1. I’m a Chicagoan and definitely supportive of the Olympics coming here. Hearing John Krasinski a) endorse the Olympic bid and b) just say the word “Cubs”…well, I think I’m feeling a little faint ;)

  2. aaww he’s so cute. lol when he starts listing sports teams, he started with bears, and i thought he was going to say “bears, beets, battlestar galactica.” major office freak right here =)

    [from tanster: lol!]

  3. Really, ItsOnlyMeredith? Hearing him say *that word* kind of made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. ;P

    When was he in Chicago? I apparently missed a good stalking opportunity.

  4. #1 Meredith – hahaha i had the exact same fainting feeling when he said Cubs. lol Oh John… just move here already.

    secondly – memo to me… buy tickets to basketball events in 2016….

  5. If the Olympics coming to Chicago means 3 hour commutes to anywhere you need to go in the city BUT possible sightings of John — I’m game for it :P

  6. My boyfriend and I were just talking about this the other day…it would be cool to have the Olympics here, but my gosh, traffic is bad enough…lol. But I’m not really laughing out loud.

  7. Yes, traffic IS bad already. But that’s what public transportation is for! And I will most certainly be buying tickets to basketball games too…

    Cubs rule!

  8. I think I just came to love John more than I already did. I have the same reaction as ItsOnlyMeredith. 1) He supports my home town and 2.) He said “Cubs.” Ahhh how wonderful!

  9. We Cubs fans are everywhere even though I feel like hiding with the way they’ve been playing.

  10. At least I’ll have The Office in a few weeks to drown my sorrows in. And the Bears.

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