‘The Office’ news from the upfronts

This is upfronts week in New York, where the major television networks announce their fall schedules to the press and potential advertisers.

NBC presented a preview yesterday and will be doing their official presentation today.
I’ll update this post with any tidbits related to The Office.

  • May 17, Watch With Kristin via Twitter: “BJ Novak says he can’t imagine #theoffice without Carell. Ellie Kemper not sure she’s a regular next yr. (Being humble; she is.)”
  • May 16, Watch With Kristin: NBC Preps for The Office Without Steve Carell
  • May 16, NBC: here’s the fall 2010 Thursday night lineup:
    8- 8:30 p.m. – Community
    8:30-9 p.m. – 30 Rock
    9-9:30 p.m. – The Office
    9:30-10 p.m. – Outsourced (new)
    10-11 p.m. – Love Bites (new)
    “Parks and Recreation” returns later in the season.


  1. NBC planning for TO without Carrell = negotiating tactic

    No Parks & Rec in the fall = Terrible news

  2. Aww of course Ellie will be back! We need to see more of her romance with Andy, plus she just provides such a nice fresh presence.

    Oh but I am seriously distraught over the idea of not getting any new Parks episodes for several months. That is not okay.

  3. Thx for this info & plz keep us posted on Carrell’s situation. I hope he signs on for more…

  4. I hope The Office without Steve Carell means the end of the series. I hope NBC doesn’t try to milk this thing till it’s sour…

  5. Please don’t let them try to continue the show without Steve Carell. It wouldn’t work, it would just be depressing. And I cannot believe Parks and Rec was moved to midseason. This season has been hilarious, poignant and just awesome. I’m so upset.

  6. Awful news regarding Parks and Rec. It had a really good season and being bumped to the mid-season is not a good sign at all.

  7. Wait, are any of these new shows Mindy’s new project, or is it waaaay too soon for that?

  8. Does that mean less parks and rec episodes? Or will it end later? Because it has been awesome this year and I really want it to stay around a long time, especially if the office ends soon.

  9. Oh and I second all the Parks and Rec comments. If anyone NBC-affliated is listening, don’t take Parks and Rec away from me. ESPECIALLY if The Office is ending soon!

  10. Please NBC, the show needs to end with all the cast members together. The Office without Steve would be too sad. Give this show its proper ending. If Steve leaves then end the show. Don’t let it become like welcome back kotter season four with a little bit of John Travolta, or the 70’s show without topher grace. Michael Scott is the heart of the show and cannot be replaced.

  11. If NBC is seriously spearheading a Steve-less Office, I think Tallyheads need to band together and petition against it. Fighting to end our beloved show may seem like a betrayal, but there is far more to a show than how many seasons it squeezes out. Look at Arrested Development- it was cancelled so early but it will go down in history as one of the most critically acclaimed and innovative comedies ever. I’d like The Office to end with similar dignity, and I doubt that can happen without Steve Carell at the head of this amazing ensemble.

  12. I’m glad people are upset about the idea of The Office without Steve. I don’t want to see it happen. It’s not that I don’t have faith in this cast and this crew, it’s just that sometimes, things have to end. The show has always centered around Michael and I’d hate to see it continue without him.

    I honestly thought the show would end by season five. Seven seasons is going to be an amazing, long run. No matter how heartbroken I will be to see the show end, I would feel worse watching the show struggle.

    PS. Completely agree with the Parks and Rec comments. What the hell, NBC!?

  13. Just read that CBS is moving “Big Bang Theory” to Thursdays at 8:00, but keeping CIS up against The Office at 9:00 – will be interesting to see what the impact of this is. I suspect not much on The Office, but more so on Community. (I love Big Bang, but would still watch Community, personally – it has just been getting better and better.)

  14. No P&R in the fall?! It’s been the strongest comedy out of the four the last few weeks!

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