1. These two are so funny together! I would love to eat lunch with them, Tina Fey, and Ray Romano. I wouldn’t be able to eat for laughing!

  2. That was so funny,Ellen is the best..

    “What country is he from?Was he adopted?”
    “He was adopted in Burbank”

    I love these two.

  3. I feel like 15 years is enough. Can he marry me now?

    Also, I am more than a little creeped out by the two cameras in his bathroom. I mean I’m sure they took them out, but still.

  4. It’s amazing, Steve is comedy gold when paired with Stewart, Colbert, Ed Helm, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ellen, yet he has unique comedic chemistry with each of them.

  5. this was a hilarious interview and i felt like i was gonna explode from laughter :)

  6. “I will only use it in case of an emergency.”


    Also, where I work, I’ve scared my boss twice already and he’s threatening to scare me back. And I’m contemplating pulling the heart attack comeback. But maybe not.

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