B.J. and the beard

From the Houston Chronicle:

Despite Armani suits, a pricy wristwatch, having read the works of Ayn Rand and grown a new, swarthy stubble, Ryan Howard remains Ryan the Temp.

This week, The Office promises the first of what could be several showdowns between Ryan the Temp and his former co-workers in Scranton. Last season, he outmaneuvered several of them for a big job at corporate in New York. Now he’s a Scranton adversary, who applies Rand’s philosophy to his day-to-day even though he can’t pronounce her name.

I love how Ryan is referred to as a “corporate Sith lord.”

Link: The temp label is permanent


  1. was it just me, or when ryan told the office to treat him like they treated jan and michael did the whole “i don’t swing that way” that it seemed too “steve carell” and not a mike scott line?

    oh, and first!

  2. I love that Ryan reads Ayn Rand. That just sums up my college experience. In college, half your classmates join the Ayn Rand Cult of Objectivism, while the other half quote the Communist Manifesto in casual conversation. That crazy wunderkind!

  3. Uh Oh. I’m not putting down Rand’s philosophy because its an interesting prespective whether you agree with it or not, but that’s a pretty conservative no mercy kind of practice. I can’t wait. This is gunna be zoppity.

  4. Great article. I’m really excited to see the “corporate” Ryan interacting with his former Scranton co-workers. And I think the most interesting aspect will be the Ryan/Jim story. Like the article says Ryan took the greedy dark path, Jim did not, though perhaps to a fault.

    Can’t wait until tonight.

  5. I love the little side story about B.J’s triumph over Cadbury!

    [quote]”That’s one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done,” he says. “My hobby as a consumer advocate”[/quote]

    I can so relate to that.

  6. What a fun article. I can’t wait to see how Ryan evolves this season. He’s always been one of my favorite characters and I’m thrilled that we’ll get to see a new side of him.

    BJ seems very intelligent and fun, as well. Thanks for posting.

  7. Houston Chronicle, we have a problem. It’s “Sith Lord,” capital L. Dwight would be ashamed.

  8. I’m so excited to see some Jim/ Ryan issues…especially after the totally uncalled for “Ask me again ten years ago” bit from last year :-) I wonder if we’ll find out Jim passed on the job?

  9. Ryan as the boss… I’ve been so looking forward to seeing how this twist plays out. The article says there’s a bit of conflict with Jim. That’ll be fun to see. We never found out if Jim got offered the corporate job. If he did, how would Ryan react to that news?

  10. Remember, David said he was sorry Jim had to fill out the application – it was just a formality. That plus the hoops game at Cocktails tells me the job was Jim’s first.

    The Pam flashback tells us why he turned it down.

  11. The form wasn’t a formality because Jim was guaranteed the job, it was a corporate form any potential hire had to fill out to be considered. David was apologizing because he knew it was annoying to have give the same information (name, address, have you ever commited a felony?) again and again.

  12. I believe Jim turned down the job, too. When the CFO mentions the HR guy, he says, “He’s the only one here that you’re not going to like,” or something to that effect. That implies some sort of certainty that Jim will be in the corporate office to not like the HR guy. Otherwise, why would the CFO say that?

  13. Sith Lord? I guess the seed that Dwight planted in him has started to grow.

  14. all of the tension this season for me surrounds pb&j..what if jim has regrets turning down the job for pam…will he resent her..will i get a life??argh. cant wait til tonight!

  15. I think it’ll be interesting to see what:
    “You’re going to see him have some differences with Jim. Ryan chose the dark path, the greedy path. And Jim is the opposite of that, though also perhaps to a fault.”

    brings to the show. We’ve already seen some animosity between those two so this should be interesting.

  16. 16, AP-

    I agree. But we knew this going in.

    Due to American television conventions we knew we’d surpass twelve episodes (7.5 hours with the specials) not even halfway through the second season. And those same conventions meant we’d get many more seasons on top of that.

    Evolution was a prerequisite for the show to last and stay fresh and, most importantly, differentiate itself from its source material whilst staying true to it.

    Oh, and to stay somewhat on topic, “BJ and the beard” sounds like an AWESOME 80s crime-solving comedy.

    [from tanster: thank you very much. i worked hard on that. ;) ]

  17. Could this be Threat Level Midnight for Jim?

    Does Pam need to pull a prank on Jim to prove that he made the right choice?

    Will Ryan prove to be a threat to Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s #3??

    Oh, I can’t WAIT for tonight…but who’s counting?? (7 hours, 18 minutes)…really, I’m not counting…

  18. If you watch the DVD commentary on “The Job” the writers say that Jim turned the job down because when it came down to it, he loves Pam.

    I’m so excited for tonight!

  19. If you watch the commentary on “The Job”, the writers say that Jim turned the job down because, when it came down to it, he loves Pam.

    I am so excited to see all of this play out tonight!

  20. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode! I bet Jim passed on the job too……all for Pam. Awwwww Go PB&J!! Also can’t wait to see more of Ryan on the show tonight……

  21. tanster you might want to put a spoiler warning on this since BJ makes references to the arc we’ll see regarding Ryan and another character.

    It’s not major stuff but just a headsup since some people get touchy about even little things. :)

  22. if ryan found out that jim was offered the job first, his reaction would probably be similar to the chair incident…
    jim’s a nice guy. that’s why i got the job.

  23. Yes. I am double excited to see more New Ryan (and even beyond excited that he is still referred to as “temp”)

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