Upcoming live appearances

Some upcoming appearances by The Office cast!

Tonight, Jan. 3, Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling appears on Running Your Trap with Jimmy Pardo: You’ve seen other talk shows … well this is a lot like those: There is an opening, there is a sidekick, there are interviews with entertainers and sometimes … some video clips. The only difference? This talk show is hosted by Jimmy Pardo! More information JUST ADDED!

Melora Hardin The Office

Jan. 4-6: Melora Hardin, Catalina Jazz Club

Melora Hardin will be moonlighting from her day job on the highly successful comedy “The Office” to entertaining at the Catalina Jazz Club with her show “At the Water Cooler.” This engagement and show will mark Melora’s debut in the club scene and she’s been in rehearsal now for about six months. Melora states, “It’s both a challenge and a dream come true and the perfect way to start 2008!” More information | Video

Ed Helms The Office

Jan. 26: Ed Helms, UCB Theatre

Join Ed Helms and Seth Morris in “Seth and Ed’s Puppet Talk Show,” as they host a real live talk show, with real live puppets. This show has to be seen to be believed! More information | Photos

The Armando Show The Office

Feb. 4: Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery, IO WEST

The Armando Show presents a star-studded strike support show on Monday, Feb 4, with 100% of the box going to the Industry Support Fund. The Office’s Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery are on board to join the cast of regular “Armando” performers. More information

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  1. I wish i lived around one of those places!
    Sounds like fun. I really want to see Angela perform.

  2. Have any of you seen “Seth and Ed’s Puppet Talk Show”? I might be able to attend and would be interested in hearing a little about it, in order to explain it to the friend I would drag with me. Thanks! :)

  3. Has any of you who have been to the UCB before know how this works? I put an RSVP in and got the confirmation email. The reservation form mentioned “Patrons with reservations are allowed to enter first…seating is provided on a first come first served basis” So, are we guaranteed a seat with the reservation? I don’t want to drive up from Phoenix, only to find that we can’t get in.

  4. Last minute, but TONIGHT at UCB, Mindy Kaling!

    Running Your Trap with Jimmy Pardo
    9:30 pm $5

    You’ve seen other talk shows… well this is a lot like those: There is an opening, there is a sidekick, there are interviews with entertainers and sometimes… some video clips. The only difference? This talk show is hosted by Jimmy Pardo!
    Thursday, January 3

    Mindy Kaling – The Office
    Paul Gilmartin as Richard Martin
    and as always Pat Francis on the iPod

    reservations ($5) at http://www.ucbtheatre.com/schedule/showdetails.php?showid=744

  5. I went to last month’s seth & ed show. It’s pretty much self explanatory from the pictures though.

    It’s a talk show format, but they’re sock puppets.. the guests of the night do some comedy, then grab a puppet and join Seth and Ed behind the puppet stage for an interview. The format is very loose and random banter.

    Lemonade, wow, you’re driving from phoenix for this? it’s a relatively short show.. maybe an hour. Last month wasn’t a full house, if you get there a half hour beforehand, you’ll get a seat no problem.

  6. lemonade, it all depends on what you value.. if you want to see Ed Helms in a super small venue, this would be it. just know you’ll primarily be hearing him speak through a sock puppet.

    It’s just a very different show than the typical stand-up routine.

  7. Yet more reasons to be jealous of all you west coasters! Perhaps someday I’ll see some of the cast – I’d love to go to BJ’s show at Northwestern next monnth but can’t find any info on how non-students can get tickets.

    Lemonade – if you end up going to see Ed’s show, make sure to report back to us!

  8. I just talked to my husband and Mexicanity (and her husband) and I think it’s a go. My brother-in-law lives in LA, so we’ll get to stay with him and visit for the rest of the weekend. So, win-win!

    liezl, or anyone else who has gone to see Ed’s show at UCB, does Ed Helms come out at the end and let you meet him/talk to him like Craig Robinson does?

    and mg714, no doubt we’ll report back!

  9. Lemonade, for that show, Ed was milling around beforehand setting up the stage.. but afterwards darted backstage. it’s a very small venue, as in 100 people small. It’s a different crowd though, more discriminating comedy fans. Many big name comedians go there to test out material and weed out the stinkers.

    I guess comedians like the venue because they have the liberty of walking around or even sitting in the crowd without being mauled by fans or photography. We pretty much leave them alone. That being said, there are opportunities to meet anyone of the guests at UCB, if you’re proactive enough…

  10. Yay lemoñadé, I can’t wait!! This is going to be a lot of fun! Thanks for rsvping..you rock!

  11. another Office Member appearance at UCB-LA, and it’s FREE!:

    Tuesday, January 8

    See You Next Tuesday
    The Fun Bunch and Matt Belknap present the alternative to “alternative”: up-and-comers bring their A-game in a desperate attempt to earn your respect while established favorites try something decidedly different from their usual act. Come for Death-Ray and stay for See You Next Tuesday — it’s free!

    Chad Fogland hosts
    Howard Kremer
    BJ Novak
    Jackie Kashian
    Todd Womack

  12. Wow… Wowee Wow Wow. I never knew Melora was so multi-talented. Her jazzy voice is gentle and classic.

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