1. Thanks for posting this tanster! I heard about it, but couldn’t find a Country Weekly anywhere!

  2. Thanks Tanster!
    That was really interesting to read. I sure respect country music a lot more now! :)

  3. “Wide Open Spaces” is second only to “Cowboy Take Me Away” in my book. I’m a country fan myself. I’m no ddker, but I get by. Happy New Year, Tanster.

  4. I developed a great respect for country music when I realized it worked wonders to get the little ones to sleep. This just makes it even better.
    I love that Brian loves “Georgia On My Mind” its one of my all time favorite songs. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I am from Atlanta also!

  5. thanks tanster!
    howdy y’all (im a texan… i have the right to say that haha)
    country rocks my boots off.

  6. this is soo exciting. i am such a big country music fan. i had no idea they all liked it too!and i live right near philly,i may have to check out that “Flannery Tavern”

  7. I’m not so sure I believe this “Office goes country” stuff… I don’t recall seeing any pick-up trucks parked in the Dunder-Mifflin lot. Nor any boot-scootin’ over at Poor Richards.

  8. Hmm Angela didn’t mention moving in any of her blogs. Unless they interviewed them over a year ago :/

  9. Kathy (aka GMMR). I agree with you, “Cowboy Take Me Away” is definitely on the top of my list with “Wide Open Spaces” right behind. I love the Dixie Chicks and lots of other country acts.

  10. 10-Heather,
    Melora has a wonderful voice and I think her songs are ok. I think I’d actually like her album a little more if she sang some country songs on it. Now I really want to hear her sing “Walking After Midnight”

  11. Angela was on a TLC show about remodeling her house right after she moved. You can find it on Youtube.

  12. Yay for country music! They totally need to make appearances at Fan Fair like the soap stars do every year. I would break my own personal waiting-in-line record (5 hours for Carrie Underwood) to meet them!

  13. I agree with Kate. Garth needs to come out of retirement. I actually live like 10 minutes away from him and have run into him at the local WalMart a few times. It was weird because his CD collection was displayed on the aisle we were on….very weird.

    Anywho…I loved this little article…and, GO MELORA! Sing your heart out!

  14. I love that Brian loves Texas country. Robert Earle Keen and Lyle Lovett both attended the same university that my husband and I did (about 20 years before we were there). Texas country has it’s own sound…very unique. Such an interesting article.

  15. I’m curious why the lead photo of the article features Leslie David Baker when he’s not one of the country fans. You’d think they could find another pic with of the actors that the article was about. If I was Leslie I’d sue for libel. :-)

    [from tanster: actually, the lead photo is the stock one of the entire cast; i had to crop it to fit officetally]

  16. “Wichita Lineman”? “Don’t Close Your Eyes”? “Georgia On My Mind”? Wow, these people have some great taste in music! I love ALL kinds of music, but these are some of my favorite country songs too!

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