The Office: Finale clips

Here are clips of The Office Finale event airing May 16.

Jim helps plan Dwight’s bachelor party.
[Video no longer available]

Six months later, a couple of welcome souls make their way back to the office.
[Video no longer available]

And here’s a promo.

P.S. The song in the promo is I Lived by One Republic.


  1. Did anyone notice that Kelly is standing next to Ryan… and although kelly’s other man is there, he is holding a white baby…. drama?

  2. Oh gawd, Tanster – why do you post these clips during the workday? Do you really expect me to hold out until I get home to watch? Now I sit in my cube sniffling and wiping my eyes. Can I blame it on allergies? LOL

    I am super-excited to see that NBC filmed parts of the PNC Field event from the Wrap Party though!

    [ from tanster: i know. :( ]

  3. :’)

    Is it just me, or does the stripper look like the same stripper in Ben Franklin?

    [ from tanster: yes, that’s Jackie Debatin! got to meet her, she is so sweet. :) ]

  4. The world will cry that day.. At least I will for an hour + the hours after the episode x3

  5. Having a hard time dealing with this. I want to pretend like next Thursday will be like any other season finale Thursday, and that we’ll have a new season to look forward to in the fall. I’ve been crying on and off since I got up this morning.

    I want to retreat into complete denial. Can’t deal with it otherwise.

  6. I’ve lurked on this site for years, and I just came here to say this: If Steve / Michael isn’t in the episode, I will be extremely and outrageously pissed. It would have felt like it was all for nothing.

  7. Does anyone know if they’ll put the “looking back on the office” part on hulu? I don’t have TV!

  8. @8. I’m in the same boat. Couldn’t find it online but I bet they will. If not I’m sure it will be on NBC’s site

  9. Tanster, thanks for the clarification! That’s SO funny to me.

    @Ellery, not sure, but I’m sure it would be available online eventually. I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

  10. @ Brayden

    I noticed that too. I also noticed the stripper’s back. I’m sure will get plenty of callbacks to previous episodes.

    Actually, one thing I really hope they do for the finale is put EVERYONE’S name in the opening credits, like they did in “Stress Relief”. “Lost” did that for their finale.

    And denials or not, I’m still holding out hope for a Michael Scott appearance.

  11. The Office has been with me since November, 2005 – through the naivete of early college years to the unearned cynicism of these mid-to-late twenties. For me, and I’m sure for many others, this show has been there for the beginning of many beginnings, and lived beyond the end of many ends. Though I have not made a video since 2006 – part of my own evolution as a fan is embedded in the evolution of fandom, of new social mediums and burgeoning online cultures. This show is every bit the anthology of a decade of digital changes.

    To say that I am sad would be an understatement. So much of what I find funny, what I find romantic, and what I expect to be true about the nebulous adult world comes from this little series. Times have changed, and so has The Office. But that it’s always THERE, to anchor me through a life I never knew I’d be living eight years ago…well.

    Thursday nights will not be the same. And I will miss this community. Thank you, Tanster.

  12. Did anyone else key in on Darryl stepping out of the limo? I think that indicates Athlead blew up (in a good way). Jim owns a portion of the company. It seems like even if he didn’t go on the 3 month trip, he should still be rolling in dough.

  13. A re-run of Grief Counselling was on the other night and this quote kind of sums up how I feel…
    Michael: There are five stages to grief, which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. And right now, out there, they’re all denying the fact that they’re sad. And that’s … hard. And it’s making them all angry. And it is my job to try to get them all the way through to acceptance. And if not acceptance, then just depression. If I can get them depressed, then I’ll have done my job.

  14. It would be awesome if someone recorded the retrospective for those who are not in the United States.

    I wish I were able to watch this before the finale, but I guess I will just watch it later.

  15. clearly the fans aren’t the only ones crying through these last few episodes. you can see tears welled up in several of the actors’ eyes during many of the scenes. must have been extremely difficult for them to get through some of the scenes.
    thanks so much and i wish all of them happiness.

  16. Pam standing on a roof dressed up… probably unveiling a mural?

    Phyllis giving Angela a piggy back ride down the aisle? Ha!

    Darryl in a limo… Athlead looks to be strong

    Andy comes back to The Office and Phyllis looks surprisingly emotional.

    Kelly holding a white baby in between Ryan and Ravi makes me LOL so hard.

  17. @13 Proudgirl
    I used to watch your “All” Jim/Pam video on Youtube a ton. I found it again after this last episode to reminisce.

    My wife and I have watched The Office since the Basketball episode. We were hooked immediately. We were young 20 year old newlyweds, and now are approaching 30 with a 2 year old.

    I’ve been coming to this site every week since it started. Thanks for all of the work that you do Tanster!

  18. Who is the black man sitting at the desk behind Jim’s head at the 0:06 mark?

  19. When Jim says “definitely good surprises.” there is a someone sitting at Stanley’s desk, but that’s not Stanley…who is that??

  20. @19 Eric: Aw, thank you for reminiscing through my video! Those were such intense days for the Jim/Pam fandom. Jim’s music video for Pam in last night’s episode was, for me, a cherished and gladly cheesy tribute to our small but dedicated community of fan-vidders back then.

  21. Judging by those clips, I’m going to be bawling so hard I won’t be able to hear the Finale after the retrospective…

    Also, Elizabeth the stripper! Ah, the callbacks that they’ve had these past few episodes are just such great nods to us fans.

    [ from tanster: there’s at least TWO other nods to fans that i can’t wait for you to see! (weren’t part of the official guest star list) ]

  22. “Yea ok, well this is gonna hurt like a m***** f*****.”

    [from tanster: yes. yes it is.]

  23. I hope tanster is talking about Amy adams and Rashida Jones. That would be awesome!

  24. Does anyone know if the retrospective will be on Hulu the next day as well as the episode itself?

  25. Tanster, you’re the worst! [By which I mean the best, but gosh, you keep on teasing us with all these little tidbits… =)]

    And ahh, I must’ve watched this clip 20 times now. The shot of Steve laughing and then Jenna saying “It’s just been everything to me” gets me every time…

  26. At 00:09, how about that empty bale of hay on the right? Michael and Holly’s spot, perhaps? Still have my fingers and toes crossed!

    If Michael truly doesn’t come back, I hope they at least mention him in the episode and give him a reason for not attending. I can’t imagine a world where Michael Scott wouldn’t attend or at least try to attend Dwight Schrute’s wedding!

  27. It looks like Ryan is actually the one ‘holding’ the baby in a baby Bjorn or something. Curious…

  28. @13 proudgirl I’m right there with you. You said it so perfectly.

    Also, it’s possible that Jan may be sitting behind Kelly at 0:09.

  29. Hoping hoping hoping Pam lets Jim pursue Athlead. Hoping that video/card showed Pam that Jim will never love his job more than her and their kids, and that it’s ok for change to happen. Just don’t want her to have a cowardly end when she has made so much progress over the seasons. I’ll be sad if it doesn’t happen because I waited 9 seasons for Jim to finally show what he is capable of.

  30. To those wondering about Fake Stanley in the background, while I don’t know anything about it, I can assume that since it’s six months later, maybe Stanley retired and that guy took his place. Then again, maybe his wife killed him after watching the documentary, lol. I looked through the pictures and I don’t see Stanley anywhere. Hmm, now I’m concerned.

    Don’t know why Andy’s back in the office but he looks happy and I’m glad about that. Though we know he’s not coming back to work… he burned his boats, lol.

  31. I hope we get to see Jen! She owns every scene she’s in, haha. I’d rather see her return than Kelly or Ryan or David Wallace.

  32. Okay, I’m reaching here, but I’m thinking maybe Ryan is just holding a Michael and Holly baby who were all able to make it out to the wedding.

    Funny how the actress for the stripper has this recurring role, as she also played the stripper/hooker that Monica hired for Chandler in “Friends”.

    Hopefully, Andy’s rude awakening at the audition has brought him back down to reality where we see a more likeable character.

    So glad they will show clips from last week’s Farewell at PNC field. I was so shocked and excited when they announced Steve’s name it was hard to process all the emotions at once. It will be great seeing it a second time from a different perspective.

  33. I bet Ravi wasn’t too happy about Ryan & Kelly’s antics when watching the documentary…

  34. Watched this over and over again and hearing Jenna say “It’s just been everything to me” in that choked up voice makes me cry every time. It’s really beginning to sink in that the show’s ending. This is going to sound so weird, but I don’t know what my life’s going to be like without The Office! Btw, on a completely unrelated note, I was reading about new pilots that had been picked up, and on the cast list for Chuck Lorre’s ‘Mom’ on CBS, it said “Spencer Daniels (The Office)” Wow! So cool!

  35. To throw out my guess, Ryan is nanny to Kelly’s baby that she has somehow passed off as her boyfriend’s. I haven’t been this eager for an Office episode in a while….which brings the tears because I realize I won’t ever get the “a new episode is tonight” rush again. :(

  36. I’m really sad we won’t get a last bit of Jan before it’s over! (Never thought I’d say that, but I want it all back now) Unless she surprisingly pops up, but she seems established enough that they’d have put her on the guest star list, so I’m guessing no :( Not sure how they’d fit her into the plot anyway.

  37. So, I’m pretty sure the black guy behind Jim is Malcolm Barrett (from looking at the guest stars list).

  38. Holy smokes, the way Jenna looks at John! I give the show credit they never overplayed Pam and Jim as a couple but I would watch a show about them.

  39. I was already weeping from the last episode and once they cut to the promo I started sobbing uncontrollably! I am not sure how I am going to make it through Thursday night, yet I’m also excited for it at the same time.

  40. Every time I see the finale preview clip, I laugh at Phyllis carrying Angela down the aisle on her back! Can’t wait to find out what that is all about!

  41. My hope is that some talent agent saw Andy singing “I Will Remember You” on the documentary, signed him, and made him famous. He deserves that dream!

  42. Michael must attend this wedding. Dwight & Michael are like best friends. In any world, a friend like Michael will attend his closest friend’s wedding.

  43. I have watched this from my DVR like 30 times. Including a couple times in slow motion trying to see why Ryan was holding a baby.

  44. I saw the whole series again recently as a farewell ritual, and there is one episode where a guy (now Robbie in new girl) tells Pam in a job convention that the best places for design are NY and Philadelphia. That was like 5 or so seasons ago. Is it me, or was that an early sign that they will move and Pam will finally get to pursue what she dreamt of?

  45. Am I missing something? When did Steve take off his glasses at the wrap party?

  46. Yay, it’s the stripper! “Secret secrets are no fun. Secret secrets hurt someone.” :D

  47. @47 Stapler

    You and me both ! If it’s a Schrute wedding, I guess we shouldn’t expect anything normal / traditional !!

  48. Oh great, now we have three hours to fill!


    [from tanster: loved that!]

  49. “The Schrutes have their own traditions. We usually marry standing in our own graves. Makes the funerals very romantic. But the weddings are a bleak affair.”

  50. @26 — Oh man, I really hope you are right about Amy Adams making an appearance! I have no idea what role Katy would play, but I don’t care. She is my favorite actress and the reason I started watching The Office. I don’t know if I ever would have watched it if not for her. My first episode was “Hot Girl”, bought it on iTunes a couple years ago, then “Booze Cruise”. Then I realized I was actually enjoying the hell outta the show, so I bought season one on DVD and the rest is history. But yeah, if she made an appearance in the finale that would be like coming full circle for me. I hope you are right!!

  51. Stanley not being there reminds me of the banker when they brought in a new Stanley to impress the glorified fact checker.For the record Pam was not on board with new Stanley. lol I wonder if Elizabeth the stripper will have to answer phones with her clothes on again.

  52. I seriously think his wife literally threw his body in a ditch. Or he got another heart attack.

  53. So I guess with Jim’s outfit, that means he is still working at DM 6 months later. Really disappointing. Would have hoped Pam got over her cowardly attitude once she saw that video in A.A.R.M. :(

  54. I was in Target getting some printer ink when it hit me that tonight is it, the final time I get to watch a new episode of The Office. So I bought an ungodly amount of junk food to console myself as I sob through it all.

  55. @laura Maybe she did and he stuck to his decision on staying anyway. I’m hoping he opened the bike shop he talked about once.

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