All about Schrute-Space

Rainn Wilson talks to about the origins of his Schrute-Space blog, Scranton, and his feelings about the Internet.

An excerpt:

He often pens the blog on set, so if you see Dwight working at his computer in the background of a scene, chances are his mind is in Schrute-Space.

Wilson, 40, has effortlessly attained what millions of bloggers aspire to — a steady audience — without liking the Internet all that much.

Read the full interview here. (Link no longer available)


  1. Funny, he says no one else on the show does their blog in character. Brian/Kevin does on his MySpace page. And I think Madge does, too. Maybe Rainn doesn’t know about those.

  2. He’s right about 1 thing – the internet IS a huge time-waster. That doesn’t seem to stop me, though.

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