1. How the heck is Andy even still the manager after David Wallace found out he was gone for 3 months at the end of the last episode? Something tells me Andy will be the one fired by the end of this episode.

  2. “Breakups can be hilarious” – Sorry NBC, but I don’t think my favorite Office couple breaking up is funny!

    I’m glad to see that Andy apparently didn’t get in too much trouble with David Wallace though. And his hair is back to normal. lol

    What is he wearing at the beginning of the clip…?

  3. Andy has always been an unlikable psycho, except for when they elaborated on the basis of his dysfunction for a while, which made him somewhat sympathetic. Erin, however, is a nice girl who has already had to deal with all sorts of dysfunction in her life. She should be rewarded with a relationship with someone stable.

  4. Whoa, that clip is a bit of a spoiler! Andy must have quite a lot of leeway with Wallace after he persuaded him to buy Dunder Mifflin at the end of season 8. Wallace might be reluctant to fire him. There is no legal way Andy could fire Pete for stealing Erin though. He wanted to get rid of Nellie but couldn’t.

  5. When it was announced it would be a one hour episode, I was hoping it would give us more JAM.

  6. I wouldn’t read TOO much into this. As Limey correctly pointed out, he has no more justification for firing Pete than he did for firing Nellie.

    Conversely, however, I’ll be curious how exactly it is that Andy himself WASN’T fired.

  7. Poor Pete! I’ve never thought Andy deserved Erin…Pete is perfect for her! I’d even take Gabe over Andy!

  8. I don’t think Wallace would fire Andy. He’ll discipline him somehow, but he won’t fire him. You guys have to remember that Andy helped Wallace buy DM at the end of last season.

  9. Erin and Pete are officially dating! Yay! Poor Andy though. I don’t care if he’s been a jerk lately, I still love him

    Also, Ben and Leslie get married! Awesome! Great night for comedy all around lol

  10. I hope that the battle over Erin is over now. I want to see Andy being what he was before this season. They have pretty much destroyed his character in my mind. People will say ‘he was always a jerk though!’. Yes, he was always a bit ignorant, bipolar and sometimes mean, but he was never the BAD GUY. He was always the imperfect and at times frustrating member of the protagonist side. In this season, Andy has been made into an adversary that you want to cheer against. He presumably will be able to move on from this, just as he was miraculously able to get over Angela. To me it would be an unforgivable mistake if he exits the show cast as a bad guy after years of us rooting for him.

  11. It feels like Andy is more like he was in season 3. He was pretty mean to just about everyone.

  12. @13 Mint Chocolate Chip: Hear hear! I really hope Andy gets a good ending. It pains me that he has been cast as the villain this season. He is sad, not bad.

  13. @13, Mint Chocolate Chip: I honestly see Andy going out with yet another anger management/”I know my strengths” joke. Unfortunately. :/

    As an Andy fan I am kind-of sad, but it’s hard to compete with a 15-episode-old plot device.

  14. People who say Andy hasn’t been like this: Traveling Salesmen? I’ve pretty much hated him since. Sure, there are times when I cheer for him, full arcs, even. But I’m not too surprised. I’m sure he’ll get his redemption in the end.

  15. I think it goes down like this: Andy lies his way out of getting fired by Wallace. He then tries to fire Pete, knowing he can’t because he knows Pete will go right to Wallace and show him evidence of his deeds. Andy’s hoping Pete will do what Andy would’ve done in the same situation–run away. However, I think Wallace comes back to Scranton. And when he does, everything comes to the fore: Andy’s behavior toward Nellie, the boat trip; the Florida to get Erin trip, the White Pages account, etc. Once this beast is released, Wallace fires Andy. But also when he hears of Pam’s graffiti art on that warehouse worker’s car and her losing a client by playing a game, she too loses her job. Now onto something OUT THERE. Anyone notice how Kev is starting to show a bit of interest in Angela this season? From the Christmas episode on, it’s been that way. After having defended her from the Senator, Angela, for the first time in several seasons, gave her “I’m liking this” smile where she thinks no one can see it. Very interesting. Ang and Kev. How HUGE of a twist would that be?

  16. @19, It’s not like he was bullying Dwight. It was a rivalry. They were both mean to each other. Plus, Dwight got back at him by ruining his engagement. I like Dwight, but he’s done some pretty bad things throughout the entire series. In Scott’s Tots, Dwight pretty much tried to do the same thing to Jim. He set him up to get fired. Dwight has always been like that. He does and says mean things to other people in the office but we still love him because it’s part of his personality. It’s the same reason people like Andy. He’s cocky, sometimes mean, but it’s part of who he is. He tried too hard to be a people-pleaser, but he was still good natured. Up until this season he was more oblivious than malicious. Now he’s just terrible.

  17. Keith: I love your way of thinking! Angela and Kevin?! That would be amazing! Kevela! But alas, I think we all know better, unfortunately.

  18. Looks like Andy is going to fire Pete. It seems they are still trying to make him out to be the bad guy. I think he is completely justified in standing up for himself. I just hope it doesn’t somehow backfire because more bad things happening to Andy is horrible and uncalled for.

    Whatever this is leading towards (if anything) needs to happen soon.

  19. I’ve posted about Kevin/Angela twice now, but no one seemed to notice. See comment #128 to the Couples Discount post. I know I mentioned it once prior to that, but now I can’t find it. And there’s no reason they can’t end up together. It’s a fictional TV show, after all.

  20. Somehow I think Pete is not the one getting fired. He is as fired as Pam was “fired” by Michael in the first episode. :-)

  21. Michael and Dwight tried to frame Toby for possession of drugs! Andy’s pettiness pales into insignificance in comparison.

  22. #26 The idea of Kevin and Angela is the kind of story that has gotten this show in trouble the past few years. Not everyone in the office needs to get paired up with a coworker and their insistence on doing that has taken away from the reality the show used to portray.

  23. WOW. Looks awesome. Thank goodness they are being really amazing this season and giving us hour long episodes.I’m so grateful! And #13 Mint Chocolate Chip: I could not have put it better.

  24. Have a good feeling about this one, based on them expanding it to one hour. Important stuff it seems.

  25. I’m sure Pete’s flaws will come out soon enough. They have tried to make him like early Jim, but we see that even Jim has flaws now. So if Pete screws up will Erin just dump him and move on to the next guy?

  26. @Roy’s Mugshot

    I don’t know about that. Have you not had a job before where a ton of people have hooked up? I’ve had plenty of jobs that were breeding grounds for relationships. It’s not out of the reality. The only thing unrealistic is Angela finding Kevin remotely interesting.

  27. I can not wait for tonight’s episode!! The one hour episode almost makes up for the fact there is no show next week.

  28. @daniel g No, actually. In my 30 odd years in the workforce, I haven’t seen that many office romances. Most folks recognize it’s generally a bad idea and I certainly have never been in one where everyone in the office was paired off with a coworker.

  29. This ends easily…Andy gets fired, Dwight goes to the farm with Angela and Jim moves back to manage and run the office. Happily ever after

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