The Office: Dwight Christmas, 9.09

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The Office: Dwight Christmas Belsnickel

Writer: Robert Padnick, Director: Charles McDougall

Summary (NBC): When the party planning committee drops the ball on the annual Christmas party, Dwight gets everyone to celebrate with a traditional Schrute German Christmas. Darryl fears Jim has forgotten his promise to take him along to the new job in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Pete teaches Erin about his favorite movie Die Hard.

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The Office Dwight Christmas quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Jim: So you know my job has something to do with sports, but you don’t the end of the word “Philadelphia.”

Dwight: Don’t wear the blue striped shirt. It makes your neck look like an old mop handle.

Oscar: I didn’t realize how many of Angela’s opinions I agreed with. Until she tried to have my kneecaps shattered for sleeping with her husband. She makes a lot of very sound points.

Meredith: We’re out there, sweating our balls off every day, busting our balls. We deserve a Christmas party!

Kevin: Mini cupcakes, as in the mini version of regular cupcakes, which is already a mini version of cake, honestly, where does it end with you people?

Dwight: What about an authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas? Drink some gluhwein, enjoy some hasenpfeffer… enjoy Christmas with St. Nicholas’ rural old German companion, Belsnickel!

Stanley: I want tropical Christmas.
Meredith: Topless Christmas.
Creed: Tapas Swiss Miss. Spanish tapas and Swiss Miss hot cocoa. What’s so hard to understand.

Dwight: The sepia tint is from an app on my phone. This is the same photo, Matrix style.

Jim: Am I the only one who wants to try hufflepuffs and schnauzerhosen, and meet this glenpickle guy?

Erin: German terrorists? That’s oddly specific.

Stanley: I love Philly. Dirty town.

Toby: You know who’s not going to get to work on some exciting new startup this year? George Howard Skub. Aka, the alleged Scranton Strangler.

Stanley: See you next Christmas.

Toby: I would start at the beginning, but I think I need to go farther back.

Pam: Dwight, there is one rule that you need to take very seriously. And that is, that there are no rules.
Dwight: You have never been cooler.

Jim: Best. Christmas. Ever.
Pam: You’re welcome.
Jim: Thank you.

Dwight: That is gluhwein, otherwise known as glow wine. Also used to sterilize medical instruments.

Dwight: This is the very spoon that guided my soft skull through the birth canal. When I was born. Enjoy.

Dwight: Somebody’s found the hog maw!

Dwight: This is celebrating Christmas for all of the right reasons.

Dwight: Have you ever tasted a shepherd’s crook?

Dwight: Excuse me. I have to run to my car to take a dump.
Kevin: Wish my car had a bathroom.

Pete: That is transcribed by some fan. They make mistakes.

Toby: Here’s the thing about moonlight. It’s not sunlight.

Kevin: I love this hog mama.

Dwight: I was born to be Belsnickel.

Jim: So he’s kind of like Santa. Except dirty. And worse.

Jim: It’s my favorite part of Christmas. The authority.
Pam: And the fear.

Dwight: The Belsnickel will decide if you are impish or admirable.

Jim: Now I’m going to be all whipped for my first day of work.

Jim: That was the perfect last Christmas party.

Dwight: You quit on Christmas, Christmas quits on you.

Toby: Forget everything you thought you knew about fingerprinting.

Darryl: Meredith’s a little cute, I’m just realizing! She got like an Emma Stone thing.

Erin: I’m still Andy’s girlfriend. But you can leave your arm.

Dwight: No thanks. I’ll just have another Dumatril.

Pam: What happened? Did you miss your bus?
Jim: No. I just missed my wife.

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  1. What’s this about a party planning committee? I thought Pam shut it down in “Classy Christmas”. Did it start back up again? I know that a few of them plot to do a terrible party for Nellie but that was never described as a “party planning committee”. I don’t want to be picky but I think continuity is important. Jokes are funnier if they are referred to once and awhile, and hold true throughout the series.

  2. @Danny

    They brought it back in the episode you mentioned, with Nellie..

    Also this summary sounds hilarious.

  3. Will this episode count as the backdoor pilot for The Farm that they had planned?
    Or was “The Farm” a separate episode completely that was just removed after NBC nixed the spinoff?

    Either way, sounds promising! Guessing Andy isn’t back? Seems kinda sad that he won’t be around for the last Christmas episode..

  4. What throws me about this description is the storyline that focuses on Pete and Erin. I really like them but hey, it’s the last Christmas episode for The Office.

    Hopefully, the focus will be on the ensemble cast. Developments with the Pete/Erin courtship, which just began in Season 9, can be the highlight of other episodes. In a few months, the show will end. Let’s give great veteran characters like Stanley, Phyllis, and Meredith the attention that they deserve.

  5. “Dwight Christmas” is such a wonderful title!

    @4. I agree. I think it will be really sad if Andy isn’t in the final Christmas episode. Maybe he’s just missing from the plot summary, rather than missing at sea…

  6. Had my fingers crossed the writers would think of something besides a Christmas party for the last Christmas episode. Feel like I’ve seen twelve of these Christmas party episodes, and about a million Office party episodes in general. Oh well, maybe Plop talking about a movie will make up for it.

  7. @threatlevelmidwight, This isn’t the Farm episode, Rainn tweeted about filming that months ago, whereas the cast were tweeting about filming the Christmas episode just a few weeks ago.

  8. I was really hoping the show would back off of Pete and Erin. They are really making the show hard to enjoy.

  9. I think this is going to be one of those cases where as soon as Pete is about to get close to Erin, Andy will turn up and Erin will think no more of it.

  10. I enjoy the whole Pete and Erin bit. It’s a nice throwback to Jim and Pam. Pete is very Jim like and you can see Erin starting to slowly get more mature. It’s good to see her grow as a character and Pete allows that to happen.

  11. @Daniel G. I agree. It’s kind of like the story of early Jim and Pam we never got to see. But what’s the point since it’s the final season? I’ve been irritated with the writers so far. The final episode can’t possibly top the final episodes of Michael Scott. Bring back Steve Carell!!!!

  12. I hope that Mindy Kaling threw one final pitch for the show before heading to her project, and wrote this episode. It won’t feel like an Office holiday episode with someone other than her writing it. But the twin concepts of a Dwight’s-brain version of Xmas and following “The Cleveland Show” in recognizing that Die Hard is actually a holiday film are intriguing.

  13. Don’t think this episode will be backdoor to The Farm since it has been picked up by NBC. But will be interesting to see how Dwight will run Christmas. Not sure if Andy will be back depending if Ed Helms is still filming Hangover 3. He might be though you never know. It would be cool too if Michael Scott made a surprise appearance.

  14. John Krasinski is busy promoting his new film before its late December release & during the Acadamy Award nomination season. If the film receives any nominations (voting ends on January 3rd), then it would smooth his transition from television actor to a full-time movie career.

    How will this play out at The Office? One idea … what if David Wallace fires Jim after catching him working a second job on company time? A story line like this would be unexpected and set big things in motion while getting John Krasinski out of the office for the post-Christmas episodes. It could also explain why there’s such a strong focus on Erin and Pete.

  15. Here’s what I think: as David Wallace always respected Jim from the very beginning (like he did with Michael), I don’t think he’s gonna be upset with him for having a second job; I’m pretty sure Andy will be back soon, and I hope he’s becoming less than selfish to Erin, because I would hate to see the two of them break up again.

  16. Great idea to pair Erin with Pete, they are coming full circle with the office, cute salesman loves cute receptionist. Erin will probably get engaged to Andy, too, which will just add to the suffering! lol Jim&Pam are the reason I started watching the Office, and it is fun to watch it happening all over again with “Peterin”. Brilliant!

  17. The way things are shaping up, I’m guessing the finale will involve Jim and Pam leaving D-M and Scranton for good…not hard to write Michael into if Steve is up for it.

  18. Steve said he REALLY didn’t want to come back to The Office because he wanted to leave Michael’s final exit as it was — but somehow I don’t believe him, and I don’t think anyone else here does, either. Nothing would be more lovely for all of us than, at the very least, a 5-second cameo in the last episode.

  19. From what Jenna Fischer says in the latest addition to the Spoilers section, it seems to me that the main focus is going to be the real story of The Office, from episode one: JAM. Meaning, I don’t think there will be a return of Michael. Why? Because MGS is no longer there, and in truth, it (the documentary and the show in reality) was always about the JAM relationship. Therefore there’s no need for MSG’s return. That aspect of the JAM story has already had its resolution. The fact that we viewers don’t know what became of MSG and Holly is only bothersome to us. Michael’s story was important, the 2nd most important, but not the real thing. I can’t wait for tonight’s Christmas episode. Even though it’s not the halfway mark, it sure feels like such an important mile marker will indicate where things are going, in a more definite direction.

  20. “Did you miss your bus?”
    “No, I just missed my wife”

    nailed it.
    best last christmas ever.

  21. Awesome! Gave it a 10, would have given it an 11. P.S. For the record, I always knew Toby had it in him!

  22. Lovely episode! It wasn’t exactly a funny episode, and it had a slow start, but it was a wonderful pay-off at the end (though I don’t mean very disturbing coda). Maybe not quite as great as say Season 2 or Season 3’s Christmas episodes, but wonderful all the same!

  23. Beautiful. I have to admit, I teared up when Dwight ended his party because of Jim and started crying when Jim came back. I can’t believe that was the last Christmas episode ever — but it was a perfect one. All the plots were great… especially the main focus with Jim, Dwight, and Pam. And Ellie was amazing in this episode!

  24. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! The best episode since I don’t know when. It’s really hitting home that this is ending. Greg Daniels and co, well done! Bravissimo! Touching. Poignant. Insightful. Hilarious. And some uncomfortableness. It had it all. I was smiling from ear to ear one minute with a few tears in the old eyes, and the next minute I was on the edge of my seat. And now we have to wait a month for it to continue.

  25. I gave this one a 10 also. Loved all of it and felt like it was a perfect Christmas ending. I got a little teary eyed at the end.

  26. It was great to actually see Craig (Darryl) act! Great performance…I thought he was going to have a heart attack at the end and Nelly kissing Toby, then he kissing back! Awesome!

  27. I think that’s about as good an episode as we can get these days. It wasn’t as powerful as season 2 or 3. But it couldn’t draw from the same well of drama that those episodes had. With where the show is now it maximized impact. Dwight and Jim, Dwight and Pam, Jim and Pam were all wonderful interactions tonight. Erin and Pete (they’ve finally got me interested enough to stop calling him New Jim). Don’t really need the Toby/Nellie stuff. But if we’re going to wrap everyone up then I suppose that’s as good a way as any to finish up two characters.

  28. The freeze frame slowly pulling away ending scene where everyone is in the breakroom was awesome! It put a few tears in my eye, that one did. It was like a Christmas card or group Christmas photo to remember how they were. To how they’ll always be to us. I’m tearing up a bit just thinking about it while I’m typing this. 10 out of 10. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I still get goosebumps when JAM and Dwight team up and/or show affection for each other. I was kinda hoping that a drunken Darryl was going to hook up with Meredith. That’s always been one of those sub plots throughout the entire series: is someone from the office going to take that swim??? Who knows, maybe it’ll come out in a later episode that later on Meredith drove a sauced Darryl home and… MaD occurred “that one night…and made everything alllllright”? Stranger things have happened.

  29. Drunk Darryl= pure gold. Dwight/Jim Frenemy stuff is always great. I loved how everyone got a great moment.

  30. @37, that was Nate from the warehouse! lol

    Great episode. 10/10. Poor Erin :(


  31. I think it was a perfectly lovely last christmas episode, but I wish it would’ve been an hour. It felt too short and fast to me for some reason, (TWSS) maybe it was lack of a cold open. But I enjoyed the Jam moments, drunk Darryl and Belsnickle. Loved when Dwight got upset about Jim leaving. Creed’s one line was amazing as usual; “tapas swissmiss!”

    Oh and to quote the man himself: “Toby! Yeah!!”

  32. Good episode…slow start but finished strong…thanks Darryl.

    Since this was the last Christmas episode, I would have hoped Jim would have given Pam the letter (from Season 2 Christmas) before he went off to Philly.
    (I really want to know what was in the note!)

  33. What a nice Office Christmas for the Farewell Season. Everyone had a part and I loved Dwight’s ideas — he gets very creative!! Loved Jim missing his wife and I loved the really great Jim/Pam kiss. Saying farewell is going to be difficult.

  34. Wow! What a fantastic episode. As already mentioned by so many people, the relationship between Jim and Pam, Dwight and Jim really tied everything together. Erin and Pete also got me a little excited for them and the upcoming events that will unfold. Overall, it was a great last Christmas episode and I enjoyed watching.

  35. Yay Toby! I was thinking for awhile him and Nellie might date or make-out or something. Michael hated him, Andy hated her. Both are kind of odd, occasionally inappropriate, but basically goodhearted. (Nellie was not goodhearted last season, but I’m just going with the idea she was in some post-breakup psychosis last season and what she is now is what they want with her character)

  36. As Andy/Erin I would sort-of like them to acknowledge his relationship to Angela because I think that’s relevant to several things happening now. (Andy found she had another man, a co-worker, and she found out her husband had another man also a co-worker. He did elaborate things to win over Angela, he did elaborate things to get Erin) Maybe he thinks “I go all out to get a woman, but then when I have her I screw it up.” Granted he wasn’t bad to Angela once they were a couple, unlike Erin, but I’m not saying his introspection has to be totally logical.

  37. Best episode ever! Loved the St. Nikolaus references. In the Netherlands we celebrate him too at the 5th of december (Santa not so much). The appearance of Zwarte Piet was amazing.

  38. I totally lost it at the end when Darryl turned and fell. I think I laughed for the next ten minutes.

    Good episode, I definitely preferred over Moroccan Christmas.

    And good for Kevin, finally becoming Santa (and even Angela sat on his lap :) )

    (Hey Tanster, thought about having a poll to see which Christmas episode the fans like the most?)

  39. Lovely episode. I like Erin & Pete story because it’s not moving too fast. Erin is getting cuter every season. Gonna miss Erin’s character.

  40. I loved this episode!

    i did get really sad though when Jim mentioned it was his last Christmas party…

  41. LOL moments: Dwight punishing Oscar with the switch, and Darryl crashing into the table. The most genuine moment: Pam blinking back a tear, then hugging Jim goodbye, and the look on his face as he hugs her back.

    I can’t say I loved Jim’s return scene. Somehow, it reminded me of when Steve Carell left – those last few episodes. At that point, I sensed that the actor behind the character had really begun moving on from the show. I felt some of that vibe from John Krasinski in the final Jim/Pam/Dwight scene. The parking lot farewell scene brought something genuine to the surface.

  42. Wait – is Jim going to have a significantly reduced role now? I assumed he would kind of just be around as much as ever

  43. Am I the only one who sees Erin and Pete a parallel of Jim and Pam? I mean here we have Erin who is a secretary in the office, apparently not satisfied with her relationship (I feel really sorry for her), and here we have the New Jim who definitely has feelings for her but takes up the role of a friend because he respects Erin’s relationship? I mean Andy’s become a real jerk, and it’s obvious Pete doesn’t like him too much…he stays by Erin’s side and supports her. It looks like a new JAM story in a way.

  44. #54, @Joanna, no you’re very definitely not the only one, a lot of people have already noticed that, and I think it’s very deliberate. I really have no idea how the Erin/Pete/Andy story is going to be resolved, but I keep wondering if it will eventually impact the Jim/Pam storyline in some way, as Jim and Pam recognise themselves in Erin and Pete.

  45. One word: Tobellie! :-)

    This wasn’t my absolute favorite Christmas episode, but it will be up near the top, for sure.

  46. Loved the last Christmas episode! I’m interested to see where Erin and Andy’s relationship will go and also anxious to see what Jim’s new job has in store! Had a lot of great laughs! Definitely was sad when it ended.

  47. So, are we pretty much guessing the Scranton Strangler is Toby? I mean, he brings it up ALL the time now, and we can see he’s doing it in an out of the way sense, trying to steer to it.

    Either him or Nellie.

  48. Was there no cold-open and/or opening credits for this episode? I didn’t see it on TV last night and it wasn’t on Hulu this morning either.

  49. I really enjoyed this Christmas episode…I agree with everyone about the Jim/Pam/Dwight scenes. Very real emotions…it was sweet to see how disappointed Dwight was when Jim left. Also, some fantastic ensemble moments! I think there’s enough interest/curiosity to start an online petition to find out what the letter said that Jim gave Pam in Season 2 Christmas! ;)

  50. I want to say that this season is really good, much better than past few. It’s such a shame that it has to end now because i would love to see how they continue this show but, why not end on a good note?

  51. You’ve gotta be kidding me, the Strangler will absolutely NOT be Toby. The Strangler isn’t going to be one of the characters on the show right now. I would be absolutely shocked if they took one of the characters we’ve known over the years and vilified them as a murderer who should be sentenced to death. That would be a horrible twist for the show and I highly doubt the writers are that foolish. My guess is Toby is going to find out who the Strangler really is; that to me could be his character’s final act that turns him from a boring HR guy to the town hero. That would be a fitting end to a character who has always enjoyed mystery novels.

  52. …Just when I thought the characterization of Dwight was heading back towards what it should have been. He has never acted like this much of a child. He used to actually be knowledgeable yet naive. Now he’s just plain childish. Episodes like this kind of make me feel like I’m not watching The Office. I can’t let myself get into the plot because I’m distracted by Dwight. Overall, everyone else was great! Erin’s story line has become great!

  53. Loved this episode. Had to watch it twice– too many good lines! Too many! It makes me sad though, because I can sense the Halperts exiting Dunder Mifflin by the series end, even though maybe they should. :/

  54. Not the best Christmas episode but it was solid. Hilarious when Darryl fell on the table. Loved it when Toby finally got some love! I’m worried that Erin x Andy is going to end…I hope it doesn’t. I feel like ever since Michael Scott left I’ve liked Andy less and less. Am I the only one who misses Gabe, Ryan, and Kelly? Also, where did that other new kid go? I forgot his name but I liked him way better than Pete.

  55. If they want the strangler to be someone from the show I might pick Devon. After Michael fired him he became homeless in New York, lost his mind, hitchhiked back to Scranton (where maybe one of his rides did something to further traumatize him), and started strangling people who reminded him of either Creed or Michael. But even that seems too much.

    A bit more tolerable would be to have the strangler be the guy who flashed Phyllis in “Women’s Appreciation.” Flashers sometimes have other mental issues or they “escalate.” And having it be him, just by Phyllis saying “hey it’s that guy, remember” or something, would be someone familiar who’s never actually been a character.

  56. Anyone remember Toby freaking out at the end of the Halloween episode after I think Nellie took her “Sexy Toby” wig off…and now he’s kissing her?

  57. This is my second favorite Christmas episode :) (my first is the one from season 6 where Michael dresses as Jesus lol)

  58. Nice episode. Fun to watch, I had to watch it twice. I don’t like the fact that Andy is leaving Erin this way, since he seemed to be pretty much in love with her. Remember he went to get her back when she was in Florida?

    I liked Dwight running to hug Jim when he returned to the party and drunk Darryl talking about Meredith

  59. It has taken me 9 episodes to buy into a possible Pete/Erin romance… Even after 2 1/2 seasons I hadn’t bought into the Andy/Erin romance. Not sure why that is, but anyway great episode! Makes me want to go watch Die Hard now…

  60. hahahahha loved this episode
    also loved the ending reference to Michael when Darryl says “I shall come at your convenience” and Jim says “thank you sir” in the exact same Michael way!!! :D

  61. I am very surprised by these comments, I have to say. I gave this episode a 2 out of 10. Neither Dwight or Jim acted like themselves. Everyone sitting around with a bowl acting like children was unbelievable, not funny, and a big disappointment. Too bad, because I have really liked the season up until now.

  62. Great episode, like “Christmas Wishes” one of the best of its season. Getting back to basics in the office and a refreshing change after last week’s silliness.

    First Andy and now Jim is leaving for a while too? Kind of sad but I guess this show really is winding down. It was good to see the whole Jim/Dwight thing going again. Let’s face it we know deep down these guys are friends.
    I thought the scene with Erin and Pete watching Die hard (excellent choice!) was quite sad. Erin has matured but definitely has abandonment issues. But I was pleasantly surprised that Erin stayed true to character and the writers didn’t go down the easy path of having them just jump immediately into some sort of affair. “I’m still Andy’s girlfriend” was a pretty good moment, she handled it well.

    I do feel a bit bad for Andy though, his character has been turned into a complete jerk presumably for the sake of giving Helms time off for other things!

    Great performances all round here. It shows how a good script helps.

  63. So excited to hear they are repeating this episode on December 27th – the perfect post-Christmas present to me!

  64. I love the references to Michael in this episode! Darryl and Jim at the end and Die Hard (In Season 4, Michael is reviewing Die Hard for all of his telemarketing friends.)Can’t wait until Jan (punny?) 10th.

  65. @74 Yeah, me too. I found it quite a slow episode. Dwight hugging Jim was a nice moment, but it made no real sense. Jim was just leaving an hour or two early – why would that upset Dwight so much? Also, I thought there would be more obvious antipathy between Angela and Oscar. In one scene they stood side-by-side looking at Oscar’s phone together. She wanted to have him kneecapped last week!

    Where has Clark gone? It’s really bothering me! Is he coming back?

  66. I loved this episode. I was actually glad that Andy was gone, gave it a bit of a retro feel. A real Jim, Pam and Dwight episode. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

  67. I loved the episode. That’s the final process for Christmas on the show. Both Dwight, Jim and Pam (and Darryl) really delivered. For someone who’s glad Andy is gone, don’t be, he’ll be back. Besides, there’s a lot of the final season going on.

  68. Get it Toby!!!! FINALLY, poor Toby gets lucky! Nellie, great match, knew it would happen. A little disappointed otherwise. We need the gorgeous Jan Levinson back and Michael. Enough with Jim and Pam all sappy. Dwight was his old self anyway.

  69. Just saw the Hobbit and Andy’s reference to seeing the Hobbit reminded me that Dwight is a huge LotR fan. Martin Freeman, who played Tim on the original Office (the character Jim is based on) plays Bilbo. There could be a line in one of the future episodes about how something annoyed Dwight about Bilbo and made him feel oddly sentimental at the same time (Jim is starting his new company and Dwight will obviously miss him on some level).

  70. Great episode! Classic office humor, playing on Dwight’s goofy childhood. Jim and Pam’s marriage developing, very cute. I think becoming manager has really gone to Andy’s head. His self-absorbed rich boy tendencies used to be squashed by the fact that he was just your average, terrible salesman, and that allowed us to see his good qualities. But now he’s the new Roy, and Erin and Pete are the new Jim and Pam. Looking forward to how their story line will develop, especially after this episode.

  71. Am I the only one who started crying ;_; when Dwight hugged Jim- without any shame, just love for his friend???

  72. Wow. What episode did I watch?

    The Dwight Xmas I’ve watched (and just now for the 3rd or 4th time) is awkward beyond belief and full of unrealistic interactions.

    Jim comes back like nothing happened following a lashing? Angela and Oscar? Darryl getting drunk on undrinkable swill; seriously this was all believable in any sense?

    The humor was relegated to pratfalls or whiffs such as the “black-face” partner. Very weak episode and easily the least interesting of holiday-themed ones.

    How much were individuals paid to say otherwise? No way does a painful effort like this get such glowing reviews otherwise. I only see one or two mildly critical comments here, which is scoff worthy.

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