1. Just to let everyone know, I found the calendar at Target for $7.99 a few weeks ago.

    [from tanster: this comment refers to the motivational calendar sold at nbc.com, no longer listed in this post.]

  2. I wish I would have waited. Dammit, I already have what I want! But I’ll buy an Officetally shirt.

  3. The Office calendar is also available at Wal-Mart for less than $5, a steal compared to the NBC.com price. I picked mine up the other day. While the calendar itself is impressive by no means, the “inspirational” posters are quite good.

    [from tanster: this comment refers to the motivational calendar sold at nbc.com, no longer listed in this post.]

  4. The one at calenders.com is supremely better than the motivational one. Tons of quotes and inside jokes within the calender. Must buy for office fans!

    [from tanster: thanks! calendar now replaced.]

  5. Just curious, what are other places (sites and stores) that you have bought office merch from? Thank you kindly.

  6. Does anyone know how the Dunder Mifflin scrub pant sizes run? I don’t want to get the small and have them be too short, but then get the medium and have it be too wide.

  7. Just a thought and maybe I don’t understand this aspect of the strike but shouldn’t we NOT purchase season 3 on DVD since the writers won’t get their fair cut? Just a thought.

  8. I need help! When I get to checkout and type in the coupon code and press recalculate it says that the code doesn’t work for that item. Can anyone help?

  9. Thanks for the OFFICETALLY coupon code! I bought my team lead a Dunder Mifflin umbrella and a “go-to guy” mug for Christmas with the code. I plan on getting an OT shirt very soon, too – can’t wait to show my support :)

  10. Hey everyone…I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping at Kohl’s in Indianapolis today and in the guy’s t-shirt section I found two Office t-shirts: Shrute Farms Beets and the royal blue Fun Run shirt: Michael Scott’s Dunder MIfflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awarenes Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure. And they were on sale from $18 to $9! Don’t know if anybody else has found this, but just thought I’d let you know. If you’re in the Indy area, it was the Southport Road Kohl’s! Merry Christmas!!

  11. Does anyone know of any place that still has The Office 2008 day-to-day desk calendar? I would really, really like to still get it. I ordered it from a place online after Thanksgiving and they still have not fulfulled my order. They keep saying that it’s on backorder and that they’re trying to get more stock in.

  12. The day-to-day desk calendars are only on ebay now for like $30 plus $5 shipping. People are really taking advantage of what a hot item it is.

  13. Just a note that today’s entry on the Day-to-Day calendar (February 1st) is attributed to Michael, but it was actually Pam’s speech at the bird funeral in Grief Counseling. I’m not sure how pathetic it is that I caught that but the calendar editor didn’t :)

    Happy February!

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