1. Nice, I’m glad there will be something on to last me til next season. In the off season I guess I’ll just dowload the complete season…

  2. Hookah, yes, I hope they at least air reruns throughout the summer … :)

  3. Good, and by the way, Yes; I did have a love hangover today. I was super happy and stuff. Nobody understood when I told them why I was so happy, animals.

  4. Love hangover…haha..yes. exactly. I was supposed to go out to dinner with some people last night after I watched the show, but I was waaayyy too giddy to go out in public.

  5. good episode, totally unexpected, will be interesting to say the least next season

  6. Wow, I could not fall asleep because I was like soooo happy. I begin to smile every time I think about that kiss ;)

  7. I listened to “Islands in the Stream” for a while after that episode, I found it to be quite fitting.

  8. I seem to have some kind of a mild pang…like it all happened to quick. And it didn’t seem like ‘normal’ because everything happened at night, in different clothes, with different lighting. I was thrown off a little. But beyond that, yes a love hangover. That’s the perfect description! Also, did you notice that when Jim and Pam are playing poker, he goes “all in”? A nice bit of foreshadowing.

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