‘The Office’ gets two ALMA Award nominations

The Office has been nominated for two 2009 ALMA Awards:

  • Oscar Nuñez, Comedy Actor, “The Office,” NBC
  • Jessica Alba, Comedy Actress, “The Office,” NBC

Oscar has also been nominated for his film role in “The Proposal.”

The ALMA Awards honor the achievements of Latinos in film, TV and music. The awards ceremony airs September 18 on ABC.

Congratulations to Oscar and Jessica!

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  1. Congrats Oscar! Latinos representing! I, however, disagree about Jessica Alba. She made it very clear she doesn’t want to be associated with Latinos.

    Arriba Oscar!

  2. Enhorabuena y buena suerte Oscar!
    (Congratulations and good luck…my spanish skills stayed w/me from college!)

  3. After extensive Googling I remembered she was in the spoof movie that Jim, Pam, and Andy watch. I really need to re-watch last season…

  4. Way to go, Oscar!! He’s always great on The Office, and he was faaab-ulous in The Proposal! Well deserved noms – I hope he wins one or both!

  5. That’s odd that Jessica Alba would get an award nomination for such a bit part. I think tanster had more screen time!

    [from tanster: lololol]

  6. Big congratulations, Oscar! You deserve it – especially for this past season – you were awesome in Business Trip!

  7. Yay, Oscar! I love your work on “The Office” and you were hilarious in “The Proposal,” too. Congratulations!

  8. Congrats to Oscar!
    His understated performances have been great to watch.

    Jessica might be nice to look at, but her performance on the Office was not worthy of any award.

  9. First of all a big congratulations to Oscar. Very well deserved. I’m pulling for you Oscar. I’m not gonna let the Alba nomination ruin my admiration for Oscar.

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