Emmy buzz already!

As I was riding my scooter all around the Internet today looking for Office news, I noticed that there is already some buzz around The Office as shoo-in for an Emmy “Outstanding Comedy Series” nomination, and Steve Carell for an “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series” nod.

You can be sure I’ll be up bright and early on July 6th when all the nominations are announced! The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, August 27th.

Mark these dates on your calendar! Oh, I already have. (You really need to subscribe to the OfficeTally calendar. You really do.)

I don’t actually ride a scooter around the Internet. But everything else is true.


  1. This is exciting news. I’m glad the show has finally gained this kind of approval.

    If you did ride a scoote around the Internet, I am picturing a Blue Vespa…

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