1. Maybe it’s so super secret they can’t show anymore than that.

    I doubt it, but it’s a possibility.

  2. I saw this last night and I thought “if Tanster posts this tomorrow there would be no point in putting a spoiler alert on it” haha.

  3. Better not blink or we miss the Office stuff. Cliffhanger? Will someone’s job be on the line or everyone’s job because of the smoking printers? Hmmm. Will we find out that Angela is preggers with Dwight’s damaged spawn? Will Erin read Andy’s letter and get back together with him?

  4. I think the lack of Office in the promo is due to Rob Lowe and Matt Damon. NBC probably thought that by airing more footage of familiar-faced guest stars on their weaker shows, they would get more viewers. The Office is the strongest Thursday-night show, and NBC probably figured that we all know that Thursday is the season finale.

    Either that, or they’re super-secretive about something big. There’s not many spoilers out there for this year’s finale. Something might be up.

  5. Ugh–what an unsatisfying promo! Doesn’t NBC feel the need to promote The Office a bit more? It seems like the show is the least promoted these days. It’s the finale after all!

  6. I was thinking some of these same things! I found it interesting that they said “cliffhangers” while showing one of the few quick Office shots…

  7. @11 Lauren, I believe the clapper is Rob Lowe.
    There will probably be another promo that’s more Office heavy, but yes, my annoyance with this one is incalculable.

  8. Great…just when I decided to stop being such a spoiler-phobe and watch the season finale promo, there was nothin’. The universe is conspiring against me!

  9. At about 28-29 seconds, is that a very very brief clip of Andy clapping in front of a crowd?

    I hope Andy doesn’t get let go…I think I would stop watching it if they fired him!

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