1. I’m standing about 10 feet away when Dwight barrels down on Jim.
    Good times! (Filmed on January 19, when I went to visit the set.)

  2. Think that’ll take up a lot of space on the blooper reel, Tanster?

    [ from tanster: actually, no. They filmed the scene about 8 times, and hardly ever broke character! :) ]

  3. What an honor you’ve had. Were they laughing like crazy after Dwight barreling down on Jim, Tanster?

  4. OMG, this looks hilarious! I actually kind of wish I hadn’t seen this now, it would be even funnier if it were totally unexpected. I’m looking forward to my husband watching it though. He absolutely loves Dwight, and he deliberately avoids any spoilers for The Office, he won’t even read episode synopses!

  5. @6 chris

    In both previews, during the scene where they’re in that conference room and Dwight has his hands up and Nellie spins in you can see the back of Packer’s head.

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