B.J. Novak in Palo Alto

The Office

Yes, B.J. Novak, actor, writer, and producer of ‘The Office’ was in OfficeTally’s hometown of Palo Alto, CA, yesterday. And I found out completely by accident!

He had emailed me and mentioned that he had been at the Peet’s Coffee in the Town and Country Center earlier in the day.

As this was B.J.’s first time writing me from an email address, I demanded that he verify his identity.

Here’s part of our conversation:

tanster: I need to make sure this is really you, so I have to ask you a “security question.” At The Office Convention in Scranton, do you remember taking a photo with me? Where or when was that? Second, you were here in Palo Alto!? I live like walking distance from that Peet’s Coffee. Wish I had known, I would have loved to have stopped by to say hello!

B.J.: Right after Writers Block by the auditorium door at the VIP after-thing, right? Yes, I am in Palo Alto! Visiting a friend who works at Facebook. Wish I had known. Peets is like Starbucks, but burned-er.

tanster: Congratulations, you passed! You are B.J.! Yes, I’m usually a Starbucks-aholic. I’ll drink Peets occasionally but it always feels like it’s burning a hole in my stomach lining or something. Are you still here tonight?

B.J.: I am off to the Facebook Christmas party tonight. I am supposed to leave tomorrow am. If I get up early (which would be a shame considering the party will go late), I’ll let you know and if you’re free maybe we can hit the ‘Bucks, which I also prefer.

Heehee. Love that he calls it “the ‘Bucks”!

(Quick, Tallyheads, which episode is that in reference to?)

B.J., you hereby owe me a grande nonfat latte. No foam.


  1. That’s so cool, Tanster! I think I would have a heart attack if I saw an email from B.J. Novak waiting for me in my inbox (: !

  2. Bah. Should have known I wasn’t going to be first. Tallyheads are a quick bunch.

    [from tanster: that they are, dan. that they are.]

  3. I’m guessing that Peet’s Coffee will adopt this slogan: “Like Starbucks, but burned-er.”

    [from tanster: lol!]

  4. Tanster,

    You totally need to get the Chi Latte Frap. It tastes like Christmas. If Christmas could fit in a grande cup and be slurped into your mouth, that’s what it would taste like. Chi Latte Frap from the ‘Bucks. Yeah.

  5. You are officially the coolest. I want your life!

    [from tanster: i can assure you, this doesn’t happen every day.]

  6. That’s awesome, tanster! Why are all of the writers and people associated with this show so amazing? Who else would reach out to the fans like that? It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, The Office was able to come up with the most likeable, smartest, warm, and friendly team and it is just magical that they were able to do that.

  7. Wow… and I thought having B.J. in Chicago visiting Northwestern was cool. Hearing that he was like in walking distance to your home makes a girl jealous. You are offically the hot girl, tanster!

  8. Way cool. I love B.J. :) And I love when Office cast randomly shows up in the Bay. I just wish I was around when they were…

  9. i go to school right across from the peet’s he was at, and my school’s Web site published a mini-story about it…

  10. I wonder if he drinks Peets out of habit, I feel like that’s all there is on Harvard’s campus. It’s definitely inferior to the bucks. And no, I don’t go to Harvard, but my husband does and I work in Harvard Square so you know…I’m around, looking a little out of place.

  11. oh my gosh tanster, i live in palo alto too! for some reason i had been imagining you living somewhere in the midwest…O_o we should organize an office party of our own for the bay area folk sometime. ;)

  12. damn! i was on University Ave yesterday and around the stanford shopping center…looks like I just missed B.J. –would have been really cool to just “bump” into him haha.

    anyways, keep up the good work tanster

  13. My husband is a coffee snob and much prefers Peet’s. But really the answer is to support your local not corporate-owned coffeehouse. I recommend Dana St. Coffee in Mountain View and Barefoot Coffee in Santa Clara. You know, if you’re in the vicinity.

    Of course, I’d even go to freaking Little Caesar’s if BJ were going to be there. And that’s like eating a hot circle of garbage.

  14. My boyfriend’s coworker’s girlfriend (can you follow that chain?) works at Facebook and was at that party. I’m so darn jealous. Agh!

  15. Lucky you Tanster!! Must be nice to have 2 coffee shops. There is none where I live, maybe the closest “big” city, State College has one, but I’m not sure. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  16. Jennie Tan: I am officially living through you. To have B.J. Novak e-mail you…..AND remember taking a picture with you….AND tell you to meet up for coffee. wow.

    that sums it up.

    Of course, the original reason I decided to live through you is the fact of you getting to meet John Krasinski.

    wow. wow.

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