Rainn, what have you done?

I found this disturbing video of Rainn Wilson on YouTube. Warning: it’s NSFW (profanity).

I had to go straight to Rainn for a response. His official statement after the jump …


Rainn here. There is this video that has been going around and I wanted to make a public statement about it to The Office fans.

I just wanted to say that I recently had a photo shoot and things got a little out of control. That little prick of an artsy Hollywood photographer had been pushing my buttons all day and of course they film ME attacking HIM when it was totally his fault. He is an arrogant little GIRL and the only reason I didn’t really pummel him is because I was afraid of a lawsuit.

Please don’t watch the unauthorized video that’s been making the rounds. It’s totally not what happened and I am starting legal proceedings against that little douche.

Rainn Wilson



  1. “Ahh, the balls” see what happens to actors when there are no writers, they go crazy.

  2. oh my!
    now the photographer knows,
    never to mess with a man with a purple belt
    he’s a senpei for a goodness sake!

  3. Hmm, I haven’t seen the video and I’m not sure I should. I love everyone on the show and don’t want this to taint how I see them.

  4. Ha! I think that’s like the second time you have gotten me, tanster. How do you keep yanking our chain like that? (not literally)

  5. It seems as though it’s clearly a joke to me. The fighting is all very staged so that no one gets ridiculous hurt. And Rainn’s response is way too flippant- he clearly wouldn’t start out a lawsuit saying something so stupid.

  6. Uhhh, eeeh, what? That was interesting. I sure hope that was a joke, what else could it be? Oh Rainn…

  7. Yeah so ummm…

    I’m usually not much of a commenter but I don’t really think this is a joke and/or funny at all. Maybe its just an excerpt or misrepresentation of what actually happened but as is I do not see what could possibly be funny here. I dunno, maybe I’m just in the minority in my belief that swearing or physically assaulting people you work with should never be acceptable or applauded.

    If everyone else is so confident that this is just some kind of joke I think I just need some guidance on exactly what point was supposed to be funny.

    My vision of Dwight Schrute is now minorly scarred for life. (oxymoron?)

  8. Not so artsy now!?!?! hahahahhahaha ohhh that brought a tear to my eye…. great stuff. man i hate this strike with a passion…..

  9. Rainn Wilson becomes Johnny Knoxville. Thank the Good Lord that’s fake or Rainn may just be the second worst fighter on the planet (second behind the artsy photographer).

    Look what the strike is doing to the actors!!! :)

  10. Rainn is a member of the Baha’i faith, the main tenet of which, according to Rainn himself, is to promote “world peace.” So, if he is really a true follow of the Baha’i tradition, this video is a complete joke because I don’t seriously see Rainn turning a Kenny Rogers (baseball player). And if he’s just a superficial Baha’i follower, then him turning a Kenny Rogers isn’t so inconsistent with his beliefs. But this must be a joke – no reasonable person would believe this is real.

  11. lol “not so artsy now!!!”

    well i don’t think it’s too serious since on the guys site all he says is

    “Rainn Wilson is a crazy man!!!! and I love it nothing like being attacked on a photoshoot to keep you on your toes…”

    doesn’t sound too serious

  12. Definitely a joke.

    This is what he would be like if he was some kind of male diva actor on a much worse show called….May’s Banatomy.

  13. This is totally a joke. Around 1:31, you can hear the cameraman laugh after Rainn shouts “NOT SO ARTSY NOW!” Lol. Oh, Rainn.

  14. #25 I think I’ve heard of that show. Thought it was canceled. :-)

    Rainn is hilarious even when wrestling another man.

  15. LOL, this cracked me up. Good to see another side of Rainn. I once saw a clip of John Krasinski using some pretty harsh language in a movie role. Doesn’t change how I see ’em on The Office. :)

  16. Ahahhaa. Do you seriously take this seriously?! It’s as much fun as Dwight’s fight with Michael.

  17. Well of course this is just a joke, the entire cast is known to be extremely sarcastic. I find this hysterical, I’m still cracking up about it. If this was a real fight, actual punches would’ve been thrown.

    Rainn, I heart you.

  18. I cannot understand how people think this was real?

    Anyway, Rainn i love you.

    Maybe during the strike, instead of The Office, they could air half an hour of 2 cast members fighting each week until there remains one Ultimate Fighting Champion? Who’s with me?

  19. That was funny. Rainn, I loved your scene in Juno. It was a nice surprise while watching it.

  20. Of course this is a joke! Rainn is nothing if not sarcastic. It’s called humor. No sighing from me.

  21. Thanks for passing along this disturbing footage, tanster.

    (I’m always amazed by the people that buy into this stuff!)

  22. Of course it’s not real. If you get The Office humour you should have no problem understanding this is just a joke. I love Rainn :)

  23. Rainn has the Midas touch. He was also great in Juno. He may talk too much on the DVD commentaries but he has acting chops. Yeay Dwight! Booo strike!

  24. LMAO. That was pretty FREAKING funny… Andy Bernard. Sigh. I miss The Office.

  25. Haa! That was the best thing I have seen all day. I just woke up, but I am pretty sure it will remain the best thing that I see today.

  26. haha, that was nuts. it reminds me of the bloopers when dwight and michael beat up creed or toby beats up ryan.

  27. Since there are no new “Offices”, we’ve been reduced to watching stuff like this. If the strike continues much longer, what will we be FURTHER reduced to? (shudder)

  28. If this was a joke, it was too funny for words. I laughed so hard. Hearing Rainn swear was funny enough, but seeing him pummel that poor kid was hysterical. And if this was real, it was too funny for words. Rainn can kick some serious butt. Nice one. I really love Rainn’s statement. It sounds so sarcastic as well as so professional. Thanks for making me laugh. Been a while.

  29. People are actually believing this? Sheesh. It’s clearly a hoax.
    Andy Kaufman anyone?

  30. I can’t believe Rainn would do that. He used to be my favorite actor. I hope he goes to jail for this like my other (ex)hero, Paris Hilton.

  31. So does that mean this is real? If so, I take Rainn’s side. No one knows what the photographer did to him prior to them fighting. In my opinion, it looks like the photographer set him up.

  32. Wow, that was shocking! At first I though it was a joke, like that sketch with Craig Robinson, but then I saw that statement by Rainn. Wow. I’m not going to “pick a side”, I just hope nothing terrible happens, as far as lawsuits and such go.

  33. The video is a joke; therefore, the statement from Rainn is also a joke. So there’s no need be upset! It’s just Rainn being Rainn – the same one we know and love. :-)

  34. What? How could this be real. Nobody came in to stop it? Instead the cameraman kept filming?

  35. I don’t know what’s funnier…this video or that people think it’s real. I love Rainn.

  36. Oh yeah its a set up, notice how Tyler puts the camera down and out of the way before anything happens.

    I’LL SHOW YOU FAT!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!! NOT SO ARTSY NOW! Such a girly squeal, love it

  37. Are you kidding me, guys? I can’t believe Rainn would do something like this. He’s obviously trying to make it LOOK like a joke to cover up his actual fit of rage. The video is real, and the letter is to play it off.

  38. Yeah that was pretty funny, but I don’t think all the swearing was neccessary. People can be funny without the profanity (e.g. jerry lewis). Maybe that seems like a ridiculous complaint to some, but I personally wouldn’t want to share that video with any of my friends. Rainn is one of my favorite actors from the office (Creed’s probably my favorite[more screen time needed]), but it bums me out a bit to hear that stuff. Anyways, on a lighter note, I hope the office comes back soon.

  39. THIS is what happens when you take away The Office for so long. EVERYONE goes crazy.

  40. he is just lucky that he only used his hands, and not his numb chucks or throwing stars

  41. wow…i can’t believe he is making a joke of that! if it is real…

    the video…its pretty wild.

  42. It’s a joke, obviously. And if you needed further proof, just check out the artist’s website (http://www.tylershields.com); he even linked the video there — under his Jan. 3rd entry about Rainn’s photoshoot — promising that “You will laugh for sure…”

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