

    These over-the-top scenes are ruining the show. I really hope they will return the characters to character and stop turning this show into every other lame comedy on tv.

    I love this show, and I hate to see it going this direction. Seasons 1 and 2 were spectacular for a reason.

  98. I think the Office is going to start having more believable episodes than Season 3 (like Ben Franklin, Women’s Appreciation, even Beach Games (though I loved it)). Dunder Mifflin Infinity was really realistic, except for the ending (not that it wasn’t funny). And episodes called “Money” and “Local Ad”? Bring it.

  99. 117 | William Dolittle a.ka. Will. Do – I think Ryan was saying “youve got to be kidding me” because every girl Ryan gets interested in has been or is with Jim :P

  100. I have to agree with many of you — this episode wasn’t too good. I’m not exactly sure what didn’t work, but the whole thing just felt “off”. There were some nice and funny moments, but they were few and far between. I was one of the few people who really didn’t want hour long episodes and this is why. Although, I’m not really sure this would have work as a half hour either. Just bad all around. Too many out of character moments, and the awkward moments didn’t work like they have in the past. All shows fall into a slump eventually, I just hope the writers can bring back the show we love before it’s too late.

  101. The lake scene was ridiculous. No question.

    However, I wonder if he did it on purpose. Think about it. He saw the lake coming and did not stop. He was at his breaking point and realized the company that he has worked so hard for was about to change. It happened right after he revealed to that last client that they were in fact updating the company with a new way of doing business.

    I don’t know.

    Maybe I am just trying to make the scene bearable for me to watch a second time.

  102. I have a question. When Ryan said that Karen sent him an email asking him out on a date, and that he said no because he was in a relationship with Kelly….when did this happen. This seems impossible because Jim and Karen were never single during their stay in Scranton, and according to Jim’s story, she was gone right away, and Ryan had already dumped Kelly.

  103. I agree. But at the same time, it IS kind of Michael’s character to go to extreme lengths to make a point. And while driving into the lake was definitely ridiculous, he was able to use it in one of his petty arguments against technology, which I thought was pretty funny.They just dragged that scene out too long in my opinion.

  104. I’ve been reading all of these negative comments and getting depressed… but then I think about some of the moments from tonight’s episode and cheer up.

    Was Michael driving into the lake too over the top? Yes, most certainly. I did not enjoy that part as I so very much enjoyed the other 59 minutes of the hour. Fortunately the episode also contained a conference room scene, some believable post-revelation Jam interaction, Kelly being Kelly, and dozens of other great things.

    I think it is a mistake to load the hour-longs into the first four weeks, but so far as mistakes go, this is a very enjoyable one.

  105. I loved this episode! I feel like the writers are almost reassuring the viewers when they had Jim and Pam addressing whether or not the “magic was gone”. They know what we (the viewers) want to see. And I have complete faith in them.

    So happy the Office is back :)

  106. i have to admit, i am a little worried, and my reaction surprises even me because i thought i would LOVE jam together… unfortunately, i have mixed feelings, and i think it is because they were outed too soon. maybe it has to do with going from one end of the spectrum to the other so fast, but their relationship isn’t as engaging as it was the first couple of seasons. not that i didn’t love ryan being blatantly denied after hitting on pam or jim’s response to it. even the air high five was way cute! i’m just hoping the writers will keep it realistic. also, i love how michael’s back story is being subtly revealed — like the part about the exchange student and the blue jeans. i’d definitely like to hear more about each character’s past in those unintrusive ways.

  107. I think he was just saying that. Remember he asked JIm about an email that HE had sent Karen, not the other way around. Verrryyyy sleazy, that Ryan

  108. Wow, I disagree with most of the post, in that I thought the lake scene was great. Michael gave technology a try and that’s where it got him. I also think this episode was true to the show.

  109. am i the only one who thinks that Michael drove his car into the lake on purpose? to show everyone how ‘bad’ technology is?

    overall, an awesome episode. one of my favourites in a long time, there were so many great moments!

  110. I don’t think the hour long episodes are working as well as they thought they would. I watch 30 Rock before The Office, and I think I laughed more in the half an hour of 30 Rock then I did the whole Office hour.

  111. #141- I think the implication there is that Ryan turned the story around for his own argument. Because he brings it up before Jim and Karen’s six month anniversary (in Women’s Appreciation I think) saying he sort of asked her out on a date when they first came (came back for Jim) to Scranton. Or the writers messed up. I’m more inclined to think Ryan said it to make Kelly jealous, or something.

  112. A few months ago I read an article about people that were getting into accidents (driving into ditches, wooded areas, ponds, ect) because they were following the directions of their GPS systems. If this happens in real life it’s not that shocking that it would happen to Michael.

    I thought that the episode was hilarious and on point.

  113. 138

    My point exactly!

    He’s saying “you’ve got to be kidding me” because of that, and how he can’t believe he’s losing out to him. I could totally see these two having another clash somewhere down the road..

  114. what was the quote that Michael said about old people having rights when he was talking to Jan?

  115. Also, one more comment: I LOVED Michael’s talking head about not being able to go on to second grade. I kinda missed it and then I was like, what? OH my god! Too funny. Oh Michael. Why are you…the way that you are?

  116. The thing I didn’t like about the first half was Jim and Pam pointing out the Big and Ben Kingsley pictures being repeats. Hi, I’ve seen those episodes. I think we all have. And, are Jim and Pam dating? It’s not entirely clear.

  117. Kristina #116 – I agree. I was also hoping that one of the gift baskets would have worked, because I think it would have redeemed Michael a little. Instead, he just ended up looking like a crazed fool. Michael hasn’t always made sound business decisions, but deep down he’s a good salesman. This episode completely missed that.

    I’m really hoping they get things back on track. This is the first episode that didn’t make me laugh.

  118. This episode was great. The characters act differently sometimes because the plot is progressing–they are reacting to new situations. Very, very funny. I loved it.

  119. You know, if we had only heard about Michael driving into the lake because the GPS lady told him to do so, it would have been funny. Hilarious. Classic Michael.

    Or if Michael and Dwight had been engrossed in conversation and Michael didn’t think twice about making the right turn and then they wound up in a lake, it would have been funny.

    But the fact that Michael saw the lake from yards away and Dwight was screaming at him really took it completely out of the realm of believability.

    Still, I liked the subtle parts of the episode. Jan and Ryan interraction – “Love the beard, keep it forever.” So great!

  120. Anyone notice that Michael was wearing his ‘womens suit’ this ep.? I swear he was….

  121. So this may be silly, but perhaps they are doing this on purpose: the whole “one big episode that feel like two thing” so it’ll be ok to re-run just one part when it goes to, say, TBS.

    Just a thought.

  122. I didn’t really have a problem with the whole lake thing. Michael was at the end of his rope at that point and plus it was a rented car anyway. He was “challenging” this great technology and it (of course) failed him.

    The only thing to me that seemed out of character was him going back and demanding the basket back. I didn’t see the point in that scene, it almost felt like filler.

    Everything with Ryan and the actual in-office moments were great though!!

  123. I will say that I liked Angela’s line about Pam being the “office mattress,” and I liked that Jan came in for lunch with her man (though I saw cracks in her domestic facade when she talked with Ryan). I still think this would’ve been better if it had just focused on Ryan’s return and ageism, but the JAM factor isn’t what turned me off to this one. I think they’re handling that new relationship well (though that “magic” conversation confused me). The thing turning me off is over-the-top Michael and filler content.
    Also have to say I LOVED Michael playing with his blackberry and the list of TWSS.

  124. I thought i would hate jim and pam dating because i LOVED the awkward scenes between them but i actually love it!!
    how cute were they? just watching them makes me smile.
    When pam told ryan she was dating jim and the camera panned to jim waving but not looking at them i died laughing.
    Also.. kudos to mindy kaling on the best acting i’ve ever seen from her. I laughed harder at her conversation with ryan than anything else in the hour and a half of thrity rock and the office.

  125. PS- Jinx…I totally agree with you and Christina about the baskets, one of them should have worked. Michael is a good salesman, and between him and someone feeling sorry for a freshly dumped (it’s over Michael) Dwight, one client should have come back and shown that it’s not always the technology that wins

  126. 141

    In ‘women’s appreciation’ when all the guys were in the restroom, didn’t Ryan say to Jim that he sent an email to Karen and asked her out? So I was curious when he said it the other way this episode.

  127. Wow, guys. I gotta say, and don’t hate me for this, but this may have been the least funny episode in Office history…

    I almost feel like throwing up in my mouth for just thinking that. But that’s how I feel. But it’s also early. Things might change with a second viewing.

    But I doubt it.

  128. So, I’m fully aware this will be a VERY polar ep, like “Phyllis’ Wedding”. What I will say before the negative talk begins is that we witnessed Michael getting 100% broken by Ryan. Like Andy punching a wall but amplified. That’s awkward to watch and sometimes hard to find funny. But it’s Michael and that’s how he is.

    Waiting to re-watch later – then I’ll have my full opinion.

  129. Wow, this site is busier than ever before! (I guess thats a very good thing :) )
    I haven’t read anyone’s comments, but I thought this episode was so funny. I felt so bad for poor Toby. And Jim gloating about Ryan not being able to get every girl, fantastic.

  130. #155 — Yes, Jim and Pam are dating. The ‘magic is gone’ conversation was just a joke between them.

  131. Another great episode that some fans hate. All well, the writers can’t please everyone. As far as 30 Rock goes, it was absolutely hilarious. But The Office had just as many laugh out loud moments. And yes the magic of JAM is gone for SOME FANS ALREADY as well as JAM themselves. And c’mon, even though it was ridiculous, I laughed for 5 minutes after that water scene. Michael had obviously thought he could trust technology while in reality it let him down. Also, Creed with dyed hair and botox forehead was laugh out loud funny.

  132. @161

    I’m sure that is part of the reason, but there has to be a better way than mashing two episodes together and pretending they’re one hour-long episode.

    I’m sure the season will get better ( I wasn’t impressed with the first two eps last season either) and I have no doubt the Office will be back on track in no time.

  133. Please don’t let the breakup between Dwight and Angela be permanent. It would break my heart.

  134. I thought this episode was great :)

    Angela always makes me laugh. The whole “office mattress” cracked me up.

  135. This is why i like half-hour episodes. It’s a lot less confusing. The first half hour was great and then came the second which wasn’t as funny.
    However, it seems like just a big set up for the rest of the season. I’m sure we’ll come to appreciate it.
    The “coup” was one of my least favorite episodes last year, but it certainly made sense later in the season (traveling salesman). Let’s hope this is the same.

  136. I loved that the picture from “Big” was back! And Kevin and Andy as a duo were great. And the camera man was in the backseat again instead of having the lame lipstick camera! Hooray for this episode!

  137. Visit here often/daily but never posted but just wanted to say so far I’ve been a bit disappointed with the new season, there have been funny moments and good moments but there are a lot of head scratching what the …? moments. This episode was just ok to me and I truthfully can’t wait for it to go back to the half hour format which will hopefully bring the show back to some normalcy. It hasn’t been terrible but it hasn’t felt the same and it’s not because of PB&J being out there, it has just been strange and all over the place with the story and the characters.

  138. oh and kelly was absolutely amazing in this episode!

    i think deep down ryan has feelings for her, he’s just ashamed of them.

  139. The old Dunder Mifflin website was hilarious, as was the breakroom scene with Kevin, Andy and Ryan!
    And Creed..”get my bull-on” come on guys!
    I liked this way more than Fun-Run.

  140. Ugh. Voted 1. Tonight’s was one of the five worst eps of the show’s history. I get it; Jim and Pam do the sarcastic stuff. Michael was dumber than ever, if that’s possible. And I’m sick of the boardroom scenes. Here’s how they all go: Michael does something stupid. Dwight loyally follows or asks some inane questions. Andy brown noses. Jim and Pam ask sarcastic questions. Stanley does crosswords. Meredith, if there, gets excited over alcohol prospects. Angela is disgusted.

  141. This episode was really funny and I found myself really enjoying it. Then Michael drove the episode into the lake.

    Hopefully the half-hours will redeem these first couple episodes of Season 4.

  142. #172: The Shoah Foundation is an organization founded to record and preserve the history of people who lived through the Holocaust. Thousands of Nazi’s fled to Argentina following WWII. An ongoing joke of Dwight’s is that he has family members who were Nazi’s.

    #176: It’s not just about a one-hour show. Sadly, the show lost a lot of its luster during most of last season, as a large number of fans will attest to. The show is being turned into a sitcom. If it isn’t stopped it will die.

  143. Another awesome awesome episode. So many great moments. “The office mattress”. Jan and Ryan. Ryan and Kelly. Ryan and Pam (Jim’s quote). Dwight and Michael. Holy wow. I know that a lot of things have changed and the characters are different, but how could you not find Michael driving into the lake hysterical? Come on guys, change is good, give it time. The only things that upset me were Toby going off on Pam and Jim. What was that? I knew Toby would be mad but I never thought he would really do something like that. And the Dwangela break up. Dwight crying is almost too much to handle. Awesome episode though, my fav so far!

  144. After further reflection, I don’t recall laughing out loud once, a former staple of my Office watching diet. I had a couple of laughs at 30 Rock tonight, but none with The Office. I snickered at Kelly shaking her head “no” to the marriage thing, but never any hard laughter.

    I’m very disappointed right now, and that’s saying something considering this is a TV show and I’m actually kind of upset.

  145. that was an awesome episode. I think the one hours are the right length. The half hours seemed too rushed to me.

  146. I really enjoyed this episode. I liked it even a little bit better than “Fun Run.” I actually felt sorry for Dwight which I guess I can credit to great acting. Creed gives an excellent performance. His character may be one dimensional but he delivers laughs every times. Michael and Dwight botching the gift basket idea was really strange. I’m not sure where they are going with this. Kelly’s dress was Laugh out loud funny, and so was Michael playing around with the Blackberry. Driving the Car in the lake is definitely one of the funniest moments ever in the show. I really want to see Jan put Ryan in his place. I think this has been a great start to the season. Go back and watch it again.

  147. Ever notice that every girl that Jim has or is dating Ryan has considered asking out. Katy, Karen, and now Pam. Hmmm

  148. So good. Delicious good. It *felt* like “The Office” again. Nothing better than Michael and Dwight on a hopeless mission, and Michael’s faith in his own dumbness. And Ryan becoming his full dickish self, and Kelly being Kelly, and the fact that Andy finally has a friend in Kevin of all people. Brilliant. And knowing that even in a tracksuit, somewhere deep inside the heart of Corporate Jan beats strong and mean. Love her.

  149. Jim and Pam need to start pranking Ryan. Also, Creed died his hair with printer ink. Awesome.

  150. i miss the half hour format too, but on a positive note, michael’s talking head about the VERY expressive twinkle in ryan’s eye was my favorite talking head in a long, long time

  151. I definitely feel that they are building up to something super hysterical here. With the whole dundermifflininfity thing~ I can just feel something building up…

    Jim and Pam Are too cute… I need more pranks though!

  152. There’s definitely a different dynamic this year – but trust the writers :)! I think its just going to take some time to a) set it all up and b) for us to get used to it :)
    Fancy New Beesley was definitely a change but that was for the better! Now we have Evil Corporate Ryan and Psycho Jan and… surprisingly blunt Phyllis……

  153. I actually liked this episode more than last week’s. I just don’t think that the “realism” of the show should be questioned, since it will never be truly real. Not even reality shows are truly real.

    For me, this was entertaining. However, I have to agree with most of you, while I thought that 1 hour episodes were going to be great, they feel way too long. Last time, it felt like two complete episodes. This time, it was more cohesive, but way too long still

  154. Do you actually believe Michael drove into the lake on accident? I think he clearly did it on purpose. Michael was at his wits end with Ryan and decided it was time to show Ryan technology wasn’t great.

  155. I love the first 2 hour long episodes. They are taking it in a slightly different direction BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO! It’s the characters moving on. Everything seemed in character to me. Michael has done 150 asinine things in the past 3 years. How is this one shocking?

  156. Let me just say that I have no complaints with the first half. None. Thought it was great, and the scene with Garbage is an instant favorite. I even kind of liked the cold-open and the reveal of Toby’s somewhat dark side.

    As for the second half…….yikes. There are no words. It was bad. Really bad. I honestly thought the car-in-the-lake was cheap comedy and that’s not what I expect from The Office. I actually cringed out of pity when that scene played. And not pity for Michael or Dwight, but for the writers.

    The hour format doesn’t work. The second half was so bad, it ruined the first half for me. Maybe on DVD they’ll break it out into 2 episodes? That way I’ll never have to watch it again. A girl can dream….

  157. #97 Kari
    I totally agree with you! Especially watching the dynamic between Jan and Ryan. She may be dressed down and out of a job, but she’s still as fearless as ever. I also liked watching Ryan’s exterior/interior conflict. He’s so “important” now but still sat down and shut up when Michael told him to.

    I thought the JAM scenes were fun… Especially loved them finding out about their shared Dwangela knowledge and Jim seeing his girl shoot down big corporate Ryan. Kind of a sweet parallel of Jim rejecting the big corporate job & Karen.

  158. I love the fact that Jim is taking a leadership role and undermining Michael sometimes, like when Pam wanted to help Dunder get home. It shows that Jim is taking his job seriously.

    One of the things that was really cool about last season seemed to be the length of the scenes – – the cast could do an entire scene without any edits in it. No back and forth, just one camera moving to the speaking characters, sometimes out of focus. We need longer scenes, they are trying to weave too many story lines into one episode.

    On that same note, the reaction shots aren’t quite the way they were last season. For example, the shot of Jim waiving at Ryan after Pam told Ryan that they were dating was hilarious – more of that needs to happen.

    I agree with previous commentors that have said we need more pranks and more Jim/Dwight interactions. I got hooked on The Office by the episode Conflict Resolution because of how hilarious the pranks were!

    All in all, not bad, but not great. I’ll keep watching because I know they will hit their stride.

  159. I loved the scene where Jim shows us the Dunder Mifflin website that has been under construction since 2002. Over all it was a “shrug the shoulder” episode for me, but what season doesn’t have one or two of those right? I am not at all worried about the direction that the show is going in

  160. Thanks Dov, that joke was lost on me. Great episode through to the finish. Kelly and Toby reached a new low in pathetic and a new high in hilarity. I loved that Kelly mentioned the fact that she’d dated mostly black guys so that there would be little doubt to who “fathered” her “child.” And Toby, it’s time to get over Pam…whatever happened to your date at Phyllis’ wedding?

  161. I really don’t like how Pam and Jim are treating Michael. Before they at least let him feel like he had some sort of authority over him and now they are both being very pushy. I just don’t like that very much – they used to have that adorable empathy for Michael and would help entertain his thoughts, but now it seems like they don’t care about him anymore.
    Before you know it – he won’t be their ho no mo….

  162. Say what you will about Michael Scott, but I know he would drive his car into a lake on purpose just to show how bad technology is after getting such a warm response to it at the lawyer’s office. He must prove himself right (or bear right haha) no matter the cost.

    He should be fired if word got out about his outburst over the turtles, but I’m sure corporate would understand after he had just driven his car into a lake (they might believe it was an accident) and was under emotional stress at the time.

    Jim was amazing in this episode as was Kevin and Andy.

    I think these two initial episodes are setting up for an awesome season and I think that anyone who didn’t like tonight’s episode would beg to differ later on as I’m sure its setting us up for the events in the storyline (as The Coup did for the Traveling Salesman)

  163. The first half was great, I was loving it. Very funny, and there were important revelations made. Unfortunately, the second half drifted quickly into absurdity. I gave it a 7/10.

  164. Interesting, #204. I felt like last week’s premiere might have been trying a bit too hard and felt that the characters didn’t always have the same tone to them. Tonight I felt like it was more normal. Both weeks had better halves to them. (Last week’s better half was the second half and this week I liked the first half better.) But no matter what, it’s still The Office, 100 times better than any show! :)

  165. I don’t know if I’m the only one who caught it but Creed definitely used the printer ink to dye his hair…Michael said they ran out of ink and that’s why he reused some pictures then they panned right to Creed, which was brilliant.

  166. @ 141: I also was wondering about that.

    I loved the episode. I am easily amused though. I can’t believe nobody has said anything about Andy’s pants… and what the heck is SHOA or whatever the group is that kept Dwight out of Columbia?

  167. My favorite moment was when Jim said “I guess Ryan can’t have *any* woman he wants.” Throughout the episode Ryan was quickly showing us that he is the complete opposite of Jim–and in the end Jim wins. And Pam is the perfect prize. It was great to see toolbox Ryan attempting to hit on her, because Pam is a hottie–in Scranton or New York.

    Also, every Kelly moment in every episode from the first slap to the last fake pregancy is my favorite moment.

  168. I think we’ve bitten off a little more than we can chew as fans asking for the show’s format to be moved to an hour long. It reminds me of the time when Who Wants to be a Millionaire was first on television. At first, it was this great, once a week show and we couldn’t help but want to watch and we wanted to see it more often. Then, once they put it on every day or every other day of the week (I don’t remember which), it lost it’s luster and people stopped watching and enjoying. It was too much of a good thing (this is back when Regis was host, of course…Meredith Viera, yuck). I think we’re running into the same problem here: too much of a wonderful thing.

    But I have faith, as you all should too as loyal and devoted fans of the show, that the magic will return once the half-hour format does. Have faith! Greg Daniels knows what he’s doing. That’s why he’s writing, producing and directing the show and we’re all sitting behind computer screens discussing it. Trust the man.

  169. I actually thought that having the cameras with Angela and Dwight in the restaurant was useful b/c it was almost as if Angela was “trying so hard” for the benefit of the cameras–and then she just gave up and left.

    Also…I LOVE the hour-long episodes. The 1/2 hour (20 min, really) shows are way too short and the deleted scenes on the DVDS prove that they usually have to cut out many hilarious moments.

    I say hats off the the writers and actors. Keep it up.

  170. I like all of the story lines in this season but for one thing. The way they are making Michael is embarrassing. I mean, he was always embarrassing, but not stupid, or dumb. They are making him almost like he is completely unfit for his job. The writers are going in the right direction with the growth of Jim and Pam along with other characters.

  171. I think it’s very tough to have a solid hour-long episode. That being said, I enjoy watching Pam and Jim as a couple. It’s like watching a science experiment or something.

    I am conditioned to watch Jim/Pam interaction a certain way (based on 3 seasons, plus UK Office really since Tim/Dawn didn’t get together until the end, end), and so now every Jim/Pam interaction I’m like “Hmm, interesting.” Anyway, I find it fascinating myself.

  172. 204-Sarah

    I have to agree somewhat. I have been watch The Office since Episode 1 and have not missed an original airing of an episode yet, but these first 2 episodes of this season left much to be desired. I think it has more to do with the fact they are an hour long. I had been a huge proponent for making this show an hour long, but I now see the err of my desires. These episodes have seemed empty; tonight, for the first time ever I actually looked at the time and wanted the episode to end, and I did not like that feeling.

    30 minutes always felt too short, but an hour is too long (aside from 1 or 2 special episodes a season. Too bad they can’t do super-sized episodes all the time, because they fit just right.

  173. I kinda don’t get the argument about the “is the magic gone” reference. C’mon, these two characters play around all the time, and this kind of stuff doesn’t seem odd for them to say…..on another note, I hate Ryan.

  174. I loved this episode! Yes, it was not like an episode that was in seasons 1,2 or 3, but that’s what I think was great about it. It was something new, but still had the comedy, the great acting, the fabulous writing and was still shocking like it always has been. I am waiting until the show gets back to just 30 minutes, but I am loving the fact that we can see Jim, Pam, Michael, Dwight and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin employees for an half hour longer! Yes, the storyline perhaps gets too crazy or dragged on at times, but this is our show! We need to stick by it! I will always watch this show, and I am very excited for next week! I Hope everyone will still be watching at the end of the season!

  175. Michael + car … hilarity ensues

    anything else thus far … eh

    can he keep it up for another twenty-something episodes?

    if he can’t, i’m worried.

  176. There have only been TWO episodes. There are still 26 left. The “Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series” Emmy was not won in vain. Just give it time.

  177. All I have to say is that The Office, even if it is going through a transition phase, is still one of the best shows on TV. I loved both episodes and I trust that the amazing writers know what they are doing and will make this season great. I agree that more pranks need to be pulled but I feel like it will all come in due time. Greg Daniels can do no wrong… trust him.

  178. There were many things that I really enjoyed about this episode, a lot of which have been listed already. I have to re-watch to gather my thoughts and list my favorite moments.

    It’s good to have The Office back.

  179. This episode was a little confusing, as a lot of people have been saying, but have faith! I really don’t think we can assume anything until the season ends. The writers are smart people. They know what they are doing. I didn’t expect season 3 to be as good as it turned out, so I am not giving up hope for this show.

    Seriously, though, I’d LOVE to see Andy and Angela get together. That would be HILARIOUS. and Dwight would be so furious it would make him even funnier and more ridiculous.

  180. I wish they would go back to the half hour format already. I realize now that the hour long episodes only work as little treats here and there and should never ever be done consecutively. The first half was brilliant especially Creed’s printer ink hair and Kelly’s psychotic efforts but the second half seemed a little forced.

    P.S. – I about cried when Dwight said “Don’t do this Monkey”, at least I believe it went something like that. Poor Possum.

  181. To add upon my previous comment, why does NBC have these promos for all the relationships on The Office (especially Jim/Pam) and not on the funny; and then Jim and Pam are like barely in the episode. I’m cool with the cutesy, generic Jim/Pam stuff but where are the Jim and Pam “Dwight-tormentors”?

    Why is Michael they only one putting out the funny in these episodes? Where are all the funny moments brought to us by the rest of the cast? I think Greg Daniels (I hope not though) may be to blame for this, if not the NBC suits. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way, but something is missing this season and it may have been a slow progression developing since the end of season 2, when the show was at it’s best.

  182. I agree with most of the comments made. I am a little frustrated with the beginning of this season and I don’t think the 1 hour episodes are working right now. But I know things will improve. I felt this way at the beginning of last season. I see some big and hilarious turns in the future. But they need more inside the OFFICE scenes. That is the show’s “bread and butter.” Still an awesome show though writers and cast! Where are the turtles!?!?!?!

  183. I would have thought Michael driving into a lake was over the top if it hadn’t been for the experience of (my ex) driving off road into a wooded area when we were lost in NJ by listening to the GPS system a few years ago. Plus, that scene got us one of the greatest lines of the evening (“… and computers are about trying to murder you in a lake.”).

    It was just enough Jim/Pam for me. Now that they’ve been outed to the rest of the office, they can settle back into the background where their story belongs. I do love the chemistry between the two, but it has always been best when understated.

    Creed and Kelly? (D)awesome in both respects.

    Almost cried over Dwight and Angela, though. I didn’t realize how much I was rooting for them until now.

  184. And I almost forgot about Garbage! I’m allergic to cats, but I totally want to adopt him. Right now.

  185. Jim and Pam are just that: “Jim and Pam”. I found part of that magic was gone in season 3, because they weren’t “together” in any sense. In fact, at some points they weren’t even talking. Granted, the much talked about “tension” was there, but with a slightly darker tone to it because Karen was a great girl (hey, there was no one rooting for “Team Roy” while Pam and Roy were together).IMHO, Jim and Pam talking about how the magic was gone was one of the cutest JAM moments. It’s the pairing that makes me watch, not the pining. I don’t want Ross and Rachel. I want my PB & J.
    Although I do feel bad for Toby….. maybe Pam has a twin sister she hasn’t mentioned yet…..

  186. I’m sure all the things being complained about will pan themselves out as the season goes on and we see the overall story unfold. This was a really funny episode, hands down.

    To The Office cast and crew- Keep up the good work. You’ve done an excellent job of making me laugh thus far this season, and I’m excited to see where you take the story line.

  187. While this may not be everyone’s favorite episode, remember that S3 didn’t start off very strong either. They’re setting up for a new season’s storylines: Angela and Dwight broke up to give them a new challenge, Kelly and Ryan’s story was wrapped up a little (while still leaving room for more later on), Jim and Pam are official and out in the open, Dunder Mifflin is moving into a new age… It’s necessary for these plots to begin now so that they can continue through the rest of the season.

    I think the episodes will get better once we get deeper into the season, but c’mon. The whole Kelly/Ryan thing was great. It wasn’t like the entire episode wasn’t funny at all.

    My main criticisms are just that 1) we need to bring the focus of Jim’s character back to his interactions with and pranks on Dwight rather than JUST his relationship with Pam and 2) there should be more back and forth banter, like that scene in Casino Night where Michael is talking about Afghanistanies with AIDS.

  188. did anyone else notice that if you listen closely when Andy congratulates Jim on the “cash basket” and he says, “good job JOHN” instead of Jim.

  189. Loved it all–can’t wait to watch it again (mostly because I didn’t see Andy’s pants…).

    Loved this line of Michael’s:
    “Game, Set, Match. Point. End of Game. Game over.”

  190. Re 188, Katie: I agree. Ryan seems to love the sloppy seconds.

    I am trying very hard to reserve my judgment about this episode. I need to watch it again. I just miss the 30 minute episodes. They are definitely stronger.

    I just don’t think Michael is stupid enough to drive it into a lake. I also don’t think he did it on purpose.

  191. I’m happy pam isn’t looking at porn in this episode. Not all people have LA’s obsession with sex. The office has gone too far at some points but is mostly a smart funny clean show and i hope it stays this way.

  192. wow, nothing really more to be said than what’s already been said. say what you will about the half-hour format, but this was the perfect first half-hour, followed by mediocre deleted scenes for the DVD.

  193. Do you think this Ryan/Pam thing will be explored further this season? I think they could very well make it so that Ryan gets in the way of Jim and Pam…but if anything, it would make me hate Ryan even more, which I did not think was possible.

  194. From all the negative responses to this episode, I was expecting the worse. I really liked this episode. Not the best, but not as bad as people were saying. The only part that seemed over the top was Michael trying to get the basket back. Everything else seemed normal.

    I like how DMI is integrating with the show.

  195. I was so rooting for you, Dwight and Michael. Their day will come.

    However, how awesome was it that Jim completely owned Ryan? HEE, his little hand wave. Oh Jim.

    I will say this episode felt a little off. The first half? So so great. Second half felt a little odd…a little…messy? I don’t know. I still enjoyed the episode, but it did feel off. Were the writers planning for each hour-long to be viewed as 2 episodes? I forget.

    Oh, one last thing? Dwight meltdown? Finally.

  196. I love Dwangela and if they don’t get back together by the next episode I am going to lose my freaking mind! I thought driving into the lake was a little too much but I love when Michael stops kissing up to people and acts more like a man than a little boy. Although doing stuff to a guys couch is kind of second grade but it’s not like they’re going to lose that guy’s business. Kevin and Andy are my vote for the next great buddy cop movie.

  197. I was very happy with the episode – much better than last week. I was laughing out loud the whole hour.

  198. Great episode. I dare say that it’s one of the best ever.

    -Creed pretending he’s 29 and using ink from the copier
    -Kelly faking pregnancy
    -Angela leaving the toothbrush on the tire
    -Toby’s jealousy
    -The magic being ‘gone,’ which I think is a nod to the insane Office fans, most of whom are on this website, who think the show is going to go downhill now that Jim and Pam are together
    -Garbage the cat
    -The funny joke Angela ‘heard’
    -Michael remembering that his former client’s daughter is allergic to almonds
    -Ryan the FIRE GUY!

    Wow – just an amazing episode on almost every front. I can’t wait to re-watch it on NBC.com.

  199. I will say that for me, I often feel differently about an episode the second or third time I see it than I did the first time. I do agree with many comments here: the first half was much funnier than the second half, and I feel the pacing of the show is suffering from the hour-long format. Sometimes it works, like in “The Job,” but this time, it didn’t. But it did have its moments (Garbage, Creed’s hair, several of the scenes w/ Ryan). I’ve learned that when I’m initially disappointed in the episode, it’s often better when I revisit it later. Happened to me just last week with “Fun Run.”

  200. I actually liked this episode a lot better than last week’s. In all honesty, though, the show hasn’t really felt like itself since the beginning of the third season. Even last season it started losing its documentary feel and its more subtle, realistic humor. I still love it, but I feel like this new tone people are talking about has been a long time coming…

  201. ok, Tanster, or anyone, let me know if you caught this… watching the DVR, and verified I am hearing it.

    Jim says: “What about a basket full of cash?”
    Andy responds: ‘YES! Cash basket!”

    then very faintly you her/see Ed Helms (Andy) mumble “Nice work John” to John/Jim

    wonder why they left that in? probably some inside joke… cool.

    Michael is getting over the top, but still LOVED this episode, even more the 2nd time thru.

  202. I hate Ryan too. So very, very much.

    I liked this one better than Fun Run, anyway. And I’m so sad for Dwight! But yeah, uh, now that we have fun Jim back, where the hell are the pranks?

  203. I would like to say that Ryan has it coming. He sooooo soooo has it coming. The writers made him self-aware in season 1, slightly snarky in season 2, a jerk in season 3, and a full out *bleep* in season 4. The suits, the beard, the Blackberry… I cannot wait for it all to blow up in his face. Let’s face it- someone like Ryan can’t succeed. Yes, he has an MBA, but he has never actually been in business. Yeah, he was a temp, but he never made a sale and he doesn’t really know how business is done. I cannot wait to see this all backfire in his face.

  204. Well count me as someone who really enjoyed tonight’s episode. I was sad to see the possible demise of Dwangela (still holding out hope); laughed at Ryan’s attempts to be ‘big city’ (I’m with Kev — he’s still Fire Guy) and his botched attempt at asking Pam out; cringed at and winced for Michael. So much to enjoy! Like Creed’s makeover (lol) that I will probably watch it again. :-)

  205. About Michael knowing the former client’s daughter is allergic to almonds.. what was that about? At first I thought it was a sign that the client was going to change his mind about Dunder Mifflin but that obviously never happened..

    Was the purpose of that line just to freak the client out a little bit?

  206. Enjoyable episode. Good work, everyone involved in making it. Two home runs in a row. Anyone else smell a great season in the making?

    You’d never know Jenna had suffered an injury from the way she acts on screen. She’s doing a thoroughly professional job. Her kiss of Jim in the cold opening was so sweet.

    The Dwight/Angela developments are very interesting to me. More so than the whole Karen arc was last year.

    I liked last week’s episode (fun run) a little more. In that episode Michael was making me laugh almost every line. But this was a solid episode too. I can’t complain.

  207. When this episode ended, I said “That’s it?”

    I haven’t re-watched it, so I’ll probably like it more the second time. I think it was a great 20 minute show, being stretched far too thin. There were many funny moments (even some great ones – Creed’s hair and Toby denying PB&J a love contract), but overall it felt “off.”

    I also think I’m quite alone in thinking Fun Run was one of, if not, the best episodes ever, and feeling this was a 6/10 or 7/10 episode.

    I have faith in the writers. The season will pick up pace. It just faltered on its second step.

    “Kinky. I don’t swing that way!”

    (PS – does anyone feel like Jim is doing a great job of hiding the fact that he’s unhappy? Something about his reactions seem fake. I don’t know if it’s subtle acting or my imagination.)

    More pranks!

  208. That deleted scene was completely hilarious and episode-worthy. Check out the new nick.

  209. Oh, another thing. Did anyone think there was going to be some awkwardness at Jim’s line: “We should’ve gotten together a long time ago.”? I mean…wow.

  210. Ryan was so mean I wanted to cry. I mean, look at poor Michael in the first deleted scene clip.

  211. I loved tonight’s episode…I agree that it may have been a little drawn out, but it had so many GREAT lines and situations. I was cracking up the whole hour. The cast is just amazing. I loved the scene with Phyllis, Jim and Pam in the lunch room and Jim’s talking head afterwards. Totally great.

    Also – re post #217 – I think Andy said “Nice work Tuna” to Jim.

  212. A couple other things:

    I really like the tension with Ryan and Jim. Just the whole idea that Ryan took the job and Jim’s seeing what could have been him. And you could clearly see that Jim did not like the new Ryan.

    It showed that Jim knew he made the right choice and he’s happy about it. He got the girl. Ryan tried to ask out Pam and Jim laughed about it. But ultimately, the writers are going to have to go back and deal with Jim stuck at Dunder Mifflin.

    Did anyone get the feeling that there might be tension in the future if Pam finds a new role in the company? Of ‘course Jim will support her, but I wonder if it’ll help him realize that he has to find out what he wants to do. This wasn’t supposed to be Jim’s career. So I really hope the writers explore that this season. :)

  213. 236 – After the cash basket comment, Andy actually says “good work, Tuna”… not “good work John”.

    I love this show and try to just enjoy it and not be critical, but I really didn’t enjoy this episode, and I think that’s the first time I can ever say that. I watched it twice, and it didn’t get any better the second time. There were 4 straight scenes tonight that went from Jim/Pam, to Ryan/Kelly to Dwight/Angela to Michael/Jan. I don’t want to watch a soap opera about relationships, I want to laugh and see the amazingly great office humor that we can all relate to. I hope Michael didn’t “jump a shark” tonight when he drove into the lake.

    My favorite scene was Kevin and Andy, and Kevin saying “Tuna, tuna, tuna”. That’s the good stuff.

  214. Nick1, Toby does have a thing for Pam. It shows up in Season 3 a bit, and in lots of the deleted scenes.

  215. no matter how many cons. this show is ALWAYS spot on. best show on television.

    another pro.

    michael re-using some of the photos from when he burnt his foot.


    “I guess he can’t get any girl he wants” oh yeah. team jam. pb&j.

  216. I agree w/ #116 and some others, but I”m too tired to go back and give credit. I could have handled the lake by itself (and maybe michael trying to sue the GPS) but not the gift basket retrieval, and I too was hoping 1 of the gift baskets would work.

    I loved Jim waving after Ryan tried to ask Pam out, and Jan being more normal and in control, and Kelly, and Garbage, and Creed’s hair-ink. Also agree w/ whoever said it was strange that the camera crew followed Dwangela to the restaurant. I liked it w/ Garbage, w/ the security cam shots.

    I do like the call-backs to previous episodes, that is one of my favorite things – but not when they make it obvious, like Pam pointing out the pictures, or in the job, when she talked about Jim saying “absolutely I do” – these are treats for the die-hard fans to find, not to be knocked over the head with.

  217. Absolutely loved this episode. Not a minute wasted. Kelly was great in this one. I couldn’t stop laughing. I was hoping they would stretch out the pregnancy a little longer, but oh well. I can’t wait to see what Kelly and Dwight will do to win back their “loves” back.

  218. 267: We know Toby has a thing for Pam from prior seasons, especially when he tries to avoid his fatherly obligations for her.

    This episode redeemed the writers for the mistake that was Fun Run. Here they were back to shifting the dynamic while slowly morphing a few characters and giving us hints as to where the season will go. The pacing was brilliant and I was completely cool with the car going into the lake, it fit Michael in his state of despair perfectly. He had to make a crazy gesture in order to reclaim the ground he felt like he was losing to Ryan.

  219. I think we’re off to the best season ever! What a great episode. Passive aggressive Toby and douchy Ryan were so well done. I don’t know if Creed has ever been better. The camera following his black hair and his wanting some Red Bull had me in tears! Poor Dwight and his rejected gift of a feral cat named Garbage (complete with sticky matted fur), and his dinner offer of cauliflower, noodles and a baked potato just killed me. And I loved the Jim and Pam “is the magic gone?” joking up at reception. I was so sick of seeing those two depressed and the new sweetness is refreshing!

  220. Still watching, but oh man. Perfect balance with.. everything. Not too much drama, not too much romance, PLENTY of humor. I heart Season 4.

  221. i want one of those gift baskets, i wonder who paid for them? did michael pay for them out of his own pocket? or is he going to try to sneak it onto the company credit card (again)?

  222. Ryan saying Karen asked him out and trying to get Kelly fired made him look like a total douche. Especially that deleted scene, it also shows he’s not mature enough for leadership. I loved that Jim gave him a subtle comeupance in the end.

  223. I thought this was a well-written episode, esp. from a plot standpoint. The work dynamics among the main characters are so different this season, and that’s a good thing. With the characters facing new, uncertain situations, that means new, non-recycled jokes for us to enjoy. As long as they keep jokes within the actual office and limit Michael’s stupidity, IMO it could potentially be the funniest season so far.

  224. I LOVE RYAN. Seriously.
    I love Michael too.
    And I think I might be the only one in the world saying this, but I really do hate Jim and Pam. Jim by himself is alright, and Pam by herself is… okay. But together… gah. I HATE how the whole show is based around them. They’re not funny. They’re boring. I wish they’d both quit and get off the show. The relationships of Dwangela, Ryan/Kelly and Michael and Jan are funny, entertaining to watch, and all round fantastic. JAM to me stands for Jan and Michael. :D
    Soo yes. I have loved Ryan from the start and I love him even more now, he’s hilarious (and damn good looking with that stubble). And go Kelly, with the whole, “I’m pregnant” **shakes head to camera** :D:D:D:D:D

  225. Also, words cannot express the love I have for this new Jim/Ryan dynamic. Literally did a jig at Jim’s TH burn. :-)

  226. Memo

    To: Employees
    From: Toby Flenderson
    CC: Dunder Fifflin, Inc.
    Re: Public Displays of Affection

    Public Displays of Affection

    I just want to remind everyone about the company rules concerning PDA, or Public Displays of Affection. Any type of PDA while on company time and on company grounds are a disctraction to other workers and are a major cause of lowered productivity. Any kissing hugging and hand holding may subject employees to face disciplinary action. If you have any need to review company PDA polies, please see the Dunder Mifflin, Inc. human resource manual.

  227. I really enjoyed the first half of this week’s episode, but the second half felt forced. The whole “drive into the lake” scene was awkward. Kelly and Creed were the funny standouts for me in this episode.

    This may sound like heresy, but I am tiring of Jim and Pam. I am happy they are finally together, but I do hope they fade into the background for a bit (or at least return to their practical-joking-ways).

    Lastly, I echo many of the previous comments when I say that the show feels better when it is only a half hour long.

  228. I, for one, enjoy what Ryan has become.

    “He smells like what I think Pierce Brosnan smells like.”

  229. Reply to Mr. Garner #285: I totally bought the driving into a lake. Because, a)it’s Michael, and b)a GPS almost led me to do something quite similar. Almost. *blushes*

    Also, I finally finished watching the episode. That was a long one. I was really worn out. I really didn’t think I’d make it. But it certainly left me satisfied and smiling! :-)

  230. Andy was just awesome. This is the first time I’ve actually laughed at him without feeling bad for him.

  231. Office Season 4 = M*A*S*H Season 9; It almost feels like they’re running out of ideas already. Cringed, as always…laughed? no.

  232. This was the most I’ve laughed out loud at an Office episode in a while! Fun Run felt forced in the middle, but this was a great hour. Creed was hilarious! Riding the bull… And you could see a lot of new developments, like the Kevin/Andy interaction, Jim realizing what he could’ve had, Michale’s debt getting set up (I’m guessing he didn’t have the insurance)… I’m hoping Jan gets Michael to sabotage Ryan somehow! Poor Toby. And poor Dwigt, his little “And I love you” was sweet in a Dwight sort of way.

  233. I love that the show has ventured into inspired insanity. It’s fantastic. However silly, my friends and I were still cracking up during tonight’s show. And, Pam and Jim make my heart soar. LOVE them together. They’re just as good now as they were before, just different phase of relationship now.

  234. Okay, so it wasn’t the same caliber of The Return, but I have to remind you that the first three episodes of last season were voted #12 (GWH), #14 (The Convention) and #17 (The Coup) in the Officetally Survivor Poll. Some episode has to be #14.

    Though, I agree about Michael driving his rental into the lake. He’s not THAT dumb. He may be naive and small (and BTW have coffee breath, but he’s just not that dumb. Taking back the gift basket seemed out of character as well. But on the whole, I liked it. (TWSS)

  235. Have to agree with #285, et al. There was so much that could’ve been trimmed to make this show “pop” instead of feel dragged out. The half- hour or even “super-sized” formats do, indeed, feel better. Don’t get me wrong, there were some genius moments here – Kevin/Andy, Toby is always great, a cat named Garbage – but the time between these monents seems like, well, time filler.

  236. I really don’t think that anyone did anything completely out of character.
    Personally, I liked it. I didn’t think anything was too over the top. Michael Scott always does crazy things. He burned his foot on a grill that should be on top of a counter. Not understanding a gps system and driving into a lake doesn’t seem too far fetched for him.

  237. The car-in-the-lake thing was broad, but remember that commercial for car insurance, where the guy drives an SUV into a storefront because the GPS told him to? That commercial exists because people do do that kind stuff.

    This episode reminded me exactly of Grief Counseling: Michael hears about something and just kind of accepts it, but then Creed puts a negative spin on the news, and the rest just spins out of control from there.

    I actually loved Toby’s memo. He was desperately trying to wield the minute power that he has, and it backfired.

    And I thought Ryan was fantastic. He is Michael’s protégé, and like his mentor, Ryan’s insecurity knows no bounds. They are the least genuine people in the office, but no matter how many fronts they put up, their insecurities are still blaringly apparent. (But what was with the “Karen emailed me six months ago asking me out” thing? Was he just lying about his email TO Karen from Women’s Appreciation?)

    For me, at the core of it all, this was Dwight’s episode. Michael’s emotional arc was over the top as usual, but Dwight’s quiet joy and desperation were simply perfect.

  238. Let alone to stand by itself, the second half was poor…4/10. This is a problem with the hour longs….two more weeks of this right?

    Oh yeah and where is Todd Packer:)

  239. One thing to keep in mind, these early episodes are laying down the new storylines and plot for the season. A lot has changed since Season 2, so of course the tone/feel is different. Season 2 was to establish the characters and the initial conflicts. Season 3 was further development of those same things with added and dramatic twists. Now in Season 4 some storylines have concluded and new ones are being created, but with already established characters. So the new setting for the show is just being set. Like most works of fiction you have to set the scene before you can start delving into the real conflicts. There’s a process to actual storytelling rather than just sitcom-like compilations of random unrelated situations. So don’t rush to judgment so fast, we’re only 2 episodes into this new season.

  240. This was a FANTASTIC episode – it felt more like the old Office than last week. I was beginning to get a tad worried.

    I think Toby is going to try to ruin Pam & Jim
    I LOVE how Jim/Pam tipped their hat to the fans that think now it’s all over since they are now together “The magic is gone” and all that banter at the desk was AWESOME!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jan and Ryan exchange. Melora Hardin is FANTASTIC!! :)

  241. I’m still kinda bummed that there wasn’t more Andy in this episode. He is one of the funniest characters and they aren’t utilizing his hilarity. Please put him in the episodes more!

  242. Dear Office writers,

    Please do not send Jim into some season-long arc, downward spiral where he questions his choice about staying in Scranton w/Pam instead of getting the big job in NY. Pam’s courage and honesty arc last year was too long, sad and dramatic – she had a tremendous amount of courage and honesty to break free of a 10+ year relationship, only to be sent on a downward spiral before she could reclaim what she already had. I didn’t buy it last year and I won’t buy Jim doing the same this year. He said it very clearly last night – he has never wanted the lifestyle Ryan has chosen. He likes Scranton and he loves Pam – please don’t make him all conflicted all year. Some things are better left simple, straightforward and not so serious.

    Also, humor was a strong connecting element between Jim and Pam – how about some pranks on Dwight or Ryan the Sith Temp? I’m glad Jim and Pam are together and happy – I just want them to be happy AND funny.

    Thank you!

  243. While there were some definite laugh out loud moments, Michael driving into the lake and then the fit he threw getting the gift basket back brought me crashing back to earth. I actually turned my head away from the screen. Anyone else find it way too reminiscent of him in “Phyllis’ Wedding”?

    Love the Andy/Kevin dynamic – “He smells like what I think Pierce Brosnan smells like” – had me crying…

    I’m sad about Angela and Dwight, but love seeing how distraught Dwight is over the break-up…

    Pam and Jim – I’m not feeling the magic anymore. I know they belong together, but as was said earlier, I think it all happened too fast.

  244. I try hard not to make any strong judgments after only one viewing, but this episode GRIEVED me. It didn’t even feel like The Office. The worst ep by far. Michael Schur…what happened???

    I will watch it again, but I’m sure I’ll still cringe at driving into the lake and “where are the turtles”….

  245. I liked the episode a lot – I nearly fell of the couch when with Dwight’s talking head about the Shoah foundation. I had to pause the Tivo because I was laughing so hard!

    I *love* Jim and Pam together – they’re really cute and funny. I feel like they are trying to hide a bit from the camera, which is a new dynamic for both these characters.

    I didn’t love the Michael/gift baskets/lake driving story line – but there was some funny mixed in with the cringing. :)

  246. I thought this was one of THE BEST episodes of The Office I’ve ever seen. Overall it had a much better pacing than Fun Run, and didn’t disappoint one bit.
    Creed = MVP of the episode. Every single line he delivered was just pure gold. The Kevin/Andy duo was fantastic as well. Kelly was really funny too.

    It seems like almost everyone here is complaining about the “driving into the lake” thing, and how there’s no way he’s that stupid, and it’s way over-the-top. I think #274 said it best. Michael was losing, and he needed to do something that would make technology look bad. And this was the best thing he could come up with. I thought it was hilarious and a typical Michael thing to do.

    Fantastic episode. One of the best in the entire series.

  247. I absolutely LOVED this episode and I’m so glad the show is back. I wasn’t crazy about last week’s episode the first time around, but as always I’ve learned to love it after a few watchings. This week I loved right away! Yeah!

  248. All shows have little moments that aren’t perfect. The show is going to grow and change as its characters will too. I think the writers are doing an excellent job!

    Kelly shaking her head about not being pregnant and then being flabbergasted that Ryan would not want to date her because of it was hilarious!

  249. I haven’t read all of the comments, but I need to mention Garbage the cat because I haven’t seen any talk about him/her. OMG, that had me rolling on the floor! “I don’t want Garbage. I want Sprinkles!”

  250. PB&J are being beautifully and deftly handled — and frees up so much more dramatic “space” in the show for other characters to have arcs. LOVE the Ryan development -BJ doing a superb job. “If they knew how much I was paying for this haircut they wouldn’t be giving me a noogie. $200.”

    Kelly TH funniest moment. Shakes head. “I have a date!”

    I envision future PB&J pranks being directed against Ryan to take him down a peg. Love the tension between Ryan who only cares about himself and Michael who cares about everyone (even his client’s nut allergy daughter)

    Poor Dwight. “Angela, in accounting is WONDERFUL … at accounting.”

  251. A few more things:
    1) I still laughed, a lot. It wasn’t that bad.
    2) They COULD have made Michael driving into the lake believable. He could have not been paying attention like when he hit Meredith, or there could have been some wine in the gift baskets and he could have had a bit too much. But he stops to think before turning and Dwight tells him there’s a lake right there…and he still makes that turn and keeps on driving right into the depths. Michael is moronic but he’s not that dumb. I don’t buy it.
    3) I’m happy about Jim and Pam. If they were never going to get together, they should have stopped after three seasons. The writers are handling it well. You know it could be much worse. I think there’s still a lot of mystery about their relationship. When the camera follows them on dates and into the bedroom, you’ll hear me complain. (God, I hope that never happens)

  252. It seems like they are underachieving. It was very awkward, as they all all, but the funny moments were not the greatest. Still Love it, but I think the previous seasons were much better. Looking forward to more shows.

  253. am I the only one who felt a little sad for Jim in the Andy/Kevin/Jim kitchen scene, simply because Jim and Kevin have always been buddies, and Kevin was admiring Ryan and kind of putting Jim down?

    I think Jim and Pam are adorable.

    Loved seeing Jan act more like herself.

  254. Is it possible Karen did email Ryan while dating Jim?? Is this just another shot at her character or was he just lying about it? puzzling

  255. Guess I’m mirroring everyone else’s comments, but I loved this episode. The scenes with Toby were hilarious – I laughed so hard in the first few minutes that tears were coming to my eyes.

    I hope Michael kicks Ryan’s ass! (Can I say ass? how about butt?)

  256. Kevin and Andy’s “man crush” on Ryan cracked me up! I’m glad Ryan is now a major player since last season I was wondering why he was even listed in the opening credits. Angela had more storylines than he did!

    I too hope Jim and Pam fade into the background and the focus is more on Dwight, Angela, and Andy. I felt bad for Dwight, trying to win Angela back (with a feral barn cat no less)! He took the breakup hard (TWSS).

  257. RE: #279. That’s a good way to put it!

    Also, I’m starting to like Toby less, I felt like that memo was kind of a low blow.

    Also, I loved it when Ryan asked Pam out. That whole scene was awesome.

  258. i also thought there was more to come with Michael making the comment about that girl who was allergic to nuts. I thought that would come back at some point in the episode but it just seemed to have been dropped.

  259. I really loved the episode, and the season so far as a whole. But I don’t like that the episodes are essentially 2 episodes titled as one. You can clearly see the division between them. New days, new clothes, new episode. I wish they could have kept it cohesive like Benihana Christmas.

    That complaint aside, I’m loving this season so far. I like that they tied up a few endings they’ve spent years threading all the while unraveling some others. Jim/Pam together being the most obvious ‘tie up’ (and they’ve done it wonderfully and even poked fun at the drama surrounding them actually getting together, which I thought was inspired), but Michael mentioning kids so casually and Jan’s subsequent look, Dwight/Angela falling apart and Ryan trying to morph Dunder Mifflin into a company that has a lasting chance really open the door for new subplots and stories and humor and GROWTH. Even though they’re happy, I want to see Jim/Pam try to grow as a couple and try new things and support one another. Also, the use of the supporting cast more than ever before has been wonderful. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

  260. Hysterical. An enormous improvement over “Fun Run,” from which I thought this show would never, ever recover. Thank you Michael Schur.

  261. I loved this episode. I thought Fun Run was good, but DMI was fantastic! Ryan — with his powerpoints and his business-speak — what a jerk. Jim and Pam….perfectly awesome. Kelly was a-MAZ-ing. One of my favorites episodes yet!

  262. I miss Karen. I don’t know, it seems as if jim and pam were a lot funnier with the that tension there. I kinda find their sarcasm together annoying. I thought it was a pretty average episode but have faith that the season will pick up.

  263. I don’t know how many people caught this last night, but the “You’re so money and you don’t even know it! ” quote and reference to Vince Vaughan was a shout out to the movie Swingers where Vince said that exact same line.

  264. Sure, we have Jam. And there is/was Dwangela. There’s also been Jaren and Relly, but there’s a new force in town to be recognized:


  265. This episode was pretty good, but maybe I’m just looking for the next Injury/Gay Witch Hunt.

  266. I happened to LOVE this episode, and I love Jim and Pam and I’m sure that they aren’t always going to focus so much on them, we are introducing new things people… they have to have a few episodes about them!

  267. We have all been waiting for PB&J for the longest time and I am thrilled at their relationship full of giddiness and awkward exchanges. Yes, they were outed in episode 1 and 2, but if they kept it hidden longer, the complaint would be when why can’t they just come out with it!

  268. I thought this episode was funny, but I liked Fun Run better. I thought it was one of the funnier episodes I have seen in a while. I love the Jim/Pam dynamic. They are a cute, funny side story. They MAYBE got 3 minutes of 40 together on this episode. I am interested to see how their relationship develops.

  269. Whoa! I loved it! This was one of my favorite episodes of all time! They really brought back “The Office” and got it going back to the way it should be. I loved the whole Creed thing, the new friendship between Kevin and Andy, and Michael’s reaction to Jim and Pam being together! It was a classic episode! Loved it!

  270. Oh…and Dwight’s line when he and Michael were trying to win that guy over for Dunder Mifflin:

    “It’s too late, Michael. They’ll never take us back. We killed it.”

    OMG…that was so sad (and funny). Poor Dwight.

  271. It would have been better if it was a 30 minutes instead of an hour. I had to fast forward through the Michael parts because they were just too bad to watch. I’m sorry but really? Driving the car into the lake and taking back the gift baskets? I feel it was just filler that needed to stay on the cutting room floor. I hope the next hour longs will be better!!! Keeps fingers crossed.

  272. The Jim/Pam story line has always been plot #1 in this series. It keeps the show together. Adds a sense of drama to a comedy series. After being rather disappointed by a ho-hum premiere last week, I was in stitches watching this one. Where’s Oscar been?

  273. Wow what a dark turn– This was definitely more cringe worthy than any episode ever.

    In the Office UK the second season was about David Brent becoming underling to a competent boss . This is similar theme except The big difference was the boss in UK a nice , smart fair person – like Josh from Stamford branch —

    Instead in US version they use Ryan who does better reflect what US corporate america is about – young aggressive and unethical.

  274. I really like how ready Jim is to be as giddy as Pam in this episode…especially since he’s the one that “gets the girl” in the end rather than sleazy Ryan. I think this sends a great message about the benefits men can reap by being kind, honest, and playful in their romantic relationships instead of assuming that out-dated “masculine” stereotypes are the path to success. Kudos to the writing staff. I hope it continues.

  275. I enjoyed this episode alot and thought that some of the scenes were hilarious (Dwight and Michael were superb). That being said, I do miss some of the touchy Jim and Pam moments of season 2.

    Still a hilarious episode though

  276. Dwight was great in this episode. All his funny expressions and stuff during Michael’s lines. Rainn is AWESOME.

  277. This is the first episode of The Office that I’ve truly disliked. I was on the fence about Fun Run, but this was… not good. Just plain and simple. I won’t know what to do with myself if The Office continues like this.

  278. I loved Dwight in this episode: “I don’t see it. I think they both can do better.”

    I also loved him finding the feral garbage cat, then throwing it in Bob Vance’s office.

  279. This was more of the classic Office I love compared to Fun Run. I even missed the first ten minutes of it due to the Sharks/Oil game going into a shootout (Go Sharks!). Ryan is my least favorite character on the show and it’s fun to watch Michael try to one-up him. The scene about “cash baskets” was ‘hilar’.

  280. Where have all the office pranks gone? Why is the Dwight/Jim story is GONE???

  281. I enjoyed the episode, but the second half was just not as good as the first. Also, it may just be me, but Ryan gets more and more annoying to watch every episode. His whining and this whole I am better than everyone here attitude needs to go. I hope he gets demoted to the warehouse and Daryl can put the smack down on him. Kelly can do so much better. Kelly and Andy would rock.

  282. I have to say not one of my favorites but JAM and Dwight always save any show for me. Not a big Ryan fan so maybe that is why. Still my favorite show on TV and can’t wait for more.

  283. I think we need to give the writers a break. I personally really liked this episode. I do think that the one hour episodes aren’t working as well as I thought they would but I still loved it.

    I love how they’re handling Jim and Pam so that its not the total focus of the show.
    Best line of the show: “I guess he can’t get any girl he wants”

  284. Driving into the lake was too much. Not subtle – not believable. Getting back the gift basket was a stretch too. When Michael is “over the top” the whole episode suffers. Good story, but could have been less obvious. It doesn’t work for me when it looks as though the actors and the writers are going for a laugh. It is better when you think you are the only one catching on.

  285. Much better ep than Fun Run. Not perfect, but much better.

    Re: Michael and the lake

    Hated this…at first. Not a huge fan of it after a second viewing but it’s much more plausible with Dwight’s throw away line that precedes it. He reminds Michael (and the viewer) that their last former client is on the other side of the lake. So, ergo de facto, Michael wasn’t driving into the lake simply because the GPS told him to, he was doing it because they needed to cross the lake and this magical piece of technology said this was the way to do it and, by God, that’s what Michael was going to do. I also loved the bit of realism here when Michael opened the back door to let the doc crew out.

    Oh, and laughed hardest at Michael’s “weird sperm” and the enthusiasm with which Andy exclaimed, “Yes! Cash baskets!”

  286. he bought the baskets with company money. i think they were a good idea.

    the only thing that could have made this episode better is ice cream.

  287. I really liked this episode up until the whole lake thing. Ok so he drove into a lake and then he realizes that he needs to get the gift basket back? I really was scratching my head on that one. This is the first instance I’ve seen the shark circling. Here’s hoping they bounce back which I know they can. Everything else was great though, it just felt like they couldn’t figure out an ending so Michael driving into a lake seemed like a logical conclusion.
    What I “thought” was going to happen was Michael would try to drive into the lake and Dwight would grab the wheel and they would crash into that fence. Now that I could have bought.

  288. I got pangs of excitement when Jan told Michael about the ageism suit. It occurred to me that Michael now has in his corner someone who has worked in corporate and knows how to fight it. But then Michael will just mess it all up — like when Jan was secretly teaching him how to negotiate a raise. I think this is a great little device they’ve put into the show and I hope they use it a lot.

  289. Has anyone else noticed that these hour long episodes are more like 2 half hour episodes run back to back? Think about it – the show is in syndication now, so 30 min blocks are needed for that cash cow…I think thats why the second half, while continuing the first half’s story, goes off on its own tangent with the car thing, so it can be viewed as a stand alone episode in syndication. I think this whole ‘first half was great, second half wasn’t’ feeling thats going around is more ‘episode 3 was great, episode 4 wasn’t.” Same with Fun Run – two episodes, not one.

  290. I love how Ryan will be forever the temp because they’re still using the intro from Season 1…love it!!

  291. Michael drove in the lake, because he has attention and emotional issues. He wanted to prove that technology is terrible, well he wanted to prove it to himself. He knew where to go, that is why he drove slowly into the lake. It’s Michael being Michael, he realized his dumb mistake when Dwight asked about insurance.

  292. I also thought Ed said “Nice work JOHN” even after listening to it several times, it was unclear but it was closer to John than Jim or Tuna to me.

    Creed and the printer ink cracked me up. Just as I was getting over the joke of him dying his hair at all, and saying he was almost 30, and they throw out the printer ink line with a subtle move in on Creed and quickly move on. Same with the unresponsive Michael when Dwight asks if he got rental insurance. Lots of stuff in there easy to miss if you aren’t watching closely.

    Toby having a crush on Pam is just a continuation from last season.

    Karen asked Ryan out 6 months ago? I wonder if he is lying to Kelly? That would put it about Phyllis’ wedding maybe? I wonder if he is telling the truth about that??

  293. So rich.
    Ryan – brilliant. Kelly – brilliant. These actors are amazingly witty.
    Michael and his consecutive car mishaps: metaphorically, what would Freud say? What nuance is suggested by the rental car?
    Creed – brilliant. Always a throbbing bass note.
    Pam – lovely. Wonderful, delicate portrayals of various emotional states.
    Dwight – oh, the agony of rejection. Rainn Wilson IS Dwight Schrute.
    Just one little thing – John Krasinski seems a bit stagey these days…except for that “How dare you?” in response to Pam’s kiss on the cheek.

  294. Andy had the funniest moments last night!

    When he said “…then you need awesome lessons” I was crackin up! That and when he said “Yes! Cash Baskets!” I’m glad he’s gettin his time to shine.

  295. I don’t know, this is MICHAEL SCOTT we’re talking about. I think he almost did it on purpose, putting all faith in technology just to prove that his rationale was right all along.

  296. Ok, Ive read most comments, but not all. But did anyone notice on the whiteboard when Dwight was talking to Angela at her desk, I belive it was in the wednesday column, it said Karen’s name on the board? Just wondering if anyone else noticed that.

  297. #360:

    You brought up another thing that made the driving into the lake bit so bad.

    This is the second episode in a row where Michael has a car accident!

    Add to that Dwight’s accident, Meredith’s accident at the mall, and her flat tire and we have FIVE car accident gags in less than four seasons.

  298. That was the one of the funniest episodes ever! I was trying not to laugh too loud b/c I didn’t want to wake up my kids.
    I don’t know what part was my favorite – Creed’s hair, Ryan’s beard, Garbage, Phyllis trying to figure out the Blackberry, Kelly’s new look & fake pregnancy, Jan’s new look, Mr. Dunder, sad Dwight, gift baskets, car in the lake or Michael’s antics in general.
    I cringed when Toby outed Jim & Pam. I think Toby will be causing problems for our favorite couple in the future.
    Also did anyone notice how Ryan turned it around & told Kelly that Karen asked HIM out 6 months ago. Hmmm! I thought it was the other way around. Jan’s right. He is a snake. Also loved how Jim said he can’t have any girl he wants. Great episode. Keep it coming…

  299. I thought it was a well-written episode as well. Better than last week for me. Some highlights for me were Michael driving into the lake and subsequently trying to get out of the car and when he goes back to retrieve the gift basket. So good.

    And I loved (in a cringy way) the ackwardness after Ryan asked Pam out and it became very clear that he wasn’t really interested in her artistic abilities. So painful!

  300. This season has been a disappointment to me. Yes there are some funny moments, but there seems to be entire segments of material that just don’t hit the mark.

    I find myself caring less and less about the characters. Mean Phyllis, Smart Kevin, Devious Toby, and Spiteful Kelly just don’t do it for me.

    Andy was great last year, so many funny moments, but has been totally under-utilized this season.

    And then there is JAM. I had such high hopes for this season! But the magic IS gone. In Season 2 Jim and Pam going shopping was a memorable scene that I watched over and over. Jim and Pam shacking up is so ho-hum. Writers, please take this relationship somewhere interesting.

  301. Last night’s episode was hilarious! Bravo, cast and crew! I laughed so hard I cried at different points. Much appreciated after a stressful work day!

    For those who think Phyllis’s remark to Pam about assigning sales calls was out of character, my friends, that’s typical of what happens when an office romance is outed. Everyone starts looking for any signs of favoritism or signs that the romance will affect their position, especially in this situation where Pam is routing all of the sales calls.

    As for Michael driving into the lake, how is that any more over the top than the many other crazy things he’s done? When Michael is desperate and on the losing end of things, anything can happen!

  302. After watching the episode again, some thoughts:

    Regardless of how you feel about Michael driving into the lake, I like two things about the scene itself- it was technically really well pulled off, and all in one camera shot. I also like when Michael went to the back and opened up the door for the cameraman, and the look of horror on his face while he did it. That seemed more documentary-like than I’ve ever seen on the show.

    Also- Kevin is now my favorite character. When he was repeating everything Andy said- “Tuna, tuna, tuna” I lost it. I have a man-crush on Kevin now.

  303. Has anyone addressed the fact that Dwight’s grandfather might be a Nazi war criminal holed-up in Argentina?

    Wow. The Shoah Foundation. They slipped that small, scathing detail in.

  304. I really thought this episode was very good. I thought Kelly, as usual, was hysterical. I loved when she came in to the conference room all dolled up, but acted like she didn’t know Ryan was coming in that day. I did notice that Michael seems to be getting a lot less “respect” then he used to from his employees. Back in the day, Pam would never have grabbed the “twss” list out of his hand and read it. Phyllis seems to speaking a lot blunter to him than she used to. I liked it better when Michael still had the upper hand. I love Kevin and Andy bonding. Too funny.

  305. I agree with so many recent posters that the show would have been a 9/10 if it weren’t for the 2nd half hour. I loved the first half and thought the show redeemed itself from last week. But then, the 2nd half came around. Back to the “knock you over the head” antics — driving into the lake; a predictable gift basket plot. Gone was the subtlety that many of us love about the show that the first half had — Kelly faking pregnancy; Michael trying to figure out the BlackBerry. Anyway, at least the dead zone points from last week’s episode were mostly gone. I give it a 7.5/10 overall.

    Only two more episodes until the show is back to 30 minutes! Yay!

  306. 217 John N. — Andy says “Good work, Tuna!” He says it pretty fast, though, so it makes sense that you heard “John” the first time.

  307. Over all I really liked this episode. My favorite line was “I guess he can’t get any girl he wants”. I wasn’t sure for a second if he was commenting just that Ryan can’t get Pam, or if it was a comment on the fact that all the girls Ryan asks out seem to be dating Jim. So Ryan really can’t get ANY girl he wants. I think my favorite part of the episode was the Ryan/Kelly stuff and the growing irritation Jim has toward Ryan’s sleazebag methods. The Creed stuff was great and Andy Bernard gave awesomeness lessons. My only problem is that I didn’t feel like the episode really cohered very well. It seemed like a lot of clever ideas with no real focus, and I think that’s a product of the hour long format.

    I wonder if the hour long episodes feel so bloated because they’re front-loaded at the beginning of the season. In the past when we’ve had hour-longs or supersized it’s been when there was a special plot point that had to happen – Benihana Christmas, Travelling Salesmen/The Return, The Job. Here they’re just normal beginning season episodes that probably should have been trimmed.

  308. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the hugest fan of this show….but I do have to say that I really didn’t care for the whole lake scene either like others have said. Even for Michael, that just didn’t seem believable that someone would drive right into a lake even if a GPS was telling you to. Also, retrieving the gift basket and screaming at the guy ……..didn’t like that either–this also is pushing the limits of reality for me. I just overall really liked the “Fun Run” episode a lot more; I laughed a lot more with that one than the one last night. I am also loving the storyline with Pam & Jim and am glad it is not a huge focus of the show. It seems to me they are giving more time to the other characters this season (Kevin, Phyllis, Angela…) and that’s good. Hears looking forward to next weeks episode.

  309. I thought this was a quality episode. While I understand why Michael drove into Lake Scranton, I just didn’t think it was funny. In fact I didnt’ think the whole gift basket angle was funny. But just my two cents.

    I love the Pam/Jim relationship, and I really hope that it doesn’t get turned into a Ross/Rachel type thing where they are off and on for the entire series. Keep them together, or tear them apart, but choose one or the other.

    And yes, Jenna Fischer looks gorgeous in this season!

  310. Did anyone else notice that the car-into-lake sequence was all one extended cut? If there was a break somewhere, they covered it up very well. Seems like that could be a tricky take to do and potentially costly if they had to repeat it.

  311. Absolutely fantastic episode. One of the best! So many great, real moments. Jan and Michael having lunch…Michael knowing everything about the ex-cleint’s daughter…Every interactaction with PB&J…Rainn Wilson’s performance was so on point….so many more…LOVED IT. Way to bring the magic back guys! Thank you for this show. It brings me so much joy!

  312. Re: 371

    I caught that too. I thought it was hysterical how they just slipped that detail in there.

  313. Hello Office fanatics… I’m a frequent officetally visitor but I’ve never posted before. I’ve read most of these comments and I’m 50/50 on the episode too. I thought a lot of parts were funny… the lake was a bit much, but that’s what makes this show shine! I looove JAM/PBandJ and am semi-disappointment with their storyline so far this season.. We’ve seen so much of their interaction in the past, I was assuming it would be the same but I guess sometimes when two popular characters get together, some of the sparks are gone? But I have a feeling the writers have something great up their sleeves and won’t let us down! :o)

  314. Am I the only person having a horrible time watching the episode at NBC.com? It freezes and buffers every couple seconds and then totally stops about 5 minutes into it. I forgot to DVR last night and had to watch CSI instead.

  315. The second time I watched the episode I realized a hilarious part I missed the first time. When Michael says all the ink in the printer was gone, the camera pans to Creed…Creed dyed his hair with printer ink! Wow.

  316. I think Phyllis’ comment was in character because Jim is in her “top five”, plus, we all know she has a “big personality”. And when Michael drove into the lake, I thought it was a little out of character but I mean he’s so outrageous and unpredictable, I have so much faith in the writers that they are developing Michael but also keeping him completely zany. Loved Jim and Pams joking about the magic being gone. Ryan being a complete jerk, LOVED IT. haha, poor kelly, she needs to find a new guy!

  317. hi folks! Last night’s ratings results, courtesy of Berman at Mediaweek:

    Week 2 of “The Office” garnered 8.49 million viewers and a 4.5/11 in the adults 18-49 demo. Our little show was the highest rated NBC show in the demo for the night (lead-in Earl/30 Rock at 3.4 each; ER at 3.7). In terms of scripted programming on NBC, “The Office” ties “Law and Order: SVU” as the second highest rated show in the demo for the week, behind only “Heroes” (5.5). All shows tend to drop off slightly from premiere numbers, and if 4.5 is the new norm for “The Office”, I’ll gladly take it! Also, Brian Baumgartner mentioned in his latest blog that “The Office” beat the “Grey’s-CSI” juggernaut in the men 18-34 demo for premiere week, and I won’t be surprised if that was the case this week as well. All in all, a very impressive start to the season for “The Office”, both ratings-wise and creatively!

    On a personal note, I loved the episode! So many wonderful moments! Loved Jim/Pam, felt sad for Toby, Michael and Dwight, and laughed at Kelly’s shaking-head TH and Creed’s printer cartridge hair makeover. Can’t wait till next week!

  318. What I find most appealing about the office is that there is so much depth to each episode, that we are able to analyze each exchange or hand movement. There is so much subtle humour – it is one of the only shows that I can watch 2 or 3 or more and enjoy it each time.

    There are moments that I like better than others. We like to see our favorite characters behave in ways we expect – and when they don’t it sometimes doesn’t feel right. But I think this is how you develop characters rather than having them stagnate like most shows.

    Michael driving into the lake was believable to me. Having used GPS a lot – under stress (imagine being in a car with Dwight?) and believing totally in the technology (an interesting contrast to Michael not thinking that technology was important for his business) can make you do strange things. Perhaps he saw the water, but not the road (it was sloped downward – I think it was a boat launch) and with Dwight yelling at him he just kept going.

    Anyways, love the show – each and every one of them. Keep it up

  319. I liked the episode…I loved it when Michael drove into the lake…I couldn’t stop laughing!

  320. Are you kidding me? There’s TONS of magic with Jim and Pam! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! It’s not like it’s going to be earth-shattering. Have you EVER seen anyone’s chemistry EARTH-SHATTERING? I doubt it… it’s normal, it’s adorable and sweet and perfect for this show and those characters.

  321. Loved Creed’s hair. Loved Ryan’s subtle moments of self doubt hidden behind his metro facade, Loved Phyllis’ cattiness, loved the visit from the ‘old fart’ co-founder Dunder, then shutting the door on his face. I agree that the second half started to go downhill, and the attempt to take back the gift basket seemed a little forced. But overall I’m still so happy with this show. And I’m good with Jim and Pam in a relationship. The show is about so many more characters than just them, this shouldn’t affect the enjoyment viewers get. Trust the writers. They’ve gotten us here; they won’t let us down.

  322. The going back for the basket scene was not the office I am used to. It made Michael’s whole crusade all for naught. He was suppose to show how good old fashioned human contact helps business but then he throws a tantrum? If this was any other season they would have had a tender moment where Michael realizes that maybe corporate is right and the website would help. Remember a teary-eyed Michael in “Office Olympics”? This is the sweetness I am talking about.

  323. #371, yes I gasped at the bit about Dwight’s grandfather! Another great one, akin to the talking head from the past wherein Dwight doesn’t let you know till the end that his grandfather was fighting for the Germans in WWII. That’s the “spent the rest of the war in an allied prison camp” line.

  324. why is it that they don’t use instant messaging?? the whole instant message angle is something that would add a LOT of laughs to this office.

  325. I was very disappointed with this episode. I miss PB&J pulling pranks on Dwight. I miss Andy being annoying. Since when did Kevin and Andy become pals? Why was Kevin calling Jim “Tuna?” Why did Michael drive his car into the lake when Dwight was clearly telling him not to? After the episode was over there weren’t any lines I wanted to quote. Loved Creed. Loved Garbage. That equals 2 minutes of the whole episode that I liked.

  326. Sarah (387), I’m having an awful time with nbc.com as well. I’ve restarted it several different times and I still haven’t made it all the way to the end. It’s pretty frustrating.

    Also, am I the only one who noticed Andy’s plaid pants?!

  327. Ryan is shaking the foundation Michael has built his career on and believes in (Valentine’s Day). Michael’s success lies in his abilty to connect with people – Faces of Scranton, Business School, Travelling Salesmen. Michael is lost when his attempt to connect with former clients fails because it always worked before. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer so when everyone, Ryan, former clients, start touting the wonders of technology he thinks they must be right. He implicitly believes in the navigation system and ends up in the lake. Rather than trying to prove technology isn’t perfect, I think Michael is just lost in this new business landscape and driving in the lake was the physical manifestation of his emotions. Inspired writing IMO.
    I love everything the Office chooses to be.

  328. #389 Office Nerd – WELL SAID! I agree completely. In addition, I also find that I have to watch it once through just to “get” what’s going on. Then I’ll watch it 2, 3, 4 more times to find every single funny moment of it. I won’t even comment on here until I’ve watched it at least twice becuase I don’t feel “ready” yet. It’s like they get funnier and deeper the more times you watch it. This episode was no exception – on my 5th viewing now! :)

  329. I am in the camp that Jim/Pam are GOLD right now. And they have done a great job of setting up future tension: does Pam have a future with DMI web design? Does Jim have any future since he turned down Ryan’s job?

  330. i enjoyed this episode so much. honestly, one of the best ever. this show is not just a documentary and not just a comedy. it has amazing dramatic elements and it is growing and changing- as it should be!! i for one can not wait to see how the multiple story arcs started in this episode pan out. i love this show.

  331. Sarah-Hhh (#387) — Yes, I’m having a tough time with the NBC website also. No matter what size screen I chose or which browser I used or when I tried to access it, I couldn’t get the thing to play without jumping. I have a pretty good computer and a fast internet connection so I don’t know what the problem is. I finally gave up and asked my husband to fix our VCR so that I could re-watch it the old-fashioned way.

  332. I thought the lake scene and taking back the gift-basket were the funniest parts of the whole thing. Yes, they were both completely over-the-top and unrealistic.

  333. My personal guideline for whether an episode of “The Office” is fantastic is whether or not it has a golden moment that makes me laugh until I cry – *then* is followed up by smaller sporatic spurts of giggles that spontaneously burst out of me over a good 5-10 minutes after the scene takes place:

    “Ever since I was a kid, people have been telling me I can’t do things. You can’t be on the team. You can’t move on to second grade. Well, now they’re telling me I can’t win back clients using old-fashioned business methods. We’ll see about that. And FYI, I eventually aced second grade. And I was the biggest kid in class.”

    Mission accomplished, “Office” writers (and, of course, Steve). As far as I’m concerned, they’re still on the top of their game.

  334. Wow, I thought this episode rocked and was way better than Fun Run. I was not at all bothered by the lake scene. To me, it seemed so Michael to just break down and listen to the GPS after feeling defeated by technology when he had to mention the new website to get interest from his former client. I did, however, HATE them going back to get the gift basket. This is a side of Michael’s personality that I never enjoy though. It’s not out of character, just too uncomfortable to be enjoyable. Usually those scenes don’t bother me as much the second, third, or fiftieth time I watch an episode though.

    Overall, I loved it. Loved Pam and Jim – the magic is NOT gone the magic is back after a season 3 hiatus. Loved seeing Jan’s smart business side again when she talked about ageism and Ryan being a snake. Loved the Dwangela stuff (they must reconcile!), though I was hoping Angela would secretly go back and save Garbage from the office Dwight dumped him in.

    I am baffled people didn’t like this episode. It rocked!

    PS: Sorry Tanster, I thought it was 250. :-\

  335. I never bought into the Ryan promotion thing (MBA or not, that was a very weak excuse given he had nothing else; to me, it was as realistic as driving a car into a lake). That said, I am over it and LOVE the Ryan/Michael tension. It reminds me a little of the early Jan/Michael relationship, or from the BBC version, the David Brent/Neil Godwin battle. I like it. A lot. Plus it realistically addresses that they do need to do something different to survive as a company (just a little surprised that a company that size – and based in Manhattan, no less – is just getting around to the internet).

    I even liked the PB&J storyline. Very real. Ryan asking out Pam – great. Toby’s longing – great. Phyllis accusing Pam of favoritism – great. Very difficult to keep the PB&J engaging; I give the writers’ credit so far. Because if they blow this, I have no reason to watch.

    The car and the lake? I groaned. Way too over the top. I can watch any sitcom to see that.

  336. “What’s the deal with these things in terms of testicles?”

    Funniest Line EVER!

  337. I thought last night was so much better than the premiere, and I eventually learned to like that one. Jim and Pam are so completely cute and real without being obnoxious like I feared they might. I totally feel for Dwight and I thought Rainn did an excellent job in this episode… Michael in the lake is extreme, but I was too distracted by the shot [all in one take, how did they do that?] to criticize… besides he made sure the camera guy got out of the car too, which was a great detail.

    This one thankfully felt more like The Office of old too me, sooo much better than Fun Run. Creed was hilarious, thank God Andy got some great lines, Phyllis was great, Kelly I looooved… Kinda hate Ryan now, but he gets his in the end. And Michael great… not annoying and insane like last week or Phyllis’s Wedding, but you really felt for him… loved it all :-)

  338. I loved this episode, and last week’s as well. In fact, I cannot think of a single episode of this show that I didn’t enjoy on some level. Of course I have my favorites…But any episode of The Office is my favorite thing on television over everything else.

    Michael has always been a complete and utter moron. Dwight has always been creepy. Pam has always been a smartass and the chemistry between her and Jim is just as great as it has ever been. Angela has always thought that Pam was trampy.

    The Office is a rare show because it doesn’t easily fit into the traditional sitcom mold, or drama. The only way to properly catergorize it is as a mockumentary. All the storylines flow together and every episode is important.

  339. This is the old quality of the Office I’ve missed. Laughed out loud several times, great belly laughs. The show is always best for me when it stays inside the office. The whole episode, though, one of the best.

  340. Did anyone suspect that Creed used the printer ink to dye his hair and that that is why it was all out when Michael went to print out those pictures? Hmm.

  341. see, i thought it was hilarious that he drove into the lake. I guess I’m like my 5 year old — I like the physical, obvious humor. Last week I laughed the hardest when Meredith was rolling on the windshield. hee.

  342. I have to say – kudos to you, Cousin Mose! I totally enjoyed the majority of last night’s episode (the car in the lake/gift basket stuff being very notable exceptions). So many delightful moments and big laughs. Kevin’s “fire guy!!” and noogie to Ryan. Gpa Manheim in Argentina. Jim and Pam’s “magic is gone” conversation was pitch-perfect. I wish Garbage could be my office’s adopted cat…Hope the writers will ease up on over-the-top Michael antics in future, they really are tedious.

  343. this show is a sitcom. if it was a documentary than it would be set in a real office. what is wrong with absurdist humor?

  344. I don’t quite understand how people could not love this episode.
    The Jim/Pam story is being handled perfectly. It’s completely realistic. They’re finally really comfortable with each other and I think that’s showing.
    For those who think the driving into the lake scene was too unrealistic, do you not realize how dumb people are? Well done Mike Schur!

  345. I thought it was so sweet that Jan came up to the office to have lunch with Michael at his desk. She wasn’t all made up and she was there for a fancy meal, she was just there to spend some time with Michael. You could almost believe they were a happy, healthy couple from just that scene. Surely not.

    Angela mentioned she was having a cat autopsy done. Can we hope they discover that the cat was acutually suffering from a painful disease and that Dwight really did put it out of its misery? I’m just not sure how Angela can forgive him short of something like this.

  346. I think this episode’s interaction between Jan and Ryan proved she hasn’t completely lost it. I predict that Ryan will do something to totally screw up the company, and Michael will do something to save it with Jan’s help. They almost seemed like a normal couple in their lunch exchange.

    I enjoy that Andy considered himself the second best good looking guy in the office after Jim, and that he’s just bumped himself up a notch. That should give him plenty of confidence to go after Angela. Maybe he’ll serenade her with a kitty lullaby.

  347. I re-watched the episode and I have to say the lake scene doesn’t seem as absurd now as the going back and screaming at the attorney for the gift basket back does. Right before they enter the lake Michael says “The machine knows where it’s going”……at least that shows that he’s no mental giant, which we already know. But with going back to get the basket, that seems like a whole different character; I don’t think Michael would ever do that. Parts I thought were hilarious: Kevin calling Ryan “Little Old Man Boy”, Dwight putting the cat in some random office, Creed talking to Michael about ageism and calling Stanley “Sammy” (like he called Meredith “Marybeth” once) and Kelly with the fake pregnancy to get a date.
    Stuff I didn’t like: Angela calling Pam the “office mattress” and Phyllis kind of suggesting the same thing when Pam & Jim were in the break room. I don’t think that’s accurate of Pam’s nature as it’s been portrayed to us. Maybe the writer’s just wanted to show their snarky sides. Can’t wait for next weeks episode!

  348. Awesome episode, with Ryan’s less than triumphant return (being thought of as the Temp, Michael’s gift basket response to Ryan’s technology, asking Pam out). I just about cheered when Jim said “Guess he can’t get ANY girl he wants”. Also did anyone else smell a David Brentish vibe on Ryan when he was talking to Andy and Kevin, with the name-dropping and backslapping? I also enjoyed the scene where Jim asked Pam if the magic was gone-obviously poking fun at many of the comments here and other sites.
    Ryan’s really a twit – he asked out Karen last season, now he’s asked out Pam, and back at Jim’s barbeque in Season 2, he asked Jim if it was OK if he called Katy! (Although we don’t know if he ever did.)

  349. Well, I’m going to throw my hat in with those who loved this episode. First, I agree that Michael drove into the lake and went back to reclaim the gift basket because he was basically pushed to the edge by Ryan’s new vision. It was what this show is all about: awkward, painful, cringeworthy, and heart-breaking.

    The rest of the cast was stellar as well. Jim and Pam are so much fun to watch together, Phyllis was snarky, as she can be (Dwight has a big personality and I have a big personality…), Kevin and Andy made me smile, Kelly cracked me up, Ryan pissed me off, and Angela and Dwight brought a tear to my eye.

    I love the Office because I care about the characters, and last night’s episode just reaffirmed why I watch this show.

  350. The best part of the whole episode is when Michael said “I tried to print out more pictures but there was no ink left” and then they cut right to Creed… That’s the subtle humor I love and miss! :D

  351. oh yeah, another favorie : Creed’s hair dyed with the copier ink–flippin’ hilarious!

  352. After 3 full seasons should we expect everyone and everything to remain the same? I would surely hope not. What is wrong with Kevin and Andy being chummy all of a sudden? Should we expect anything less of Michael, driving into a lake to prove a point? No, of course not, we know he won’t listen to Dwight! It’s okay that Phyllis was kind of rude, that’s just us being able to see more of her.

    I think we have come to expect so much from these episodes, for everything to always be spot on amazing perfection, when in reality, no show has ever given that. There has to be time for these shows to stretch their legs, to create new storylines and let us see new facets of characters. I think this show is in that ‘stretching’ phase and I think they are doing a pretty darn good job!!! The past two episodes have done a great job of setting up the season…we still have what, 20 episodes left! So excited!

  353. #424
    the second ryan appeared in the pilot i was like “david brent!”. i love that the writers have almost split the david brent character in half, taking out all of the really despicable and hateful parts of him and created this foil (ryan), for all of the endearing and tolerable parts of him (michael). genius!

  354. First half: comedic gold.
    Second half: painful to watch. I think the only times I laughed were Andy and Kevin talking to Jim and Jim saying Ryan can’t get any girl he wants and Ryan’s reaction. The rest was over-the-top and ridiculous. Not believable at all that Michael would drive into a lake that he can plainly see, or that they would go back and scream for chocolate turtles and mess up the guy’s couch. Bring back half hour episodes or at least make the hour-long episodes more cohesive, like A Benihana Christmas.
    The first half was good though. Just way underscored by the second.

  355. So here is my take on the “over the top” stuff with Michael and Dwight. They were like 2 women scorned Michael by Ryan and Dwight by Angela. The whole scene driving into the lake and then going back for the basket were crazy and pathetic but not “out of character”. The emotional state that both men were in after their hearts had been broken drove them to that insanity. I loved that dynamic and I loved the parallel being drawn between Dwight losing Angela and Michael “losing” Ryan. It wasn’t just silly sitcom slapstick. There was so much more there. I also loved Creeds hair (one of the funniest things ever), the dork combo of Andy and Kevin, the reference to past Pam and Jim with the air high five, their poking fun at everyone’s fear that they will “lose the magic”, and everything that Kelly did (shaking her head no, “Oh, is Ryan coming today?). This was one of the most complex and layered episodes so far, no to mention being totally hilarious. Great.

  356. Season 3 survived the “Diwali” train wreck…I’m sure Season 4 will survive “Dunder Mifflin Infinity.”


  357. I’ll list what to me was great about this episode:
    1) Ryan/Michael tension
    2) Jan wiser than Ryan
    3) Kelly taking ‘revenge’ on Ryan
    4) Jim and Pam together
    5) Creed nuts

    All brilliant! They should continue through the season. Ryan a egotistical jackass; Jan knows more than Ryan; Michael oblivious to Ryan; Kelly manipulating Ryan; Jim and Pam interaction making Ryan jealous. Ryan is in for it this season, and it’s great! Comedy gold right there.

  358. I think the moment between Pam & Jim about “is the magic gone” comes from them knowing that now everyone knows about their relationship and maybe it’s not so “mysterious” (for lack of a better word) anymore.
    I didn’t take that scene as anything the writers might be trying to say to the fans as others have said.

  359. Nothing tops when Creed is talking to Ryan about getting Red Bull for the vending machines. When he said “Later Skater” I was crying. I love episodes with a lot of Creed. Looks like the writers are puting him in more.

  360. I thought last night’s episode was great. Especially the whole conference room scene.
    For Stefanie #54, I think that Jim would remember his BBQ because it was a very important moment in his relationship with Pam, being that it was from what I could tell at least the first time that she had been to his house and in his room. They shared an important moment or two, he even (sort of ) refers back to it in the Christmas episode when he puts his high school yearbook picture in her teapot (she saw the photo that night). Also, I think that if I had to sing Islands in the Stream with Michael I would remember that too.

  361. I liked this episode. I didn’t love it but I liked it. The dynamic with Ryan is awesome because it’s only going to get worse. He’s trying to be more than he is and that never ends well. I predict either the whole website thing will go down in flames or he will have some sort of meltdown. I vote for meltdown.

    I also liked seeing Andy and Kevin buddy up. I really like Andy but it never quite felt like he totally fit. Seeing him hanging around with Kevin made him seem like a more legitimate part of the office.

    Oh, and Creed is hands down, the greatest character on the show. I wish my grandpa was like that!

  362. this episode was epic.
    my props to the writers.

    “i guess he can’t get any girl he wants.”
    that made me smile. :] TAKE THAT RYAN!

  363. While I don’t think this was the funniest episode ever, I also don’t think it is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on television. I just don’t think it is the best for “The Office” standards. I think the lake scene probably played out really well on paper (Michael WANTS the technology to work because his baskets failed), but it did not translate on screen. There was way too much continuity. If Michael has lived in Scranton his entire life and is going to visit an old customer (customers of which he knows so much about) he should have already known there was a lake there and should have known the way around Scranton without the GPS. Also, all of that camera equipment, sound equipment, etc, would have gotten messed up in the lake. They just got out of the lake like, “Oh, hundreds of dollars worth of filming equipment just crashed into a lake, but, it’s waterproof and we’re still rolling.” That said, several funny moments came out of the scene: Dwight trying to save Michael’s life in shallow water, the GPS telling them to do a U-turn, Michael trying to save the gift basket.

  364. I just want to say that now that I have re-watched the episode again, I like it much better than I thought I did last night. It has been growing on me. I have seen a lot more of the subtle humor come out.
    I LOVED the driving into the lake. It was a bit ridiculous, but I still got to laugh until I cried. (Maybe it’s a shortcut). Haha!
    The one disappointment to me was that they didn’t expand/drag out Kelly’s fake pregnancy. I could have gotten chuckles out of that for a few more episodes.
    But I really enjoyed seeing Jan. She seemed much less “crazy” and out of control, and we saw some of the old confident Jan again. And I had this crazy fantasy of her rising again like a Phoenix and reclaiming her old glory! She’s smart and capable still… a force to be reckoned with.

  365. I loved soo many parts of this episode: Ryan/Kelly, Jim/Pam, Ryan asking out Pam, Andy/Kevin, Creed, and poooor Dwight (and Garbage!!). I thought Michael and Dwight were hilarious as well, yes over the top – but given the circumstances and their usual characters, not completely ridiculous (now Michael in Phyllis’ wedding episode, that was over the top for me).

    Nevertheless, some of the the in-between parts were relatively boring to me. Now I am kind of (never though I’d say this) looking forward to going back to the 30 minute shows.

  366. loved the episode. i think michael screaming at the man to give him his basket back was my favorite part. oh, and when kevin called ryan a “little man boy.” good stuff!

  367. I haven’t read all the comments(don’t plan on it), but I was wondering if anybody else noticed Michael’s salad dressing he was using while he and Jan ate? It may be only visible in HD, I’m not sure.


  368. Wow, The Office is back. I was disappointed with “Fun Run”, but “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” was on par with some of the best episodes we’ve had. A+.

  369. Seeing Pam so happy puts a giant grin on my own face. Every time Pam and Jim are on screen I get all short of breath and nervous like a teenager with a crush. Amazing how they can portray those emotions so well.

    I hope we get to see more of Ryan in the office. He makes Michael seem almost normal.

  370. I really enjoyed the episode.

    As for the lake scene, I don’t have too much of a problem with it. Sure, I prefer subtle realistic humor and realistic awkward humor the most, but there’s no reason this show can take a few turns toward absurdest comedy every once in a while, as long as there’s a reason for it. There was tonight; Phyllis’ Wedding, not so much.

    Still, I agree with most– it’s time to get back to half-hours. It’s so unfortunate that the perfect supersized length can’t fit into a normal timeslot because 28-30 minutes is the perfect episode length.
    But I would have preferred 30 half hour episodes to these four hour-longs. Maybe next season…

    But let me just agree with most to say that the writers have handled Jim and Pam better than my best expectations. Except for the length and a few crazy moments, the show is firing on all cylinders.

  371. I think this episode was better than the season opener. Jim and Pam are very season 2-ish without all the disappointment for Jim. I love happy Jim! Plus, “garbage” the cat and Phyllis’ “I couldn’t see your hands” was priceless.

    My least favorite Michael antic was at Phyllis’ wedding. He’s always loopy and deranged. I don’t understand why people think he wouldn’t drive his car into a lake. It seems like classic Michael.

  372. Seeing Jim and Pam in their little moments makes me want to go back twenty years and fall in love all over again!

  373. I loved this episode!! The Jim/Pam relationship has altered the show’s dynamics a bit. (Of course,I love every minute of it!) There are also crucial changes in the other character’s situations. I think it will take a few episodes to get all the characters in a new sync. I think the vibe of this episode was an improvement over Fun Run. Congratulations, writers!

  374. I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but the problem with these one hour episodes is they are writing different things in one episode and the comedy or the subtlety is not translating. I get WHY Michael drove his car into a lake and WHY they went to reclaim the basket. I’m all for the development and change, but for whatever reason those parts didn’t work and didn’t feel like I was watching The Office. When watching the new deleted scenes on nbc.com, I have felt that many of them are a lot funnier than entire parts of the first two episodes. Rather than trying to write different stories in one episode for syndication, I feel they should have stuck with developing the one plot and keeping the scenes that would have been deleted, as they have done for past super-sized episodes. Seriously, those “Meredith in the hospital” deleted scenes were SO funny, and the scene with Michael and Oscar explained to us why they start talking about religion in Fun Run, making it seem funnier and less forced. I just hope these episodes aren’t a reflection of the Silverman/Reilly switch, or the writers working through the summer.

  375. Everyone keeps asking about the office pranks, but where would that have fit in? There’s so many things that the writers are trying to set up for the entire season…once that’s in place, the office pranks will continue. Don’t worry, you guys. Season 4’s just getting started.

    Is anyone getting the feeling that a Jim/Pam prank is going to come at the worst possible time for Dwight? Maybe that’s how they find out about the break-up? I don’t see the point in the writers allowing Jim/Pam to now openly discuss Dwangela if they don’t find out about the split.

  376. Regardless of what fans opinions are of the DMI episode, we are still able to watch one of the best shows in TV history unfold before us. Plus whether the opinions are good or bad, at least they are being heard by the writers and cast of the show. And it can only help them get truly better. So Thank You to Office Tally and other sites like this for creating an “open community.”

  377. Just got finished watching it for the 3rd time. It is a remarkable piece of writing,with each single actor seamlessly blending the classic parts of their character with new, added dimensions needed for this season. I am a FAN. Can’t wait till Thursday, again!

  378. 456 | Stephanie:

    I also haven’t felt that there has been any time or room for pranks. The new Feel of the episodes doesn’t really seem to allow for it. You make a good point on the Dwight/Angela storyline. Dwight seemed at a breaking point in DMI and to put a prank in there would look cruel. A cold open prank wouldn’t hurt anything though, or Toby, now.

    Other people have said things about Jim and Pam pranking Ryan, but Ryan is now their boss’ boss at corporate. Jim and Pam never pranked Jan. I personally think it would be WAY out of line to prank Ryan, no matter how much of a corporate jerk he is.

  379. Loved it. Not a 10/10 but definitely an 8/10. I agree the meltdown in the ex-clients office (after crashing into the lake no less) was a bit much, it did offer the chance to see some classic Rainn/Steve physical comedy though.

    The rest of the episode felt pretty good to me, now that we’re a couple of hours into the season I think that we are starting to see elements of a bigger story ‘arc’ here that will all come together over time. It may not FEEL like it’s going anywhere just yet, but then I felt that way about early season 3 as it was coming out, in hindsight there was a lot going on there too.

    My biggest fear is the potential for destruction that Ryan has now, he could be a very bad man…

  380. This episode was amazing. One of the funniest ones yet, in my books. I’m worried that Jim won’t be funny this season. He seems kinda…wimpy. We are only 2 episodes in so I could be judging kinda soon.

  381. DMI was a home run to me, particularly with the characterization and banter. The secondary characters were more multi-dimensional. I was touched by Dwangela and the skill of their actors. I love seeing the development of a mature Jam relationship—there IS life after the first yearning and it’s gratifying to see maturing love portrayed. JK and JF’s affection felt natural and real. Jim seemed to be on a richer character arc as he chafes with Ryan and acts as Michael’s #2. He said he’d throw himself in front of a train if DM was his career and being the ironic outsider lets him be cool, but he seems increasingly at a place where he has to define what he will stand/struggle for, especially with Michael collapsing, Ryan circling, and Pam continuing to bloom.

    “Jim” always seemed like a tough role for an actor — as a pov character, he has to be appealing and yet neutral enough to carry audience empathy. John K’s charisma, humor and physical grace sell the character to me, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how Jim reacts to the increasing pressure at work and the consequences of (turning down?) the corporate job.

  382. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
    Ryan paralleling Michael in the last 5 seconds of the show…genius!
    I love the idea that Ryan maybe giving us some insight into how Michael turned out the way he is!
    And I was so interested to see what it would be like if Jim and Pam were together. But in my opinion…..the magic isn’t gone!
    Here’s to the writers…once again :)

  383. I loved:

    Toby. I’m ready for him to just freak out one day. I’ve already named it. A Flender Bender.

    I loved Andy in this episode. “He smells like what I think Pierce Brosnan probably smells like,” and “You should call it Dunder Mifflinfinity. You know, push the words together.” I loved Andy’s interpretation of Ryan the “fire guy.” Andy fits into the show now. I want to see more of Andy and Kevin together.

    I love EvilRyan. I love his beard. He’s going to fall hard and it will be awesome.

    Jan showed glimpses of her former self. Glimpses. I hope when Ryan finally collapses she’ll be watching. Or be the cause of it.

    And I loved Dwight and Garbage the cat

    I did not like Michael yelling at the former client. He’s an idiot, but he’s supposed to be a likable idiot. It was like Safety Training/Phyllis’ Wedding all over. I just can’t imagine late season three/early season four Michael as a young child telling Edward R. Meow how he wants to have 100 kids so he’ll have friends.

  384. I agree, Agent Scarn. This is definitely one of the best shows in the history of television. The Office is special in that the more I watch the episodes, the more I notice and laugh at. The writers are absolutely genius in the way they develop the characters. While most of the time it’s the subtle things in the background that are REALLY funny, some in-your-face humor is necessary too(Michael driving into the lake, for example). I think it’s great how the show has grown and developed, yet we can still watch those old episodes and love them too.

  385. Loved the episode – Garbage the cat had me laughing hysterically. And after reading Angela’s note about that scene in her Myspace blog, it makes it all the funnier! I want to see more Garbage! :)

    Oh, and the actors did great too ;)

  386. I have watched the episode 3 times. I liked it so much better than Fun Run because it was less Michael and more of everyone else. I think the best episodes are those where everyone in the office gets screen time.

  387. I agree. Michael going back to get the gift basket is out of character. He wouldn’t harm a client relationship. He is an excellent salesman. He landed the big account at Chili’s. He made the deal to sell Papermill products at the convention. He closed a big deal on pretzel day. Sales are his moment to shine.

    The intent must be to show that DM needs to become DMI in order to survive, that even Michael’s sales ability is not enough if they don’t move into the wide world of web. But show Michael’s sales ability fail, not Michael failing to have sales ability. It was working when Michael was on his game, remembering the client’s daughter’s name etc., but not when they went back for the gift basket. Driving into the lake to “obey” the GPS was enough of, and a more meaningful, breakdown for Michael to experience.

    That aside, the writing in this episode was first class and the actors, as always, played their parts to perfection. We expect so much of our beloved show that sometimes I think we forget to stop and appreciate its awesomeness. Well down Office folk, keep them coming!

  388. After watching that “is the magic gone” scene a few more times I think I’ve figured out what I like so much about it: it illustrates just how much Jim and Pam are in tune with one another. Jim only comes to Pam’s desk to say hi and get a piece of candy but then he randomly throws this “is the magic gone” line at her. Without skipping a beat, Pam recognizes that he’s playfully challenging her and runs with it. But that’s not the end, because Jim sees that Pam is 100% on his wavelength, so he responds. Etc. By the end of their little back-and-forth exchange, they’ve proven to each other that not only is the “magic” definitely NOT gone, but, in fact, it’s as strong as ever. Totally brilliant writing and equally as brilliant delivery.

  389. Lots to love in this episode.

    Poor bitter Toby. His version of being mean is writing a memo and withholding a form for signature.

    Heartbroken-yet-still bizzare Dwight. You’ll win her back, buddy.

    “Is the magic over?” No, Jim, it’s not.

    “…whoever you’re sleeping with that week.” Sweetheart Phyllis being bitchy is awesome every time.

    “You’re kidding.” Ryan hitting on Pam makes his transformation to the dark side complete.

    “Love the beard, keep it forever.” The Jan/Ryan smackdown was brilliant.

    Creed calling Stanley, “Sammy.”

    Jim’s face during Ryan’s presentation. Now that his love life is on track, it’s gonna be cool to see him grapple with the career stuff.

    Michael freaking out and demanding the gift basket back. “Where are the turtles!” Carell is fearless.

  390. It was so UnOffice. The lake part… umm… Too broad for The Office. I mean, Michael’s an idiot, but… come on. I didn’t really think there was one “lol” moment the whole time. I’m wondering if it’s the hour long stuff. I don’t know. I’m kinda worried.

  391. 463-
    I totally see it! Pam seems cooler than Jim now. I mean, I love Pam, but… Cooler than Jim? Nah…

  392. what a great episode! and this is coming from someone who really disliked fun run (i thought it was boring). but this one, almost every line was gold.

    my favorite moments were
    1) when michael brought Mr Dunder to rally his troops (lol) steve’s bored expression and creed’s “they’re LAME!” cracked me up.
    2) Jim and Pam’s “is the magic gone” conversation was adorable.
    3) Kelly’s “why not” was hilarious. also, that pink dress.
    4) Dwight and Angela’s conversation at dinner! lol…
    5) Andy’s “you need awesome lessons!”

    loved it!

  393. michael eating broccoli as he ponders ageism…he can crack me up without saying a single word.

  394. Maybe I missed it…but did anyone notice the comment from Ryan that in actuality it was Karen who asked him out in the email? Remember in the Women’s Appreciation episode in the bathroom when he and Jim talk about it…Jim thought Ryan asked her out….I have been saying since that moment that something would happen…and new jealous Toby heard it…..could trouble be brewing?

  395. #482
    Future Dwight-
    I think that the truth is that Ryan asked Karen out. Remember when he asks Jim in Season 2 if it is okay for him to call Katy? I think that that scene was to show us the depth of Ryan’s slimeball-ness. He was never committed to Kelly and on top of that, he is able to lie to her face. Yuck!

  396. ahhh it was sooo funny! hahaha they drove into a lake! OMG so hilarious! WHERE ARE THE TURTLES?! i was cracking up the whole time. love it.

  397. #464 Halpert’s Girl – well thought out and interesting comments on the Jim character. He’s a mystery in many ways yet it’s easy to relate to him. We know his heart because for the most part it shines through his face (John Krasinski has that unique gift of being able to say so much without saying anything at all). I’m looking forward to seeing where the writers take him this season.

  398. I don’t think the basket scene showed Michael being a bad salesman – in fact, the first scene in the lawyer’s office shows that’s he’s very good with clients. Taking the basket back, for me, was symbolic of the end of customer service, not just at DM, but in the real world too, because all the client cared about was having an inhuman interaction on the Internet. And I’m writing this opinion to people I’ve never met, on the Internet, which is really ironic and weird, actually.

  399. i know i’m a little slow on the posting seeing as it’s tuesday…but yikes. after the first and secod episodes i’m a little worried. i’m hoping they’ll get better when the hour long episodes are over.

    i’m glad that there are other people posting that seem to think the season doesn’t have the same “feel” as the past seasons, and that it’s a little ridiculous. we all know that the show is make-believe, but in the past there was a sense of believability. that’s what made it so good…it was an exaggeration of things that could happen…now…it’s just a little out there.

  400. I just saw the 3rd deleted scene..”cars, the penguins of the airplane family”.. WHY OH WHY was this not included in the episode?? This was sooo much better than a lot of the stuff they did include.. it makes me miss Jim-Dwight interaction even more now.

  401. I loved it when Ryan referred to “the elephant in the room” with Jan just like Michael had in S3. I wonder if there will continue to be more small Ryan=Michael parallels? I hope so.

  402. I had tried to see the logic of Michael driving into the lake since i saw the episode last week. Maybe I’m just grasping for straws, but… maybe Michael did it on purpose. Maybe he was trying to prove a point.

    Through the better part of the episode, after of course Jan and Creed gave their opinions of Ryan’s new regime, Michael was against technology. His attempts at “staying with the old”, didn’t seem to be working, and when he thought all hope was lost, he saw an opportunity to fight technology when the GPS gave them the wrong instructions.

    Yes, his tactics were unorthodox, to say the least, but eventually proved to have some kind of effect.

    I arrived at this explanation after watching the episode a third time and noticing that the GPS had shown that the right turn was into the lake!

    It does sound silly, but in the mind of Michael Scott, he was completely in the right.

    Saying this, I REALLY wanted this to be a good episode.

  403. #491 – I didn’t notice the “elephant in the room” comment was used by both Michael and Ryan.. It will be very interesting to see if Ryan models some of his behaviour after Michael.

  404. This has probably already been said by a few, but I don’t want to go back through almost 500 comments to find out…Michael driving into the lake totally worked for me because he did it on purpose. It was obvious to me that he was trying to drive home the point that relying blindly on technology may get you murdered in a lake. After the gift baskets had failed, it was his own desperate way of going to extremes to show Ryan the error of his ways. I thought it was completely in character for Michael, being the man-child he is, as it was also completely in character to be too dumb to waive the rental car insurance.

  405. Re 494: Michael Scott is the kind of person who should NEVER turn down rental insurance.

  406. Sorry if someone else has already pointed this out – didn’t have time to read all the posts.

    But to those who think it’s completely over-the-top that Michael would drive into a lake because of a GPS foul-up, well, it actually happened about a year ago, in Germany.

    Probably where the writers got the idea.

  407. Just to clarify, the “elephant in the room” comment was not used by Michael. However, there are several parallels between MGS and RBH.

  408. I was re-watching season 4, and during this episode I noticed a funny candle on Michael’s desk while he and Jan are eating salad for lunch. It (the candle) definitely has a homemade label placed on the jar with what appears to be a picture of Michael’s head, lol! I wonder if this was a prototype of “Serenity by Jan”?

  409. Best moment in Jim Halpert history:

    “I guess he can’t get…any girl he wants.” *cocky little smile*

    You have no idea how wide I smiled when he said that. You go, Jim.

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