The Office: Michael’s Last Dundies, 7.21

July 17, 2012: Ology interview with Kate Flannery

Ology: What’s been one of your favorite Meredith moments and a favorite episode in general?

Kate: … I loved the walk of shame when we shot that scene with Will Ferrell and Steve and we were in that crazy house. It was like a gorilla shoot so it wasn’t like they did much set dressing. They just found this house and we just got in a van. And it wasn’t like sometimes we have these big trucks. It wasn’t like that. It was just like okay, we got this house we go to go shoot the scene. When I walked into the house the first time we did a rehearsal on camera I could not believe how filthy the house was. It was like a hoarder’s house. I’m not kidding you! It was like paper stacked up and like a weird colonial print nicotine stained couch. It was bizarre. And then I kept walking in deeper and deeper into the house every take because I was so fascinated by it. There was like pizza boxes completely from floor to ceiling in the nook. It was bizarre, but my favorite part about it was that it was so surreal to be in a scene with Will Ferrell and Steve Carell at the top of their game.


  1. Looking at who’s writing and directing these, they will be fantastic. But i just can’t even.. ugh.. just thinking about it makes me emotional. There will be tears. I can’t believe we’re nearly there :(

    Better create a “sad box” to have by my side for this one.

  2. Sad to see Steve go, but his exit I really think relit some fires in the creative team and turned the show back about 3 years..which is a good thing!!!

  3. I’m going to be more excited for this than for the finale of LOST! I just hope this is not the beginning of the end of this show.

  4. I hope he departs in a good way. I don’t want it to be stupid just like a usual Michael moment would be, I want it to be a sentimental moment that makes all Office fans just want to feel good/sad that he’s leaving.
    I’m so upset by this tragedy, but I have no doubt that the Office will continue strong, and we will see him again.

  5. I should start collecting tissues now… just to make sure I have enough for this episode. :(

    I’m glad Mindy Kaling’s penning it – only a writer who’s been with the show since the beginning can give Michael a proper send-off – but, still, there’ll be a taint to each episode from now on that I don’t see disappearing.

  6. And now the end is near…

    I am glad that Mindy is writing part of this episode. Mindy has always been true to the spirit of what makes the Office great, providing humor and sentiment. I hope that is the case with this episode.

    I am sad to see Michael Scott leave the Office, but wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors.

  7. oh, god! ;( i’m tearing up already! this is not going to be a happy episode, it’s going to be S-A-D! Steve. . .it’s just horrible to know that he’s going to go soon! this show is my life, and Steve is the core of it. My brother (who is annoyed by my obsession) is sad too, he confessed to me “I’m going to be by your side crying when Michael leaves the show”. hopefully, by Steve’s decision, there will be more of his movies, and I can’t wait for his new show that he’s writing!
    *tearing up already*

  8. I don’t know how they’re going to write a good enough episode to send Steve off just right…

  9. I have been watching this show for six years of my life. I have never missed an episode and it has become a major part of my childhood. Once i heard that the great Michael Scott was departing, i basically was speechless. The Office without the WORLD’S GREATEST BOSS!!! I have taken a vow of silence on the day that he leaves and i know that it will be emotional. Thank you Steve Carell for everything youve done for me. And to all my fellow Office followers……Does it smell like updog?

  10. I’m starting to already get kinda depressed. I know they’ll keep it going. But there will NEVER be another Michael Scott. No replacement will do. But his life is more important than my obsession. Life will go on… :(

  11. This is like a dream… a bad bad terrible dream. A nightmare. I can’t believe this is happening. After 7 seasons with this guy. Honestly, how on earth are they gonna find someone to ‘replace’ him. It just makes me sick. I LOVE HIM!!

  12. Katie, “This is not a television show, this is my LIFE!!!” To quote Michael from “Murder”.

  13. It makes me think of the season 3 finale, when he was sure he was going to get the Corporate job, and just left Scranton, and everyone just looked like “what do we do now?” I still feel almost lost when I rewatch that episode

  14. I was a VERY late comer to the show… I started watching DVDs of the seasons last summer and got all caught up. It’s now literally the only show I watch regularly. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next…goodbye, Michael. :o(

  15. As sad as I am. I’m happy we got 7 hilarious years out of the star of a historically good show. That being said, no matter how much freshness this could put in the heart of the writers minds, it won’t be the same and seven years is a great run for a show.

  16. Good-bye Michael, it’s been nice. Hope you find your…paradise :)


    I’ll be so sad I won’t know what to do with myself

  17. Honestly I can’t even read the titles to these two episodes without tearing up and making a pout-face like a two-year old…we may need a tally-head group hug after these air (ok I will need a group hug) :(

  18. I’m sure he’ll agree to do an episode here and there as he visits Scranton ;-)

  19. I’ve already told my husband that he can’t take me out for my birthday because I have to stay home on April 21 and watch The Office. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I know you guys can relate.

  20. I’ll miss Steve like every one else, but Will Ferrell
    will be a great addition!!!

  21. I’m excited for the return of the dundies! I guess the longest engagement award is no more though haha.

  22. I was thrilled to read the part about Erin disliking Gabe. He’s an unfunny loser, and it’ll be great when/if Ellie Kemper and Ed Helms get to give dating another shot.

  23. I was also happy to read that Erin no longer cares for Gabe. He is a condescending and controlling twit to her. Erin deserves better.

  24. I think it’s great that Mindy Kaling is writing the second and (probably) last Dundies episode, seeing as how she wrote the first one. I think it bookends Michael’s story nicely.

  25. Maybe it’s all a joke? Maybe Steve isn’t really leaving? Maybe it’s all a late April Fool’s joke? Maybe… well, probably not:(

  26. Haha I can’t wait to see the whole Erin disliking Gabe thing. I really liked her with Andy, she’s at her cutest when she’s around him. While Gabe is all smarty-pants on her…uh, no.

    And Michael…ahh I’m really, REALLY, going to miss Steve. At least Michael has Holly. :)

  27. Love the name change! I already thought they would end up feeling like two separate episodes, anyway, so I’m glad they’re putting even a little bit more spotlight on the Dundies!

  28. on reading that erin is starting to dislike Gabe made me do a little happy dance. Erin and Andy belong together!!!

  29. Sounds like a fantastic episode in the making, I am a big fan of the Dundies and I too am hoping for an Andy/Erin reunion

  30. I’m “meh” on Andy/Erin. But i don’t like her with Gabe at all, so there’s that. But i am so freaking excited for the Dundies!

  31. I can’t wait for the episode! I think it will be a great one! I’m glad Erin will start disliking Gabe. I thought Gabe was the worst addition, next to Charles Miner. Andy + Erin FTW!

  32. The title for this episode makes me really sad:(. I’m really looking forward to this episode though. I’m glad that Mindy wrote it!

  33. I seriously just cried… the ending was so beautiful. and the sneak preview to Michael’s last episode.. where Jim tells him how great of a boss he really is… I’m man enough to admit that i cried like a baby during the last episode. I’m going to miss Michael so much.

  34. Wow, they really got me with the song at the end. I am going to hard cry next week.

  35. HORRIBLE episode. When the actors have lines saying the show isn’t funny, didn’t they realize that the actual show wasn’t funny either?! The musical at the end was the worst part, I actually changed the channel at that point. This isn’t the Office anymore.

  36. The Dundies was my all time favorite episode of The Office, until now! So funny and they really got us at the end with that song. I’m still in tears! Next week is going to be so hard (twss). Mindy Kaling you are a goddess of comedy writing. Her episodes are always my favorites!

  37. How many minutes did Michael work at Dunder Mifflin? I can’t remember how the song went.

  38. awesome episode! dwight on the keyboard was hilarious! great job writing and directing mindy!

  39. The ending was awesome, just the right touch of sentimentality and humor. It looked like Steve was really tearful and not just sticking to script. The promo for next week made me cry.

  40. I’ve been waiting for Dwight to play his recorder again for such a long time! The song made me want to cry. It’s really hitting home that Michael is leaving…so sad.

  41. Great episode. Too bad Pam wasn’t available. Lucky for them, they were able to get Jenna Fischer. By the time this wraps up, they’ll have Pam looking like Jenna at a premier.

  42. I loved this episode! I laughed out loud at each of Michael’s impressions. The song was perfect; although, I was surprised they didn’t throw a “that’s what she said!” in there. :o)

  43. Bravo Mindy Kaling ! The song at the end really hit me hard and was a very appropriate way to begin Michael’s exit for next week. Nicely done to have the whole staff participate in that kind of sentimental way. Applause applause !!

    (I am going to need prescription medication to prepare for next week’s tear-jerking episode.)

  44. That was emotionally magnificent. Mindy Kaling does it again. I must confess as soon as they started singing I began to cry. I do not know if I will be able to survive next week, but I will be there with my box of tissue.

  45. It was a pretty good episode. Would have been great without Deangelo Vickers though.

  46. What is the name of the song the cast sang at the end of the show tonight, it was Great, as well as a great show;-)

  47. Good episode, despite a few cheesy parts here and there (I kind of cringed at the take off of 525600 Minutes that occurred near the end)

  48. The song ending was wonderful and made me both laugh and cry, but other than that, the episode fell a little flat to me. I laughed out loud a couple times (Kevin drawing on the tablecloth, Michael’s intro video where he did impressions of everyone, and Ryan getting up thinking he had won Hottest in the Office), but I think having DeAngelo there just totally killed the spirit of the Dundies. His character just isn’t funny or likeable.

  49. Loved this episode! I died when Erin broke up with Gabe in front of everyone. Dude, it was so harsh, but so funny! Now, hopefully her and Andy can get back together.

    And I loved the song at the end. So sweet! And it was nice to hear Andy sing again. He sang so much during the beginning of the season, then stopped for a while.

  50. So close to greatness. The first 90% of the episode was amazing, probably my favorite of this season. I’m really interested in what’s going on with Dwight. Him and Michael HAVE to make up next week since they used to be such great buddies. But now that I think about it Dwight has been more and more anti-authority recently, which is strange. Anyway, hilarious parts by Ferrell and Steve, they play off each other so well.

    The only thing that brought it down was the song. For a second I thought only Andy was going to sing and I thought it was brilliant. When everyone joined in it just became another one of their stunts that they’ve been putting in the place of actual emotional moments. However, it’s not the worst one they’ve done, and I can be convinced they would allow themselves to do it since it was his last Dundies and it’s a proper venue for something like that

  51. Best episode of the season, best episode since Season two. I honestly can’t believe how funny and how touching that was.

  52. “Michael’s Last Dundies” misfired!
    Too much cast really saying goodbye to Steve, and not enough Office humor.
    This protracted goodbye to Steve will backfire. DeAngelo’s humorless character ruined Michael’s last Dundies, and distracted us all from savoring the event.
    The focus should have been on Michael, NOT DeAngelo!

    With Steve leaving, and Will Ferrell’s unfunny DeAngelo, this has inadvertently turned into a swan song not just for Michael, but for The Office.
    Watching Steve/Michael’s last Dundies, nothing else mattered-not Pam’s story, Jim’s posturing, Erin’s dumping, Dwight’s throwing away his Dundie in the garbage, or even Toby’s last laugh at the end.

    When the cast sang Steve his goodbye song, they looked like they were singing about The Office and to us viewers, as much as for Steve. And, since when did the Office staff like Michael? They mostly HATE him, and despise the Dundies.

    This episode left me sad: Michael’s last Dundies was OUR last Dundies, too!

  53. Best episode of the year. I loved every second.

    The problem with so many of these highly publicized episodes is that if they’re poignant, they lack in the comedy department. What I loved about this episode was that it was HANDS DOWN THE FUNNIEST episode of the season but I cried at the end.

    We’re already watching it for a second time! And a great use of Will Ferrell!

  54. The song at the end was truly cringeworthy. I appreciated them wanted to have a special moment for Michael, but singing? No. Just no. Overall, a pale shadow of the original Dundies episode. I hope they can pull off something special next week.

  55. This was a great episode. I knew it would be from the open. They had some classic stuff in there….angry Stanley and drunk Meredith (in the opening). Whenever they bring in all the characters, the shows rock! You also cannot go wrong with a Dundie awards show. I couldn’t keep it together during the song. I’m going to have to get the kleenex for next week, for sure. I think it will be a super size episode. I miss Michael already!!! Wah!

  56. The “Get Him To The Dundies” parody? viral video? spoof? was one of the funniest Office moments of all time. I felt so happy to get to see Michael do his impressions of everyone. I didn’t know I’d been waiting seven years for that.

    Bravo, Mindy. A+ episode in a B- season.

    Best episode of the year, IMHO.

  57. One of the best openings ever. Loved all the awards, especially the Diabetes award. Loved Michael’s impressions of Angela, Jim, and Phyllis. The song at the end was out of character, but it was both hilarious and touching. I liked Deangelo so much more this episode than last. For the first time, I gave an episode a 10/10 tonight. What happened to Kevin’s wig?

  58. Very touching episode. Thank you Mindy! I couldn’t understand what Gabe said after “I am disappointed in Erin” (after Erin broke up with him.) I replayed it over and over and couldn’t get it. Help!

  59. Wow. Perfect 10! The opening was great [Meredith’s house was the best] and the rest of the episode was funny and touching at the end. The end still managed to be funny with bits of the song recalling past events, and Michael going “This is gonna hurt like a motherf***er.” I can already say it’s one of my Top 10 favorite Office episodes of all time possibly.

  60. Spectacular Dundies episode!!!!! I loved it. I like the intro video Michael and Deangelo made to perform Michael’s final Dundies. And I also enjoyed of all the co-workers led by Andy, singing together in order to say goodbye to Michael the way he deserves it. Get ready for Michael’s final episode, people!!!!!

  61. I forgot to mention… I loved the cold open. When Jim said, “She isn’t here,” about Pam, I had to laugh. Stanley PO’d was great, too. It reminded me of season 4’s Money when Michael calls him at home.

  62. Not one of my personal favorites, but a solid episode. The open was hilarious, especially Meredith. Can’t really complain about an episode that highlighted every cast member.

  63. I thought I saw a preview in which Pam was booing Michael during the Dundies. Did I miss that in the episode??

  64. Re: #67 joe, the song is from the Broadway musical “Rent” and that’s exactly how they performed it. They all sing it: watch it here

    [from tanster: i’m a renthead!]

  65. Great episode, so touching with the final song. 9,986,000 minutes. But where was Dwight? I know he stormed out of the car, but come on! Dwight needed to have some part of that song.

  66. Favorite part is Jim’s face during the public Gabe/Erin breakup. I was laughing pretty hard in the video where Michael was pretending to be everyone as well. Good episode, and very sweet at the end. I think Michael said it best — leaving is going to hurt like a M.F. I think I need to buy a big fudge cake to comfort myself after next week’s episode…

  67. It had a few good one liners, but once Michael leaves I hope the writers make a concerted effort to get back to the roots of the show…where not everything ends happy and bubbly, everybody loves each other (except for Dwight, who will certainly make up and have an emotional moment with Michael next week), group songs break out frequently, and most characters are more like one dimensional caricatures.

    Was Michael’s speech about the Godfather a thinly veiled reference on the episode itself? “A few big laughs but generally unsatisfying”, or something like that.

  68. #76: Gabe said something like “Here comes one of those Quarter-Life Crises they talk about.”

  69. Sequels are never as good as the original and this dundies missed the spirit of the first. I miss chilis, this one was too formal and stuffy. I miss michael singing inappropriate parodies. I miss drunk pam, or pam at all really. There was just too much going on this episode, the dundies ceremony was the entire episode nearly in the first one, this was merely a 10 minute afterthought. I did enjoy the ending, the cast back on their home turf, the conference room, and the simpleness of the moment.

  70. I loved the part when Michael compared the Dundies to the Golden Globes – but not as mean! Funny shout out to Ricky G.

  71. ahhh so good! i loved erin’s line “i cringe when you speak”. the promo for next week’s ep. really got me

  72. Oh my. When Michael said, “something is happening here,” and everyone started singing, I started to weep. Next week is going to be motherf-ing hard for us all.

  73. Michael’s impersonations were funny but that was about it for laughs.

    The song was sweet but not realistic. The show has been going in this direction for awhile.

  74. Now THAT was an episode. Just wow. To start off, Steve Carell’s acting deserves an Emmy nod. When the “RENT” parody was swelling up, the reaction on Michael’s face is both poignant and funny. Rainn Wilson in this episode also deserves an Emmy. Dwight’s character development here is like watching delicate china speeding into a brick wall. I cannot wait to see how the Dwight/Michael relationship closes. Will Ferrell is WAY better as a supporting character rather than the central one, as seen last week. This episode proves to me that they are not sweeping Michael’s exit under the rug as a mere side story. Everything in this episode was just bound together so tightly and didn’t feel like a collection of skits like last week. Perfect prelude to Michael Scott’s last episode.


    Every time I calmed down from laughing, I started laughing again.

    Favorite moments:

    1. Katrina.
    2. Is this an employee of ours?
    3. You are getting so funny!
    4. When Larry King died…
    5. Every day is black tie optional!
    6. Fake Jim with… an earring?
    7. Diabetes.
    8. This is for you, trash can.
    9. bathroom slap fight.
    10. Godfather 3 love.
    11. the oufits were tasteful!
    12. You hit me with your car.

    And, then, I cried. Bravo, Mindy!

  76. A good, solid episode. The song felt a little weird, but was touching nonetheless(love Rent!), and not really out of character. This group has shown more than once they can and have come together to make something happen. The cold open was awesome, Jim and Meredith were perfect. The actual Dundies were kinda hit and miss. Not that funny. It was odd having Dwight be so negative and mostly everybody else seemingly pretty into it.

    Next week looks emotionally magnificent. The promo with Jim saying what a good boss Michael has been made me tear up instantly, which tonight’s episode didn’t do. Now that is what i’ve been waiting for.

    Where was Pam’s “boo”? Deleted scene, i guess.

  77. I loved how towards the end of the song, it got a little gospel with all the “oooh’s”
    Yes-thank you WIll ;) It was a great touch though because it all made me bawl my eyes out in the end. I was crying so bad, my eyes hurt now.

    Plus it gave me a little taste of what next week is gonna bring . . .

    BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Loved the episode – – really great. But one quick question:

    Where the heck was Dwight at the end? The song totally had a gaping hole because he wasn’t even there. Thought we wouldn’t notice huh. Well ” suck. on. that! “

  79. Deangelo detracted slightly from the whole thing… the reaction shots were brilliant… oh, I can’t even think straight. As soon as Andy started to sing I lost it. I can’t remember crying this hard in years, honestly (which is pretty impressive, considering I’m a teenage girl… I cry a lot). I don’t even care if that sounds pathetic.

  80. Favorite parts: the crickets chirping, Michael’s Jim earring, egging Toby’s house, Ryan being put off by not winning hottest in the office, and fitting or not i loved the song.

    Brilliant cold open. But the episode had a very different feel from the first. I agree with #86, the dundies seemed too formal, and too rushed. “This reminds me of katrina” was my biggest laugh. I wish Pam had said, “their bread sticks are VERY good.” I liked that Pam was ticked by not winning best mom, but didn’t like when Jim seemed so happy to get his picture taken with Meredith. That was strange. The Dwight/Michael conclusion should be interesting.

  81. I liked the episode right up until the point they started singing. Why, Mindy Kaling why? I know you want to do something special to send Steve Carell off, but a Rent parody song? With everyone joining in? Well, I can always fast forward when the DVD’s come out.

  82. Ryan is still my favorite character. His impromtu joke, the ‘on the radar’ line, and the whole Hottest in the Office award. Great. Ferrell is not as bad as people are making him out to be – he’s a great actor, and I think people need to accept that Carrell is going to be leaving. Dwight stopping sucking up to Michael since Season 5 has been great too. Toby and Erin were both good. I felt like the song might’ve detracted a bit from the episode.

    I think that in the end I would’ve prefered to see Scott sent off with the staff’s feelings towards him more like that in Training Day, with the staff mostly still hostile towrads him. The show itself should focus upon Scott’s leaving, not Carrell’s leaving.

  83. Does anyone else wonder if Michael got his Angela, Jim, and Phyllis wigs for the video sketch from Dwight’s collection of wigs for everyone in the office? Do you think that Dwight has bought a Deangelo wig yet?

  84. I’m kinda surprised that I didn’t cry at the end because it was so sweet, and steve looked really emotional. my friends were crying but I (who usually cries at everything) didn’t. I guess my tears are waiting til next week but it was a really good episode, I was cringing when Erin was publicly breaking up with Gabe but was laughing so much. Hopefully she hooks up with Andy!

  85. That was a mostly excellent episode. At the start, it seemed like it would be similar to the last Dundies episode, but it wasn’t. It evolved into something surprising and refreshing, while still remaining realistic and true to the show. The only bits that dragged slightly were Will Ferrell’s.

    This may be heresy to some, but, although Kelly is my favourite character, I’ve never found Mindy Kaling’s writing as brilliant as a lot of people here do. Often for me, the tone and character reactions of her episodes are a little off. But this was her finest hour. Every single glance, reaction shot, and joke was so sly, smart and witty. And sometimes, quite black and twisted. It really was a marvelous pay-off for long-time watchers of the show. And the sing-a-long finale was classic ‘Office’. Heartwarming, amateur, and non-cliche.

    I also loved Meredith’s cold open and Pam and Ryan’s little spat. And I’m really digging Dwight’s rebellion. The last time the show did it, it was sort of awkward, but it’s working now. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

    Congratulations, Mindy!

  86. Loved the episode, so many laugh out loud moments. Didn’t really enjoy the song though. I’ve felt recently that the show has deviated too far from real life situations, but I thought this episode was quite true to life for once. The song completely undid that.

  87. As usual, I have to watch the episode a second time before forming my opinion. However, I was hoping they would have made some reference to why they WEREN’T having the Dundies at Chili’s…because Pam was banned for life. Although in “Office time” that would have been 5 years ago – even though this is our second Dundies, they’ve supposedly been doing it every year.

  88. Terrific episode! The original Dundies has always been my favorite, and this one has come so close to matching it. I loved everything that everyone’s already mentioned, so I’ll try to mention a few things that I haven’t seen: I was hysterical at Michael’s Jo Bennett impersonation! Also, did anyone else thing that Micahel was trying to “King’s Speech” Deangelo into overcoming his fear? He sat on his chest, made him reveal a personal memory, and made him read while playing music through headphones…

    I thought Will Ferrell was great this time, and of course, the song was amazing. I like the Michael/Dwight tension building, because I think it’s going to have a nice resolution next week. Only one to go…”Hey Mr. Scott, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Make our dreams come true.”

  89. They should include wigs in every episode! I could not breathe that was so hilarious. I can’t even imagine what my life is going to be like starting next Friday.

  90. Did anyone else notice (and love it as much as me)when Darryl started playing the song, Michael looks in the camera and goes “Oh my God, something’s happening!”? His shock/happiness was so genuine and sweet- you think at that point maybe that’s Steve and not Michael.

  91. Well, that was a vast improvement over last week (and any other episode of the season actually), even if the bar had been set extremely low. Jim and Pam seemed normal as did everyone else and more importantly, I laughed. Erin’s public ending of her relationship was truly funny as well as everyone’s reaction to it. Hope they can keep this up for the few short weeks that remain.

  92. #107 I was wondering if anyone else thought that Michael was referring to the king’s speech. High five, darth scranton!

  93. So many great moments! Loved that Darryl was still wearing the cowboy shirt, Creed’s nod in appreciation for the trash can, “Microphoneaphobia”, Erin’s public break-up, when Pam was leaning against Jim towards the end of the song, everything Michael… Too many great one-liners!

    Tanster, any chance Mindy will do a Q&A for this episode?!! :)

  94. Great episode! I found it a bit jarring that all of sudden all of the Office employees love Michael and laughed at his jokes (although it was an interesting contrast in that Michael’s biggest supporter Dwight is moving in the opposite direction), but you can look at it a couple of ways. Perhaps the employees see what we see–that despite his sometime horrible behavior, they know that Michael genuinely is a good guy at heart. Or if you want to be pessimistic, they’re all happy he’s leaving and are humoring him because they know they won’t have to deal with him anymore.

    The song was wonderful. Was it a little “out of character” for them? Maybe, but sometimes you need to suspend your disbelief a little bit. It’s fine that Michael wasn’t fired a long time ago for his behavior, no one questions the fact that the documentary crew has been filming the exploits of a mid-size paper company for SEVEN YEARS, but oh no, the cast members sang a Rent parody?! How unrealistic! If they did nothing special for Michael’s exit, people would complain. When they do something special for Michael’s exit, people complain. Catch-22.

  95. That episode was amazing. The Dundies was really funny, obviously. But the best part was the camaraderie between the entire office and Michael. And then the last song absolutely made me cry. I could just listen to that song over and over and I don’t think I would ever not cry. It was so beautiful. i love this episode.

  96. Loved it so much. The RENT parody at the end was a such an awesome surprise. After all the years of Michael’s song parodies, they give him one in return to send him off. I thought it was totally life-like.

    It shows how far the people in The Office have come from being annoyed by Michael to finally loving the guy.

  97. Many fun things to enjoy in this episode. I don’t think it has been mentioned yet, but I really liked Erin’s teasing of Michael at the beginning when she is dissing him, then comes up with her Dundie Nomination. Fun and sweet for both of the characters. I do miss the “Pam” who was such a wonderful pal around the office in dozens and dozens of past episodes. I hope she returns soon. And how many amazing things have happened in the Conference Room? One more was added to that list in this episode.

  98. I just can’t buy the idea that everyone in the office now loves Michael enough to sing to him as a send-off. I mean, *Toby* was singing, shortly after Michael gave him a Dundie for being so repulsive. Come on.

    I realize that this was more about the cast saying goodbye to Steve Carell, but it was way over the top.

    Still excited for next week, but I’m hoping they don’t go to far with the sentimentality.

  99. @Philly Jim:
    While I see your point, I think you are misunderstanding the relationship that Michael had with his employees. Yes he got on their very last nerve, but it was proven (in I believe season 5) when Charles was manager that no one could replace him. Michael brought a certain mmph to The Office that few can mirror. That is why his replacement can make or break the show. It is hard to fill the shoes of Michael Scott.

    My take of the episode:
    The episode was very good. I was very impressed with how they did the Dundies this go around. I was hoping Will Ferrell would be better but overall I’d say it was in my top 3 episodes of this season.

    Pam and Ryan’s lil spat, Michael’s impression of Angela, egging Toby’s house, and of course, the song tribute to Michael at the end all topped my highlights of the episode.

  100. I absolutely BAWLED when they sang to Michael at the end…how beautiful. Man…this is going to be harder than I thought it would be…!! :(

  101. I do not see how the gang changing the lyrics to a classic song is unrealistic. Michael did it for years at the Dundies and that was their relatable ode to him.

  102. this episode was really sad in the end. I loved the whole entire episode from the beginning and the end couldn’t be better. Steve is so wonderful at crying scripted or not, and it was amazing! loved it tooo much, my rating was far beyond the scale of 1 to 10. :) great job all and I have the tissues out for when Steve leaves the office next week :,)

  103. Such an amazing episode! I cried when they started singing at the end. And I’m pretty sure next week I’m going to be crying the whole time. :(

  104. Yup. Cried my eyes out yet again! I don’t know if I can handle next week’s episode haha I am already a mess!! It’s crazy how I (and many others from reading the comments) am so emotionally invested in this show. Steve you will be greatly missed!!

  105. I just finished watching it and can’t stop crying OMG so sad but so good!

    I can’t believe Steve’s time is nearly over.

  106. That was an amazing episode. So much better than Training Day. And Deangelo wasn’t as annoying. I loved The King’s Speech reference a lot as well. But the part that I loved the most was their song at the end. I know a lot of people say it was so unrealistic, especially if Michael annoyed a lot of people, but I think it shows that he’s truly been a part of their lives and no matter how immature or annoying he may be at times, he was still a great boss. Anyways, it made me cry. :)

  107. Post #118 – “After all the years of Michael’s song parodies, they give him one in return to send him off.”

    Exactly. Michael loves the kind of cheesy humor that comes with a song parody, so the song was actually perfect for the moment.

    What a fantastic change after last week’s Training Day though…easily one of the best of the season

  108. I’m confused as to why so many people are saying that the episode and the song at the end wasn’t realistic. Since when are sit-coms supposed to be realistic ? The whole reason I watch funny shows like this is to escape my stressful world and be distracted through comedy and laughter. If all we can do is try to dissect and retrace the history of everyone’s exact steps so that they make logical sense, then we’ve lost the whole meaning of TV being a way to entertain us. I know that Michael was disliked by most of the staff for many reasons, during most of his time at Dunder Mifflin, but how else would we, the viewers, want the staffers to send him off ? Certainly not the same way as Michael’s roast in “Stress Relief”.

  109. I loved the song – absolutely perfect. And I’ve seen it done – a friend’s workplace sang for their boss at his going away party. So not entirely implausible.

  110. Looks like I’m in the minority here but I thought it was really disappointing. Not even close to the original Dundies episode and it didn’t feel like the office. I mean most of those characters would NEVER participate in a song parody. This season the cast has done a lip dub, a movie with a musical number, had a Glee viewing party, and now this. It just doesn’t seem like the same show.

  111. This episode was perfect! Everyone was amazing and the writing was terrific. The cold open was great. I think it’s one of my favorites of all time. I was laughing so hard when Michael egged Toby’s house. Some of my favorite moments were Dwight’s sound effects, Michael’s impersonations and Erin’s excitement for the Dundies. Seeing Michael in all those outfits was great. I didn’t understand why he had an earring on when he was impersonating Jim though. My favorite part of the whole episode was the song. It was so perfect and sweet! Seeing Michael cry was too much for me. It was nice seeing Angela, Stanley, and Oscar have huge smiles on their faces. That’s something small I noticed. I didn’t like that Dwight was absent from the whole thing. I hope he has a nice make up scene with Michael next week and I hope Michael apologizes to him for not recommending him. I also loved it when Deangelo sang. That was so funny! I think this episode did a good job in preparing me for next week’s episode because I started crying just seeing next week’s promo. I’m not ready to see next week’s episode:(.

  112. I guess I am going to be “that guy”, but 9,986,000ish minutes isn’t quite right for 19 years. It seems they came up with that number using 365 days in a year, which doesn’t account for the several leap years that had to have occurred. Using 365.25 for the days in a year, it would come out to about 9,993,000ish minutes.

  113. The best part for me was Jim accepting his dundie. “I don’t know, maybe being a good dad is just following your own compass. I don’t know.” hilarious! Good episode.

  114. @123 – “Man…this is going to be harder than I thought it would be…!!”

    That’s what she said!!!

  115. A few things:
    Dwights deserves some serious recognition from Michael before he leaves Dunder Mifflin.

    I know Dwight couldn’t be manager because of his role in the office, but he deserves better than what he got these two last chapters.

    About Erin: I’m glad she’s dumping Gabe
    About D’angelo: I still don’t know what the character is about.

  116. I think that Deangelo might be the Scranton Strangler. Toby said he thinks the wrong person was found guilty, and that could be why Deangelo was acting extremely anxious (had to pee) after they left the restaurant. If Deangelo is the Scranton Strangler, that would explain why he was fired after only four episodes (and why he had so many mood swings in Training Day). Hmmmmm…

  117. Great episode! And so much better than last week. I laughed, i cringed, i almost cried, and then i saw that promo and i did cry! What does Michael love? Song parodies. So what a nice and appropriate farewell gift to give him. I’m a huge supporter of trying to maintain some attempted realism. But i can believe all of them would do that. Even Toby, for simply not wanting to be left out.

  118. This episode was easily one of my favorites of the season. The ‘this reminds me of katrina’ line, as well as everything else in the opening bit was awesome. Deangelo was a lot more tolerable compared to the last few episodes too, which was nice. The office camaraderie did actually seem pretty weird at first, but I didn’t really mind it after a while. It’s kind of appropriate for the situation.
    And i haven’t even stopped laughing since “i’m not sure he’s guilty anymo—OOOOHHH YYEEAAAHH”

  119. RE: Episode Quotes
    hey tanster – sorry to be a cotton headed ninnymuggins, but I believe Michael mispronounced Piers Morgan’s name and called him Pierce.

  120. To Pam sitcoms don’t have to be realistic, but at one time this one was trying for realism to some degree. I think for some the abandonment of that is a bit difficult or controversial. I’m mixed in that I enjoyed the ending song, but I did find it a bit too much. He’s Michael Scott, not history’s great hero.

  121. Some of you guys were wondering why Toby would want to sing in part of that song for Michael.

    Well I bet that it was originally Dwight’s part.
    But Dwigt was not there!!

  122. Am I the only person who noticed the distance between Pam and Jim in this episode?

    -Right before they seen Erin in her car, Jim is talking about having sweet potato fries pushed on him. (assuming from Pam)

    -He just leaves Pam to help Erin, when in the past he would have been Pam’s sidekick and helped in that situation.

    -She got mad at him for not mentioning her during his Dundies acceptance speech.

    …….I hope to the good lord that the writers don’t do anything to their marriage/relationship………the world would stop turning if so

  123. #144 – I totally agree that the world would stop turning if the writers did something to Jim and Pam’s relationship. I certainly hope those scenes you mentioned are no omen. I wasn’t worried about it after watching those scenes, but now I am…

  124. i must’ve watched this episode 6 times in the last couple of days and it gets better every time. the song at the end is incredible. I kind of laughed at the end, during the song, considering I was Mark in my school’s version of Rent, so I thought it was kind of funny, but extremely appropriate. the only person i was shocked to see singing the song was angela, considering she would always be behind dwight in trying to take over michael’s job, but in the long run i’m glad she was there too. fantastic episode, and the promos made me cry aha

  125. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mindy episodes!!!!

    Thank you Mindy!! Thank you for this wonderfully funny and yet a little sad episode!

  126. I was confused with who won “hottest in office award”? Anyone catch that. Thanks

  127. @Kurn I’m almost certain he said “they” referring to the waiter/waitress that was pushing the fries. And it seemed pretty in character to me for Jim to leave the car. It was Erin after all.. not Dwight. Little problems are ok, but anything major and we’ll all form a mob and burn nbc to the ground :D

  128. @Angle

    No he doesn’t say “they” , Jim says, “I just don’t see the desire to push sweet potato fries on me? I just want regular fries.

    There was a lot of foreshadowing in this episode that something could go wrong with JAM down the line.

  129. Regardless, i still take it has him referring to the waiter that was pushing it. Hopefully TPTB know that nobody wants to see serious trouble for Jam, but some minor conflict would be ok. Especially if it involved Jim and his future or Pam and hers, career wise. I didn’t see any foreshadowing in this episode though.

  130. The cold open was easily Top 5 All Time! I wish it could’ve been longer. Maybe drop off Creed’s nomination at the homeless shelter. Awesome!

    The ode to Michael was completely appropriate to the occasion, especially given the previously established musical talents of Andy, Darryl, Creed, etc. However, even though Deangelo’s falsetto singing added humor to the moment, his participation was inappropriate, given that he is Michael’s replacement, and known him for about a week.

    #144 and others – The writers are portraying a couple that have been married for a few years, with a baby as a priority. The honeymoon can’t last forever. But both know they belong together. Stop worrying!

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