1. I personally think that someone like Jason Bateman would do a terrific job replacing Steve Carell.

  2. Can’t replace Michael Scott. Writers should do themselves a favor and end the show on a high note instead of dragging it on for a couple of more seasons.

  3. By “do themselves a favor” you mean write themselves out of a job? Because that sure makes sense.

  4. If they stay inside the cast, after some thought I’ve decided that Mindy Kaling is right: Dwight Schrute should take over as boss and all hell should break loose. If they go outside, I say David Schwimmer should play a new character who becomes the new Michael Scott.

  5. Michael Scott can’t leave the office, he’s The Office!!!!! So, Steve, you better stay.

  6. They aren’t ending the show. Too many people still have jobs and want to go on. Greg and Paul are smart guys…I’m interested to see what they come up with.

  7. I think it will be Kelly Kapoor who takes over… as part of Sabre’s minority management program.

  8. Dude just end it…..i mean come on don’t drag it out like they do with every other show.

  9. It really should be someone who’s already on the show. After much internal debate, I vote for Toby.

  10. The more I think about it, the more and more I want PAM to take over for Michael. She’s been side by side with Michael professionally for many years. She goes along with a lot of what he does, no matter how crazy it seems sometimes (chainsaw). I would absolutely watch the show if they promoted her, I think she could carry the show. Also, they’ve been showing that Pam isn’t really good at sales….


  11. I am still wondering if this means the others and especially JK and JF have agreed to S8+. OT posted that BJ had signed on but I have not seen where anyone has.

  12. I’m sorry if this is an ignorant question, but why is it that Steve’s contract is up while everyone else is signed through Season 8? Was his just different from the contracts of his castmates?

  13. I believe Steve signed for a 7th season a long time ago. The rest of the cast recently signed for season 8.

  14. I just have to throw this out there, Mindy looks amazing in that color/outfit!

    [from tanster: totally!]

  15. My perfect scenario would be for Meredith to sober up, become a great employee who angers everyone with her ambition and officiousness, and ultimately becomes the new boss.

    That’s a stretch, though. I feel confident it will be Jim.

  16. After seeing the video with Leslie, I so badly want to meet him! He is so funny and just adorable.

  17. Wow, everyone looks great! I miss these guys. Only about a month and half until they return!

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