‘Michael’s Last Dundies’ clips

Here are clips from The Office episode Michael’s Last Dundies, airing April 21, 2011.

Deangelo bestows a Dundie honor on Dwight Schrute.
[Video no longer available]

Michael’s excited to provide details of this year’s Dundies.
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Deangelo comes down with some Dundies stage fright.
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Winning a Dundie goes to Meredith’s head.
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  1. The second clip was definitely the best of the 3. The interaction between Steve and Will is awesome.

    Steve was great in that clip, and though it was great, it makes it even more sad that he’s leaving.

  2. Oddly, I was going to say the opposite. I thought the second clip was the weakest of the three. I don’t like Ferrell on the show. I enjoy his movies and some of the stuff he’s done with Funny or Die. I do not think he’s a fit for the show.

    In my opinion, with everything we’ve seen with him, the setup to every scene/bit is fine, but once they get into it, he just bothers me and the scene falls apart. Being nervous, Dundies not in the job description, fine. The slap-fest, unfunny and ridiculous. The show used to be based in reality. Where are they now?

  3. The third clip was the best! But I have to agree with Luke. None of the following scenes I just saw are based on reality. And isn’t that the reason the office was special in the first place?

  4. Looks like Toby is back in time for the Dundies too! You can see him in the corner of the screen when you pause it on Gabe in the 3rd clip with Meredith.

  5. Loved Michael’s comment about the Dundies being “like the Golden Globes, but less mean” – clearly referencing Ricky Gervais’s hosting gig of the Globes where many people thought he went too far with some of his comments! Brilliant!

  6. Reality in The Office? Was Michael burning his foot on a George Foreman Grill in “The Injury” even remotely “realistic”? Would “The Michael Scott Paper Company” (which I loved) seem like something that would ever actually happen in “reality”? Would someone like Meredith ever keep her job for more than a week in reality?

    I’m not crazy about how Vickers was introduced, and I’d just as soon Steve’s last few weeks on the show focused on Michael Scott rather than a 4-episode cameo character. I just think much of the U.S. version of The Office isn’t remotely set in reality at all. Much of it’s slapstick and purposely over the top and ridiculous, and much of it I loved anyway. :)

  7. I disagree that the final episodes are all about Will Ferrell. Yes, he’s the “new guy” so people are focusing on him. But isn’t it about the chemistry these 2 actors have? They wanted to bring in somebody that Steve would gel with and they succeeded. Some people may not like Will, but they didn’t bring him in to overpower Steve, rather they brought him in to bring out his best, which is really what we want in his final episodes.

  8. So glad to see they’re going about Steve’s leaving on such a high note. I love this show.

  9. I love what Nate said above. I couldn’t agree more. I am so sad to see Steve leave, and as I repeatedly say, hopefully Ricky Gervais comes in. Also, hooray for Toby’s return!!

  10. For the first time in Office history, I’ve decided not to watch the spoilers. Yes, I will be strong. I will not watch. No.

  11. YES! dwight’s green recorder is back!!

    i really hope pam’s not booing meredith for her “best mom” dundie… that would just be pushing it too far.

  12. Will Ferrell is a funny man. And these clips are hilarious. But it just doesn’t feel like The Office. Pretty much every scene I’ve seen so far with Will Ferrell and Steve Carell feels like a different show or a movie.

  13. Love the Ricky Gervais Golden Globes reference. This looks much better than last week’s episode!

  14. Pam looks gorgeous. Although doubtful, i would love for her to get drunk again, start a tradition.

    Soo glad Toby is back!! And just as glad to see the green recorder make an appearance.

    Michael as Jim? This time he has a wig(probably one of Dwight’s). Reminds me of when he just grew his hair out and messed it all up.

  15. Not one of these clips captures the true Dundies spirit.
    When Pam won her Dundies for “Whitest Sneakers”, and gave her drunken speech, she charmed us & rewarded us for our emotional investment.
    Replacing Pam’s drunken speech, now we get Meredith’s charmless & repulsive drunken kiss. Replacing Michael’s frantic yet funny over zealous hosting, we get sad-sack DeAngelo Vickers as Michael’s pathetic understudy, “sucking the funny out of the room” as Michael would say.

    The Dundies seem to have lost their “lovin’ feelin'”.
    Hope this isn’t a harbinger of the post-Michael Office.

  16. I laughed so hard when I saw Jim’s face on the first promo. I believe it’s within the first three to four seconds of the video. -Sigh- I love you John ;)

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