A word about comments

Just a few notes about Thursday night comments.

  • The number one reason why comments are deleted is that they contain poor grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Many comments are deleted every Thursday night for this reason. Please, folks, proofread your comments before posting. It’s “Michael,” not “Micheal.” It’s “don’t,” not “dont.”
  • If it upsets you to read other people‚Äôs comments, then don’t read them.
  • Don’t tell people what opinions they should have. Please stop with the “I can’t believe you people believe such-and-such.” Comments like that are deleted or heavily edited.
  • At the same token, please don’t be tedious with your own opinion. So you didn’t like the episode. Fine. Say it once and move on. Or … I won’t let you say it more than once so that we can move on.
  • Stay on topic. That means, comment on the episode. Don’t turn it into a general discussion about where you think the season is going. OfficeTally is not a discussion forum in that way.
  • Be sensitive in the way you word negative comments. Would you really say it this way to an Office writer in person? No? Then re-word it.

My favorite comments are those that are insightful, well written, and courteous, and most long-time Tallyheads are lovely in this regard.

I don’t really care what you think about an episode, as much as how you express it.

Writing is respected here. Please respect it, too. Thanks!