1. I’m a little confused about the no Andy thing. I mean, I’m not complaining; I honestly don’t miss him.

  2. I’m realising now that Pete must have been written into the show because Ed Helms was going to be out for a long while shooting Hangover 3, and they needed to give Erin a storyline and keep people interested in the fate of their relationship by having it threatened in Andy’s absence. I know Ed Helms thought Andy was too nice last season and he wanted him to be more pompous and overbearing, but I’m also wondering if they made Andy so unlikeable at the start of the season so that nobody would miss him too much!

  3. Agree with #5 comment. I prefer episodes where they talk about selling papers, business, and stuff. Let’s see how this coming episode is going to be. Hopefully it’s not like a sitcom with laugh track episode.

  4. Seems like a good Dwight episode, except for the part where the bug bomb goes off. It looked really fake.

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