1. Is this the same thing that’s on the last season DVD? Wondering if I need to watch this also. :)

  2. Tanster, has there ever been confirmation on whether or not the Matrix cold open was ever shot? I hope it was and will be included in a box set or some future release!

  3. Thank you for posting this – that was amazing! It really was emotionally magnificent :) I especially loved how choked up Pam/Jenna got at the end . . .

  4. Been a long time since I checked Office Tally…thanks Tanster for many years of making being an Office fan so fun…I don’t think I will ever be quite as engaged with a show as I was with the Office. I loved watching the final read through…thanks for posting. And…I loved how John Krasinski looked straight into the camera with a smile at the very end….a final classic Jim Halpert move….

  5. Loved this! How I miss this show! Nothing else has really taken its place.

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